South Carolina Lawmaker Giving Guns Away To Teachers

Amid a national debate over arming teachers to prevent or minimize the death toll in school shootings, South Carolina State Rep. Steven Long (R) announced a contest on Monday to give away three Smith & Wesson 9mm handguns; one to a K-12 teacher or staff, one to a teacher or staff in higher education, and a third to "any freedom-loving patriot who wishes to participate in the drawing." 

Long is also offering free Concealed-Carry training towards obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP).

 "The teachers will also be given a gift certificate to attend a class to earn their Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP). In this class they will learn about the laws surrounding the carrying of firearms and self defense, how to properly handle and fire a handgun, and they will be given a field test to ensure they can shoot accurately. All of which is required by law to obtain a CWP."

The contest is being held in partnership with Schell Arms, South-Carolina based Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) business.

South Carolina legislators have introduced several bills which would allow teachers to carry, including H3052, H4956, H4972, H3248, and H3262.

We must do everything we can to ensure the safety of children in schools, both K-12 and our higher education institutions. Allowing teachers or school staff members to carry is the most efficient and most effective way to do this,” Rep Long said. "...for those who are willing and able, we need to allow them this protection. I’m open to a discussion regarding the specifics of a program that allows teachers to carry, but it is undeniable that we must take action on this issue.”

Long's contest follows several comments by President Trump on the topic of arming teachers, who told participants at a White House "listening session" on gun control; "If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack very quickly, and the good thing about a suggestion like that -- and we're going to be looking at it very strongly, and I think a lot of people are going to be opposed to it. I think a lot of people are going to like it. But the good thing is you're going to have a lot of [armed] people with that."

Earlier in the week, Butler, Ohio sheriff Richard K. Jones offered free firearms training to 50 teacher, which he posted to his department's official Facebook page. After a flood of applicants, Jones was forced to cut it off at 300 participants. 

“We put it online, we thought we’d get 20 school teachers maybe. Within 20 minutes we had 40. Within an hour we had 100Within four hours we had 200. By the next morning, at 300, we cut it off,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said on “Fox & Friends.”

“We have to do something here because we can’t wait for our government to do anything. All they do is fight, they get nothing done,” said Jones.

“We can’t stop the school shootings, we can’t stop guns from being manufactured, but we've got to do something, we've got to make the schools more of a hardened target,” said Sheriff Jones - adding that the class was open to teachers, secretaries and maintenance workers.


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I think this is a new approach that would work better than what has certainly failed.

It has come to my attention that some of the left-wing trolls here have no sensibilities to popular culture, so I provide the following for these cocksuckers.

I'm card carrying NRA and really just recently bought my first semi-automatic with a historical preference to cowboy action shooting and range time.  The action shooting I just don't have time for, when I retire it will be something I will do.  I'm a member of two ranges sports clubs in my immediate area.  I have looked at property in WV near Hedgesville and Glengary to be near and a member of quite possibly one of the top 5 ranges in the world, I have visited and purchased their t-shirt.

There is a store at the range, full line of guns, loading supplies, quality t-shirts, visitors with headgear (ear protection) can visit the range and observe with written permission.

There is two areas where gun legislation might reasonably be changed: 

One is duty to warn, that is the legal requirement to do something when a person is saying they will shoot up a school.  It makes somebody responsible and not a plastic bump stock!  It is required in many states, some not!  I'd like to see a uniform law so we are discussing the same legislation at a national level.…

The other is a duty to inform.

That is again so we have a consistent basis to discuss gun legislation.  These are the laws that govern what you must disclose to LEO's in their "routine" inquiries.

In the absence of consistent baselines surrounding gun legislation and the cocksuckers at CNN who could not help but sensationalize the tragic deaths of children into a prime time ambush of their own for ratings.  I oppose all gun legislation in any form until there is an honest debate with CNN excluded, the sheriff in Broward fired, and that cocksucker Hogg expelled from school for inciting civil disorder and spreading lies.

I'd like to see the LEO's who stood outside the school taken into civil court and again the SCOTUS to discuss if "COPS" as funded by the federal gov. have a REQUIREMENT to serve and protect?

But until the cocksuckers get it right.. I'm with the NRA.

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I can feel the lineup for the next civil war. Different states are having very different reactions to this shooting, and we're seeing the ideologies congeal into different states making very different, and very overt, actions.

I hope it will be resolved peacefully, but at least one side does not want a peaceful resolution.

Edited to add: I must not have said it clearly enough, but I said "states" in regard to the article about a state government. In reality, the divide is more complicated than state lines. Mainly I'm observing how much louder and more active the divide has become.

