Watch As Canada's Trudeau "Explains" Trade With The US

Having lost at both ice hockey and curling at the Olympics, Canadians may have just witnessed their '3rd strike' as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attempted to 'explain' his nation's trade surplus, no wait deficit, no wait surplus, with America...

This is from the same person who on Friday warned the US that steel tariffs are absolutely unacceptable.


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To be kind, liberals really can't think the way you or I do. Not 'don't', not 'won't'... can't.


You can see it on a PET or CAT scan. Their tiny little amygdala can't deal with long term planning or medium to long term consequences. This is apparent in every decision they make.


There is hope: if you put them in a jungle, a desert, or an abandoned island with food deprivation and predators, anyplace where there they must survive in constant fear of life/limb, then their thinking will change over a few years' time. Their amygdala will enlarge. And even better, they will pass that (epigenetic) trait to their subsequent children.


Prison doesn't work for some reason, else we'd have a simple solution.

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My theory is that western civilization has tamed vast segments of our society, to the point of neotony, which has in effect,  prohibited said tamed segment, from ever reaching adulthood.  That is precisely why so many want the government to coddle them for life.  People that want independence and freedom are a direct threat to thier existence.

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The Amygdala is the fear center, and it fires a few milliseconds earlier than hippocampus.

Hippocampus is the rational thought center.  

Liberals have OVERACTIVE amygdala's and are fear based.  Their rational cortex cannot overcome the flood of false emanations that have nothing to do with reality, so they make up narratives. The brain is a complex thing, and will make up narratives to satisfy the irrational fear centers.  Liberals need constant petting to keep them from flying off the handle.

Putin does an excellent job of calming his population of liberal whacko's.  Russia also is pretty good and suppressing their excesses, especially those of the homo lobby.

Liberals scream and whine about all kinds of weird things, like there is going to be an invasion of bugs, or the world is going to freeze, or boil, and white people have to stop breeding, and so on.

They also maintain false mantras like everybody is the same - despite evidence to the contrary.  The Sexes are the same.  We need to have a third bathroom for gender neutral people, etc.   Liberals make shit up, because they don't live in reality-ville.

Negroes in Africa used to paint themselves, stick feathers in their hair, and jump around.  This was to ward off scepters built up in their brain, which calmed their primitive amygdala centers.


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TradingTroll MEFOBILLS Sun, 03/04/2018 - 19:00 Permalink

This is a side effect of the Blue pill. After abdicating responsibility to oneself by outsourcing responsibility to an arms length third party (government) the ensuing depression causes changes, while not irreversible, to the amygdala. The diseased victim then attempts to assign blame (white men are preferred among some Liberal groups, especially the feminist subset). Then, to justify their irrational behaviour, they make up fantasies and falsehoods to goalseek their ‘for the greater good’ outcomes.

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Trudeau is another of the "suitable leaders" installed across western nations who are actively importing a permanent underclass to serve as his electoral base, to go with the existing permanent underclasses of welfare state-dependent parasites and government workers (Canada has a massive per capita government bubble). 

He complies with all the globalist demands placed upon him, from the Club of Rome "global warming" narrative to the corrupt foreign policy objectives (e.g., soldiers, tanks and planes to Lithuania, "Because Lithuania poses a clear and present threat to Canada" /sarc). (Most libtard Canadians can't even point to Lithuania on a map.) 

There is more that we cannot discuss openly, but like the people in "flyover country" in so many other hijacked western nations, all thinking, conscious Canadians are aware and disgusted and ashamed.  Sadly, the culture of entitlement is so entrenched that the outcome post-Reset is a foregone conclusion. 


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Ya think any Gov't is good for the country?

Mulroney bagged $50 million on a lawsuit for defamation of character for Airbus bribing him with millions to get the contract. Years later he comes to the public with crocodile tears to apologize for the $50 million he got from tax payers. He actually did take bribe money from Airbus. Did he give the $50mil awarded to him by the Supreme Court back? Nope! Hid the money in Jamaica and while he was there he forgave their debt to Canada, a cool $20 billion. In fact, ran up $300 billion dollars of new debt for Canada.
Now his Daughter is running for election. Will she win? Ya, She's Conservative and will be better than Daddy, bag twice as much or just plain run the country into the gutter? Go and vote for the best liar to rule over us. I haven't voted for 40 yrs. I can't see how any elected official can give a shit about us.


The Harper regime inherited a debt of $481 billion and a surplus of $13 billion in 2006 and with reckless spending and terrible economic management, the Conservatives spent Canada into a deficit before the recession in 2008.

Lets not forget too much about Gov't spending. Many have amnesia when it comes to the Harper regime.
May 25 2010
A prime international marketing opportunity for Canada, or a $1 billion boondoggle?

A report released by the Parliamentary Budget Office says the two summits are expected to cost Canadians C$930 million (US$893 million) in security alone, including more than C$500 million for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Together with other hosting costs — including nearly C$2 million for a marketing and media pavilion in Toronto that includes a "fake lake" — the total tab will run well north of C$1 billion.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper insists the costs are reasonable, given that Canada is hosting unprecedented back-to-back summits in two different locations. He says the high-profile gatherings, drawing leaders from across the world, are a great opportunity for Canada to market itself.

Others aren't so sure.

An estimated $750 million has been lifted from the public purse since 2006 to pay for government advertising, much of which has been labelled “partisan” by critics.

The ads — which have repeatedly run during expensive primetime viewing slots like NHL playoffs and the Oscars — have included $5.2 million promoting the Economic Action Plan and $24 million touting Canada-U.S. relations in Washington to increase support for the Keystone XL pipeline.

In 2012, Agriculture Canada gave $826,000 to Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd. in Brampton, Ont. to help produce “a higher quality sausage that is more resistant to splitting or bursting while cooking.”

