US Said To Consider New Military Action Against Syria

The last two weeks have seen the mainstream media soaked with headlines containing the word "Syria" and "Attack" as Washington desperately spins narratives left and right to cling to their reason for existence in Syria (legal or illegal, we will let you decide).

All of which made us wonder - is the American public being 'softened' up for something?

And now we have an answer - or at least we have a strong a strawman as we have yet seen.

Six weeks after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson blamed Assad for a new chemical attack and accused Russia of allowing it, he admitted that he really doesn't know much at all about "whoever conducted the attacks".

Which was followed a month ago by threats of military action against Syria from General Mattis (despite having no evidence)...

"I don’t have the evidence,” Mattis said. “What I am saying is that other groups on the ground - NGOs, fighters on the ground - have said that sarin has been used, so we are looking for evidence.”

And then Israel piled on by attacking a site just outside of Syria's capital city called Jamraya - believed to be a military research facility related to chemical weapons. 

Which leads us to today - after weeks of "Syria...attack" headlines, The Washington Post reports that the Trump administration has considered new military action against the Syrian government in response to reports of ongoing chemical weapons use, officials said, raising the prospect of a second U.S. strike on President Bashar al-Assad in less than a year.

The president reportedly requested options for punishing the Assad government following reported chlorine gas attacks  - at least seven so far this year  -  and possibly other chemicals affecting civilians in opposition-controlled areas.

Of course, this could be nothing but a strawman, as WaPo carefully acknowledges lower in their story (away from the headlines) that

" One official, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity to address internal deliberations, said the president did not endorse any military action..." 

And, Dana White, chief Pentagon spokeswoman, denied Mattis took part in discussions about military action in Syria and said the “conversation did not happen.”

These accusations all stem from a Feb. 25 incident, during which residents and medical staff in a rebel-held Damascus suburb, Eastern Ghouta, described symptoms associated with chlorine exposure. One child died, medical staff reported.

Notably, WaPo reports that Mattis was "adamantly" against military response to recent chlorine attacks, but McMaster "was for it."

Even if Trump authorized another attack, WaPo points out that the Pentagon is likely to advocate limiting U.S. involvement in the war. The April attack, which included 59 cruise missiles, was aimed narrowly at an isolated airfield, minimizing the likelihood of tit-for-tat escalations.

Finally, we note that Reuters reports, The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is investigating whether chlorine was used in recent attacks in Eastern Ghouta.

As a reminder, President Trump ordered the Pentagon to fire Tomahawk missiles on the Syrian facility believed to be linked to a sarin gas attack that killed 80 people in April of last year, following another unverified attack.

Of course, as we noted previously, now that unverified claims of chemical attack incidents in Syria (and their subsequent uncritical amplification by media and politicians) have become routine, the following somewhat obvious observations need to be recalled:

  • The Assad government has long been winning the war, what incentive does it have to do the one thing (use CW) that would hasten its demise?

  • The US is a party to the conflict, so its claims must be evaluated accordingly.

  • The "NGOs and fighters on the ground" (in Mattis' own words) are an even more direct party to the conflict.

  • The only way anti-Assad fighters can survive at this point is by triggering massive US military intervention (by claiming "Assad is gassing his own people!").

  • The greater the momentum of Syria/Russia/Iran forces in defeating jihadists on Syrian territory, the more frequent the claims of chemical attacks  become - issued from those very jihadists suffering near certain defeat.

  • In the midst of a grinding 7-year long "fog of war" conflict involving constant claims and counterclaims, mere "open source" information means nothing in terms of proof or hard evidence.

  • Al-Qaeda administers the locations from which chemical attack allegations are being made. 

  • US officials stand ready to make use of "chemical attack" claims with or without "evidence credible or uncredible" (in Mattis' words) anytime further pressure needs to be applied toward Russia or Syria.

  • Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence (Iraq WMD anyone?).

We would not hold our breath, waiting for this attack to happen. Washington needs a 'legitimate' excuse to re-engage in Syria and Trump needs another distraction from his Trade Wars distraction from the Russian meddling investigations.


Kafir Goyim Yukon Cornholius Mon, 03/05/2018 - 17:18 Permalink

Trump doesn't like them using a bullshit excuse to try to topple his administration, but he's not above continuing the obvious bullshit excuse that Hillary used to try to topple Assad's administration.  Sad.

Of course, every ZHer knows that this whole, white-helmets crying wolf about gas attacks, is orchestrated fake news.


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Syrian President Bashar Assad said the government’s military operation in the Eastern Ghouta district would continue, during an interview in Damascus on Sunday.


