United Nations Demands Accused 9/11 Plotter Be Released Immediately

Authored by Derrick Broze via ActivistPost.com,

As the 9/11 trial faces further delays, the United Nations has issued a report calling for the immediate release of a man accused of helping plan the 9/11 terror attacks.

A new report from the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Definition condemns the illegal detention and torture of a man who was once accused of assisting the plotters of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City, the Pentagon, and other planned attacks. The UN WGAD issued the new report outlining the detainment and torture of Ammar al Baluchi and calling for his immediate release and financial compensation. Al Baluchi was captured in Pakistan in April 2003 before being turned over to U.S. authorities. He has been held at a secret military prison in Cuba since 2006 after being accused of assisting the alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

“Mr al Baluchi has been subject to prolonged detention on discriminatory grounds and has not been afforded equality of arms in terms of having adequate facilities for the preparation of his defense under the same conditions as the prosecution,” the report states. The report indicates a source close to the situation has stated that al Baluchi was held without charge or access to a lawyer until at least April 2008, at which point he was unable to choose his own representation and instead given a military lawyer.

“He has been deprived of due process and the fair trial guarantees that would ordinarily apply within the judicial system of the United States.”

The 2014 US Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture found that al Baluchi was taken to the CIA black site known as the Salt Pit, where he faced torture in the form of waterboarding and other simulated drowning techniques as well as physical beatings. The UN Working Group said this “widespread or systematic imprisonment or other severe deprivation of liberty” is in violation of the rules of international law which “may constitute crimes against humanity.”

In response to the report, Cmdr Sarah Higgins, a Department of Defense spokesperson, told the Independent,

“The U.S. government has the legal authority to detain al Baluchi. Until we have time to analyse the basis of their claim, we will delay further comment.”

At the same time as the UN is seeking the release of al Baluchi, the trial of KSM may face yet another delay after nearly 15 years of dead-end hearings. Military.com reports:

The judge in the Sept. 11 terror case said in court Monday that he would order Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to explain in writing why he suddenly fired the top official overseeing the war court.

Defense attorneys in the case are calling the dismissal foul play, in part because some had been hopeful of negotiating a deal in the death penalty case with Harvey Rishikof, a Mattis appointee who until Feb. 5 served as Convening Authority for Military Commissions.

Judge Army Col. James L. Pohl stated that the court needs to know why the dismissal took place. Pohl has been overseeing the case of the five men accused of directing or funding the 19 hijackers accused of crashing planes in New York City, the Pentagon, and the Pennsylvania field on September 11, 2001. According to Military.com, Pohl will issue an order in writing this week and give Mattis a deadline of March 17 for a written response explaining the reasons for the firings.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the 9/11 trial has dealt with funny business from the government. On May 11, 2016, defense lawyers for KSM asked for judge Col. James Pohl and the prosecution team to be recused from the trial, and for the case to be shut down. Defense lawyers David Nevin and Maj. Derek Poteet say that the U.S. government destroyed evidence related to the case, according to the New York Times. The two men are unable to provide further details because the issue is classified, but Mr. Nevin said the evidence was “favorable” to the defendants.

Major Poteet also told the Times that the defense was first informed in February that Colonel Pohl would provide them with a “summary of a substitute” for the original, classified evidence. The defense requested Colonel Pohl to preserve the evidence for the record and Pohl complied. Or so they thought.

“But they learned in February, they said, that about 20 months earlier, and without their knowledge, prosecutors had obtained from Colonel Pohl a secret order that reversed his previous decision,” the Times writes.

“By the time they found out, the government had already destroyed the evidence, giving them no opportunity to challenge the move.”

Major Poteet said the situation created the appearance that Colonel Pohl was “colluding with the government.” The Times reports that the original, now destroyed evidence, may have been related to one of several foreign black site prisons operated by the Central Intelligence Agency in Thailand, Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Afghanistan, and at a secret site at the Guantánamo base. KSM was tortured for several years at one of these sites before being transferred to the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba in 2006.

