Beast From The East: Europe's Feeling The Chill

The "Beast from the East" has well and truly arrived in Europe, blanketing much of the continent in snow.

The Siberian weather system has sent temperatures plummeting to as low as -30°C in some places and, as Statista's Niall McCarthy reports, at least ten people have died due to the cold spell since Monday. Many major European cities have experienced their coldest temperatures in years as the following infographic shows.

Infographic: Beast From The East: Europe's Feeling The Chill  | Statista

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On Wednesday, Rome was experiencing lows of -6°C while the average February low in the Italian capital is 3°C, according to Current Results. The city also saw its first snowfall in six years while Naples had to deal with its heaviest bout of snow in decades. The mercury usually doesn't dip below 5°C during February in Naples.

Residents in both London and Amsterdam have been shivering in temperatures of -7°C but Munich and Berlin are even worse off.

Yahoo Weather put Wednesday's low in Munich at -17°C while Berliners had to endure -12°C, far colder than the average February low of -2°C.