Taxpayers forked out at least $45,000 for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s 2011 Labour Day weekend trip to Manhattan, which included pricey New York Yankees tickets and a Broadway show. Harper was accompanied by his daughter Rachel, four staffers, and guests. Documents obtained by the CBC under Access to Information revealed a portion of the excursion’s costs — $34,633 for the use of the Challenger Jet and another $11,026 for the expenses of staff.

Former International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda and current Finance Minister Joe Oliver seem to share a taste for costly coolers, provided taxpayers are footing the bill. In 2011, Oda expensed a $16-glass of orange juice and a $1,995-stay in the swanky Savoy Hotel during a government trip to London, England, where she also hired a limousine to cart her around at a cost of nearly $1,000 per day.

In 2012, Oliver also expensed a $16-glass of scotch he drank at the rooftop restaurant of the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem. He later spent $5,593 on two one-way flights between Toronto and Calgary to hold roundtable meetings with oil, gas, steel and pipeline companies.

Fuck Harper and anyone who looks like him!

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You are right when you say that most have amnesia when it comes to Harper (and ALL other governments).

But lets look at what actually happened in 2008-09.  Harper tabled a BALANCED budget late 2008. The opposition parties (ALL of them) insisted that Harper had to spend money to "boost the economy". Harper initially refused. Harper, who had a minority government, had to comply or he would have had a no-confidence vote against him and would have had to go another election. Harper shut the government down over Christmas and New Years and tabled a non-balanced budget. The opposition parties ALL voted for it.

Harper spent the next few years, most of them with a majority government, getting to a balanced budget, which he managed to do just before the last election.

The one thing that Harper did that caused him to lose my vote was his signing on to TPP. My protest-vote went to the CHP.

But I'd take Harper any day, rather than the kind of socialist idiots we have in office now.

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True, but in reality these tariffs will only help the manufacturers of US steel, because they will be able to raise their prices and buy back their stock.  US companies that need steel will be paying more now, and will go out of business.  Just minimize the government if you want to help, Trump.  That was our advantage.  Now that government is too big, the blame is placed everywhere but where it should be...the need for less regulation, smaller government, and minimal taxation.  Tax what we consume, not what we produce and we will thrive.  Create term limits so monopolies go away, e.g. Comcast.  We pay 3 times more on average for cable, so our brainwashing is more expensive than anywhere else on earth.  If people ditched their cable and read more, more people would understand this.  

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I haven't had cable (or satellite TV) for over 40 years (I'm now 70), and I can certainly see the difference between myself and others when we discuss politics, economics, societal problems, etc..

Home-schooled children that I've met, often do not have cable or satellite TV in the home and they talk about different things than other children. The indoctrinated children talk about inane subjects like the hockey game last night. Children without TV do a lot more reading.  I know this for a fact because I ran a used-bookstore a few years ago, and I watched what children were reading.  "Archie" comics or classic literature.

These are the future leaders of our society. Scary, ain't it!

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No, he has too much trouble coordinating his socks with his suits to be gay.

Hey, PM Trudeau: Ya’ll do have the best ice dancers, hands down, and a few of the top figure skaters, too, but that does not mean the USA should cede our middle class so that you can have all the manufacturing jobs.

Don’t be one of the greedy, hypocritical virtue signalers.

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Have we, or any other 'democracy', every truly had 'representative' democracy? Sure, our politicians and their parties represent some, but I would argue that they, like almost every other political system, represent the wishes/interests of the wealthy and powerful, certainly not the 'average' person. In 'democracies', the 'average' person is conditioned to believe they have a say in the decision-making and policies of a country through their 'vote' but as an increasing number of people are coming to realise this is nothing but a scam by the ruling caste to persuade the masses of their 'voice' in the system. I, myself, haven't voted in years and take no responsibility in the 'leaders' we 'elect'--they are all criminals as far as I'm concerned. And as another has stated, our system is one where politicians do not get elected via a 'majority' but rather a 'plurality', a system also known as 'first past the post' since we usually have a minimum of four parties, sometime more, running in each voting district. The 'winner' is the one with the most votes but this is seldom by a majority of the votes cast. 

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Yukon Cornholius skbull44 Sun, 03/04/2018 - 13:50 Permalink

ALL political parties, governments, departments, offices etc are registered corporations whose legal capacity is to conduct commerce. ALL rules, regulations, statutes, acts, bylaws, etc are merely suggestions and apply ONLY to legal subjects and citizens who choose to accept them under their LEGAL NAME (all caps) They may be legal, but not necessarily lawful under common law. Natural persons can only be compelled, coerced, or threatened into accepting the "laws of the governing corporation" which under common law makes them null and void. 

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democracy? It's an illusion that people believe in. Right wing, left wing, two wings of the same bird!!!

There is no accountability in an elected Gov't. Not held accountable, so they can sell you any bullshit on the campaign trail. When in office the deepstate play book is handed to the Pinocchio and he sells the agenda to the electorate and MSM supports it as good policy. People look on with that goldfish look on their face. Then listen to MSM and say "Ya!" b/c their too f'ing stupid to use their own head and see what is actually going on. Ploitics is a dog and pony show for consumer consumption.

Stop voting for corruption and see what they'll do when people don't vote.

A policy to implement if they don't do what they promised at electoral conventions, be strapped to a gurney and castrated with fishing knives. Now let's see the promises?



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He wasn't voted in because of his intellect.

Best liar always wins. Strumpet isn't any better than the rest. De-escalating woar? Ya, hows it going? MIC spending, how's it going? Infrastructure spending? Gov't spending? Ya, how's it going? Now trade woars. Nobody ever wins and there is plenty of history to prove that.

Voting is just a charade to show the sheeple democracy, in a corporatocracy.

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