It is unlikely that the public will ever get the truth about the 9/11 attacks or the trials. These men will likely rot away in secret prisons for the rest of their lives.


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Deprive the UN of funding from US taxpayers, deprive them of office space and turn their current facility into low income housing, revoke their diplomats any type of immunity from criminal prosecution for their criminal acts committed within the US. 

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Dabooda drdolittle Sun, 03/04/2018 - 17:45 Permalink

Exactly right.  NONE of the folks accused of plotting 9/11 has ever had a public trial, and the only "confessions" have come from people long imprisoned and tortured.

None of the (((people))) with real motive, means and opportunity to carry out the 9/11 attack have been brought to justice.  ALL the real evidence points toward Israel and a few prominent neocons.

Update:  I see a couple of downvotes.  Either you guys didn't read the link (this one, if you missed it;) https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it -- or you're Mossad-fellating cockroaches.  Which, I wonder?

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Most of the facts are buried under a mountain of bullshit fake theories by the likes of Alex Jones - Jewish shill. The fact that a month before 9/11 the FBI said they had uncovered one of the biggest Israeli spy rings and ON THE DAY they arrested numerous Israelis (all of which was reported live on TV hence no jet fuel/collapsing into footprint arguments required) who were subsequently let go (including Israelis driving a van laden with explosives at the George Washington bridge). The FBI said that there was no way the ISraelis could not have known what was being planned. Not only that but the FBI knew all the suspects but kept being blocked by the CIA when it came to investigating them and also said that during their investigations the hijackers always seemed a step ahead of them in being aware of their phones being tapped etc. You also have Mossad agents Ali and Ziad Al-Jarrah one of whose passport was found on the plane and you have the fact that Mossad agents were operating right next door to where the hijackers lived in Florida....

The evidence is too great and yet a lot of the conspiracy theorist jump on bullshit theories like "there were no planes" or some fatuous bullshit that Alex Jones propagates. Fact it, with all the crazy muslims around, it really doesn't take a lot to convince  a few of them to blow themselves up. To take out all security, plan it all for them and plant your own agents among them to enable them well, that was the trick here that only the jews could pull off. 

Then you have the PNAC and Douglas Feith's office in the pentagon who drove the whole thing and the fact that the investigators of the Iran Contra affair were the same people chosen to whitewash the 9/11 commission. Bush refused an investigation into 9/11 and argued with Tom Daschle eventually only allowing it if the Bush administration was allowed to select the commission heads... Bizzare??? Bush even refused to appear before the commission without Cheney being present.

How was Afghanistan even involved? Well the Taliban stopped all heroin production... Why does the CIA care about heroin in Afghanistan? Iran Contra? Read The Road to 9/11 by Peter Dale Scott. 

9/11 was just the day America was raped by Israel. Oh, and they planned for it to be a lot worse. There was supposed to be another plane (for building 7) and the George Washington bridge was to be blown up.


Sergei Denko, David Connell

9/11 warnings on Odigo

Katherine Smith 9/11

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Great comment.

Plus the missing 2.3 T $ at the Pentagram,announced on 9/10th and the missile,sorry,the plane hitting ,coincidentally exactly where the Navy Intelligence Office was with the proofs. Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the Pentagram Comptroller.

If you look only at some of these facts ,the official story collapses into its own footprint,but if you look AT ALL FACTS ,there is no doubt what so ever it was a job done by Mo$$ad and See Eye Ayy,with help from the dual citizens in position of power and their shabbos-goyim.

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Malleus Maleficarum sabaj49 Sun, 03/04/2018 - 18:37 Permalink


since 25% of them (government employees, cops, american/israeli citizens) are radical and others do nothing makes them co-conspirators

Great logic - it's how most of the rest of the world views us, largely because of zio-nazi-neocon jagoffs like you! 