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It is a cultural divide, on the one hand you have ambush CNN screaming: IT IS A BLACKLASH or CNN's Van Jones: For Young People 'The NRA Is Like the KKK'.

Let me say this.. Van Jones is a stupid cocksucker, a ridiculous cocksucker, an immoral cocksucker, I lost the number of additional categories and pressed for time.. help me out (loud mouthed cocksucker)

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I think he is a race-baiting cocksucker, a ridiculous cocksucker.. on a serious note there was nothing more callous as watching CNN hide behind children and a discredited sheriff who did nothing to disclose the absolute failure in Broward.  

I think progress might be possible when the next cop that goes down in Broward has the EMT's stop down the road from where the officer goes down and waits for 45 minutes.

Drives up an hour later and said.. did he bleed out??  


Nobodies fault!!! 

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I think what is sad about this whole thing is many Americans think its normal for their teachers to pack heat.  In the event a child attacks they can blow said individual away.   Let it sink in how your cultural is spiraling out of control with the disintegration of the nuclear family, income inequality, run away debt, partisan politics on steroids and a breakdown of ethics and morality in general.  The later being caused mainly by a Christian falling away.    Down vote away.


PS.  Not to mention the maiming and killing of millions of innocent people in "shit hole" countries in the name of fighting the false war on terrorism.




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We always exist in a state of differences.

However, the basic human trait once in a war: is to be out of it.  (You cannot argue against this unless you have never served in combat.)  Therefore, it takes a government to keep a sustained conflict.  Only in a vacuum of the Federal State will there be a breakdown.


This is how it went down, and for you will go down no matter what Rumsfeld and his mirror do:

Turkey/US (fucked up NATO)/Israel got hot with Syria/Iran/Russia by nukes being detonated in both Latakia - to take out the Russian stealth airforce while on the ground - and one on the ground forces of Iran/Palestine in the so called N Israel/South Syria.

8 hours later nukes are detonated in Washington DC and Miami.  This is to be sure Trump (who is in his Florida home a lot while his Double is in DC) will be killed along with enough of the chain of survivorship.  Many State governments reject any federal legitimacy.  

It is not clear who nuked the USA as it could be many actors based on multiple entanglements.  Lack of trust in the media results in no clear enemy.  Even science is confused as N Korean nukes come from old Soviet nukes bought in 91.  Pakistan and Saudi Arabia also hold similar nuke signatures.  Israel is not excluded from blame and American churches start a mantra that God is Big Enough (to save Israel and thus don't need us to think God ins't and needs 'merica).

Civil war breaks out with some states endorsing a rise of the federal military complex and dark state.  There are lots of players though.  Universities become forts and some state Governments are quickly lost and absorbed into other states due to the cultural similarities you mention above.

The war will last 7 years until Russia sides with the States to suppress the illegal federal state.  Economic breakdown keeps Canada from entering.  Mexico tries to take the west but is nuked by Texas and North Mexico is extended an offer to become Texan if opposition is exiled south of the Mexico City dead zone.  (there are no more vacations to Cabo.)

There was less than a 3% chance this wouldn't happen... 14 years ago when we (Rumsfeld) sabotaged the future.  But after John Kerry became Sec of State and forced the development of the Syrian conflict and what was VP Trump is actually Pres Trump... well I don't think you have a chance in hell of escaping it.

Titor told you:  No base in Latakia, No president Kerry, No need to nuke Miami...  


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The areas screaming for gun control are "failed states" like we see on the international arena.   Merkel the stupid cocksucker now admits no-go-zones.  Baltimore, Chicago, East St. Louis all testaments to failed democrats reign.  I see no reason for any civil war as the cocksucking bots here try and to incite, like CNN with their BLACKLASH and NRA KKK comments, nope I feel sorry for those stupid cocksuckers and rural America doesn't fucking care what you do in your failing cities with your failing pensions and your crumbling infrastructures, second rates schools, fat fucking children, and excuse ridden culture.  That America is not the reality for flyover America, again I'm a member of two not one sports club.. it allows a better selection of bingo.

Again the cocksuckers on CNN are for people who live in index card boxes with fat stupid children who play video games and repeat rap music nonsense.  That isn't my America, that is the failed America. 

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The battle lines are not being drawn between states it being is drawn between counties.  The urban population centers are big government police city states.  In California and New York these metropolitan centers overwhelm rural counties and dominate the state narrative.  If only four percent of the New York’s population complied with their state’s AR-15 ban then the metro’s true control ends at the city limits. The coming civil war is urban verses rural.  The fact that these city states are bankrupting themselves and their states with their entitlement programs and pension plans may keep this civil war from going hot.  These city states may collapse of their own accord and depopulate.  Detroit is their future.