“There is no contradiction between the truce and acts of combat: the advance achieved yesterday and the day before in Eastern Ghouta by the Syrian Arab Army was achieved under this truce,” ...

 “As for the issue of the humanitarian conditions the West has talked about on many levels from time to time, it is a lie, a very ridiculous lie, just as ridiculous as the Western officials who keep on repeating it, no one believes such talk. When did the West ever had any humanitarian history? During the days of the modern occupation? During the days of WWII? Millions were killed in Russia –the Soviet Union – they did not help them, they decided to land just when they saw that Russia would reap the results of war and thus they decided to interfere. In the Korean War during the 1950s or in the Iraq war recently, or in Syria? What does the Western Coalition do every day in Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and Hasakeh? The daily massacres in February alone saw more than four massacres against civilians, thus talking about humanity has only one meaning, which is an idiom out of many idioms now filling the Western political dictionary, which is a dictionary of lies.”…


As a result of their advances, the Syrian Army now finds themselves within 3.5km of splitting the East Ghouta pocket in half.…



What the mainstream media isn’t telling you about Eastern Ghouta


White Helmets member waiving ISIS flag:


turkish ware crimes:

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Shemp 4 Victory BullyBearish Mon, 03/05/2018 - 18:16 Permalink

The US government has no shame at all. This whole "chemical weapons" ruse is cheap propaganda at its cheapest. US citizens are funny with their manner of coming with the same old propaganda, wishing for it to succeed to bamboozle for the nth time.

Aside from the fact that chlorine is inadequately effective as a chemical weapon (but a great MSM hysteria generator), this whole episode has been predicted for weeks.

Al-Nusra, White Helmets plotting chemical weapons provocation in Syria…

White Helmets Ready for 'False-Flag' Chemical Attack in Syria…

Syria’s East Ghouta militants hold civilians hostage, plan ‘chemical’ provocations

Same Old: Notorious White Helmets Report a Chemical Attack, Blame Damascus Again…

Proof doesn't matter to West regarding Syria chemical weapons

These are tough times for propagandists. They are caught naked on multiple events.

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veritas semper… JSBach1 Mon, 03/05/2018 - 19:32 Permalink

Excellent post.

And there is a pattern ,the same one ,as the coalition of killing ,lead by JUSA,lacks imagination : every time Mr. Assad and SAA make a major win ,an arranged chemical attack happens. The Russians have been saying that they were expected one for weeks now.

East Ghouta is surrounded and almost cut in two . SAA and Russians opened a corridor for civilians to evacuate ,but they are hold hostages and used as human shields. No peep about this from the West. But they are still managing to flee.

This is a repeat of "Aleppo is falling to Assad regime BS" .Look at where is Aleppo now.Rebuilding so rapidly I can not believe it .

If the Donald starts a war based on this total BS ,I want to see how the Trump gallery will defend him.


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11b40 Kafir Goyim Mon, 03/05/2018 - 18:15 Permalink

Fake news, indeed......and rank hypocrisy.

We gave chemical weapons to Irag, and Saddam used them against Iran.…

"According to a New York Times article in August, 2002, Col. Walter P. Lang, a senior defense intelligence officer at the time, explained that D.I.A. and C.I.A. officials “were desperate to make sure that Iraq did not lose” to Iran. “The use of gas on the battlefield by the Iraqis was not a matter of deep strategic concern,” he said. One veteran said, that the Pentagon “wasn’t so horrified by Iraq’s use of gas.” “It was just another way of killing people _ whether with a bullet or phosgene, it didn’t make any difference.”

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FBaggins 11b40 Mon, 03/05/2018 - 19:36 Permalink

Using gas at this time is the last thing the Syrian military would do.  This US establishment bullshit shows how arrogant they are with respect to their own people and soldiers.  They manufacture the most obviously fake atrocities as a lying pretext as a ticket to do whatever they want.  Anyone who has any doubts about the ruthlessness and evil about the Ziocon establishment running the US government and the military should spend a few hours on the internet researching the independent, professional evidence regarding on 9/11.  Those bastards have no moral limits and will do anything to get what they want. They are the swamp and Trump is their bitch. 

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FBaggins stant Mon, 03/05/2018 - 19:17 Permalink

It really is fake ass morality. The entire US establishment is totally self centred and absolutely amoral. It is the swamp and any decent person fighting for a clean up and some integrity from their corrupt government has been wasting their time. Obama, Hillary and Donald are forever stained with the blood of innocent Syrians and like Bush, they are all war criminals, as are the mad dogs they have unleashed. 

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