What's Going Down In China Is Very Dangerous – Part 2

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

One of the more concerning ramifications of China’s recent turn toward a more totalitarian stance at home is what it means for the geopolitical environment in the years ahead. Several people asked in the comment section of Part 1 why I care about what’s going on in China when we have so many serious problems in the U.S.

The reason is because a major shift in the polices of the second largest economy in the world, populated with over a billion people and run by leadership intent on establishing a far more dominant position on the world scale militarily and politically, will affect everyone.

Government propaganda is one of the most insidious and dangerous things that regularly occurs within human society, and it’s been pervasive in essentially all civilizations to-date. The media’s always a key ally in the dissemination of propaganda, something much of the American public has finally come to understand. The election of Donald Trump despite the U.S media’s unanimous support of Hillary Clinton was the real wakeup call, and has led to incessant calls for platform monopolies like Google and Facebook to censor speech that questions the dominant intelligence agency narratives. There’s nothing more terrifying to an entrenched power structure than a loss of the narrative, and the election of Trump proved to them that they lost it. The American establishment isn’t really afraid of Trump, it’s far more concerned that his election signified a loss of narrative control.

Narrative is particularly important to lunatics who run a global empire, and the U.S. media’s almost always happy to oblige. For example, the media’s enthusiasm to swallow government propaganda is what led to the Iraq war disaster, in addition to so many other societal tragedies I write about here on a daily basis. While the marriage between U.S. government propaganda and a complicit corporate media has been a demonstrable danger to the world, we shouldn’t for a moment think American propaganda is the only threat. Other powerful governments use it as well, and China is no exception.

With Russia obsession dominating almost every domestic media headline these days, Americans are woefully ignorant regarding the explicit intentions the Chinese government has for the world. Fortunately, you can get into the mindset of China’s leadership via their state-sponsored media channels. Global Times is one example, and I want to call attention to two recent opinion pieces published there.

First, from the piece: Constitutional Amendment Responds to New Era:

It can be argued that the current ruling team of China is progressive and ambitious with clear goals and willingness to take on responsibilities. They want to make contributions to this nation which can stand the test of time.

Interestingly, in the era of globalization and the internet, although China has stunning economic might, it has not yet become a leading power in terms of ideology and information.

The most influential value system in the world now is the Western value system established by the US and Europe. It has shaped and affected quite a few Chinese people’s mind-sets. But some key parts of the Western value system are collapsing. Democracy, which has been explored and practiced by Western societies for hundreds of years, is ulcerating.

As is clear, Chinese officialdom see their anti-democratic, one-party, command and control paradigm with no political freedom as a rival model for the world to accept. They believe the vacuum that will be left by a decadent and declining U.S. empire will provide a perfect opportunity to promote this vision globally. Ignore this all you want, but it’s explicit.

As interesting as that is, the extremely defensive and insecure way in which the paper subsequently lashed out at Western criticism over its decision to scrap presidential term limits is equally illuminating.

A perfect example can be seen in the excerpts from the following piece Global Times piece, Solidarity Cornerstone of China in New Era:

No sooner had the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee made public its proposal to amend the country’s Constitution than the Western media began bad-mouthing China in their usual and various ways. It is worth noting that for some time the Western media have been growing strident in their abuse of Beijing, almost using curse words.

The biggest reason for all this is that the rise of China has reached a critical point where some Westerners cannot psychologically bear it any longer. They wish to see misfortune befall the country. Even if it might hurt their own interests, they are willing to see China crumble first.

Such hysteria by some people in the West will subtly influence the way their countries interact with China. It will increase the risks Beijing faces while emerging, and complicate communication between Chinese society and the outside world.

The author talks about hysteria, but where do you see hysteria? From Westerners criticizing this creepy move toward forever rule, or in the above three paragraphs?

Here’s some more.

It is believed that cooperation between China and the West will continue. The normal pattern of Sino-US and Sino-European relations will remain fundamentally unchanged.

But in the days to come, tough stances against China will find more support in Western nations. Friction between China and the West will become more likely.

The solidarity of Chinese society will face tests. Pressure from the outside world may activate negative factors at home, which in turn, increase the costs of China maintaining stability.

Facing external impacts and hostility, the Chinese nation is a community of common destiny. All Chinese people, whether they work for State-owned institutions or not, whether they support the nation’s path or not, even dissidents, are enjoying development opportunities as well as the might of China, which did not come easily. If China collapses the way the outside world wishes, all Chinese people will lose.

Solidarity is a necessary precondition for China to successfully complete the second half of its modernization. It is the cornerstone of China in the new era. The CPC has made us Chinese all closely connected to each other. Over the years, the authority of the CPC Central Committee and the prosperity of our Chinese society have both risen. The authority of the Central Committee is the most outstanding part of China’s competitiveness. It is the source of the country’s efficiency and ability to mobilize people and make adjustments. It is the thing the outside world most envies about China and the target of Western anti-China rhetoric.

