US Army Tanks To Get Invisible Futuristic Missile Shields

The United States Army M1 Abrams tank, an American third-generation main battle tank, is being upgraded with an invisible shield that will destroy all chemical energy anti-tank threats and other threats before reaching the vehicle.

In other words, America’s main battle tank is adding an invisible force field to its defensive measures, which is straight out of a military science fiction novel.

Known as Trophy, this is the world’s first and only fully operational “Active Protection and Hostile Fire Detection System for Armored Vehicles,” said Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. This cutting-edge technology will provide M1 Abrams tanks with 360-degree security from all threats, as advanced algorithms are continually detecting, locating, and neutralizing anti-tank threats on the battlefield.

According to Fox News, the United States Army has chosen Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ tech to upgrade 261 M1 Abrams tanks into an unstoppable war machine. Here is what the cable news channel reported:

The Army has chosen Raphael’s tech to upgrade 261 M1 Abrams tanks with Israeli-made Trophy active-protection systems. For nearly a decade, Trophy has already been protecting Israel Defense Force Merkava main battle tanks and relied on in conflicts in the Gaza Strip for example. Now approximately 3 brigades worth of U.S. tanks will also bring Trophy into battles.

Several relevant militaries have already equipped some of their tanks with active protection systems. Russia is one country that has been aggressively ramping up their tanks and other assets with active protection systems like Trophy. They’ve also armed them with a deep arsenal of anti-armor weapons that can seriously damage or destroy the targeted tank in spite of its armor.

Trophy Active Protection system employs advanced algorithms that use radar to provide continuous 360-degree protection. The bolt on kit includes four antennas and two rotating launchers mounted on the turret of each tank (see below).

Once the threat is discovered, the algorithm classifies the threat, and if a direct hit is calculated, the countermeasure systems are automatically activated, and a tight pattern of explosively shaped penetrators launches at the warhead to neutralize the threat (as shown below).

The United States Army is planning for decades of hybrid wars, the Trophy system mounted onto its tanks could be the best deterrent from Chinese or Russian advanced anti-tank threats. Here is why:

  • Neutralizes a wide variety of anti-armor threats, from RPGs to the most modern anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs)

  • Very high kill probability at distances that greatly reduce the chance of residual penetration

  • Engages threats only if they pose a danger to the platform • Extremely low false alarm rate proven over years of developmental testing and operational employment

  • Minimizes collateral damage through kinetic (non-explosive) intercept

  • Immediately calculates and reports shooter location to the crew and/or Battle Management System

  • Neutralizes threats fired at very short range, and multiple, simultaneous threats from the same or different directions

  • User-defined protection zones optimize safety and flexibility for differing employment scenarios

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems says the Trophy system has been thoroughly tested, qualified, and already in production for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) armor force. The system debuted in 2009 and had proven to work exceptionally well in the Gaza Strip and other hot spots around Israel.

For some time, Trophy has been tested by the Army on its M1A2 tanks in Europe and the Middle East. With the Army’s recent order of 261 units, it is still unclear what region of the world the upgrades will go.

Last year, Robert Walsh, chief of Marine Corps Combat Development Command, said existing active protection systems for military vehicles have proven effective against emerging threats.

“Rockets, artillery, mortars, guided anti-tank weapons, those kinds of things are proliferating…so much that to put our Marines and our soldiers out into that kind of environment without that kind of protection…it is getting to the point where we have to have it [Trophy system],” Walsh said.

Back in October, we dissected the Army’s latest Training and Doctrine Command report, which provides us with the understanding that the next round of hybrid wars could be five to seven years from today.

In the meantime, we’ve been documenting the Army’s current state of readiness, along with its introduction of new weapons and war machines to fight the hybrid wars that are ahead.

Two days ago, we reported that the Army is preparing to replace its legacy M249 SAW and the M4 Carbine, with a higher chamber pressure assault rifle. This will allow soldiers to penetrate the world’s most advanced body armor from even further distances.

Lastly, Army officials have reiterated they plan to keep the M1 Abrams in service for several more decades. Today’s much-needed upgrades of invisible force fields to protect the M1 Abrams from anti-tank weapons provides us with a hint that Washington is preparing their main battle tank for the next evolution of hybrid wars.


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What the world needs are shields against International Usury... period.

All of these fancy tanks, ships, missiles, guns, etc... are mere extensions of their tools to enforce their dominance over every country on earth.  Why should we in America fear Iran?  Why should Iran fear America?  Why should England fear France?  Why should France fear England? Etcetera... etcetera...

In our modern age... no country need fear any other country (unless border/ethnic issues predominate).  Economically, there needn't BE any strife.  It is all roiled and riled by the (((usual suspects))) in charge of our counterfeit debt-bearing currencies and mass media.

Do you "fear" your neighbor next door?  They may be Chinese, British, Russian, Somali, etc... (well, the Somali may scare you)...

But, hey... you're not going to go to your neighbor with a nuclear gun and threaten them to abide by your wishes or else, are you?

