Pentagon: We Are "Fully Prepared" For A Russian Nuclear Attack

The United States accused Russia of being an "irresponsible player" for boasting about an array of new, mostly hypersonic weapons, that President Putin said would make its nuclear arsenal invulnerable to interception by the US.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters it was "unfortunate" to watch a video animation depicting "a nuclear attack on the United States" that accompanied Putin's state-of-the-nation speech Thursday, calling the video "cheesy" and "irresponsible."

Vladimir Putin delivers his annual Presidential Address

"We don't think that kind of imagery, in a cheesy video, as being a responsible action." She also said Putin's announcement confirmed, "what the US has known for a long time that Russia has been developing destabilizing weapons systems for more than a decade in direct violation of treaty obligations."

She then proceeded to ignore Russian reporters at today's press briefing.

As reported earlier, in his speech which took the west by surprise with the scale of Russian military accomplishments, Putin unveiled the latest additions to the country's nuclear arsenal, including underwater drones capable of launching nuclear strikes and hypersonic missiles. The Russian president made the announcement at his annual state of the nation address in Moscow, Putin's last speech before Russia's presidential election on March 18.

"We don't regard that as behavior of a responsible player," Nauert said.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon urged calm and expressed it was "fully prepared" to handle the advanced Russian nuclear threat.

"We're not surprised by (Putin's) statement. And the American people should rest assured that we are fully prepared," Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White adding that she was "very confident" in America's ability to react to "anything that may come our way."

"We are prepared and we are ready," she said. "This is not about defense. This is about deterrence."

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White

Ratcheting up the new cold war rhetoric, she added that "we need to ensure we have a credible nuclear deterrent, and we are confident that we are prepared to defend this nation no matter what."

The White House echoed the Pentagon's statement, saying that US deterrent capabilities "are and will remain second to none." Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the press that the country is "moving forward to modernize our nuclear arsenal and ensure our capabilities are unmatched."

"US defense capabilities are and will remain second to none, and now because of the new defense budget of 700 billion dollars, our military will be far stronger than ever," Sanders said.

"I see some of this as a response to the US nuclear posture review, which is quite remarkable in that it stresses the importance of nuclear weapons and building up the US nuclear arsenal -- something President Trump himself has said," said Angela Stent, director of Georgetown University's Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies.

In other words, a new nuclear arms race has begun.

* * *

The Trump administration has asked for a major boost in military spending for 2019, requesting Congress approve a budget of $686 billion, the largest in US history, and an increase of $80 billion from 2017, which the Pentagon says is primarily aimed at countering Russia and China.

US officials are also increasingly turning their attention to trying to develop some sort of defense against hypersonic missiles. In its proposed $9.9 billion requested budget for 2019, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is asking for $120 million to develop hypersonic missile defenses, a big increase from the $75 million in fiscal 2018.



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There’s something else Putin unveiled in that speech that no one seems to have noticed yet – a cruise missile powered by a small nuclear reactor “with practically limitless range”.

Here’s what it means… If we and the Russkies start lobbing old-fashioned BALLISTIC nukes at each other, most of them would have to go over the North Pole. The new nuclear-powered cruise missile can fly over the South Pole and “strike almost any point on Earth”.

Now, I wanna know WHEN are we gonna stop poking the Deadly Bear with a twig?   ;-)


caconhma Occident Mortal Thu, 03/01/2018 - 19:33 Permalink

If the USA has no idea how to handle North Korea threat, how will we fight a nuclear war with Russia? Trump is an idiot surrounded by no more bright idiots from the US Congress and the Pentagon.

Even if Putin is a CIA asset (and I think he is), Putin must understand that there is no escape for him from repeating the Quaddafi and Saddam Hussein destiny.

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What's "being afraid" got to do with it or anything, for that matter.

The escalation model has been in play since the birth of homo sapiens. 

It's nothing more than a race to invent a windshield wiper that doesn't smudge your windows when you're out of washer fluid.

Granted, in this particular case, if some psychopath has a bad day and reacts by flipping the game board over, well, then it's game over.