Chinese society must strengthen its resolve. We must be aware that the world is full of competition. Solidarity is for Chinese the nation’s most crucial political resource and firm support for the CPC Central Committee is the lifeline of China’s long-term unity.

This is some serious propaganda, with two principle objectives. First, there’s this notion (stated as fact) that the Chinese people would be incapable of progress without the authority of the “outstanding” Communist Party leadership. Second, the author prepares readers for tough times ahead, while also offering assurances that any problems faced within Chinese society are the fault of foreigners, especially Westerners, who apparently want China to collapse. It’s fostering increased nationalism ahead of difficult times, and then lays out who the Chinese should blame. This is very dangerous.

I know how dangerous this is precisely because I’ve seen my own country’s intelligence agencies and oligarchs do it time and time again. I saw them do it in the run up to the Iraq war, and I see them doing it right now with Russia; blaming Putin for every inconvenient political movement that threatens the neocon/neoliberal establishment.

Here’s where it gets scary. The press in the U.S. was able to sell the Iraq war despite a relatively robust first amendment and in the face of massive street protests. The war hawk propagandists still got the war they wanted, so what do you think the Chinese government might be able to get away with in a society where zero real dissent is allowed?

Let me cut to the chase. I expect the global economy to crater once again within the next 12-24 months, and that means everyone. China’s economy is as much a debt fueled house of cards as the U.S., and money printing/bailouts won’t save either of them this time around. As such, I suspect “leaders” around the world, including in both the U.S. and China, will shift blame for internal problems to enemies abroad despite the fact that domestic sociopaths and oligarchs are the true culprits.

The incentive to shift blame to external forces will be too powerful for politicians to resist, and the press in these respective countries will likely fan such flames (to avoid their own blame and protect their owners). This will vastly increase the odds of unnecessary and dangerous global conflicts. As always, the masses will lose while the elites sit on top deflecting blame to anyone and everyone but them. I really hope we can avoid this situation, but I also can’t ignore the writing on the wall.

The problem of crooked leadership destroying countries and then starting wars to blame outsiders is as old as human civilization itself. We’ll never escape this trap until we grow up, face reality and refuse to be manipulated into murdering other humans across the world for no good reason.

As I tweeted earlier today:

Can humanity rise up and break the vicious cycle? We’ll know soon enough.

*  *  *

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wildbad solidtare Fri, 03/02/2018 - 02:44 Permalink

yes..Nationalism is evil...but Globalism is eviler.

devolving power to the state, then local level is a major piece of the solution.

the tenth ammendment is key in the USA.

trump is essentially invoking that on a world level since its opposite is implied in every global scheme there is.  it is never stated but is the basis for  the €U, the US, IMF, BIS, TPP, TPIP, NATO or any other scheme they are forwarding.

In reply to by solidtare

I Feel a littl… ChaoKrungThep Fri, 03/02/2018 - 15:46 Permalink

"....a major shift in the polices of the second largest economy in the world, populated with over a billion people and run by leadership intent on establishing a far more dominant position on the world scale militarily and politically, will affect everyone."

You Ameritards were happy enough to dish it out, so now suck it up, the shoe is on the other foot you filth.

In reply to by ChaoKrungThep

old naughty gatorengineer Thu, 03/01/2018 - 23:57 Permalink


no, deep state did not lose anything (albeit some of the members are losing power as scripted)...

‘’...their anti-democratic, one-party, command and control paradigm with no political freedom as a rival model for the world to accept. They believe the vacuum that will be left by a decadent and declining U.S. empire will provide a perfect opportunity to promote this vision globally.‘’


should consider this on agenda of “them”, for 30+years they have “groomed” Chi to strengthen this “model” for the world marching closer to singularity...and the.     -mera is but the second head of the beast.


“Can humanity rise up and break the vicious cycle? We’ll know soon enough.”


Well, soon enough in-deed. Harvest of our bad karma by “them” is difficult to fight off, especially by “us”-evil idiots who only believe what we want to, and unwilling to learn the lesson down thru 10-, 100-, perhaps 1000s of millennium.


In reply to by gatorengineer

roddy6667 gatorengineer Fri, 03/02/2018 - 01:29 Permalink

You are ignorant. 54% of the urban population in China now meets Western standards of middle class. It is growing rapidly. That number will exceed 70% in less than 10 years. Your statement about the Chinese being no happier than the average American shows your ignorance.  I've been visiting and living here for years now. Where do you get your "facts"?

In reply to by gatorengineer

Pacman7293 roddy6667 Fri, 03/02/2018 - 16:11 Permalink

90% of urban population live in cheap high rise apartments, that isn't middle class by our standards, maybe theirs. How do you know who's happy or not? How does Gator's engineer actually show ignorance? That isn't clear. You sound emotional. Are you also marrying a Chinese? I noticed they are also very emotionally driven people. I guess if you can't evangelize you gotta be emotional about everything else. 

