Hope Hicks Kept "Detailed Diary" At White House, Gets $10MM Book Offer

Soon-to-be-former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks hasn't even left the West Wing yet, but unsurprisingly, she's already received a flood of offers from powerful publishers and producers promising eight-figure paydays if she's wiling to provide juicy insider details like those.


A friend of Hicks' who spoke with the Daily Mail said the communications director - who once handled as many as 250 media requests per day - was "overwhelmed" by the response. As the Mail points out, the desirability of Hicks' story has increased because of her informal position as the "most glamorous person in the West Wing."

One anonymous source from inside the publishing industry even went so far as to compare Hicks with Jackie Kennedy.

One insider told the Mail that Hicks kept a diary of her time in the White House, which could be an incredible resource should she decide to write a memoir.

What would it take to do your story as a mini-series or on the big screen? I can get the financing, like tomorrow, and make you rich and even more famous. You have an incredible story.  Let's talk!'

And since then Hick has been overwhelmed with messages offering millions of dollars in advances for book deals by major publishers, and offers from Hollywood to make biopics about her glamorous political and scandalous life.

As one publishing executive told DailyMail.com, 'Next to Ivanka and Melania, Hope is the woman closest to the president, and knows all the secrets, all the foibles, all the quirks.

'She's also the most glamorous White House female since Jackie Kennedy. Her story will be a blockbuster. I have the authority to offer her an advance of $10 million, and we're open to negotiate.'

If she does decide to publish, it'd be prudent for Hicks to hold an auction. Hicks could probably walk away with an agreement to keep 15% of total sales.

'If a book were to happen, it would undoubtedly be the subject of an auction among the major publishers, which would be a key factor in driving up the amount of the advance.'

Another prestigious literary agent who has represented Pulitzer Prize-winning political journalists, among other high-profile, celebrity clients – and receives a fifteen percent commission on every book sold -- told DailyMail.com:  'Hope Hicks was a star Washington insider.

 'I always saw a book coming from her when the time was right. Now the time's right. Overnight she's become a potential goldmine.

Several Trump confidants, employees and advisers have books in the works. Corey Lewandowski, Trump's first campaign manager who briefly dated Hicks during the campaign while he was married to another woman, published a book last year that earned high praise from Trump.

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced in December that he was publishing a West Wing tell-all of his own.

And while we imagine Spicer knows where at least some of the bodies are buried, James Comey's book - "A Higher Honor: Truth, Lies and Leadership" - is set to be published in mid-April. It already has a sizable backlog of preorders.

Hicks is turning 30 in October. During her time running the communications department, Hicks rarely gave interviews or on-the-record statements - which only deepened the mystique surrounding her personality. That and she famously dated Lewandowski and former Staff Secretary Rob Porter.

We imagine, after all those months of silence, Hicks probably has something to say. The question is: Will she risk her relationship with the president to say it?


ThinkerNotEmoter yaright Fri, 03/02/2018 - 15:41 Permalink

I just want to know if she grabbed any p*ssy while there.

Hope, if you want a YUGE payout and no future in conservative politics, embellish a lot.  If you want a decent payout and a future in conservative politics, take the payout before disclosing any details then write a glowing story about the Trump Whitehouse.  Win-win.

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swmnguy NoVa Sat, 03/03/2018 - 08:56 Permalink

Trump has made great use of NDA's throughout his career.  Most of the advantage he gets is because he's rich and can pay lawyers longer than his employees can, however.  NDA's don't do well in court.  And should Trump sue someone for violating an NDA, he could be cross-examined in court, which would defeat the purpose of the NDA in the first place.  

Courts in general hate NDA's and non-competes as prior restraints of speech and trade, which are borderline unConstitutional.  What such agreements really are is a financial penalty, forcing expense legal costs.

Public officials, of which Hope Hicks is one, have a lot of legal protection that invalidates NDA agreements.  They have to protect classified information and some other confidentiality stuff, but NDA's pretty much don't apply.  That's certainly not to say Trump and his lawyers wouldn't try, if only to intimidate and bankrupt people.  That's been their M.O. for decades.  But they would drop proceedings or even pay up to settle counterclaims before it go to court.  The last thing they want is for Mr. Trump to have to testify under oath, about anything.

Trump hasn't lifted a finger to go after Bannon.  Or Scaramucci.  He's not going to go after Spicer.  Nor Hicks, though who knows what Hicks might say.  I'm sure Hicks knows what side her bread's buttered on.  She always has so far.

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mkkby Pure Evil Fri, 03/02/2018 - 22:59 Permalink

She dated that Porter guy who got fired for sexual harassment.  So I'm guessing the book will be about how he compares to Harvey Weinstein in sleaze and slime.

If she's smart, Trump will get a pass.  But people who were fired will get torched as easy targets.  Tell us who's grabbing Kellyanne's pussy these days.

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