It's Time To Tell Israel And Saudi Arabia To Fight Their Own Wars

Authored by Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest,

" ... it is wise to be skeptical about Israeli claims regarding Iranian intentions to build bases and construct missiles in Syria.

Those claims made by Israel’s Mossad have not been confirmed by any western intelligence service, not even by America’s totally corrupted and subservient CIA."

The original title of this article is "Blundering Into Iran"

The deluge of recent reporting regarding possible conflict with nuclear armed North Korea has somewhat obscured consideration of the much higher probability that Israel or even Saudi Arabia will take steps that will lead to a war with Iran that will inevitably draw the United States in.

This has gone way too far

Israel is particularly inclined to move aggressively, with potentially serious consequences for the U.S., in the wake of the recent incident involving an alleged Iranian drone and the shooting down of an Israeli aircraft. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been repeatedly warning about the alleged threat along his northern border and has pledged that Israel will not be in any way restrained if there are any hostile moves directed against it. The Israeli Transportation Minister Ysrael Katz has warned that Lebanon will be blasted back into the “stone age.”

There is also considerable anti-Iran rhetoric currently coming from sources in the United States, which might well be designed to prepare the American people for a transition from a cold war type situation to a new hot war involving U.S. forces. The growing hostility towards Iran is coming out of both the Donald Trump Administration and from the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is warning that the “time to act is now” to thwart Iran’s allegedly aggressive regional ambitions while U.S. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley sees a “wake-up” call in the recent shooting incident involving Syria and Israel. The hostility emanating from Washington is increasing in spite of the fact that the developments in the region have little or no impact on vital U.S. national interests, nor is Iran anything like an existential threat to the United States that would mandate sustained military action.

Houston, we have a problem

Iran’s alleged desire to stitch together a sphere of influence consisting of an arc of allied nations and proxy forces running from its western borders to the Mediterranean Sea has been frequently cited as justification for a more assertive policy against Tehran, but that concern is certainly greatly exaggerated. Iran, with a population of more than 80 million, is, to be sure, a major regional power but militarily, economically and politically it is highly vulnerable. Its economy is struggling and there is a small but growing protest movement regarding the choices being made for government spending.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is well armed and trained, but much of its “boots on the ground” force consists of militiamen of variable quality. Its Air Force is a “shadow”of what existed under the Shah and is significantly outgunned by its rivals in the Persian Gulf, not to mention Israel. Its navy is only “green water” capable in that it consists largely of smaller vessels responsible for coastal defense supplemented by swarms of Revolutionary Guard speedboats.

When Napoleon had conquered much of continental Europe and was contemplating invading Britain in 1804 it was widely believed that England was helpless before him. But Admiral Earl St Vincent was nonplussed. He said at the time: “I do not say the French can’t come, I only say they can’t come by sea.” In a similar fashion, Iran’s apparent threat to its neighbors is in reality decisively limited by its inability to project power across the water or through the air against other states in the region that have marked superiority in both respects.

And the concern over a possibly developing “Shi’ite land bridge,” also referred to as an “arc” or “crescent,” is likewise overstated for political reasons to make the threat more credible. It ignores the reality that Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon all have strong national identities and religiously mixed populations. They are influenced and sometimes more than that by Iran, but they are not puppet states and never will be. Even Lebanon’s Hezbollah, often cited as Iran’s fifth column in that country, is not considered a reliable proxy.

Majority Shi’a Iraq, for example, is generally considered to be very friendly to Iran but it has to deal with considerable Kurdish and Sunni minorities in its governance and in the direction of its foreign policy. It will not do Iran’s bidding on a number of key issues, including its relationship with Washington, and would be unwilling to become a proxy in Tehran’s conflicts with Israel and Saudi Arabia as such a move would be extremely unpopular. Iraqi Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi, the highest-ranking Sunni in the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi government, has, for example, recently called for the demobilization of the Shi’ite Popular Mobilization Forces or militias that have been fighting ISIS because they “have their own political aspirations, their own [political] agendas. … They are very dangerous to the future of Iraq.”

