"This Is A New Low" - ICE Director Slams "Gang Lookout" Oakland Mayor

As we previously detailed, in a press release issued late Saturday night, the lawless sanctuary Mayor Schaaf tipped off illegal aliens in the region, that ICE is preparing to conduct extensive operations across the Bay Area.

Since she did this, she and her family have received death threats from disgruntled Oaklandians who feel increasingly unsafe but, as The Daily Caller's Saagar Enjeti reports, the harhest criticism yet has come from Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan:

“What she did is no better than a gang lookout yelling police when a police cruiser comes to the neighborhood except she did it to entire community of the this is beyond the pale,” Homan declared in a Fox News interview.

“This is a whole new low to intentionally warn criminals that law enforcement is coming. I can’t believe it happened.”

“She intentionally put law enforcement officers at risk. Being a law enforcement officer is dangerous enough. But to give criminals a head’s up we’re coming next 24 hours, increases the risk.”

He continued that “there are 800 we were unable to locate because of that warning. That community is a lot less safe than it would have been.”

Schaaf warned Bay Area residents Sunday night that she had been tipped off to a forthcoming immigration enforcement raid targeting illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.

The mayor is unapologetic telling the Washington Post Tuesday “I think it’s my responsibility as a person in power and privilege to share the information I have access to, to make sure people know what their rights are.”

Despite her warnings, The Washington Post reports that federal immigration agents have arrested more than 150 people in Northern California who they say have violated immigration laws for deportation, as tensions between the government’s push to more vigorously enforce the law and state officials have spilled into the fore.

About half of the people arrested also had criminal convictions, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is largely in charge of enacting President Trump’s push for more stringent enforcement of the country’s immigration provisions.

Homan concluded:

“Thanks to the dedicated and professional work of ICE deportation officers, we were able to remove many public safety threats from the streets of the Bay Area during the past few days,” he said in a statement. 

“However, 864 criminal aliens and public safety threats remain at large in the community, and I have to believe that some of them were able to elude us thanks to the mayor’s irresponsible decision.”


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"...she and her family [and her puppies] have received death threats..."

Bullshit.  This is the typical leftist "oh, poor me, the people who want the Constitution followed are mean, violent, haters" crap.  Try to change the subject away from the harm that you are doing.  Besides, the people who do death threats are the leftists.

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Sessions: Excuse me, Rod. Do you have a minute?
Rosenstein: OK, Jeff. What is it this time?
Sessions: I was just thinking...
Rosenstein: OOPS!  There you go again, Jeff.  Thinking. Didn’t we decide that was my job?
Sessions: Yea. Yea. I know.
Rosenstein: Go on. What is it?
Sessions: Well, you know that Mayor in Oakland is mouthing off about warning the illegal aliens, I mean the undocumented guests, that there was going to be an ICE raid.
Rosenstein: Yea. Yea.  So what?
Sessions: Well, how about I hold a press conference and say we are going to investigate it. You know, like I did regarding the FISA warrants.  I’ll just say we’re going to investigate. You know. Not like we are actually going to do anything. You know? Then I can at least look like I’m in charge. You know? Would that be OK?
Rosenstein: I don’t know Jeff. You almost blew it during that last press conference. Let me think about it.
Sessions: OK Rod. I’m going to go back to my office and take a nap. See you later.



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Let California become a sanctuary state, ban guns, create a single payer health system, and then let them deal with the fallout.  I think it is hilarious that blue states are starting to appreciate "States' rights" when their guy is not in office.  Same  group that will scream and shout when other states do not want to legalize abortion, same sex marriage, marijuana, enforce a 'federal min wage.'  The sad part is that they do not recognize the irony.  But, I suppose they are "on the right side of history.' Whatever the fuck that means.  

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So "priceless" that you say that same phrase every three days.  

You're right.  We should just open all borders and allow anybody to go anywhere they want and take whatever is available there.  Let's do this thing!  I'm staying at your house.  I'll be sleeping in your wife's bed, and I don't sleep with dudes, so you'll need to stay on the couch.  I know you're cool with that, since you don't like boundaries of any kind.  I do actually like boundaries, so I may need to throw you out of the house if you piss me off.

