Zuesse: America's News Media Foment Hate

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Mimiccing the movie 1984, in its two-minute section “Two Minutes of Hate,”...

...the US-installed Ukrainian regime on Russia’s doorstep, will soon be debating a bill to make hate of Russia obligatory to be inculcated into all Ukrainian children.

The Hill, on 9 November 2017, had the extraordinary courage to publish an opinion-piece that condemned the mainstream news-media’s charges that reports of widespread “neo-Nazi formations in Ukraine” are nothing but “Russian propaganda.” An editor who would accept a submission like that at such media as the Washington Post, New York Times, New Yorker, The Atlantic, or just about any other in America, would probably be fired or else re-assigned, so as to prevent a repeat.

It’s the way to achieve mass-indoctrination, which the Ministry of Truth specializes in. Thus, among the reader-comments to that bold article, the top-listed one under “sort by best” (in other words, the most popular) was the anti-Russian “Have you counted how many neo-Nazis are in the Russian army as well?”

But there is actually nothing at all in Russia which even begins to approach the outright nazi displays and rallies that are routine in today’s Ukraine, and some of which Ukrainian marches are publicly displaying symbols from Hitler’s regime — in fact, it’s all outright illegal in Russia, which had lost (by far) more of its citizens to Germany’s Nazis (13,950,000, or 12.7% of its population) than did any other country (except Belarus — another state within the Soviet Union — which lost 25.3% of its population). (The US, which might be where the obvious bigot who wrote that reader-comment resides, lost 419,400, or 0.32% of its population.) Metaphorically spitting like that, onto such millions of victims’ corpses, is to be expected from bigots, and from the fools who “up-vote” them. Furthermore, the US CIA provided protection and employment in Germany for top members of Hitler’s equivalent to the CIA, the Gehlen Organization. (America’s CIA continues flagrantly to violate the law and hide from Congress and the American people crucial details of its relationship with the Gehlen Organization.) By contrast, the Soviet Union was unremitting in killing Nazis whom it captured. Understandably, Hitler is admired far less in Russia than in today’s far-right United States, despite any lie such as “Have you counted how many neo-Nazis are in the Russian army as well?”

Stupid indoctrinated readers can’t change the facts about the post-coup Ukraine, which are documented not only in that excellent opinion-piece at The Hill, but by innumerable thousands of uploaded videos and other evidences of the nazism of the US-imposed Ukrainian regime. In fact, under US President Barack Obama, whose Administration imposed this nazi government upon Ukraine, the US Government was one of only 3 in the entire world who stood up publicly for nazism at the U.N. The other two nations were Ukraine itself (this vote having occurred after the coup) and Canada. Then, under the current US President Donald Trump, the US was again one of this time the only 2 nations in the entire world who stood up publicly for nazism at the U.N. The other country on that occasion was Ukraine itself. Thereby, Trump took upon himself, Obama’s nazi mantle. And, under Trump, there’s now supply of US weaponry directly to proudly and publicly nazi battalions in Ukraine. Even Obama wasn’t so bold as to do that. FDR would cry, but the Ministry of Truth has prohibited the public even to know about the reality.

Even UK’s supposedly anti-nazi BBC routinely states such baldfaced lies as “Ukraine is emphatically not run by fascists”, though clearly it is run by the worst type, racist fascists, ideological nazis, and they do typically nazi and outright horrendous things, which the Government that the US imposed refuses to punish anyone for having done. That’s because what was done is what the US Government itself had wanted them to do. It had put these people into power.

Here are yet further evidences, that the silence about this fact - silence by virtually all US and allied ‘news’ media, about Ukraine’s US-imposed nazism - is a scandalous proof of the utter corruptness of the US-and-allied ‘news’ media: "Nazism of Ukraine's Western-Backed Government Is Hidden by Western ‘News’ Media”

The US regime foisted nazi rule on Ukraine, and backs the ethnic-cleansing program there to kill or else cause to flee from Ukraine into Russia the residents in Ukraine’s far-eastern Donbass region, in which over 90% of the people had voted for the democratically elected Ukrainian President that the US regime overthrew and replaced by fascists and nazis, in February 2014. Obama needed to get rid of those intensely anti-nazi voters, because otherwise the regime that he installed wouldn’t have lasted beyond the first post-coup election. That’s the purpose of ethnic cleansing - to get rid of unwanted voters. Western ‘news’ media portray it (when they do) simply as mass bigotry, but the installed political thugs have actually organized and armed it, in order to retain their power by getting rid of their political opponents’ voters. (Obama required it, in this case, because Ukraine has Europe’s longest border with Russia, and is thus ideal for posting US missiles).

But instead of The West’s recognizing publicly that the ethnic-cleansing program exists, The West’s propaganda-vehicles (called ‘news’ media by Big Brother) accuse Russia of ‘aggression’ for arming Donbass’s residents and bringing in food and medicine so that these people can stay there instead of emigrating into Russia. Russia is doing what it can to help them, but turned down the residents’ pleas to become admitted as a new region into Russia. Russia had gotten hit badly enough with America’s sanctions which resulted from Russia’s taking on the burden of protecting and allowing to become Russians again (as had been the case until the Soviet dictator in 1954 transferred them to Ukraine) Crimeans.