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serotonindumptruck TheElder Thu, 03/01/2018 - 21:58 Permalink

No worries.

I snatched a hard copy.

Well, it's finally official - after years of preparation by the Obama administration to provide lethal offensive weapons to Ukraine over the vocal objections of the Kremlin, today the Trump administration announced it would sell Ukraine 210 Javelin anti-aircraft missiles and 37 launchers for $47 million. The sale, which was first reported last December, marks a significant increase in U.S. military support for Ukraine and another major deterioration US-Russian relations, and is the first lethal weapons sale of its kind since the breakout of a Russian-backed proxy civil war against the central government in Ukraine's eastern provinces.

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Kagemusho Thu, 03/01/2018 - 21:56 Permalink

One Belt/One Road is China seeking to become the 'Chung Kuo' of fiction, a world dominated by China. Those railways spanning Asia aren't going to be transporting only goods, but people, as in population....as in colonization.  The Chinese aren't building infrastructure across southern Asia for Asians living there, or in Africa for Africans, they are building it for themselves.

Kagemusho tyberious Fri, 03/02/2018 - 01:50 Permalink

My contention is that they will. Look up  "Grand Solar Minimum". The Chinese know their present real estate may become unliveable in as little as 20 years. OB/OR is being planned through areas that the climate change from a  mini-ice-age will make much more habitable, and Africa is chock full of 'strategic minerals' - not to mention inefficiently used farmland - necessary to maintain an industrial economy and a large population.

Plus the Chinese have no humanitarian illusions about Africans, and no white guilt complex, either.

We Wuz Kings A Chinese Man Is Angry At Black Africans For Being Incapable Of Building Anything! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtsa0MT2H4I

Ray-ciss Chinese laundry detergent commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Few8kJ0zfnY

Africans had better pay attention to what the Han Chinese did to the Uighars and the Tibetans, lest they find out these new 'bwanas' won't put up with the same shite the White colonialists did.


In reply to by tyberious

rwe2late Thu, 03/01/2018 - 22:32 Permalink

 Krieger is hysterical.

He screams "China is dangerous!"

So what does he want any of us to do about China?

Ah, there's the rub. There's the unexamined hubris revealing itself.

The MIC has an answer. More guns, more missiles, more bases.

Contain China militarily. Start trade war. Weaken China. Dominate China.

Is that not Krieger's implicit answer also?

Is Krieger unaware of the USA national defense strategy?

It sets a goal of full-spectrum global dominance, and in outer space too!

Is Krieger unaware of the many MSM articles and statements by USA politicians about the rising "threat" of China?

Ruler for as long as Xi wants? Maybe not such a good idea. But how many terms in office will Merkel have? Or the Saudi king?

Should the Chinese emulate what they see as "democracy" in the USA?

Is rule of an oligarchy through two wings of (in effect) one oligarchy party

the best political alternative we can offer?

Now there is a thought. Maybe what we should do is NOT try to "fix" China,

but to offer something better by "fixing" the USA.

Maybe if we stopped being hysterical about China (and Russia),

and stopped trying to lord it over others,

others would have less reason to be hysterical about the USA,

and more reason to find the better in their own societies.


Baron Samedi rwe2late Thu, 03/01/2018 - 23:40 Permalink

Take a look at what David Graeber & a lot of secessionists are saying:  it doesn't have to be a pissing contest among huge powers.  'Emperor Xi' almost a guarantee that China will decentralize down the road, but it will take a bit of time as the other behemoths (USSA, EUSSR) collapse under their own weight 

In reply to by rwe2late

soyungato Thu, 03/01/2018 - 23:05 Permalink

People complained about Xi's power concentration as un-democratic totally missed the point. Xi was not elected democratically by the people. He was chosen by the communist party of China CPC. Whether he serves two terms or eight terms is none of anyones business but that of the CPC alone. May be you say it is un-demoncratic within the CPC . That may be true but why should what the CPC does be anyone's concern if they think it is best for the party and China ?
That aside, it is a good thing for Xi to be in control in his party since he appear to be very effective in combating corruption in China. I wish we have a strong man in the US to crack some heads like you know who.

Boonster Thu, 03/01/2018 - 23:09 Permalink

Had more fun living in China than the rest of my life combined.  Doesn't feel like an authoritarian place. In USA there is a law against everything but unless you do something really stupid in China the cops leave you alone. They don't carry guns and have to call the station to get one brought to the scene.Too busy being lazy for petty offenses. Get a haircut and the girl suggests a blowjob also, no problem. China and Asia is still a man's world. No fucking SJWs or pussy hats. Just don't try to tell jokes about Mao Zedong. 

Xena fobe Thu, 03/01/2018 - 23:33 Permalink

China gets many things right.  But the ideologies that make them successful internally will prevent them from dominating globally.  

Good article. The trolls will be all over this one trying to change the subject but Americans need to be made aware.