"Descent Into Hell": China Warns Of Potential War With US Over Taiwan

Authored by James Holbrooks via TheAntiMedia.org,

It’s no secret that for Beijing, the most sensitive issue within Sino-American relations is that of Taiwan, the semi-autonomous island territory that China considers to be a breakaway province. Now, a political move made by the U.S. on Taiwan has Beijing warning of the possibility of military action.

Back in January, the House of Representatives unanimously passed the Taiwan Travel Act, a bill aiming to significantly strengthen ties between U.S. officials and their Taiwanese counterparts. The bill reached the Senate floor on Wednesday, where it also passed without opposition. Now, all that’s required for the legislation to become law is Donald Trump’s signature.

Taiwan welcomed the bill’s passage. Speaking to reporters in the capital of Taipei, Premier William Lai said the U.S. is a “solid ally” of Taiwan and that the two sides’ ties can now become even stronger.

“We wholeheartedly anticipate that this law can in the future further raise the substantive relationship between Taiwan and the United States,” Lai said.

Unsurprisingly, China had an altogether different reaction — one that included a warning to its neighbor and a hint at military confrontation if things continue to progress in this manner.

“We are firmly against the act,” China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency quoted Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson An Fengshan as saying. “We sternly warn Taiwan not to rely on foreigners to build you up, or it will only draw fire against yourself.”

The U.S. cut formal ties to Taiwan when it recognized Beijing as the Chinese capital in 1979. This event marked official acceptance of the “one China” policy, which regards Taiwan as a Chinese territory.

But Beijing has grown increasingly concerned over what it views as Taipei’s push toward independence since the election of President Tsai Ing-wen in 2016. This push, if it continues, would lead to the inevitable consequence of triggering the Anti-Secession Law that allows Beijing to use force to prevent the island from seceding,” China’s state-run Global Times wrote Thursday.

Complicating the issue further is the fact that the United States, while not officially recognizing Taipei, is still legally bound to help the island if trouble kicks up. This, writes the similarly state-run China Daily, is precisely what Beijing is worried about:

“Since the U.S. is bound by domestic law to act on behalf of the island in that instance, it would only give substance to the observation that the descent into hell is easy.

There’s no confusing this message. Beijing is saying that a military dustup between Taiwan and mainland China has the potential, by law, of drawing in the United States. The aforementioned “descent into hell” is quite literally a reference to war.

Further, the Global Times writes that the passage of the Taiwan Travel Act is a direct reflection of the growing nationalist sentiment in the U.S. in the face of China’s rise.”

In other words, the United States is becoming more and more concerned over China’s global clout, and the legislation, now awaiting Trump’s signature, is a perfect example of this. As the Global Times asserts:

“Bellicosity has peaked in Congress and legislators approved the bill to vent their anxieties about China.”

* * *

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But wait I wanna discuss my new gender identity!

I identify as an old man who tried and failed to prevent things like this.

Oddly it's clear to me that must USAns are perfectly comfortable with this march to oblivion and if that's what you are happy with?


I'm going fishing. Last one out don't even bother to turn out the lights.

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Tillerson: Things are not looking so good.
General Turgidson: We can handle it.
The Donald: I say launch. Do it now and wipe out 50 million useless eaters.
General Turgidson: I’ll need a little time to get our submarines in place.
The Donald: Submarines?
Tillerson: No, you dipshit! He’s not talking about the Chinks or Gooks. He’s talking about the Democrats.



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It's instructive for our purposes here, that you would choose such a seemingly arbitrary date  to enumerate your tally from. The careful reader observes its' strange conjunction with the moment when...

having swallowed half of Europe, extinguished all remaining resistance in its own hinterlands and peripheries, and celebrated the defeat of a Germany now fully definable as a talmudist-ruled puppet state...

the talmudic-kabbalist Soviet Empire could desist from its program of massively murdering...... it's own citizens(66m xhristians?), those of neighboring states(holomor), and selected opponents world wide,

as well as insert their agents in every echelon of western power

to begin a new phase of moral oneupmanship wherein the powers of the west would be denigrated as 'unholy killers'... and those of the kabbalist-controlled east - enlightened forces of progress and justice. A remarkably trite trope... which has nevertheless outlasted that Empire itself... the course of events since a tiny TERROR STATES rise to replace it... and the incipient decline of the western world...

to find a new home at the heart of the last phase of the kabbalist-talmudic project to destroy all outside of its noahide laws and ethno-religious supremacist millennialist vision...

"DEATH TO AMERICA" ... the sinner. Sayeth the daily winners... of the most obvious psyop ever award. Walk away lads... it's over.

You are exposed... and defanged.

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I fail to see the connection between the lamentable fact that the USSR took over E Europe after the very fine effort in defeating NAZI Germany, and the statement that the US of A, on the other side of that win, the weaker one by quite a lot, has done its own murdering.

Are you saying we get off because we are 2nd best?

Sorry, I just don't get the argument.

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BobEore lew1024 Sat, 03/03/2018 - 19:45 Permalink

Are you saying we get off because we are 2nd best?

err, no in fact, I am not. And unless you are saying...
that any and all attempt to get you to see past the invocation of 'team sports' style thinking - which apparently leads you to believe that one's options are limited to 'either this Empire' or "that Empire"...

this subsequent comment of minehttps://www.zerohedge.com/comment/11272037#comment-11272037 here may possibly serve to alleviate the confusion.

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Yes, but a Neocon boner is smaller, since it gets trimmed at birth.

Fact: Some Mohels, who observe Traditional methods, use their mouth to remove the skin with their mouth, after making the circum-cision with their special knife. Imagine the endless outrage and criminal prosecution if a Goy did that.

(Anyone know what happens to the removed foreskin?  Disposed or served with a Chianti and Fava beans?)

/ Don't you love the BS and hypocrisy of our Exceptional society? /s

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Get your fixation under your own racial upcoming under control and read up lot`s more

off the official narrative. There is definitely more to this as you or I could imply.

Some races are far different in reach and scope than others if only for some stringent

race altering experiments since millenia that I could not positively imagine or try to comprehend.

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Don't sweat it.  The Chicom oligarchs like to posture, but they like their billions more.

They're as real as our Oligarchs, or as real as their/our fiat chits. Fuck all will happen.

Predators attack in exactly 2 situations: 1. They're cornered and fight their way out, or 2. They're after an easy kill. They fight one another only during mating season.

If you want to know what will happen, just study: i. Nature, ii. Human Nature and iii. Ziocon nature. That is all.

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Great line , Winston : `Can't pay your bar tab, start a fight and get banned.`

Guys like you make me stay on board here instead of fighting addictions...


"Get me two beers quick before the trouble starts !"  " That would be 20 bucks , Sir."

"Does that sound like the trouble is starting !?!  "

Love me my bar fight and school yard fight analogies as in any a boys real life.

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