So: this ugly mindless and misinformed hate, which America’s ‘news’ media foment by constant lies and distortions against Russia, is being fomented for a reason: conquest. Conquering Ukraine wasn’t enough — the US regime wants, ultimately, to conquer Russia; and, so, that’s what all of this hate build-up is actually about. It’s the prelude to an invasion. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be done, at all. Invasion of Russia, is the sole sensible ultimate reason.

The American people would not tolerate, even for just ten seconds, Russia overthrowing Canada’s Government - our next-door neighbor - in order to place missiles on our border, but people who say such things as “Have you counted how many neo-Nazis are in the Russian army as well?” are, in effect, approving of our country doing that to the Russian people.

Ukraine is Russia’s equivalent to our Canada. And, America’s media constantly feed this stupidity and hate, by Americans against Russia, and blindly ignore the hate that the US regime has already unleashed in Ukraine, against Ukraine’s next-door neighbor, in preparation for an invasion of Russia. Never has the US sunk so low, at least not in modern times, but the direction in which we are heading is toward even worse, even lower than now, even more like Hitler’s Germany. Candidate Trump had promised to be the non-Obama, but turns out, on the most important matter of all, to be instead the super-Obama. This is playing with fire — a global fire. And the US Government is doing it with the most-evil intent imaginable. And the media play right along with it, and they whip the hatred even higher than they already have done. 

Things aren’t looking good. There are too many lies, for any intelligent person to be able to feel at all comfortable about where we’re headed.

The sound of those two minutes of hate is becoming unbearable, for anyone with the ears and brain to hear it. It’s now all around us.


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Imagine if Obama had said this.....

“He’s now president for life, president for life. And he’s great,” Trump said, according to audio of excerpts of Trump’s remarks at a closed-door fundraiser in Florida aired by CNN.“And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday,” Trump said to cheers and applause from supporters."


But the Trumptards will call it 11D chess or

some other dumb fucking thing to justify it....

enjoy  ;-)


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Fuck off, spammer.

Are you really that dense where you see that your bibilcrap site gets ZERO clicks from ZH yet day in, and day out, you keep spamming ZH, desperate for clicks? And yeah, yeah... we all get it that you hate Israel  - to the point where you scream it at everyone in EVERY thread like a retarded four year old.

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Imagine if Obama had said this.....

“He’s now president for life, president for life. And he’s great,” Trump said, according to audio of excerpts of Trump’s remarks at a closed-door fundraiser in Florida aired by CNN.“And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday,” Trump said to cheers and applause from supporters."


But the Trumptards will call it 11D chess or

some other dumb fucking thing to justify it....

enjoy  ;-)

Good, who cares, let there be a President/King for life, I don't give a shit.  Then we won't have to go through the charade of voting, the ultimate divide and conquer tactic for the global oligarchs.  Presidents are completely beholden to the corporations and bankers anyway, it's a sock puppet door man position.  We argue over kneeling Negroes while subsided Leviathan corps and banks rape us on the global plantation.

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First questions I ask ANYONE I meet; (and I do so respectfully to elicit honest answers)

"Where do you get your news?"

"Whom do you trust in that regard?"

"Whom do you really listen to?"

Isolate those 3 questions - to anyone you meet - and instantly, you'll know their;

 - approximate I.Q. (both emotional and knowledge capacity)

- if they are a CRITICAL THINKER - or not (most times....not)

- What "side" they are on - ideologically, as well as mind set.


Try it.

Has saved me loads of time dealing with people - most, that I don't WANT to deal with.

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And now without further ado, I submit Dan Rogan attempting to defend the indefensible position of "progressive" fascism while doing a Porky Pig impression...

JUSTICE ALITO: How about a shirt with a rainbow flag? Would that be permitted?

MR. ROGAN: A shirt with a rainbow flag? No, it would — yes, it would be — it would be permitted unless there was — unless there was an issue on the ballot that — that related somehow to — to gay rights.

JUSTICE ALITO: How about a shirt that says “Parkland Strong”?

MR. ROGAN: No, that would — that would be — that would be allowed. I think -­ I think, Your Honor -­

JUSTICE ALITO: Even though gun control would very likely be an issue?

MR. ROGAN: To the extent -­

JUSTICE ALITO: I bet some candidate would raise an issue about gun control.

MR. ROGAN: Your Honor, the — the -­ the line that we’re drawing is one that is -­ is related to electoral choices in a -­

JUSTICE ALITO: Well, what’s the answer to this question? You’re a polling official. You’re the reasonable person. Would that be allowed or would it not be allowed?

MR. ROGAN: The — the Parkland?


