Trump Triples-Down: "We Will Soon Be Starting RECIPROCAL TAXES"

Despite what seems like the entire world going full 'chicken little', President Trump has doubled- and now tripled-down on his efforts to put America first.

Having earlier doubled-down with his comments on "trade wars being good and easy to win"

Which followed condemnation from most countries - including Canada, China and much of Europe, and also eliciting outraged howls from economists and pundits, who argue that the tariffs will make American goods less competitive, and will dethrone the US from global trade flows as shown schematically in the chart below.


And now Trump has tripled-down, advancing another leg to his trade-war plan - Reciprocal Taxes...

Perhaps WSJ is correct that this is "the biggest policy blunder of his presidency"? But for now, Trump appears all-in - or is this just 'the art of the deal'?