But, isn't game over just another way of saying electron recycling?  Sort of like Green Technology when one thinks about it. 


(Bone is replying in the present to the past, in this particular case, related to the uninitiated posting blatherings about being afraid, further down the page.  Bone is replying at this location, because Bone is cunning, knows the ropes on this blog and isn't lazy or stupid)

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A quick look at couple of threads around here tonight seems to point to unusual tension (you vs 07564111 here and MK Ultra vs chunga and BoP on the McMaster thread). Could it have something to do with Putin's presentation today whereby his simulations encompass a barrage of nukes raining down on Florida?

Nonetheless, wouldn't want to lose assured of that. Either way, no ill will coming from me to you.

As an aside, maybe it's not that some here are un-informed, but rather how they chose to frame their opinions -- and that goes for ALL sides of the equation. One should be prepared to follow any such assertions to their logical conclusion using verifiable facts to the extent it is possible.

BTW: I never heard your side of the story of the tensions between you and Bobeore...he presented his case; care to address your side? I am open-minded, as I hope you would attest to...



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Well, the thing with 07564111 and me is simply that he's a detestable little Russian troll (by his own admission) who seems to think assertions & accusations carry more weight than actual facts or evidence in the west. That may pass as proper and true in Russia or EuroLand or some other shithole but not here. 

As for what MK Ultra vs chunga and BoP have going on, I dunno but "generally" I agree with chunga & BoP so something must have set Ultra off, like I said I don't know, I work during the day.  

The tension between Bobeore and myself as far as I know, started with a disagreement between him and I regarding Preet Bharara and the case against Reza Zarrab with he (Bobeore) taking the position that Bharara being fired had something to do with the gold Zarrab was smuggling and skimming. 

It was not. 

He was fired (just like Yates & Comey) for insubordination/lost confidence in ability to carry on in the position. He was appointed by Obama who was the president at that time and all of them serve at the leisure of the present president who is in office and there is really no reason why a president can't ask all of them to resign. 

In other words, Bharara's was not a career position just because he (and the other DA's) didn't want to leave when asked to resign. 

As an aside, I can see where Bobeore might say my position is one of simple partisanship and I have no willingness to dispute that (it's true) just as it is also true that he can simply ask them to leave and if they don't he can fire them is true...regardless of Bharara's competencies or past accomplishments, it's not a lifetime job unless every subsequent president says it is. 

AND...I fully recognize we are free to chase whatever rabbits we want in a free society just as I fully recognize people in other countries do not always have that luxury unless they are in the employ of that country...something to keep in mind...which is not an accusation, just also a simple statement of fact.

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Bendromeda Strain nmewn Fri, 03/02/2018 - 07:21 Permalink

he's a detestable little Russian troll (by his own admission) who seems to think assertions & accusations carry more weight than actual facts or evidence in the west.

Sorry I missed the exchange. I am almost always on board with most of your posted thoughts, but what you write here is actually provocative. Based on what is offered as "news" on a daily basis I would contend that assertions & accusations do carry more weight in most things concerning The Russia Narrative. We are constantly poking, poking, poking - and when finally there is a reflexive action the response is Ah ha! They are being aggressive again.

I have posted it before, maybe you missed it. The .pdf for ZBig's The Grand Chessboard  is available on the web. It lays out the strategy for leveraging Ukraine as a weapon against Russia. You should check it out.

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My little cowardly Russian troll can only be one of two things...the Deep State Hillary/Mueller/FBI-bots trying to prove Russian trolls exist or... actual Russian troll.

I simply took him at his word that he can't enter the US "for some reason". It doesn't really matter to me which is true, he is what he is.

Yet, look at the if voting equals truth ;-)

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JSBach1 nmewn Fri, 03/02/2018 - 10:44 Permalink

You would agree, at least, that there are bots/provocateurs/trolls on all sides (there are more than two competing interests at play...) of the equation -- and not just the Russian -- as there is evidence of that here as well as on other sites. Shifting through it all is the challenge. In the final analysis, however, there is no shortage of blame to go around for all of these competing interests...

re: "I work during the day" - ditto   cheers ;-)

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While the jew supremacists entertain you with their thinly disguised propaganda campaign against Russia for the benefit of the goyim slavers here in the States and throughout the world:

Read it and weep you sheep, you lambs slated for the prisons of the jew supremacists !!

