The Xi Silk Road Is Here To Stay

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times,

Xi's extended tenure could embody the guarantee China needs to continue its anti-corruption purge and guide the ongoing economic reorientation....

It took only two sentences for Xinhua to make the historical announcement; the Central Committee of the CCCP “proposed to remove the expression that ‘the president and vice-president of the People’s Republic of China shall serve no more than two consecutive terms’ from the country’s constitution.”

That will be all but confirmed at the end of the annual National People’s Congress session starting next week in Beijing.

A Made in the West geopolitical storm duly ensued; forceful condemnations of the “regime” and its “authoritarian revival,” across-the-spectrum demonization of the “dictator for life” and “the new Mao.” It’s as if the New Emperor was about to concoct the imminent launch of a Great Famine, Cultural Revolution and Tiananmen combo.

Now compare the hysteria with renowned Renmin University professor of International Relations Shi Yinhong, who attempted to introduce a measure of realpolitik: “For a long time into the future, China will continue to move forward according to Xi’s thoughts, his route, his guiding principles and his absolute leadership.”

The global economy’s captains of industry, old and new, have better shark fin to consume than to be constrained by the lowly Western Politician game of demonizing China. Turbo-capitalism – with or without “Chinese characteristics” – has absolutely nothing to do with Western liberal democracy. The Little Helmsman Deng Xiaoping introduced a real “third way”: economic proficiency coupled with political control. Deng, by the way, learned the ropes from Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew – a darling of the West.

Xi may embody the guarantee China needs to carry out, as smoothly as possible, a much-needed anti-corruption purge sidelining the many rotten branches of the CCP while steering a much needed economic reorientation that should benefit, most of all, the rural proletariat.

Besides, Xi is already leading internationally in climate change, nuclear proliferation, not to mention realigning global trade as globalization 2.0.

And that brings us to childish Western attempts to deride the New Silk Roads, known as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as “overblown,” coupled with claims that BRI is facing a “global backlash.” That barely qualifies as wishful thinking.

What’s happening in the real world is that the Trump administration is trying to engineer an anti-BRI via the Quad (US, Japan, India, Australia) – but without BRI’s transnational and transcontinental appeal, not to mention funding.

Japan is making noises about a $200 billion Afro-Asian counterpunch. India centers its offensive on a deal with Iran to have Chabahar port compete with Gwadar. The Turnbull administration in Australia, in its 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper, bets on engaging the US against China. And Admiral Kurt Titt, the head of Southcom, carps, among other military officers, that BRI is a threat to US influence.

Xi, as well as Russian leader Vladimir Putin, has identified very clearly which way the wind is blowing, with Washington treating both China and Russia as “revisionist powers” and a certified strategic threat.

The Tang dynasty meets Plato

Xi may now turn into a post-modern version of an enlightened Tang emperor. But he also performs as the embodiment of Plato – a philosopher-king ruling with help of the best and the brightest (think Liu He, director of the Office of the Central Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs and Xi’s top man on economic policy).

The CCP as Plato’s Republic has concluded that yes, it’s all about management. China’s titanic tweaking of its economic model simply cannot be accomplished at least before 2030. Challenges include managing the transition of state-owned enterprises (SOEs); the move towards added value GDP growth; how to organize China as a major consumer society; and how to contain the spread of financial risks.

For all these, consistency and continuity is key.

Xi has all but announced his major moves. The Chinese Dream – or China as a stable, middle-income nation. BRI as a connectivity vector integrating not only Eurasia but also Africa and Latin America. The increasing influence of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as well as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Securing the South China Sea as well as increasing a presence not only across the Indian Ocean but all the way to the Third Island – a matter of protecting China’s connectivity/supply lines.

And last but not least, China configured as the top power in either Asia-Pacific or “Indo-Pacific.”

History will judge Xi by his deeds. The rest is mere Sinophobia.


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Where does it say two terms is the absolute make or break of a democracy/dictatorship?

Is it written in the stars, the sky, the bible, our dna?

"Thou shall not be elected for more than two short terms, you greedy bastards"

That could've been the 11th commandment (yeah; who knows, maybe the commandments went all the way to 11)...

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MK ULTRA Alpha daedon Tue, 03/06/2018 - 04:40 Permalink

In a way that's accurate, the Chinese Communist Party is the power in China.