A seemingly legitimate major concern driving much of the perception of an Iranian threat is the possibility that Tehran will develop a nuclear weapon somewhere down the road. Such a development is quite plausible if only from a defensive point of view as Iran has been repeatedly threatened by nuclear armed Israel and the United States, but the current Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action provides the best response to the possible proliferation problem. The U.N. inspections regime is rigorous and Iran is reported to be in compliance with the agreement. If the plan survives the attacks by the White House, there is every reason to believe that Iran will be unable to take the necessary precursor steps leading to a nuclear weapons program while the inspections continue. And it will be further limited in its options after the agreement expires in nine years because it will not be able to accumulate the necessary highly enriched uranium stocks to proceed if it should ever make the political and economic decisions to go ahead with such a program.

The recent incident involving the shoot-down of a drone alleged to be of Iranian provenance followed by the downing of an Israeli fighter by a Syrian air defense missile resulted in a sharp response from Tel Aviv, though reportedly mitigated by a warning from Russian President Vladimir Putin that anything more provocative might inadvertently involve Russia in the conflict. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accordingly moderated his response but his government is clearly contemplating a more robust intervention to counter what he calls a developing Iranian presence in Syria. It is important to recall that Netanyahu’s prime objective in Syria and Lebanon is to have both nations in turmoil so they cannot threaten Israel. With that in mind, it is wise to be skeptical about Israeli claims regarding Iranian intentions to build bases and construct missiles in Syria. Those claims made by Israel’s Mossad have not been confirmed by any western intelligence service, not even by America’s totally corrupted and subservient CIA.

Netanyahu is also facing a trial on corruption charges and it would not be wildly off target to suggest that he might welcome a small war to change the narrative, just as Bill Clinton did when he launched cruise missiles into Afghanistan and Sudan to deflect congressional and media criticism of his involvement with Monica Lewinsky. Unfortunately, if Netanyahu does wind up being charged and going to prison his successor will likely be even more hardline.

It must be understood that the mounting Iran hysteria evident in the U.S. media and as reflected in Beltway groupthink has largely been generated by allies in the region, most notably Saudi Arabia and Israel, who nurture their own aspirations for regional political and military supremacy. There are no actual American vital interests at stake and it is past time to pause and take a step backwards to consider what those interests actually are in a region that has seen nothing but U.S. missteps since 2003.

Countering an assumed Iranian threat that is no threat at all and triggering a catastrophic war would be a major mistake that would lead to a breakdown in the current political alignment of the entire Middle East. And it would be costly for the United States. Iran is not militarily formidable, but its ability to fight on the defensive against U.S. Naval and air forces is likely to be considerable, producing high casualty levels on both sides. How would the U.S. public respond if an aircraft carrier were to be sunk by a barrage of Iranian shore-to-ship missiles? And Tehran would also be able to unleash terrorist resources throughout the region, particularly endangering U.S. military and diplomats based there as well as American travelers and businesses. The terror threat might easily extend beyond the Middle East, into Europe and also within the United States while the dollar costs of a major new conflict and its aftermath could also break the bank, literally.

Promoting a robust U.S. role in “regime change” for Iran as a viable military option to support objectives largely fabricated by allies would be a phony war fought for bad reasons. It is not commensurate with the threat that the Mullahs actually pose, which is minimal, and is just not worth the price either in dollars or lives.

*  *  *

[This article is an edited and expanded version of a memorandum that I prepared for Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity which has been released separately on Consortium News].


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Who is Jesus? Uh. I don't know.

Who is Christ Jesus? Sorry, i have no answer for now.



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The whole Russia thing is a total ruse of the jews to keep the goy always chasing their own tails while they maintain their deceitful, usuristic & murderous practices, and pass laws to prevent you from intervening in their goal of total control of all.

The jew supremacist want your free speech, they want your money, they want your kids for their pedophilia, they want your guns, and they want your soul- They will stop at nothing to get it-Period.

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That's it ,man. You just hit the nail on the head.Short and sweet.

JUSA is run by the money changers,who through a strange coincidence are all part of the tribe. And they made a deal with Saudi Barbaria,after JUSA DEFAULTED in 1970 (because of the great Gen. De Gaulle),a deal to create the petro-f*cking-dollar ,(after Nixon was forced to take the dollar off the GOLD standard);the petro-f*cking-$  is a US CREDIT CARD paid by the rest of the world ,to finance US deficit spending,including all these wars of aggression.

