The Great Firewall Of China - Government Bans Orwell's Animal Farm & The Letter 'N'

The Chinese government has banned George Orwell’s dystopian satirical novella Animal Farm and the letter ‘N’ in a wide-ranging online censorship crackdown.

As Mike Krieger has recently noted (here and here), what China is doing is dangerous:

Narrative is particularly important to lunatics who run a global empire, and the U.S. media’s almost always happy to oblige. For example, the media’s enthusiasm to swallow government propaganda is what led to the Iraq war disaster, in addition to so many other societal tragedies I write about here on a daily basis. While the marriage between U.S. government propaganda and a complicit corporate media has been a demonstrable danger to the world, we shouldn’t for a moment think American propaganda is the only threat. Other powerful governments use it as well, and China is no exception.

With Russia obsession dominating almost every domestic media headline these days, Americans are woefully ignorant regarding the explicit intentions the Chinese government has for the world.

And as The Independent reports, experts believe the increased levels of suppression - which come just days after the Chinese Communist Party announced presidential term limits would be abolished - are a sign Xi Jinping hopes to become a dictator for life.

The China Digital Times, a California-based site covering China, reports a list of terms excised from Chinese websites by government censors includes the letter 'N', Orwell's novels Animal Farm and 1984, and the phrase 'Xi Zedong'.

The latter is a combination of President Xi and former chairman Mao Zedong's names.

It was not immediately obvious why the ostensibly harmless letter ‘N’ had been banned, but some speculated it may either be being used or interpreted as a sign of dissent.

This censorship is fortified by the Great Firewall of China - a term which refers to the combined force of technological and legislative measures which tightly control the internet on the mainland.

Why should you care about China's seemingly totalitarian shift? Krieger concludes poignantly:

The reason is because a major shift in the polices of the second largest economy in the world, populated with over a billion people and run by leadership intent on establishing a far more dominant position on the world scale militarily and politically, will affect everyone.


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But is article 'Inflammatory', or culturally biases, or refers to USA as Leader of the World & Setting the Values & Standards, or refers to USA being a fucking buttinsky in all other countries of the world and willing to subvert whatever govt they have?

"... - are a sign Xi Jinping hopes to become a dictator for life. ..."

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Forget CIA news about China, YouTube in the USA...




The You Tube PURGE of conservative channels has drawn mainstream media attention, and You Tube is calling the purge "a mistake". Here's the TRUTH about what is really going on. You Tube has formed its own 10,000 strong secret thought police that includes the enemy of Christianity, free specch and the second amendment, The Southern Poverty Law Center. Even though the Richie From Boston channel has been restored, dozens of other channels are still either terminated or under fire.

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the issue here is that people dont understand chinese, or the symbolism involved.  chinese characters are logograms, with N having origin similar to that of a snake - so of course that means foreigners entirely miss the whole code here - that of getting rid of snakes from the grass.  (while I dont speak or understand chinese, I'm well studied in taoism and some friends know far more of things-china than I do - I wouldnt have been able to come up with this one on my own.)

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I don't understand what's wrong with this stuff, after all, some mindless twit from the Council on Foreign Relations was on NPR just the other day gushing about how grand it is about Xi Jinping's bid to set himself up as ruler for life!?!?

And then I heard some douchetard who heads up the Peterson Institute***, Adam Posen, claim something similar.

And the business news on NPR also appears to be gushing over this totalitarian stuff?

***Peterson Institute, founded by David Rockefeller and Peter G. Peterson to end Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, promote the offshoring of as many American jobs as possible, and promote the adoption of the WTO's Financial Services Agreement globally (said agreement also promoting the international adoption of those weapons-of-mass-economic-destruction, credit derivatives).  Rockefeller took on Peterson as a protégé after he was expelled from MIT for cheating, and helped him into Rockefeller's alma mater, Brown University, and Rockefeller would support Peterson to head the CFR, and provide seed money for Peterson's private equity firm, the Blackstone Group, now one of the highest valued PE/LBO firms in existence.

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