Kunstler Warns: "Enjoy The Last Few Weeks Of Relative Normality"

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

End Times At The OD Corral

Personally, I believe that the plodding, implacable Robert Mueller, white knight of the Deep State, will flush the Golden Golem of Greatness out of office, probably on some sort of money-laundering rap having nothing to do with “Russian meddling.” Anderson Cooper will have a multiple orgasm. Rachel Maddow will don a yellow hard-hat and chain-saw a scale model of Mar-a-Lago to the glee of her worshippers. The #Resistance will dance in the streets. And then what?

I doubt that Mr. Trump will go gracefully. Rather he’ll dig in and fight even if it means fomenting a constitutional crisis. He’ll challenge Mr. Mueller on veering into matters unrelated to alleged Russian pranks in the 2016 election. He may well attempt the self-pardoning gambit. He will have a lot of support out in the Deplorable gloaming. But, at some point, I expect a bipartisan consensus to emerge in congress that the guy has got to go. He’s making it impossible to conduct even the routines of bribery and domestic collusion that Washington exists for. Nobody is getting paid — at least not the bonuses they’re accustomed to seeing.

The 25th amendment is still the best tool for the job. Unlike impeachment, it doesn’t require much in the way of standards of evidence or any Mickey Mouse niceties of due process. It doesn’t take months and months of tiresome legal gamesmanship, no committees or reports. You just get a small number of cabinet members and congressional leaders to agree that the President is “unfit” — which can mean anything, really — and he’s chopped. General Kelly may be enlisted to pry Mr. Trump’s smallish fingers from the doorjamb and shove him into the waiting limo in the porte cochère for the long sad ride up the Jersey Turnpike.

Enter Mike Pence, slated to be a kind of combination Millard Fillmore / Herbert Hoover. Who knows what really lurks behind the bland Pencean facade, but on the off-chance that he may be a decent fellow of average intelligence, the fates have a way of casting such accidental leaders into ignominy despite their theoretical virtues. Surely, the Deplorables of Flyover Land will not like the dumping of their Golden champion one bit. I’d stay away from post offices and other parcels of federal property for a while. If a bunch decides to march on the nation’s capital, it will be a messier affair than anything the hippies pulled off back in the day, perhaps the first battle of Civil War 2.

The financial markets wobbled and puked on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, finally mirroring the tremendous stresses in our politics. They’ve been every bit as jacked on unreality as the two major parties for years now. The markets, after all, are not the economy itself, just indexes of the supposed values of things, stocks, bonds, gold, soybeans, etc., and the Federal Reserve has been jamming hallucinogens down their craw since the last little seizure in 2008.

The markets don’t seem to like the new chairman of the Fed, a cipher named Jay Powell. In his first big public performance since stepping into Janet Yellen’s tiny shoes this week, Powell managed to do a complete 180 in 24 hours on whether his outfit will stick to four rate hikes this year… or maybe just ride to the rescue of the floundering markets with their old tricks of lowering interest rates and “printing” shitloads of new “money” to get those animal spirits going again in the S & P.

Absolutely nothing Powell’s Fed might try, will work. In fact they will only make the cratering indexes fall deeper and harder, along with the value of the US dollar. Interest rates can’t go any higher, anyway, without blowing up half the paper obligations on earth. Businesses will be terrified to transact. You can’t do much with a crippled financial system. The authorities and the news media will call it a “recession” but a sore-beset public will know it is the start of something a whole lot worse.

As a nice side-dish to this banquet of consequences, the Democratic party will be deprived of its only reason to live the past two years: to shove Donald Trump off-stage. And the Republicans will be blamed twice over: once, for not coming to Trump’s defense, and again for getting behind him in the first place. Enjoy the last few weeks of relative normality.


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This is bigger news and there is audio tapes on the webpage you can listen too http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/insider-ed-butowsky-seth-richs-…

Exclusive=> Insider Ed Butowsky: Seth Rich’s Father Confirmed His Son Was the Wikileaks Leaker


Audio Link https://youtu.be/2p8at6PD4L8

Audio part 2 https://youtu.be/giuZdBAXVh0

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I agree with Kunstler that Mueller isn't going to stop because no one is stopping him. The reds are going to get blown out in the mid-terms for not helping Trump and not drining the swamp. They aren't helping him now and will not in the future. At the same time, Trump is veering away from campaign promises with Javelin missiles, and so far he's refused to bring up the murdered staffer, just like all the other frauds in congress and his support is softening. The people who voted for him are the closest thing he'll have to friends.