And in 1970 the dollar WAS ONLY 12% backed by GOLD.

So,WE are forced to fight THEIR WARS ,which ARE OUR WARS this way.

It's very simple in fact if you know the REAL history.

Why so few know this ?

DEATH TO THE MONEY CHANGERS!( in a Kaiser Sousa voice)

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Trump’s Jewish Agenda

january 7, 2018by christians united for palestine


Trump, the first US President with two Jewish children, beholden to the money power of the US establishment (i.e., Jewish money) that supported his presidential bid (or bought the presidency for him), is making the Israeli dream of stealing Jerusalem and the whole of Palestine a reality; especially since he owes Jewish investment banks hundreds of millions of dollars, which can be easily written off the books if certain conditions are met.

“I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” Trump said.

In one fell swoop, Donald Trump overturned decades of international consensus and laws. He also ignored recorded history: Jerusalem was NEVERthe capital of even ancient Israel.

Furthermore, he constantly and nonchalantly overlooks the fact that Israel today is an inhumane, apartheid country that uses its carte blanche from the US to do as it pleases in the Middle East. It oppresses the Palestinians, treats them like caged animals, and spreads chaos in the region regardless of how it affects the peace of the world.

The reason is because the Jews control the Federal Reserve, the real center of power in the United States or the money power of the establishment (i.e., Jewish money). In turn, the Fed wags every other financial institution in America, and consequently ends up being the root cause of all of America’s economic ills.

Trump’s Jewish Entourage

Not even Trump, who supposedly wants to “make America great again,” dares mention the need to dismantle the Fed. Worse, he drools every time he talks about Apartheid Israel, not unlike every other American politician.

The anti-Christ spirit of hate thy neighbor, which revs up the engine of the state of Israel and that of its Prime Minister, seems to fire up Trump’s motor as well with his loathing of immigrants, especially of his Mexican neighbors. He and Netanyahu are two peas in a pod – both arrogant, haughty, and supercilious narcissists.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

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Just how corrupt is the American deep state and ruling elite? Consider this.

While people who want truth, accountability and justice both domestically and in foreign relations from their government, that government together with their wet-work accomplices create one diversion after the other to defect attention away from its military escalation of its unjust and illegal war against Syria.  The only faction of the population which seems to really care about unjust wars, truth, principles, basic rights, reciprocity and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people are conservatives and libertarians, who are the same people who now rely on the independent media to find out what is really going on. As long as their attention remains constantly diverted and preoccupied by domestic threats to their interests based on fake assertions, and a sufficient amount of believable false-flag evidence concerning, for instance, the recent US shooting massacres, they will fail to unite and focus their opposition on the elephant in the room - which is the large-scale stealth and unconscionable destruction of an entire nation being orchestrated and carried out by their government. 

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Primary reason I threw my hand down for Trump was because of hs campaign stump of "no more military intervention in third world countries where we stand to gain nothing.  Keep the $ home for our vets and our kids."

Uh-huh.  yeah right.  Trump forgot to tell me he is war-monger deep state.  "Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice"  Nope.  Ain't gonna happen Phrump.  I'll vote for my dog and horses next time ya killer deep state scum bag.

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This along with the gun hysteria, Russia hysteria, Iran-N.Korea-Syria hysteria is all jew supremacist driven to condition each and every one of you to accept your jew masters and not find fault with them but find fault with everything in the world that they spin you towards.

They are the masters at spin and war indoctrination. They have killed over 150 million goyim and counting by their warmongering spinning ways.

The media is dominated by the jew supremacists and they provide planned propaganda as news each an every day not for your entertainment but for the control of your souls. 

You live in an jew supremacist edward bernays-ed world and do not comprehend it. They have you by the economic hairs by the use of their 1913 dual created monsters the fed reserve & the irs- they own & manipulate you, lock stock & barrel.

End the jew money trough called the central banking system-Now

Prosecute & Shut Down all jew supremacist foreign agent organizations such as Aipac, Aclu, Adl, Zoa, Splc, Jdl, Jwc, Cfr and a thousand more-NOW !

