Browbeaten Sessions Dines With Rosenstein After Spat With Trump

After a day of taking heat from the President over a "disgraceful" investigation into FISA abuse, Attorney General Jeff Sessions grabbed dinner Wednesday night with his deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and the Solicitor General, Noel Francisco.

​​​​​photo: Axios

While it's anyone's guess what the trio discussed, the image of Sessions, dining with Rosenstein - who signed off on one or more "Steele dossier" FISA applications - is unmistakable: Sessions enjoys the culinary delights of the swamp. 

From refusing to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the suspected Awan family spy ring, to seemingly covering for the FBI's mishandling of evidence in the Uranium One case - which Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein were directly involved in, to now relegating the FISA abuse investigation to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) instead of appointing a second Special Counsel - many believe Sessions has been stonewalling for the establishment. 

But wait... could this be 4D chess? Perhaps Sessions simply doesn't trust anyone "from the swamp" to lead Special Counsel investigations - and Inspector General Michael Horowitz - who Trump referred to as an "Obama guy," is about to set D.C. on fire with his upcoming OIG report. He also fought the Obama administration for several years to restore OIG powers which the previous administration stripped. You can read more about Horowitz hereand will likely conclude that he's no "Obama guy."


Earlier in the day, President Trump fired off an angry tweet rebuking Sessions for asking the OIG - an "Obama guy," to "investigate potentially massive FISA abuse." 

Trump said the investigation will "take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on Comey etc. Isn't the IG an Obama guy? Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!"

Sessions fired back in a stiffly-worded statement to Trump, defending his handling of the FISA investigation by saying he followed the "appropriate process" by ordering the IG to investigate and that, as long as he remains attorney general, he will "continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor."

On its face, Sessions publicly "swimming with the swamp creatures" while appearing to stonewall several legitimate investigations into potential espionage, election interference, and pay-for-play has infuriated those who expected Hillary to be in jail by now, along with the Awans and corrupt FBI and DOJ officials (some of whom are still collecting paychecks). 

On the other hand, perhaps Sessions knows that Inspector General Michael Horowitz is simply the best man for the job, and today's entire exchange between Trump and Sessions was nothing more than theater while ongoing investigations mature. 

One has to wonder; in a swampy town like D.C., who would lead a second Special Counsel into anything anyway?

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Ben Garrison...your table is ready.


Ben is the best.


On a side note, Jeff doesn't appear very worried.

Why? Because the Trump thrashing is all theater to silence the Muppets.

"Trump Thrashes Sessions, Part VI"

Emmy Nominate Romantic Comedy!!!

The Critics Loved It

Leaves Audiences Breathless With Tears In Their Eyes

Buy your tickets at Fandango.

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By the way.  Think about this:


The leader corrupts the followers by telling them lies.

The followers corrupts the leader by pretending to believe the leader.

This creates a dynamic relationship where the leader and the followers accept each others dilusions.

Tragedy usually follows.


And you all thought Bone was a dumb son-of-a-bitch.

Now trow me a bone m.f.'ers.

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Browbeaten Sessions Dines With Rosenstein After Spat With Trump

My response: President TRUMP is probably sensing that the American people are demanding to see JUSTICE for these career criminals. I certainly know that I am loosing patience.

I am OK with the POTUS putting some pressure on the AG for results. We need to move the JUSTICE train along and pick up the pace.

The SWAMP is wide and deep. I am especially concerned with actions to date of "OBOZO", Holder and Clinton. These three are dangerous people looking to bring down America. 

The days are indeed evil.

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March will be a key month. If the IG report doesn't come out, if the election tampering report doesn't come out, if the hammer doesn't come down on several key figures in the FBI and DOJ, then I'd say that the war has taken a turn for the worse and that Trump is in trouble. For now I am giving Trump/Sessions, et al, the benefit of the doubt because I'm assuming they are working diligently behind the scenes to gather evidence and tie up loose ends. March needs to be a big month for action against the deep state. I remain cautiously optimistic but will concede that I have my doubts about Sessions.

One other thing we need to be aware of is the timing of these reports and their affect on the midterm elections. I would not be surprised to learn that the timing of these reports coming out is being fine tuned by the White House/Trumps political team.

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Thomas Paine:

So who appointed you the Grammar Police?

Since you want to be a shit-head,  the period goes ** inside ** the end-quotes.

Shit-head self-anointed Grammar Police Thomas Paine: "loosing".

Proper Grammar: "loosing."