MR. ROGAN: I — I think — I think today that I — that would be — if — if that was in Minnesota, and it was “Parkland Strong,” I — I would say that that would be allowed in, that there’s not -­

JUSTICE ALITO: Okay. How about an NRA shirt?

MR. ROGAN: An NRA shirt? Today, in Minnesota, no, it would not, Your Honor. I think that that’s a clear indication — and I think what you’re getting at, Your Honor -­

JUSTICE ALITO: How about a shirt with the text of the Second Amendment?

MR. ROGAN: Your Honor, I — I — >>>I think that that could be viewed as political,<<< that that — that would be — that would be -­

JUSTICE ALITO: How about the First Amendment?


MR. ROGAN: No, Your Honor, I don’t -­ I don’t think the First Amendment. And, Your Honor, I -­

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: No — no what, that it would be covered or wouldn’t be allowed?

MR. ROGAN: It would be allowed.


MR. ROGAN: It would be. And — and I think the — I understand the — the idea, and I’ve — I’ve — there are obviously a lot of examples that — that have been bandied about here –

JUSTICE ALITO: Yeah, well, this is the problem. How about a Colin Kaepernick jersey?

MR. ROGAN: No, Your Honor, I don’t think that that would be under — under our statute. And I think -­

JUSTICE ALITO: How about “All Lives Matter”?

MR. ROGAN: That could be, Your Honor, that could be — that could be perceived as political. And I — I think obviously, Your Honor, there — there are some hard calls and

there are always going to be hard calls. And that — that doesn’t mean that the line that we’ve drawn is — is unconstitutional or even unreasonable.

JUSTICE ALITO: How about an “I Miss Bill” shirt?


MR. ROGAN: I’m sorry, Your Honor? I didn’t –

JUSTICE ALITO: “I Miss Bill,” or to make it bipartisan, a “Reagan/Bush ’84” shirt?

MR. ROGAN: Yes, Your Honor, I believe that that’s political.

...which is just one more reason why "progressives" shouldn't send New York University law grads to argue cases before SCOTUS...they will make them look like the fools they are ;-)

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Kay Griggs verified that as well as Dennis Wise, Brendon O'Connell and Sibel Edmonds. The Zionist homosexual Jews own and run the media. It's all a CIA py op. All of it, all tech, all military -- homosexuals and pedophilies. George Webb fully reveals what military contractor Dyncorp and Raytheon are really all about -- trafficking in children and dope and uranium.

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Zuesse: America's News Media Foment Hate

My response: HATE is not the only thing that America's News Media foments. Below is a list of other things that they foment as well. In all cases, America's news media constantly appeals to the flesh and emotion.

The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like.

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I’m of mixed race so I can say this.  Look at the commercials.  The media pushes mixed marriages at every opportunity and they push the meme that the black population is roughly half the overall population if not the majority.  And last but not least, they push murder and mayhem. I wonder how many killings I have witnessed on the screen in the last 70 years.

We have been prepped for the next Korean war since Red Dawn, and how many times have we seen the White House fall in the last few years? It was taken down by the Koreans at least once,  with a few Russians thrown in.

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looks to me like we're being prepped for Civil War version 2.0,

Big Time.

someone linked the secret Treaty of Verona 1822 which was the funding of monarchy to destroy peoples independence movements in Europe,  of course that's following the 1812 war in usa where our history was burned by the Brits.  and then the engineering of the wars in Europe and our civil war in order to engineer the NWO as we see it now.  Is Putin really against the NWO?  Is China not in the pocket of the NWO? 


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you can't answer the question......... without Obama or Cankles


It was you who introduced Obama into the conversation when you wrote, "Imagine if Obama had said this...." 

I did answer the question.  Do you or do you not agree that Trump said yet another stupid thing? Do you want him to tweet it at you just to make sure?

I can't imagine how insanely hateful you must be to read my answer in black and white and still be able to declare that no answer was given.

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as if two dumbfucking wrongs make a right......


Two wrongs don't make a right.

And since you're in the business of righting wrongs it should be easy for you to rectify your own error by apologizing for bearing false witness against Trumptards.


I was about to say you can't answer the question without bringing up Obama


It was you who introduced Obama into the conversation when you wrote: Imagine if Obama had said this.....

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Can you restate that. I don't speak gibberish.



if you can criticize Trump and break with his comments and policy then

you are NOT a Trumptard


I am Trumptard.  Your inability to recognize that fact shows just how empty your comments about Trumptards are.

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hey Bes & Billy - have you seen this short Mark Dice clip about the US olympians (cough cough) - who are more concerned about their fartbook virtuesignalling than in supporting the country that paid their ways there?   talk about TarDinG out   - the brainwashing in california is nonstop.  any and everything that can be Trump's fault is.

https://youtu.be/YdlBLc59p40   idiocracy here we are

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That is a fact.  As I remind my wife of 40 years when she laments the way her party has devolved - the party left her, not the other way around.

She was a Donkey, and a very active one for most of her life, but now has no stomach for all the foolishness that party represents.  

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