Remove immediately all dual citizen israeli's from all positions in our Federal, State & Local Governments-Now !

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"It's Time To Tell Israel And Saudi Arabia To Fight Their Own Wars. Preferably against each-other."

I  have a dream ... But with Dönmeh led fake Turks to the North of them, plus more of the same (Wahhabis are also cryptos) in Saudi, the (((Realm))) is safe:

"In his book, 'The Dönmeh Jews', D. Mustafa Turan writes that Wahhab's grandfather, Tjen Sulayman, was actually Tjen Shulman, a member of the Jewish community of Basra, Iraq.
In his book, 'The Dönmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahhabis', Rifat Salim Kabar reveals that Shulman eventually settled in what is now Saudi Arabia, where his grandson, Muhammad Wahhab, founded the Wahhabi sect of Islam."

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Well we'll see what happens, but one thing for certain, no matter what happens people will be bitching about something in their echo chamber for "likes."

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The Sykes–Picot Agreement attempted to create nation states amoung tribal and nomadic people. It has been all downhill from there.

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It's hard to say if the agreement is the problem. The Brits, French, and especially the USA has been fucking with this area for 100 years or more to keep it turmoil. Supporting coups, grooming despots like Saddam to step up when the situation presents itself and other dirty tricks SOP. Assad of Syria is Alawite which is an offshoot of Shia yet the majority of the population and the military is Sunni. If the conflict in Syria really was Syrian Sunni vs Shia Assad would have been gone 5 minutes after the festivities started. Granted most of the jihadists fighting Assad are Sunni Wahabists in the pay of Saudi Arabia.

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The funny thing about modern people is they mostly think they're little gods, and all they have to do is throw around their "Word." And then everybody just inevitably gets dragged along with the current of things. And when the flood current finally subsides, you aren't going to like where you're at.

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Shamus001, you state the question "in which the world surrounds the Jews to slay them?" It is not the jews who will be surrounded it will Be the Church-the Saints of Christ and the faithful from the old testament who actually kept the law both gentile & jew.

You have been sorely abused by the scofieldization of Christianity here in the states and the uk. You adhere to a doctrine that began in england in the mid to late 1800's and popularized by the jew backed scofield commentary Bible beginning in 1909. 

Check on the Bible and actually read it without filtering it through your commentaries and other jew supremacist published so-called Christian books.

You may not be aware that jew supremacist rupert murdoch bought zondervan Bible co. many many years ago. The jew supremacists control the major Christian publishing. Their Nelson Niv Bible takes out the blood of Christ in 12 or 13 different places compared to the KJV.

The jew supremacists have waged a war against God & his Christ for at least 167 years here in the states. Lok who is behind all the law suits condemning the 10 commandments, school prayer, Christian themed curriculum, and any thing related to Christ in the public square- it is the jew supremacist Aclu, Adl, Zoa, Splc and on & on. 

Open your eyes and realize that you and all your fellow Christian-zionists have been hoodwinked.

A book came out in 2006 titled " America America Who Has Bewitched You" it had to be published by a small private publisher. That book written by a long term Christian is all but non existent, it exposes the jew supremacist anti-Christ machine and it got walloped by those same jew supremacist mobsters.  

Jesus told the jew supremacists that "Your house is left unto you DESOLATE" and it is.

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"It's Time To Tell Israel And Saudi Arabia To Fight Their Own Wars"

Translation: Tell USA's bosses that USA will not obey their orders.


Godot will be arriving with trillions of tons of gold before this happens.

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Zionists are leeches that have no shame in sucking their hosts dry. Look no further than the British empire. They infiltrated it, lobbied intensely, got the Balfour declaration and Lawrence of Arabia to fuck over the Arabs.

Then they bombed the Brits in the King David Hotel as a thank you, just as the British empire was fading. Jump to the next host: The Jew-S of A!

As for Saudi Arabia....they are hopeless on their own.

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Trump's Foreign Policy is a huuuge disappointment as he flew in on a pipe of peace. Trump has forked tongue. He's hid behind the screen of Deep State's Russphobia, but now, in clear daylight for all to see, are his true colours.

The axis of evil, once again, have their flag-bearer in chief doing their bidding.