The reason Xi will continue to be the leader is to ensure the continuity of CCP power.

One mistake right now means the whole system comes down. China has never had this high population. Xi remembers the famines of the past killing off hundreds of millions over the years.

This is distant memory in new China, Xi has spoken of it many times. It is his GREATEST FEAR.

The Chinese economy was able to import grain, in the past it couldn't do this. The Chinese diet improved dramatically and more people survived than in the past.

The population is 1.4 billion. If the economy fails to provide for these people, then Xi must launch wars to the south of China to distract from the people's anger at the CCP.

The one belt, one road is cover for invasion corridors. The military bases are being built at a high rate.

The US market is 18% of China's exports, combined with many countries in the West, a collapse of the China mercantile system would occur if China loses these export markets.

Understand, when the US cuts the China trade, then it's war. It's a one way street, the US can not continue to run $400 billion trade deficits with China.

Mark my word, there's a lot of anti-American foreigners and communist going to be real surprised.

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It's hilarious, if we had a two term limit in place in 1920's, FDR wouldn't of been around for WWII.  Who knows what happens then, because it was HE who built the arsenal of democracy that allowed us to beat the Japs and Nazis.   With of course Russia's massive part.

He would of been out in 1940, before it even began.

It's hilarious to me that people act like this means Xi is going to be a dictator.  We didn't have term limits on our presidents until the 22nd amendment.  There was no presidential term limits for about our first 165 years.

We shouldn't have presidential term limits.  By the time a once in a generation or three president learns how to fight the globalist swamp, it's time for another one.  I see what they did there.

It's no coincidence that after FDR fucked over the globalist/empire swamp of his day that immediately after he died and got their stooge Truman in, that they passed this to limit any other American president from doing the same.  Now 67 years later we stand here with the swamp convulsing about anything not right in line with their wishes.

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"Arsenal of democracy":

First you threaten Japan with an intentionally untenable ultimatum, then you distractedly look aside as they take your bait (while making sure you've taken your most valuable assets out of harms way), then you explode in a shitstorm of choreographed outrage, and finally you calmly go about doing what you've carefully been planning to do all along: taking over the entire Pacific, at the low low cost of a few tens of millions expendable souls...

Rinse and repeat for Europe, and can you say the world is your oyster?... Yes, yes you can!


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remember it isn't like the chinese are loved in their historical stomping grounds but they have never really been more aggressive than the occasional reminder that the host country depends upon the chinese for their toilet paper. in any case, this is the beginning of the return to the pre euro global norm with china at the center of the universe, the middle kingdom.

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The new Forbidden City is just a block or so over from the one tourists look at. If you get a chance to go to Beijing you will likely walk by it when going through the tourist areas. my in-laws have also told me about a "Forbidden Hill" outside the city - if you get too close someone will show up to strongly encourage you to get your ass moving the other direction.

For the anti-corruption purge, while they did order Party members to be less showy with their wealth, IMO this is still about eliminating enemies and consolidating power. While the Korean War ended the Mao dynasty by taking out his son, maybe the Xi dynasty will succeed.

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Oreilly Mon, 03/05/2018 - 23:58 Permalink

Sinophobia ... that's almost as good a use of language as "democratically elected dictator", which Xi has also been referred to by the media.  The new silk road is just China's attempt at empire, getting nations indebted to them so that resources and markets are open.  Look at how wonderful the initial push of Silk Road has been for Africa.  More of the same is coming to a developing nation near you!

The west has the World Bank and the IMF at their beck and call, and they've used them to beggar many a latin american or african nation.  China just wants a little of the same action.  Only problem is that there aren't enough debtors to go around, and the corrupt leaders of the debtor nations know how to pit one global faction against another to wring out the most graft (they  did it for decades with the capitalists vs. the communists).  Seems a shame to cause conflict over who gets to squeeze blood out of those turnips, but you know it's coming.

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Our MAGA can't understand Taoism, Confucianism, and the Art of War; thus, they can't find a solution against China.

Plato and Christianity thinkers are reaching their limit.

