Change Is Coming: China Is Accelerating Its Plan For A Military Base In Pakistan

Authored by Lawrence Sellin, op-ed via The Daily Caller,

On January 1, 2018, The Daily Caller published information - later confirmed in two separate reports, here and here - about a plan for a Chinese military base on the Jiwani peninsula in Pakistan, near Gwadar, a sea port critical to the success of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

According to noted national security correspondent Bill Gertz:

“Plans for the base were advanced during a visit to Jiwani on Dec. 18 by a group of 16 Chinese People’s Liberation Army officers who met with about 10 Pakistani military officers.”

“The Chinese also asked the Pakistanis to undertake a major upgrade of Jiwani airport so the facility will be able to handle large Chinese military aircraft. Work on the airport improvements is expected to begin in July.”

Sources now say the plan has been accelerated. Upgrade of the Jiwani airport is already underway. In addition, procedures are being formulated for the relocation of the local population to make way for Chinese military and other support personnel. The sensitivity and importance of this issue to China and Pakistan cannot be overstated. After the disclosures and the expected denials from both Islamabad and Beijing, Pakistani officials, as early as January 5, 2018, launched a leak investigation and it was jointly decided to advance the schedule for the Jiwani base.

Strategically, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is their roadmap to geopolitical dominance. It is soft power with an underlying hard power, military component, the so-called “String of Pearls” bases and facilities.

A Chinese military base on the Jiwani peninsula will complement the Chinese base in Djibouti, which became operational in 2017. Both are located at strategic choke points. The Djibouti base is near the entrance to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, while the Jiwani base will be within easy reach of the Strait of Hormuz, a combination, not only capable of dominating vital sea lanes in the Arabian Sea, but boxing-in U.S bases in the Persian Gulf and outflanking the U.S. naval facility on Diego Garcia.

There is concern that the Chinese will transform its 99-year lease of the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota into another naval base, the exact “debt-trap” method the Chinese used in Djibouti and after its acquisition of a 40-year lease of the Pakistani port of Gwadar. There are also continuing Chinese diplomatic efforts to gain access to the Maldives.

All of the above represent elements of China’s “String of Pearls” bases to secure military dominance of the maritime component of BRI.

In addition to explicit economic and military moves, China is planning a fiber optic network to control the flow of information and is mapping the northern Indian Ocean seabed, potentially for a SOSUS-like system to monitor maritime traffic and control a fleet of subsurface drones.

While the United States is tinkering with counterinsurgency policy and nation building in Afghanistan, there are seismic strategic changes taking place in South Asia and the Indian Ocean region.

It is senseless to continue an unsuccessful, costly and exhaustive approach in Afghanistan, which not only places our forces at an equivalent tactical level to the Taliban, but allows Pakistan to regulate the operational tempo and the supply of our troops.

Instead, the U.S. should be moving toward a policy that shifts the burden of Afghanistan stability to the regional players who have thwarted our efforts there and adopt a strategy that exploits our technological advantages to counter growing Chinese sophistication and ambition through augmented U.S. naval and air power projection and the selective use of covert, special operations and cyber warfare operations.

The foremost regional problem is to have a workable plan to secure Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, which is growing more dangerous because of its expanding tactical nuclear weapons program.

The United States is not without strategic options to disrupt Chinese hegemony. The linchpin of BRI is CPEC. Pakistan’s main vulnerability remains ethnic separatism, which was largely the reason Pakistan adopted a program of Islamization in the late 1970s. Pakistan is the Yugoslavia of South Asia with the Pakistani province of Punjab as the equivalent of Serbia, when that country pursued an expansionist policy in the 1990s.

For example, BRI cannot succeed without CPEC and CPEC cannot succeed without a subservient Balochistan, a province with a festering insurgency that was once independent and secular before it was forcibly incorporated into Pakistan. Balochistan is also where Pakistan maintains a significant Taliban infrastructure and provides safe haven to its Quetta Shura leaders.

There clearly needs to be a sense of urgency applied to this challenge because current U.S. policy in Afghanistan is about to be overtaken by events.

An American withdrawal from Afghanistan will only be a humiliating defeat if the United States is forced into strategic retreat because we do not have a plan in place to address the changing regional conditions.



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This is the new alignment, US, Indian, vs China Pakistan. I bet Russia sides with the US in the next 3 or 4 years. Europe is going to have some major internal issues.

Watch how much money flows into India over the next decade, it's going to be huge.

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caconhma 07564111 Sat, 03/03/2018 - 22:10 Permalink

No wonder the US Empire is collapsing, just look at the US leadership who is controlled by the Zio-Banking Mafia and Israel.

As for the US political and economic elites, they are intellectually bankrupt:

  • The US President Trump is a low-life buffoon, a liar, a Twitter, and a man without either intellect and/or any moral values
  • The US Congress is a whores and corruption nest
  • The US Supreme Court who has no respect for the US Constitution or the Rule of the Law
  • The US population who are completely brainwashed
  • The US economy and the US financial institutions are under a total control of the US corporations and who have no experience and/expertise of doing so.

The collapse of the Soviet Union has temporarily postponed a collapse of the US Empire. However, the stupidity and arrogance of the US leadership have missed the rise of China. It also has no plans and/or a strategy to go forward but it does everything in its power to start a major confrontation with its allies.

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Clinton was the answer. right? What country are you posting from?

It looks like China might be the aggressor. It's going to be interesting when 18% of the Chinese export market is shut down. Will China survive?

Watch what happens, China weaponized trade, what happens when the US no longer buys 18% of China's export. What happens when other countries ban trade with China?

