State Department Committs $40 Million For "Information Wars"

The Pentagon will allocate $40 million into an inter-agency unit housed at the State Department to counter online propaganda and disinformation campaigns conducted by foreign nations, in an effort to respond "aggressively" to attacks. 

The program was announced by the State Department this week in conjunction with the US Department of Defense, which will allocate the funds to the Global Engagement Center (GEC) - created in spring 2016 to replace the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications (CSCC). 

"One of those initiatives is the creation of an Information Access Fund to support public and private partners working to expose and counter propaganda and disinformation from foreign nations."

This funding is critical to ensuring that we continue an aggressive response to malign influence and disinformation and that we can leverage deeper partnerships with our allies, Silicon Valley, and other partners in this fight, said Under Secretary Goldstein. It is not merely a defensive posture that we should take, we also need to be on the offensive.

Last year Secretary of State Rex Tillerson requested that $40 million be transferred from the Department of Defense, with an overall allocation of up to $60 million from the US Defense budget. The funding was authorized in a December 2016 defense bill signed by President Obama - which widened the scope of the center's activities.

Previously, the GEC had focused exclusively on terrorist propaganda, however it was Tillerson's request for the funds that got the ball rolling on the expanded operation. 

Almost $20 million of the $60 million was already in the State Departments coffers and will be released to the center's officials to fight propaganda by terrorist groups such as the Islamic State. Tillerson also approved a request for a transfer of $40 million from the Pentagon to the center so it can fight state-sponsored propaganda. -Politico

The GEC will counter disinformation campaigns primarily from China, North Korea and Russia.

Tillerson's delay in implementing funding authorized for the GEC had frustrated U.S. officials - who called it an example of "severe slowdown" within the State Department's decision making process. Sources, however, cited another factor at play; angering Russia.

At one point during the discussions, Tillerson aide R.C. Hammond suggested the money is unwelcome because any extra funding for programs to counter Russian media influence would anger Moscow, according to a former senior State Department official. -Politico

Hopefully the good folks at the GEC will be able to match forces with the "90 people with a shaky grasp of English and a rudimentary understanding of U.S. politics shitposting on Facebook." at that Russian troll farm whose trash CNN went rooting through a few weeks ago. The one which Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said had zero effect on the outcome of the election. 

Maybe the GEC can consult with Facebook's VP of advertising, Rob Goldman, who noted that the majority of the Russian ad spend happened "AFTER the election," and wasn't intended to impact the election. Apparently dividing America by stoking political activism was their thing.

Just remember, it wasn't Hillary's fault that she lost - and the GEC will keep feeble-minded Americans safe and un-propagandized by foreign masterminds.


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And some of you laughed about Alex Jones calling it like he saw it:  this is war, and this war is for your mind. This is an information war and if you are just now realizing that? Damn, time to wake the fuck up.

Looks like one more of AJs ideas has been proven correct and you get to pay for it.

FEMA Region IX bitches.

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this is what they say:

"The Pentagon will allocate $40 million into an inter-agency unit housed at the State Department to counter online propaganda and disinformation campaigns conducted by foreign nations, in an effort to respond "aggressively" to attacks. "

this is what they really mean:

The Pentagon will allocate $40 million into an inter-agency unit housed at the State Department to INITIATE online propaganda and disinformation campaigns DIRECTED TOWARDS foreign nations, in an effort to respond "aggressively" to STATEMENTS OF FACT THAT MIGHT REVEAL AMERICAN AGGRESSION OR MIS-DEEDS. 

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The problem is that the State Dept is an insidious propaganda arm covertly placed by Israeli interests full of high-level dual-citzenships ONLY committed to their ingrained philosophy full of subservience to authority as prescribed all throughout their upbringing and coerced into obedience by use of force, and which is also applied to their enemy, their subconsciously vaunted Goyim, who will, when it is all said and done, vanquish and scatter them into the dustbin of infamous history!

They've pushed our buttons long enough! Time of penitence is fast approaching...silence speaks volumes of guilt of/or indifference.

BTW German compromised authorities are trying to imprison another person merely for having thoughts made in public that are not kosher...this is coming for YOU shortly lazy Goyim...if you fail to make a meaningful stand against this injustice:

If you are aware of the ruse used by the German authorities to untilmately lock up Monika Shaefer, a similar plot is in the works for her brother Alfred Shaefer:…

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In the new (old) age of private/ public partnership, I assume that this will be contracted out to a private company. Anyone want to club together to start a business where you get paid to read news sites, and comment online to steer the conversation? You could get paid to be here! I think about half the commenters here are either bots, spamming, or mad or all three  (Jack, you know I'm looking at you), so it's not as if Zerohedge hasn't already been monetised. Why not have the readership benefit from the propaganda war?

Obviously, you don't get the contract without some serious money changing hands, so we would need a war chest. I would be very happy to take care of that for you all. 

Edit: I may not have been clear about the war chest - you contribute, I look after the money. Its the only sensible way.


Is the above any more insane than what is going on these days? Why not profit from the insanity.....

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All governments target their citizens it is only a matter of degrees...those really good at it target citizens outside their nominal borders.

Big Brother?  Been here a long time, with some change in dance partners.

The only good news is a lot of people don't believe them anymore and don't give a bleep if they know it.

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Use your imagination. A well place staple can cost millions. A box of staples might be worth a few billion tax dollars. And there's 100 alternative uses for motor oil, cooking oil and the yellowmattercustard dripping from dead dogs' eyes. Buy my best selling book: DNC Work For Mullah Maobama: Total Mayhem On Under $1 A Day…

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   If you tell a lie enough times, it becomes truth.

  The fish was how big? [not counting the hook,line, and sinker]

  This is pure unadulterated indoctrination. Why not just teach the kids the truth?

   [their predecessors have stolen all their future wealth]

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This will be money spent to shut down any free speech and opposition to the will of the ruling elite. It is Nazi Germany all over again but a tyranny controlled by the Ziocons. 

Grumbleduke FBaggins Thu, 03/01/2018 - 04:51 Permalink

No need to invoke the nazis - it IS germany all over again. They censor more then china, no joke! Sure, there is no firewall yet, but the new legislation called "Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz" (sorry, can't translate this bullshit in any meaningful way) is working just like that. Oh, and you can be jailed for all kinds of "hate speech", not only the holy klaus denial.


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one ping only Thu, 03/01/2018 - 01:30 Permalink

This really means they will be asking for much, much more money in the future. What a perfect ploy. Convince a population that an invisible threat exists and bleed said population dry providing protection from said "enemy". Brilliant ... and totally devoid of any humanity.