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"I hope she doesn't kill her own pets to look like a "victim."  I'm sure she is capable of it."

I wouldn't put it past her.  Notice that most of the "hate crime," nooses, swastikas, etc, that "whitey" is threatening poor disadvantaged peoples with on college campus turn out to be done by minorities, trying to blame whitey.  Same old shit.  Of course when the "news" finds out that whitey didn't do it, that the "aggrieved" minority did it, it doesn't get reported.

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The stinkin warmongering murderous deceitful so-called israeli jew supremacists and their complicit goyim slaves are at it again as always.

The jew supremacists of the world are The Ememy of the entire human race.

Reinstate the 1935 Nurenberg Laws NOW- world wide.

Purge immediately all dual citizen israeli's from all U.S. Government (Federal, State & Local) rather elected, employed, contractors or volunteers-NOW ! 

Prosecute & Shut Down all Foreign Agent jew supremacist organizations in the U.S. under the FARA Act, such as:

Aipac, Aclu, Adl, Splc, Zoa, Jdl, Jwc, Cfr, and a thousand more-NOW ! 

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Are you aware that jews ran the Nuremberg show 'trials'? There is nothing legal nor defensible about them.

First they had to  hide Stalin's crimes to conduct them. Then had to create ex-post facto laws to run them.

     Twenty-four Nazi leaders and seven Nazi organizations were indicted, viz: Reich Cabinet, Leadership Corp of the Nazi party, S.S., S. D., Gestapo, S. A. and the General staff and high command of the German armed forces. The indictment which exceeded 23,000 words in length was signed by Robert H. Jackson, et al…

It was in fact a Zionist trial prosecuted by pro-Zionist attorneys before a pro-Zionist Court against the defendants, for the offense of being opposed to Zionism and communism…

The Judges made the law, prescribed the penalty, and enforced it. If it is to serve as a precedent for the future, it means that the officers of the defeated in war must be punished. Ex post facto law is prohibited by the British Magna Carta as well as by our Bill of Rights. It is contrary to justice and our Christian civilization. The mass trial was contrary to every principle of law and justice and Christian civilization. There is no precedent except the [Communist] Russian purge trials.

Even the JTA ran an article on too many jews at Nuremberg. https://www.jta.org/2007/10/09/news-opinion/the-telegraph/too-many-jews…

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Thanks for the info and we completely agree with your assessment of the jew murder campaign called the Nuremberg trials, but we are not speaking about the same laws or event. Look into the 1935 Nuremberg laws and don't confuse that with the jew supremacists mockery of justice called the Nuremberg trials. They held those trials specifically in Nuremberg because of, or in retribution for the 1935 Nuremburg Laws signed By Adolf Hitler.

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I am still stuck  on the logic of having a sanctuary state that has a major purpose of hiding  illegal immigrants that are felons, and then just illegal immigrants who just like it here better than at home because we give so many freebies out, and then are pissed when someone tell them they are not entitled to the freebies.

But I am trying to keep it simple.

My motto is for immigrants is "what do you bring to the party" ?


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The MSM call illegal aliens “immigrants.” 

Illegal aliens are not immigrants. Guest workers, coming here opportunistically for economic reasons only, are not immigrants. They are visitors, not like tourists who come here as visitors to spend money. Guest workers are visitors who come here to make money.

Illegal aliens are illegal visitors, sort of like trespassers.

Real immigrants want to be Americans, not just for economic reasons. They go through a waiting process in their country of origin, jumping through paper work and additional legal hoops, after which they come here, where they take tests and endure another waiting period before becoming naturalized.

During that waiting period, they are immigrants, and after they are naturalized, they are citizens, no more or less than you or me, with only one difference: they cannot be the POTUS. Since hardly any native-born citizens become the POTUS, that is not really a difference.  

So, the illegal alien who shot Kate Steinle while she was walking down the street was an illegal visitor, a trespasser, with no right to receive government notices at the taxpayers’ expense. It would have been good for Kate Steinle, a citizen of this country, to be warned by her elected representative about the danger of walking down the street in CA on a holiday so that she could stay home, protecting herself from above-the-law visitors.  

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