From The Grammarist:  In American style, then, you would write: My favorite poem is Robert Frost's "Design."

People like you are losers. E S & D.

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How and more importantly , WHY, do you suppose that human intelligence would grow?

evolution doesn’t occur in vast mingling groups. Your iPhone does more than Aristotle’s but that doesn’t make you smarter or more enlightened. In fact, the more we ignore the past and thinking from the past, the dumber we get.

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Wrong, evolution does occur in vast mingling groups, e.g. human beings now.

As for human intelligence, growing or shrinking, how could you tell? Watch Youtube's Flynn on the Flynn Effect for the reason no IQ measurements can possibly tell you that, they don't work a cross generations nor cultures. I predict average intelligence is growing, tho average IQ can't. Growing because less disease and more food, can't because average IQ has to be 100, thus the IQ tests are renormed every year.

I could argue as well that the more we ignore the past, which had very many stupid ideas through the centuries, the smarter we get.

Your arguments are not very good, seems to me.

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Us military performed autopsies on many many in the 1940s, they found about 20 percent had undeveloped brains, thought it was disease related. They found circumcisions also at 20 perecent and on those with undeveloped brains but did not at that time think to link the two.

in the 1990s repeated with fewer USA bodies, 75 percent were circumcised and those had the smaller undeveloped brains.

So much for the constant comments re the intelligence of the circumcised ((ones }}

As well brain size is smaller over the last couple of hundred years as people moved to cities and less complex work and survival skills dropped way down.

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Shamus001, you state the question "in which the world surrounds the Jews to slay them?" It is not the jews who will be surrounded it will Be the Church-the Saints of Christ and the faithful from the old testament who actually kept the law both gentile & jew.

You have been sorely abused by the scofieldization of Christianity here in the states and the uk. You adhere to a doctrine that began in england in the mid to late 1800's and popularized by the jew backed scofield commentary Bible beginning in 1909. 

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Jesus told the jew supremacists that "Your house is left unto you DESOLATE" and it is.

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Exactly, Rosenstein is leading Sessions around by the nose. It is because Sessions is one of the brain washed racial Christians of the south. He's in a racial caste system of the Jew on top, then whites and the people of color and blacks are on the bottom.

This is the belief system conditioned into the South during the 1920's to 1940's because the Jews supported segregation and extermination of blacks through Margaret Sanger new abortion program. She made speeches at KKK rallies and was published etc. The entire South follows this philosophy, and it has spread nationwide. The main followers is the white lower social economic class.

Alabama would be considered a key racial Christian caste system state of mind.

Sessions is a old South mind, and he's pushing his white superiority mind with the illegals and the MS13 rants, but his other mind is the Jew is at the top of the racial caste food chain and this is supported by his strong racial Christian belief system. Rosenstein for Sessions has a spiritual mystical relation because Rosenstein is a Jew.

This is why NYC Trump doesn't understand this mind set. It's a prevalent mind set of the lower socioeconomic whites which is his main support base.

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@MK Alpha

"Alabama would be considered a key racial "Christian" caste system state of mind".


Look at the analysis above by NunmberUSA on scofield and the rest ... probably "christian" got to be in paranthesis ... time to face the truth like it or not. here is a quotation:


You have been sorely abused by the scofieldization of Christianity here in the states and the uk. You adhere to a doctrine that began in england in the mid to late 1800's and popularized by the jew backed scofield commentary Bible beginning in 1909. 

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"lower socioeconomic whites which is his main support base"..... 

oh ...  you mean the FOLKS whose jobs were shipped to Mexico and China and SE Asia... those FOLKS... and the FOLKS whose jobs were taken by illegal aliens... and the obozo 8 years of 0 growth.... AND LIBTARD SOCIAL ENGINEERING (BROWARD COUNTY AND BALTIMORE AS 2 PRIME EXAMPLES)

cant wait til wall streeet jobs are GONE... replaced with AI and robots... I wonder if the AI will continue the proud insider trading, fraud and deception... we'll see soon than later...  

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Beatin..  it..


smile for the cameras boys.

sessions hands above table ensures he not the one circle jerking..

but where the fuck is that tail of his??

bet the tip is getting stinky.


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taxpayer paid diner?

where i work if i don't do my job i get fired.

hey trump, don't cha think it is time for a change? if you are the real deal,

now is the moment.  you will be judged as real or fake.

do you want the legacy of a fake president?

#faketrump, all tweet no action-please prove me wrong...

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