And what happens, when the conspiracy theory the US has no gold is found to be false, the over 8000 metric tons of gold, then you say the one trillion US debt China holds will destroy the stupid Americans. What happens when the fed sells it's balance sheet into the Chinese dump of the one trillion. It will be soaked up over night, and if it gets rough, the US will say, at the much anticipated $10,000 price of gold, the US will just dump the 8000 metric tonnes of gold.

The US is rich, when the $70 trillion total US debt minus around $135 trillion in wealth, the US is worth around $65 trillion. No country is worth that, no country is worth $65 trillion.

And what is the US doing about China, we're working with the countries who have asked us to help them. Taiwan is a strategic weakness for China. The CCP can not risk an invasion even though it is their main political platform. A defeat of the PLA crossing the Taiwan Strait will crack the foundation of the CCP. Xi would be removed.

The US is working with India, don't forget the bear hug Modi gave Trump. The US is working to transfer fighter production lines to India. I could go on, but a US Carrier to Vietnam, the new 7 ship marine commando unit in the South China sea training with Indonesia to thwart China's claim to Indonesia.

Then there was the largest allied training in Thailand.

Afghanistan? the war in Afghanistan is not why the US is in Afghanistan. The reason is the strategic location. One airbase in a desert cost over $500 million.

Pakistan? India has the neutron weapon in full production, I doubt India can be conquered by China's proxy Pakistan even with China invading East India. China is planning to seize East India. This region is east of Bangladesh. Usually Pakistan plays off the US and China, the only reason the US restored the money that Trump said he would cancel is to pay them rent to be allowed to resupply Afghanistan.

And the data about the Chinese base has been out there for a couple of months. This could have been the reason for the Trump reaction.

As for Pakistan and Afghanistan partnering to fight the Taliban. Pakistan created the Taliban. Pakistan and Afghanistan have been at war since the beginning of Pakistan. It's because Pakistan has stolen a large part of Afghanistan. The only country that agreed with the border is Pakistan. 

Pakistan and Afghanistan have always been at a state of war. The US can not expect Pakistan to help.

Japan is making a great contribution. The Australians are conducting naval combat patrols, where, in the South China Sea, and China said the first time it was an act of war, what did the Australians do, they did it again. Has anyone reviewed the Australian war fighting plan?

Australia and Japan are leading. The Americans are doing what these allies want because we are spread too thin. These countries are directing the US and not the other way around. Review the actions and statements of their leaders. They came many times to the US, even the Japanese leader was meeting with Trump, NK shot a missile over Hokkaido. So it wasn't American panic, it's the nations threatened panic. And on here, it's America is the bad guy and China is good. No one says, China is building bases at strategic choke points.

And it was good the author explained the debt trap base extortion. China pays bribes and loans then comes in and takes land for bases. Sounds like extortion to me.

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"And it was good the author explained the debt trap base extortion. China pays bribes and loans then comes in and takes land for bases. Sounds like extortion to me"

And a American (probably with former military training) would know all about extortion. You've been doing it yourselves for 250 years. At least the Chinese, when they invest, do not try to control the countries the are investing in, as you do. They invest, put a few of their key people in, and let the investments play out. You, on the other hand, are known worldwide for your lies and treachery.

And btw, your assessment of assets and liabilities is bullshit. You have 30 Trillion in 'nominal debt', 220 Trillion in unfunded liabilities that come due in the next 15 to 20 years, and, no gold to speak of, at least not any gold that any country would accept after you shipped 120 tons of Tungsten bars to the Chinese. So, your total liabilities (not including interest) are 250 Trillion and I can guarantee you that your country, with poisoned land, poisoned water, poisoned air, virtually no resources, tens of millions unemployed and a culture that has been at war with itself since 1780 is not worth much at all.

And the only asset 'you thought you had', Trump, has turned out to be a war monger 'in extremis', which was absolutely NOT what he was elected for at all, so another failure on top of multiple other failures.

Edit: Not going to bother reading the responses, as I pretty much know what they will say. But here is the REAL picture of your finances:

Fiscal Deficit: 1.2 Trillion, minimum, PER YEAR 

Trade Debt:     .6 Trillion, Current, possible savings of 200 Billion per year

Interest Debt: .6 Trillion, Current and rising exponentially

Total Annual: 2.4 Trillion required borrowing or monetization, per year

In other words, in 5 years, your 'nominal' debt will be 32 Trillion, 4 years after that the nominal debt will be 50 Trillion, if you get that far.

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"The US is rich, when the $70 trillion total US debt minus around $135 trillion in wealth, the US is worth around $65 trillion. No country is worth that, no country is worth $65 trillion."

You have the numbers reversed.  WE are negative 65 to 75 trillion over assets.  Our net assets are a foreclosures collector's dream come true.  Just ask the Maldives how this works.

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Wrong !!!!


The rise of China started when Truman refused to let McArthur go in after Japan surrendered.  And the shits at the War Department with the military industrial complex saw their bread and butter getting tossed if China was captured.

That is a fact, folks.  I had relatives in the room.  It was all planned that far back.

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The USA and Pakistan have been allies for years, pakististan gave USA free access for supply  thru to Afghanistan. Pakistan can't protect its borders with Afghanistan and so overflow comes in from there and has caused murders criminal activities from terrorists and also refugees.

trump recently blasted Pakistan because it could not stop border crossing into it, withdrew refugee support and Pakistan is terribly wounded. 

trump  and his not forseeing this strategic issue is surprising,

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Another mental midget fills ZH :D

Without Pakistan the US has nothing in Afghanistan

You should go take a look at an atlas and then come back and tell me how the US can enter and leave Afghanistan without help from Pakistan. China is going to shut that route down and Russia and Iran control the only other points of crossing :D :D

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