The German Military Is Woefully Unprepared For Action

Germany has attempted to modernize its military in recent years, introducing new types of equipment such as the NH-90 helicopter and the A400M transport aircraft.

However, as Statista's Niall McCarthy reports, despite the new and more modern hardware, a report has revealed that less than half of German military assets are operational.

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The "Report on the Operational Readiness of the Bundeswehr's Primary Weapons Systems 2017" revealed that only 39 out of 128 Eurofighter jets are ready for action, while 26 out of the 93-strong fleet of Tornado fighter-bombers are operational.

New and state of the art equipment such as the A400M, NH-90 and Tiger attack helicopter all suffer from appalling rates of availability.  Only three A400Ms are ready for action out of a total of 15 while 13 NH-90s are up and running out of 58 altogether.

If the Bundeswehr had to fight a conflict against a modern adversary using armour tomorrow, it could only muster 12 Tigers out of 62 in total, along with 105 Leopard 2 tanks out of 224 in the army.

The situation at sea isn't much better with less than half the frigate fleet available for operations along with absolutely no submarines.


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Germany has no military.  

The WWII guilt imposed on the Germans by the Soviets and Anglos after the war is all-encompassing and touches literally every single part of domestic and foreign policy. Literally every. single. part.

Its a military in name only, just as the Bundesrepublik Deutschland is a government in name only.  

An oldie but a goodie:…

Could be worse --- we could be Sweden. 

German intelligence services aren't half bad, but they spend all the time and money chasing 16-year olds spray-painting swastikas on highway overpasses and how many extra bottle rockets various football hooligans have accumulated. 

Spend significant time and/or resources devoted to going after Muzzies or the traitors in government?  Nope. Hans said something mean about Muzzies ... he'll get his door kicked in by the KSK and every electrical piece of equipment he owns confiscated. 

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Anyone spamming "" probably needs help. Poor lad, just trying to get some traffic to his sad little site, so he can get a Google advertising payment of $3.26 for the month.

I see German submarines don't work - the Greeks bought three, and none of those worked either. This mythical idea that German technology is superior is starting to wear thin.

"Vorsprung durch technic", as they used to say in Germany.

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People are so easy to fool!

Increasing military spending ist vastly unpopular in Germany. So they have come up with the myth that the German military is "unprepared" . Way easier to sell it to the public when the increased spending is just for "maintenance" and "getting the army combat-ready", when it actually is for buying  tanks, submarines and aircraft.

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" German intelligence services aren't half bad, but they spend all the time and money chasing 16-year olds spray-painting swastikas on highway overpasses and how many extra bottle rockets various football hooligans have accumulated.  "


Simply not rue. German intelligence and federal police have largely turned a blind eye to the right wing neonazis for decades. They infiltrated, but did nothing to hinder the neo nazi groups.. There is ample evidence that intelligence undercover guys actually had an active hand in many neonazi attacks on foreigners, asylum shelters and the like. Sounds familar with the FB! and its hand in "muslim extremism" within the US?!

Instead German police and intelligence for decades excessively targeted ultra-left wing groups, communists and pro Russian and pro Soviet groups.

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Germany has a few tanks, over 200 tanks. What are 200 tanks going to do? This article is a good example of the US providing free defense for Europe. The others, Italy, France and the UK are in similar condition. I've been railing against the free defense for years.

Another rich country is Japan, same weak military and same free US defense.

These nations are rich, and they have trade surpluses with the US. Now isn't that funny, the US is broke, it's citizens are about to be completely ripped off in abject misery and slavery to the Jews, the US runs trade deficits with these countries and the US increases defense spending to provide more free defense for Europe.

What gets me is how can Paul Craig Roberts call the Europeans America's vassal states when we pay for their defense? If the US didn't pay for these nations defense, then we would see a very strong Germany, Italy, France, UK and Japan, but why spend your own nation's money, when the Americans will do it for you. Sounds like the US is the vassal of Europe. Huge trade surpluses with the US, low defense spending because no need to arm if the American beast of burden will do it.

WWIII is coming, it's the only way to remove the Yoke of the Khazar Gypsies from the neck of the US, the Russians know it, that's why they do what they do, but the Chinese aren't in it to remove the Yoke of the Eastern Europeans and Russians who were called the Khazars but now call themselves Jews.

Great powers are arming in preparation for a global war which will decide your future.

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The US is a nation under complete and absolute Jewish control. The US is ruled by a nation within a nation. So when people accuse the US, we don't have anything to do with any of this.

The photo? it looks like a transvestite, are you trying to say, you're a transvestite? Just wondering, because that means, I have a foreign anti-American transvestite trying explain it's my fault because I'm an American. But the point is, there is no America, it died a long time ago.

The great powers are arming for global war. WWIII will change everyone's future.

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What gets me is how can Paul Craig Roberts call the Europeans America's vassal states when we pay for their defense?

Germany is a vassal of the occupation forces (USA + UK)

please provide the exact date when the peace treaty was signed and the days after when the allied troops left in peace and allowed the German Volk to write their own constitution, the borders were rewritten and the German Gold and patents were returned back...