Here's his AG Stiff Sessions hamming it right up in a fancy DC restaurant. They know.


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“At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is,
But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity,
Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards,
Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point,
There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.”

   T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton  (1935)

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I'm normally on board with Kuntsler concerning our fuel concerns and need to adjust our consumption expectations but this is some real preconceived cognitive biases he is relying on. 

As with anything, I'd like some objectively verifiable evidence before leaping to the conclusion that a president will actually be deposed from office and none is offered here. 

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The problem the Reds have is the way Trump revealed them to be the Uniparty we knew them to be, particularly on the key issues that put Trump in office, primarily the welfare-aided illegal immigration issue, but also unfair trade and the deep state. The problem the Reds have is that they are Blue on all issues where it counts to most voters. For people like me, crossing over from the Blue side ready to vote for something different after finally admitting to myself that what I have seen of pay-per-birth socialism is boldly unfair, the Reds are Blue in all the wrong places, including in their doubling of refundable child-tax-credit welfare, even for the illegal aliens who undercut citizens in jobs. RepubliCONs, no less than DemoRATs, offer some citizens and noncitizens layer after layer of pay-per-birth taxpayer support when they work part time to stay below the earned-income limits for welfare, which makes it easy for them to accept rock-bottom wages. This is the Uniparty solution to the brutality of the lopsided, global economy. I fear I stood in lines to vote my whole life — long lines — just to vote for Bill Clinton, time after time, when I did not agree with him on much of anything. Still, even though all of these politicians take your vote away from you, figuratively speaking, by doing nothing that benefits you and a lot that hurts you, it seems pretty deep-statish to nullify the votes of Deplorables after one year. Trying to hang onto low-wage jobs, working in [non-racist] offices staffed with 80% minorities in a towns with 80% white populations, are the white Trump supporters going to have to listen to Black Democrats, talking about how Republicans steal elections by disenfranchising minorities? Are we going to hear an endless chorus about Russian trolls, rather than hanging chads, road blocks and the like, when they kick out another elected Republican POTUS mid-term?

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Yeah - that's definitely getting railroaded in the shadow of "other news".

And as the processes of impeachment slowly and painfully unfold, you can bet that's how other "news" will quietly cross the airwaves, the system hoping won't be noticed by the hungry idiot partisan-mongering wolves and I'm talking specifically about many of you wankers on ZH who can't let a comment go by w/out "joo" or "libtard" this or Trump savior" that. You're being played beautifully.

Remember what happened during Clinton's impeachment--CIA published a report acknowledging their role in the Iran-Contra and cocaine-gun running economies throughout the US... no one noticed. The impeachment wasn't an outcry over a blue dress--that was the idiot public's role (no doubt included most of the people reading this). It was a multi-pronged strategy.

If YOU people won't stop falling for this shit, who will?

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Enjoy the last few weeks of relative normality.


Eventually one of these statements will be correct. Is it this one? I doubt it. But who knows. We are heading for a Japan type situation, best case scenario. Eventually the bubble will pop. Hard to recognize the final 'mania' phase unless you are looking at it in the rear view mirror. We will then watch the fed and gov enact all sorts of nonsense trying to push the market back up again, to no avail. What kind of turmoil will happen in the country as this goes on? No idea, but we don't enjoy the kind of homogenous society that the Japanese have.

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I enjoyed the colorful descriptions in this essay, but the author's conclusion is bunk. Mueller isn't going to "get" Trump.

Trump might "get" Trump. One of many possibilities: His "handlers" paying off the porn star and Playmate could potentially get him. Probably won't, but "could." - Was the $130,000 "gift" his lawyer gave the porn star actually a campaign contribution that wasn't reported? Surely, it was given to help Trump's campaign for president. The irony with this "fire" is she is probably being paid off ... again. 

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You're right even in an I'm a genius David Stockman article there'll be 3 grammatical/spelling errors. I do believe in poetic license and e.e. cummings never used capitals but some go too far or not far enough as the case may be. Personally I have had posts here that were wrong due to technical difficulties with the site, the edit function doesn't always work and so on. Illiteracy is getting worse and I don't know that I live here but ZH is my go to for financial news, nice well rounded compendium.

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