Internationally, we are goaded into "fearing" other countries at the behest of the jewish money changers.  They THRIVE and PROFIT on tensions between nations.  If nothing else, LEARN this fact.

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Putin's announcements about massive Russian breakthroughs in weapons technology

caused this PR blurb about a non-breakthrough US system

that mimics explosive Russian armor already deployed on Russian tanks.

How about some Mach-10 missiles that make carrier battle groups obsolete? 

like the Russians have now . . .


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Bubba Rum Das IH8OBAMA Mon, 03/05/2018 - 04:22 Permalink

Yes, this system will work flawlessly, just like how NASA got a man to the moon through the Van Allen radiation belts back in the '60's: but now a NASA scientist say's "that they're not sure if they can get a man to Mars, as they haven't yet figured out a way to get through the Van Allen belts which lie between the Earth & the Moon..."

Some NASA expert screwed up there, & on live T.V. no less...!

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Bubba Rum Das Bubba Rum Das Mon, 03/05/2018 - 04:34 Permalink

"But, hey... you're not going to go to your neighbor with a nuclear gun and threaten them to abide by your wishes or else, are you?"

No. I will go over to my shit head neighbors house right before it is time for him to leave for work & I will put a paper bag w/ dog shit & an M80 on his doormat, light it on fire, ring the doorbell & run...He'll laugh & think... "I'm not that stupid to stomp on a burning bag on the doorstep, it probably has dog shit in it!"

Then the M80 will go off & dog shit will be everywhere, & he'll realize how stupid he was to even open the door w/ a bag burning on the door step....

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Putin is full of shit. The latest Putin technology devices contradict the primary Laws of Physics. 

Putin zionist regime has destroyed Russia: its educational system, its science and technology foundation, industrial base, etc., are in total decay and neglect. Putin is desperate to do any deal betraying Russia for the sake of saving his mafia regime just. As for Russia's nuclear sword, it is decaying with each passing day and, in 3-5 years, it will be unusable.  In 1992, USSR/Russia started with 500 tons of weapons-grade U-235 and now it has nothing.

As for America buying Israeli military system, it is just another way for Zionist-control Trump's government to send lots of money to Israel by buying totally useless and untested military systems.

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HisBoyElroy caconhma Mon, 03/05/2018 - 00:30 Permalink…


Russian technology sucks, then why are US astronauts still hitching rides into space on Russian spaceships. That's right folks, we have been bumming rides to the ISS, you'll hear about that on the MSM right after you hear about our drone strikes killing kids in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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The system provides no credible defense against IED's, which are mostly made from unexploded bombs and artillery shells. A simple EFP made with a copper bowl and some leftover explosives from your enemy will punch a hole through anything. An incoming AT missile launched from a thousand yards away, maybe. 

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I am Houthi. I have flip-flops, towel head-wrap, AK and water bottle.  I get old cell phone, detonator and stolen artillery shell and make IED to blow up your million dollar tank. Mines are nice but mostly just blow off the track.

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You lil' fascal rascal, you.

Before you reply... go take a sip off of your mommy's kosher nipple.

"Usury"... as it is defined in the English language - is EXCESSIVE and UNREASONABLE rates of interest placed upon loans of money.

So, Mr. FascBoy... usury is NOT required to "exist". 

Your parasitic (((tribe))) may "require" it to keep itself fat and happy, but those nations who actually create beautiful and lasting artifices DO NOT.

Any interest that a productive homogenous people may accrue with their hard-earned money would be more beneficially spent upon their peoples' roads, education, defenses, etc...  NOT lining the greasy pockets of internationalists who produce and contribute NOTHING.

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"Rafael Advanced Defense Systems"

Israel, figures.

Security systems, Software systems, etc. Israel.

Imagine the back doors and the "call home" code.

NSA sends raw feeds to Israel prior to processing for USA.

I'm not buying that invisible force fields are here and now.

In Science Fiction this technology requires the likes of dilithium crystals, freely available unlimited energy that has zero losses.

Recently, the Hebrew University, in Israel, declared they had slowed the speed of light to zero. They don't mention being able to restart a photon from zero. Or how the photon was stored at zero.

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Tennessee Patriot Tippoo Sultan Sun, 03/04/2018 - 21:15 Permalink


The bullet point says:  Minimizes collateral damage through kinetic (non-explosive) intercept. 

I would assume that means a "non-Chemical" projectile. 

Probably hits it with just enough energy to disrupt it's flight path, or distorts the round / projectile enough that it just rings your bell real hard rather that fucking up your whole day. 

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jaxville Nexus789 Sun, 03/04/2018 - 21:19 Permalink

  Indeed ....The RPG 30 has been in production for over ten years and was designed to defeat active defense systems.  Besides that, active defense systems are standard on the Armata and have been utilized on older tank and APC designs.

  This sort of article is to make people feel good about their dough getting wasted on the MIC.

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