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LMAO, what a bunch of crap, MK ultra!

NSA runs a giant espionage headquarters in germany which, among other things, excessively spies on Germany. they even spied on the German chancellor (clueless dumb merkel) and Germany could and can do exactly zilch about it.

Rammstein airbase is the hub for lots of military operations of the US ranging from the middle east to central Asia, it is a key part of the US drone war. Germany has no saying in that as well.


There are still US nuclear weapons on German soil that nobody wants there - again, germany has to obey.

Joe Biden bragged about how he forced the Europeans (among them Germany) into sanctions against Russia which run against core German economic interests and have cost the German economy dearly.


Germany is occupied, for all intents and purposes and of course, the German media are in the hands of anglo-zionists. The most popular daily boulevard newspaper was established with the help and the money of the C!A and the entire private and public german media (newspapers, radio, TV) are heavily pro US. They were much more balanced 20-30 years back - now they all carry the same propaganda bs as in the UK and the US.

There are many ways to occupy a country and then establish an iron grip on it. You are not going to get anywhere in the German bureacuracy, the media or the major political parties if you dare to not be strongly pro US.

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All I was saying was the NATO of the Cold War isn't the same as today. That's all.

The US had over 500,000 troops in NATO, the UK was fully invested. NATO doesn't have anywhere near the same US and UK deployment of the Cold War.

The US uses that airbase for transports flying all over the world, that's nothing like all the bases of the Cold War. And NSA has always spied just like other countries do. Does Russia have electronic spying like NSA? Russia, China, even Germany spies.

It's kind of like a politically correct interpretation of reality when one side of the equation is being ignored, it's the political fad of the times.

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Damn! I was thinking of changing the picture, but now you've got all sniffy about it, I'm going to have to keep it so as not to look like I  give a shit about your opinion. Oh, and by the way, just because she doesn't conform to traditional standards of beauty, it doesn't mean that she is either a transvestite, or wrong. 

Just after WWII, the plan was to turn Germany into an agrarian, peaceful third-world country, so the genocidal starvation of the entire population was started, to knock the population down to a level that could be supported by a not very successful economy. However, a few years later plans changed, and it was decided that Germany would again become a producer nation and more importantly a surplus economy, such as Japan and  South Korea (notice any connection with those three names?) All other countries would run a  deficit. And the rest, as they say, is history. I like the way you claim no responsibility for this - I take it you and your family have enjoyed the American wealth effect over the last few generations? Supine, passive acceptance of your government, despite its endless murder, seems hard to take - half the world lives on a dollar a day, and yet you are not responsible for your obscene wealth, it was the Jews!…

According to that nonsense article, the poorest 5% of Americans earn the same as the richest 5% of Indians. That's the Jews' fault, too, I suppose.

All I can say to you is "Man up", and take some responsibility for your sad, pathetic little life.

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Just that nobody wants to attack Europe anyway. In fact, it is the other way around: Natoheavily increases military spending, concentrates troups near the Russioan border with significant attacking capabilities. NATO way outspends Russia.

But yeah, the Russians are coming.... What a complete nonsense.

NATO is preparing to strike Russia preemptively, that's what this is all about.

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Yes, I think the US is planning a preemptive nuclear war with Russia, there is just too much evidence. A surprise First Strike wins with no chance a Russian counter strike, that's what they're thinking.

Trump has turned over all command decisions over to former war time generals.

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Ifv the US ever attacked Russia (which likely would mean the total destruction of this vast, beautiful country with lots of very decent, friendly Russian people lieving there) then I do hope, for heavens sake that Russia will be able to at least strike back and completely wipe out the US and their vassall countries.

The US militariy industrial-espionage complex is the biggest cancer this planet ever had.

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I was thinking the same thing.. now that they admit they have no-go zones in their own cities they need to expel those invaders before they could project any real power.  What ridiculous cunts.. what pathetic policy decisions.  The Germans need to decide how to suck Polish, Turkish, Russian, and Chicom dick asap.. and enjoy it.



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During my memorable days in the German forests on the East German border, I warmly remember the Bundeswehr was behind us.  And they still are selling Siemens turbines to Crimea and digital-video training sets to the Russian Army while gobbling up Nordstream gas.

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Yep, that article that talks about the surplus then goes straight into making provisions for the 1.5 million "asylum seekers" they've housed.

The 2% surplus won't even pay for a fraction of the needs of 1.5 million idle, you have all the increased education and medical needs due to third world diseases and high birth rates.

Then you also have the extra security needs to stop the more excitable types blowing themselves up, beheading neighbors or raping boys in public baths.

The German's really need to be aiming for a 10% surplus because that should just about break even in 10 years time.  By that time the magic money tree's should have grown enough to pay for the 6 kids per a female + importing your extended family.

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Germany has no army - so what?

The US didn't have much of an army in the 1930s. It's about industrial capacity and Germany has plenty of factories and armament industries left even if they only produce for exports.

A standing army in the nuclear age is only for power projection and empire protection. We don't need any of that. There is no active threat to Europe except the ever wider opening borders.

We need nukes and border protection. Let the Americans pay for their own troops and bases. We neither want nor need them.