"No Free Speech for the Goyim: The Jews Escalate Their Zio-Supremacist War on Our Ancient Liberties

Here in the United States, the friends of Israel & Aipac appear to believe that anyone who is unwilling to do business with Israel or even with the territories that it has illegally occupied should not be allowed to do business in any capacity with federal, state or even local governments. Constitutional guarantees of freedom of association for every American are apparently not valid if one particular highly favored foreign country is involved.

Twenty-four states now have legislation sanctioning those who criticize or boycott Israel. And one particular pending piece of federal legislation written by AIPAC that is also continuing to make its way through the Senate would far exceed what is happening at the state level and would set a new standard for deference to Israeli interests on the part of the national government. It would criminalize any U.S. citizen “engaged in interstate or foreign commerce” who supports a boycott of Israel or who even goes about “requesting the furnishing of information” regarding it, with penalties enforced through amendments of two existing laws, the Export Administration Act of 1979 and the Export-Import Act of 1945, that include potential fines of between $250,000 and $1 million and up to 20 years in prison."

The jew supremacists of the world are the enemies of the entire human race-Period

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directaction 1.21 jigawatts Thu, 03/01/2018 - 19:16 Permalink

The US should stick to getting its sick jollies by bombing and attacking small, weak Muslim countries, like the US did so often during the Clinton, Bush II and especially during the Obama administration. 

Really, seriously, screwing with and constantly threatening and provoking Russia and China will only lead to the utter destruction of the United Satans. 

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If Putin is this paranoid and he has stated many times that the Americans were going to launch a First Strike, then drills after drill called snap drills for Russian missile crews. The Russians are training for a First Strike.

Putin has invited a surprise First Strike. Period. Putin made a direct threat. Putin has also been training the Russian military under Putin's orders for First Strike. That's a fact, snap drills at the last minute for missile crews, generals stating the new use of nuclear weapons etc.

This wasn't North Korea, this was Russia who threatened nuclear war, even had a video simulation of a nuclear attack on the US.

The BS on this board that Russia has this and that and America doesn't have the same weapons, is too much, it's actually funny when it is so easy to look up what the posters are LYING ABOUT. Go look up Russia's weapons and America's weapons, and then tell me how weak America is and how Russia can do this and that.

THE ONLY ONE AFRAID IS PUTIN AND THE RUSSIANS OR THEY WOULDN'T BE BLOWFISHING WITH RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA. Or he is using the Americans and fear of an attack for internal political purpose.

This is the MOST threatening statement ever issued by a Russian. If the Russians put on a show like this in the Cold War there would have been bombers on Russia's borders.



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MusicisYou, buddy, I am old and tired, I want a nuclear war to kill people like you.

And I am not afraid, I am praying for a nuclear war to kill off Russia and China and kill off around 200 million Americans. That's what I want, how about you?

Well you've come on here posting for Russia to kill all the Americans? You posted this many times.

How old are you? What country are you posting from and are you Chinese?

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LOL the low rent white trash dumps some more shit because he is what I call shit people.

So on this board, because you spent your life on here shitting on posters, that you have more authority to shit on posters because of time served? Can't make this up.

Posters on here, the most delusional who can't follow the issue, will not participate in debate, but they will shit on anyone who writes a comment about the issue. Then when they are called on the dirty deed of shitting on the poster, they claim their knowledge, authority etc. is because they've been on the ZH board for many years. One of the lowest posters pulled that the other day. Hankley or something like that, I call him the board clown.

Let me tell you a secret, there are more foreigners posting on here than even three years ago, I know because I watched this site for years, noticed something was wrong and now I know because I conducted a survey. I was surprised all the foreigners who admitted being foreigners and then they told me why they hate Americans. And what's funny, is the American left doesn't even realize there are a lot of foreigners on this site, thus, you're being led by the nose to hate your country by a pack of rabid anti-American foreigners.

You're shit people.

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