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YOUR have to be a complete MORON not to know that the BUSH FAMILY CRIME CABAL, attacked america on 911, and used OUR own military assets to destroy the twin towers and the PENTAGON! The poor pasties couldn't possibly have had anything to do with 911! THE BUSH family crime CABAL continues to attack american WITH "FALSE FLAG " events, leaving behind dead americans and impossible pasties! Please wake up people! 

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Not a US citizen right?  So he has no right to due process.  Guantanamo also isn't "a secret prison in Cuba" as alleged by the author.


I do agree that there should have been and should still be military trials for these enemy combatants in accordance with our laws & procedures.  Wasn't a problem during and after WWII, shouldn't be a problem now.

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sooo...some home-dude get held for ~14 years without being charged or given access to an attorney and periodically tortured at a cia black site (yeah, thats constitutional) and your angst is at the UN for calling bullshit on the US hypocrites?

You, sir, are a fool...


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Where is the "secret military prison in Cuba"?  If the writer is referring to Guantanamo, he's an idiot.

If this al Baluchi directed and funded the 9/11 hijackers, he should have been hung by a rope and buried in pig fat long ago.

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Remember, the FBI never even charged Bin Laden for 9/11.  No evidence.  And none of the alleged 9/11 so called hi-jackers were charged either, there was no evidence, just doctored stuff.  It was all motion picture drama (that is, the media parrots who repeat all the lies they were told).  Now we are supposed to continue believing that this patsy was involved?  Enough already.  That secretive club that planned and executed it were the real perpetrators, Bush, Chaney, Silverstein, etc.  They got away with this lie with the Kennedy assassination, and they got away with it again with the 9/11 lies.  Just shows how well these people can keep secrets and misinform us with their pre-planned lies.  Hopefully the truth will come out in the near future.  Right now we only have theories since the 9/11 incident was too perfectly executed to have been done by a few men hiding in caves armed with just their cell phones and poor reception. I think the 9/11 event was a little more high tech; remote controlled airplanes, controlled demolitions, mis-information following the events, confusing our air defense system, etc.  They got away with it and there ain't a damn thing we can do about it.  Just like the Kennedy assassins. All the guilty are home free and they know it.

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Afghanistan offered to extradite ObL ,if proof was given that he was involved.

FBI said they had NO PROOF. During Congressional hearings.

Bush said "it did not matter" any way .Let's roll !

Remember Collin Powell's laughable deposition at UN

Gerhard Shroeder ,Jaques Chirac and Vladimir Putin ALL opposed the Iraq war. Bush the Moron said:you 're either with us or against"

And ,let's ask this :if you accept that those hijackers were guilty(even without any proof presented) ,but let's say it's true. They were 19 hijackers ,15 from Saudi Arabia and 1 from Egypt,1 from Lebanon,2 from UAE .

None from Iraq or Afghanistan.

If you accept that a few people from a country involved ,means culpability of the WHOLE country,why didn't US invade Saudi Arabia?

I know the answer to this one=the petro-f*cking-dollar.


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The plane hit took care of the Cantor Fitzgerald trader firm and another similar(I don't remember the name ) . All traders dead .They were taking care of .gov T Bills ,worth 100 Bil $(  with fake signatures) that were supposed to mature on 9/12.They were fake T Bills regarding the huge steal that the Clinton .gov did in Russia ,during the Yeltsin reign.

Conveniently disappeared.

The Towers had also Bil in  diamonds ,beside the Gold you mentioned.

This was one of the BIGGEST BANK HEISTS in human history.

The other reason was that the Towers were a huge albatross , made of asbestos,which causes lung cancer and needed to either be demolished(which meant Bil lost) or modernized(other Bil ) .

The first firefighters and police involved ,all developed terrible cancers and lung diseases ,from the nano particles inhaled,which can penetrate til the cell level.

And ,who has ever seen collapsed buildings transformed TO DUST (thousand of tons of concrete and steel) and disappear into air? The only case in history.

 A few steel columns,some showing clear cut at an angle ( by explosives only possibility) and a hole in the ground. Where did the Towers go?(see the videos)

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