Don't underestimate China because it's more than 2000 years old.

techpriest JibjeResearch Tue, 03/06/2018 - 01:19 Permalink

Its funny, but one of my Chinese in-laws sees Confucianism as being a stumbling block. In particular, the notion that you follow your ancestors and superiors because they are your ancestors and superiors. It has the advantage of keeping out the SJW nonsense, but does not lend itself to innovation.

Further, the Bible also predicts one thing that has happened repeatedly in Chinese history and is happening right now - they are re-writing the Confucian books to delete all "inconvenient truths" that oppose the regime. This is an aspect of human nature that has been covered by pretty much everyone, but has been ignored for millenia.

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"Besides, Xi is already leading internationally in climate change, nuclear proliferation, not to mention realigning global trade as globalization 2.0."

WTF U gonna do Xi, throw me in jail like Bernie Sanders for being a "climate denier" because I don't believe in global warming?

If so, then FUCK YOU TO HELL and I pray that 1.4 billion of your countrymen see you for what you are, too.

techpriest Implied Violins Tue, 03/06/2018 - 01:26 Permalink

From my experience with Chinese students, I would say the Chinese are more awake about their leadership than Americans are about their leaders. This is why they had to start closing the gates on getting money out of the country. Its hard to describe, but they are much more overt about what they do, and make it very clear that you do not mess with the system.

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Implied Violins techpriest Tue, 03/06/2018 - 01:57 Permalink

How can they be more awake when their own government cuts them off from the totality of information available via the internet?  (Which is happening now here in the USA, as Alex Jones and Mike Adams ( have been kicked off of You-Tube)

If you are really open-minded, then here's some information that made total sense to me about what is going on in the world, including China:

These two articles opened my eyes not only to China, but the entire NWO strategy involving what's going on in the world, not just China (though it is an important player).  Care to review them and comment, if not now then later (as I am hitting the hay)?


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Jack Oliver Implied Violins Tue, 03/06/2018 - 02:49 Permalink

The article you linked is complete BULLSHIT - I have read it before - the thing is being ‘whored’ all over the internet ! 

Russia is ( and will ) resist the ZWO - Why ?

Because Orthodox Christianity has nothing in common with ‘Satanism’ which thrives on the FUCKING suffering and abuse of mankind until they have been reduced to complete FUCKING imbeciles who can no longer resist !!! 

Russia has the moral high ground and will never concede !

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roddy6667 Implied Violins Tue, 03/06/2018 - 03:03 Permalink

You are ignorant. "their own government cuts them off from the totality of information available via the internet? " I live in China and spend hours every day on the Internet without a VPN. I read a lot of conspiracy sites and Fear Porn blogs like this one. I guarantee that the Chinese people know more about what's going on in the world than Americans.

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LOL this Pepe Escobar is the typical Sinophile with his fawning adoration of Pooh Daddy Xi.  He can even write in Chinese.  Maybe he thinks that Xi's Chinese Dream includes self-loathing Latinos.  I'm guessing his fate will be no different that of most useful idiots.  Once they outlive their usefulness they will be rewarded with a bullet to the back the head.

Jack Oliver Tue, 03/06/2018 - 02:16 Permalink

The future of the planet needs to be out of the Rothschild/ Zio/US/ Wall Streets - FUCKING ‘hands’ !! 

Maybe then,we can ‘collectively’ make some FUCKING progress !! 

Brazen Heist Tue, 03/06/2018 - 03:34 Permalink

Is Xi bombing the hell out of brown people? Is he busy destroying or promoting the interests of a parasitic tribe of pillagers?

If he is bringing China forward without having to cause war crimes, and engaging in constructive solutions like OBOR, then that is most definitely a lesser evil than the Empire's chaos and shit-for-brain leadership. Yes China is oppressive, but hey, they have 1.3 billion people to manage and I think they're doing alright given that.

jmc8888 Tue, 03/06/2018 - 10:28 Permalink

One belt, one road is copying the American system.  America has abandoned the American system.  Trump is the first politician in a long time that hold at least some ideals of the American system in his head and heart and should join with China and many other nations by participating in One Belt, One road initiative.


His opponents are staunchly against it, because it empowers humanity and proves the Lords have nothing to Lord over.  Hell, he should do it just because it would drive them crazy if he supports it.


It also aligns with Trump's viewpoint of sovereign nations acting in their own interests coming together for mutually beneficially development, which can only help tensions in this world.