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I remember in Iowa I would even see cases where one town of 50,000 people would dominate county politics, and screw all of the towns of 1,000-2,000 out of any taxes. Granted, that big town was a university town, so it could just be a testament to the people living there.

IMO the only peaceful solution is secession. The rural areas and rural-aligned cities can separate from the parasite cities, and let them implode. And this would also mean a substantial redraw of the state maps, with some states seceding to form new nations.

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If you're thinking succession works you're mistaken.

How the gov't is currently run from the fed all the way down to the muni level is essentially the same.  Just look at the pension mess and the ever increasing public employee payrolls bankrupting cities across America and how they continue to increase taxes to make sure they get paid.

You think replacing one set of crooks with another will really change much?  

You need to change the government and the people in charge.  Leaving the ones in charge now used to this type of government will not change anything...   I'm sure they will fight tooth and nail to resist any changes too. 

The difference between the fed and states is that one controls a bigger army.

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I believe in the right of secession but there is no peaceful secession.  Tax slaves cannot be allowed to leave.  Muni bond markets collapse nationwide the moment secession is allowed.  Any modern attempt at secession will be met with immediate government violence.  Quite frankly, you will not be allowed to rule yourselves.

If we could figure out a way to make it beneficial to the financial markets then we could get away with it.

Freedom-loving people are quickly running out of options.  I am not currently advocating this but soon we will have no choice other than preemptive violence. 

I still think the first blows will continue to be struck by government.  It is very very obvious that government wants violence.  If you asked a simple question "who benefits?" it is obvious that government benefits from violence.  Government has everything to gain and nothing to lose from acts of violence being committed.  Since this is obviously true we can surmise that government is the cause of most of the violence, either from acts of commission or omission.

In other words you are already being made war upon.  And you are funding it with your tax dollars.

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change the government and the people in charge. 

This old line of bullshit. It'd all work better if the people running the show think like I do.

Look, we don't have a good system run by bad people. The system itself is fundamentally flawed. You want to build a better system? Here's your starting point. Nobody's ever figured out how to do it, but without it any attempts at reform are a waste of time. You have to find a way to prevent wealth from being leveraged into power.


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When I was in school the thought of arming teachers would have seemed lunacy. When I was a teacher I would have hated to be armed (I have a concealed weapons permit, fired my first 3.06 when I was five, and my first rocket launcher when I was nineteen).

The fact that we are considering arming teachers (a real violation of the intimacy that should develop between student and teacher... and I don't mean the type of intimacy prevalent in schools today) is in itself a kind of lunacy.

I understand the desire to do this. I can't say, given the circumstances, I am opposed. Perhaps it will save some folks somewhere, probably will. But my God people, are we ever sliding down into a pit... and this will do nothing to stop or even slow the slide.

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I fucking hate the notion that our schools need to look more like prisons...with metal detectors, strict access requirements and armed fucking security.  I'd much rather address the root causes of why we even need to think about such abhorrent nonsense.  What the fuck has changed over the last 50 years or so that now makes schools the target of choice of murderers, terrorists and wackos?  I think we need to at least attempt to answer that question before we go off half-cocked looking for easy answers like more security, arming teachers and of course, goofy gun control laws.  But that's what this country is today...bunch of wussies looking for instant gratification that can be expressed in 30 second sound bites. 

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Democrats have been tearing down the family structure for years. The school and kid violence is one of the results.

For example, how many kids even know who there Daddy be?

Where's a parental responsibility in all these crimes?

The lefties blame guns but fail to mention the true causes: Hollywood culture, violence in movies, family destruction, failure to enforce the laws by judges, etc

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All the shooter kids had one thing in common, they're brains had been fried by Jew mind dope.

We very rarely had this before all these people started taking Jew mind dope. 40 years ago, 50 years ago, people didn't take all this Jew mind dope.

Could there be a correlation between feeding children Jew mind dope, mass shootings and suicides?

There is evidence the Jew mind dope causes brain tissue loss, and the other weird evidence is, they thought mental illness was caused by a smaller brain, not realizing they were causing substantial brain tissue loss. Get it, and this is the latest, they would test the size of people's brains on Jew mind dope, not noticing the loss of brain tissue, but using the finding, a small brain was the reason for the mental illness. Now they know, the Jew mind dope causes a loss of brain tissue.

All of these young shooters were taking Jew mind dope during the development of their brains. This caused a loss of brain tissue, thus a significant loss in IQ.

