Australian Diplomat Whose Tip Launched Russia Probe Has $25 Million Tie To Clintons

The Australian diplomat whose 2016 tip resulted in the FBI's Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation had previously arranged one of the largest donations to Clinton charities, documents reveal.

Alexander Downer, formerly Australia's Foreign Minister, secured $25 million in aid from Australia for the Clinton Foundation's fight against AIDS - according to decade-old government memos archived on the Australian foreign ministry website, report John Solomon and Alison Spann of The Hill

A 2006 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by both Downer and President Clinton outlines a four year project to provide screening and drug treatment to AIDS patients in Asia. 

The funds were originally slated for the Clinton Foundation, but were later routed to the Clinton Health Access Initative (CHAI). 

Australia was one of the largest donors to CHAI:

In the years that followed, the project won praise for helping thousands of HIV-infected patients in Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, China and Indonesia, but also garnered criticism from auditors about “management weaknesses” and inadequate budget oversight, the memos show. -The Hill

Downer tipped off Australian authorities after a conversation with Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos at a London bar, in which Papadopoulos reportedly said the Russians had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. After Australian authorities alerted the FBI, a counterintelligence probe was launched according to reports - despite the fact that Papadopoulos was likely referring to already-public information concerning hacker Guccifer.

Moreover, Congressional investigators weren't told about Downer's connection to the Clinton Foundation.  

"Republicans say they are concerned the new information means nearly all of the early evidence the FBI used to justify its election-year probe of Trump came from sources supportive of the Clintons, including the controversial Steele dossier," reports The Hill

“The Clintons’ tentacles go everywhere. So, that’s why it’s important,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) chairman of a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee. “We continue to get new information every week it seems that sort of underscores the fact that the FBI hasn’t been square with us.

Democrats have accused the GOP overreach, claiming that Downer's role with the Clinton Foundation deal shouldn't be a factor. 

“The effort to attack the FBI and DOJ as a way of defending the President continues,” said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence panel. “Not content to disparage our British allies and one of their former intelligence officers, the majority now seeks to defame our Australian partners as a way of undermining the Russia probe. It will not succeed, but may do lasting damage to our institutions and allies in the process.”

Australia and the Clinton Charities

In January we reported that the FBI had asked retired Australian policeman-turned investigative journalist, Michael Smith, to provide information he has gathered detailing multiple allegations of the Clinton Foundation receiving tens of millions of mishandled taxpayer funds, according to LifeZette.

“I have been asked to provide the FBI with further and better particulars about allegations regarding improper donations to the CF funded by Australian taxpayers,” Smith told LifeZette.

Of note, the Clinton Foundation received some $88 million from Australian taxpayers between 2006 and 2014, reaching its peak in 2012-2013 - which was coincidentally (we're sure) Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's last year in office. Smith names several key figures in his complaints of malfeasance, including Bill and Hillary Clinton and Alexander Downer

The materials Smith gave to the FBI concern the MOU between the Clinton Foundation's HIV/AIDs Initiative (CHAI) and the Australian government. 

Smith claims the foundation received a “$25M financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception” as a result of actions by Bill Clinton and Downer, who was then Australia’s minister of foreign affairs. 

Also included in the Smith materials are evidence he believes shows “corrupt October 2006 backdating of false tender advertisements purporting to advertise the availability of a $15 million contract to provide HIV/AIDS services in Papua New Guinea on behalf of the Australian government after an agreement was already in place to pay the Clinton Foundation and/or associates.”-Lifezette

As a reminder, the Australian government announced that they would stop pouring millions of dollars into accounts linked to the Clinton charities in November of 2016 - right after Hillary Clinton lost the election. 

The federal government confirmed to it has not renewed any of its partnerships with the scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation, effectively ending 10 years of taxpayer-funded contributions worth more than $88 million.

The Clinton Foundation has a rocky past. It was described as “a slush fund”, is still at the centre of an FBI investigation and was revealed to have spent more than $50 million on travel.

Despite that, the official website for the charity shows contributions from both AUSAID and the Commonwealth of Australia, each worth between $10 million and $25 million.

Norway, coincidentally, also reduced its $20 million / year donations to the Clinton Foundation right after Hillary's loss.

A third complaint by Smith revolves around a "$10 million financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception between April 1, 2008, and Sept. 25, 2008, at Washington, D.C., New York, New York, and Canberra Australia involving an MOU between the Australian government, the “Clinton Climate Initiative,” and the purported “Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Inc.”

When asked why the Clinton Foundation was chosen as a recipient of Australian taxpayer dollars, a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said that all funding was used "solely for agreed development projects” and Clinton charities have “a proven track record” in helping developing countries.


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So true dat; Aussie == Sheeple.
I've been fortunate to travel and live around the world and Australians have the biggest heard mentality I have encountered. So easy to centrally control, even the labour unions don't dare step out of line.

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This entire bogus Investigation is nothing more than a smoke screen being used to shield the obvious Treason & Sedition engaged in by Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths Hillary Clinton, John Breanan, James Clapper, Lynch, Rice & Obama.


The entire Surveillance Infrastructure Is & was being used for one thing. .. To build blackmail 'Control Files' on thousands if not millions of Americans. ... An Extortion Tool. .. NOTHING legal about it.


This is the biggest Criminal, Treasonous, Seditious Intelligence Political Espionage Operation of our lifetime.  Same spying tactics used decades by MI6 / British Intelligence.  Only difference being, it’s the first of its kind “Information Highway” Spy Ring utilizing an expanded Surveillance Infrastructure.  The Constitutional ramifications of this are gargantuan. 


This entire Criminal Deep State Intelligence Operation was data mining formuling the first of its kind Parallel Construction Case consisting of a Criminal Deep State CIA, FBI, DOJ Scripted False Narrative / PsyOp With the objective ousting a sitting President via a soft coup.


Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Psychopath at Large George Bush Jr. instituted the Criminal Surveillance infrastructure.


Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath at Large Barack Obama expanded it exponentially.


However, Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths Obama, Clinton, their minions Brennan & Clapper along with GCHQ used the intelligence apparatus to go after their political enemies.

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You have not looked at the  Australian players here.

It's important for Australia that they are looked at.

Look at Gillard the ten pound Pom her de facto partner is a male hairdresser, childless and vicious, bum like an emu, who paid to play with our money and got a Clinton make over and a global job involving children. No loyalty to Aus.  

Downer that lisping loathsome piece of vermin ... they might look into his involvement in the Wheat Scandal and the iraqi award given  nto his daughter of a London School of Economics 50000 pound scholarship for her Melbourne Hons 3 degree...third class honours given to avoid allotting failure. 


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Not sure why the Australian .gov needs to "contribute" taxpayer money to a foreign Aids charity.  Does the Australian government not have the capability and resources to use this money effectively themselves if they want to combat Aids?  Was the Australian government looking for a tax break of some sort perhaps? they can get a deduction on the government's tax return?

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And it's called kissing Her Royal Highness Hillary's ass in advance.

My democrat church-going relatives shudder when I call Trump "Orange Jesus" and "The Orange Messiah" but it's true. Life would be much different if the Clinton crime syndicate took over from the Obama (Chicago) crime syndicate, which took over from the Bush crime syndicate...

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Australian Diplomat Whose Tip Launched Russia Probe Has $25 Million Tie To Clintons

My response: Unbelievable!!! Another GLOBALIST meddling in America's politics.

Someone should  transport this GUY to the middle of the desert in Australia with one bottle of water and no food and see if he survives as punishment for this crime.

Who knows, maybe he will meet up with Crocodile Dundee and learn something of value. If not, the insects, snakes and vulchers will take care of him.

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Providence, Rhode Island.

Not a place some people might think to put on a short list of the most corrupt, mobbed-up cities in American Mafia history.

New York definitely would go on the list, as would Boston and Philadelphia.

Chicago would be there, and so would Detroit and Milwaukee and Kansas City. Tampa and New Orleans would make it, too, along with Las Vegas and Los Angeles — and even Hot Springs, Arkansas.

But Providence, Rhode Island?

Yes, Providence.

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