Right now in the US, 17% of the population over 50 million people have been convinced they're mentally ill and are taking Jew mind dope. Over a million children under the age of six are forced to take Jew mind dope.

The mental health racket is creating a nation of low IQ Zombies.

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What the fuck has changed over the last 50 years or so...

Overt Marxist indoctrination, screamed at the populace 24/7/365 from media, education and government - all of it bankrolled by the debt-based fiat ponzi financial system. The entire rotted societal edifice ultimately controlled by - who, again? I forget...

DOTR, folks.

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Look back at the 1940's and 50's--we had shooting teams in high school, rifles in the back window of pickup trucks, and ZERO instances of school shootings.  Since then?  We've had God removed from school (and almost everything else), we've had the drug culture, abortion culture, violence glorified in movies and video games aimed at children (under 21), and the basic devaluation of human life.  NOW--ask yourself why?

NONE OF THIS IS AN ACCIDENT.  This is a planned, well-executed strategy to destroy this country from within.  First destroy family values, then devalue human life and always, always work against Christianity in its entirety. 

Read "The Naked Communist" by Cleon Skousen, first published in 1958.  Read the "45 goals of the Communist Party" and you will have your eyes opened to what is going on.

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Maybe stop pumping kids full of dangerous "crazy" pharmaceuticals would be a good starting point.

And fuck teacher "intimacy". Their job is to teach and not be best buddies. I didn't get any intimacy from a teacher nor did I need or want any.

Well maybe that newly minted hippy chick teacher with the huge tits, but that's a different story.

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As opposed to a couple dozen dead kids every year in some school shooting somewhere?  Why don't we try it anyway?  If it doesn't work out I'm sure the libs will be happy to end the practice permanently.

Besides, do you know what a giant PITA it is to carry concealed EVERY FUCKING DAY??  It is a huge commitment.  Anybody who can do that every day for years on end has my respect.


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How many kids die each and every year from suicides, car accidents, etc?  Why aren't you just as rabid about preventing that shit?  LOCK DOWN THEM FUCKING KIDS...can't have them exposed to any risk, gotta pretend like freedom is safe, orderly and risk-free, right nancy?    Couple dozen dead kids from school shootings is a drop in the fucking bucket of compared to the other shit that is killing our kids. 

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It's not about side arguments like how many kids die in car accidents (should we outlaw the wheel?).  It's about schools NOT BEING GUN-FREE ZONES.  They never should have been in the first place and I don't think holding onto that naive relic of a policy is working very well.

Not sure where you live but where I live guns are a part of everyday life.  They are tools like any other.  They have a function.  You are taught how to use them and why they need to be treated with respect.  Respect, not fear.



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Turn over the Video Surveillance Footage you Pure Evil Criminal Psychopaths!


I’ve been Demanding the release of all Surveillance Video Footage since day one.  Parents should be screaming at the top of their Lungs for them to produce it.  That alone should put to rest any accusations of a False Flag Attack, Stand Down or if indeed Cruz did commit this Crime.


 Where is the Surveillance Video Footage? Outlaw & abolish all Law "Drills" on all College, University & School grounds. There's plenty of LEO training facilities to conduct their "Drill" training. As a Father & Parent I demand they produce the Surveillance Footage. 


The Law Enforcement Agencies, Criminal FBI, DOJ have lost the complete respect, trust & loyalty of the American People.  The “Intelligence” Community is nothing more that a revolting, authoritarian Crime Syndicate.


I will bet 1 Gold Eagle ounce of Gold that the video system was:


A) Down for maintenance that day.

B) Worked perfectly, but the FBI took all the footage, and then promptly lost it, C) The video worked, except for the six minutes of the attack, which is mysteriously missing, or 

D) Some combination of all of the above.


There will NEVER be any video shown, until the Liberty Tree is replenished.


Until then it’s Absolute, Complete, Open in our Faces 


Tyrannical Lawlessness!

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Like anything else, it takes getting used to. I carry everywhere except where not allowed by state law or as posted. More and more the postings are going away. My bank allows guns, so do the supermarkets.

And as far as "concealed", I used to dress so the gun never showed. After a period of time I modified this to more reasonable terms. I could give a rat's ass if the gun shows anymore. I have been asked if I am a member of law enforcement many times. I never answer that directly.

Carrying a weapon is a mindset, and not a particularly easy one to get into. As far as teachers being armed, I think having a gun available (in a locked drawer, for example) would be suitable as in most cases the perps let their intentions be known in a frame of time allowing for a response. The first people shot will always be the first people shot. After that it would be the limiting of those with potential to be harmed.

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