Peter Strzok Ignored Evidence Of Clinton Server Breach

FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok reportedly ignored "an irregularity in the metadata" indicating that Hillary Clinton's server may had been breached, while FBI top brass made significant edits to former Director James Comey's statement specifically minimizing how likely it was that hostile actors had gained access.

Sources told Fox News  that Strzok, who sent anti-Trump text messages that got him removed from the ongoing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, was told about the metadata anomaly in 2016, but Strzok did not support a formal damage assessment. One source said: “Nothing happened.

In December, a letter from Senate Homeland Security Committee Chair Ron Johnson (R-WI) revealed that Strzok and other FBI officials effectively "decriminalized" Clinton's behavior through a series of edits to James Comey's original statement.

The letter described how outgoing Deputy Director Andrew McCabe exchanged drafts of Comey's statement with senior FBI officials, including Strzok, Strzok's direct supervisor, E.W. "Bill" Priestap, Jonathan Moffa, and an unnamed employee from the Office of General Counsel (identified by Newsweek as DOJ Deputy General Counsel Trisha Anderson) - in a coordinated conspiracy among top FBI brass.

It was already known that Strzok - who was demoted to the FBI's HR department for sending anti-Trump text messages to his mistress - downgraded the language describing Clinton's conduct from the criminal charge of "gross negligence" to "extremely careless."

Notably, "Gross negligence" is a legal term of art in criminal law often associated with recklessness. According to Black's Law Dictionary, it is defined as “A severe degree of negligence taken as reckless disregard," and "Blatant indifference to one's legal duty, other's safety, or their rights.” "Extremely careless," on the other hand, is not a legal term of art.

18 U.S. Code § 793 "Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information" specifically uses the phrase "gross negligence." Had Comey used the phrase, he would have essentially declared that Hillary had broken the law.

In order to justify downgrading Clinton's behavior to "extremely careless," however, FBI officials also needed to minimize the impact of her crimes. As revealed in the letter from Rep. Johnson, the FBI downgraded the probability that Clinton's server was hacked by hostile actors from "reasonably likely" to "possible." 

“Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account,” Comey said in his statement.

By doing so, the FBI downgraded Clinton's negligence - thus supporting the "extremely careless" language. 

The FBI also edited Clinton's exoneration letter to remove a reference to the "sheer volume" of classified material on the private server, which - according to the original draft "supports an inference that the participants were grossly negligent in their handling of that information." Furthermore, all references to the Intelligence Community's involvement in investigating Clinton's private email server were removed as well. 

Director Comey's original statement acknowledged the FBI had worked with its partners in the Intelligence Community to assess potential damage from Secretary Clinton's use of a private email server. The original statement read: 

W]e have done extensive work with the assistance of our colleagues elsewhere in the Intelligence Community to understand what indications there might be of compromise by hostile actors in connection with the private email operation. 

In summary; the FBI launched an investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server, ignored evidence it may have been hacked, downgraded the language in Comey's draft to decriminalize her behavior, and then exonerated her by recommending the DOJ not prosecute. 

Meanwhile, a tip submitted by an Australian diplomat tied to a major Clinton Foundation deal launched the FBI's counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign - initially spearheaded by the same Peter Strzok who worked so hard to get Hillary off the hook. 

And Strzok still collects a taxpayer-funded paycheck.


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Muleface just hasn't had time yet. What with 47 years of Manafort's financial data to comb through looking for violations of the most arcane bullshit regulations concocted by federal gnomes trying to justify their woeful existences and all, he and his crack team of often overturned prosecutors will just have to keep suckling DOJ's tits (bigger than Stormy's) for another few years.

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Few photos...Because he is a cooperating witness. It’s obvious what is going on, now.

Each of those still “employed” (i.e., the gang of five...Strzok, Page, Ohr, Baker and Priestap) are there to answer questions for the DOJ IG investigators and eventually testify against... the “bigger fish” within the conspiracy...Comey, Yates, Brennan, Rice, Clapper, Hillary, and Obama.

In exchange, the witnesses get 25-40 years in prison instead of life (or death penalty).

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The DOJ and FBI are really second and third tier.  There must have been somebody in the administration who coordinated the Shillary whitewash and the Flynn entrapment.  They’re already thinking who’s going to be the scapegoat and trying to limit the damage, already horse trading.  Maybe hang it on Loretta, or Brennan (he’s just a  cracka), maybe Clapper (another cracka, already a perjurer),…  Take it for the team!  For the dem’s one thing is sacred: Obummer’s legacy and they’ll engage in armed resistance to defend him.

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NAPPERS (Nailgun Accident Prevention & Preparation for Emergency Room Services) just released this week's updated NAWL (Nailgun Accident Watch List). Some of the names recently added to the list are:


• former FBI (Feral Bureau of Weasels) Director James "Hillary's Bitch" Comey;

• FBI (Feral Bureau of Weasels) Counterintelligence (Intelligence—ha ha ha) Weasel Peter Strzok;

• FBI (Feral Bureau of Weasels) legal hangdog Lisa Page;

• former FBI (Feral Bureau of Weasels) Deputy Dog Andrew McCabe and Mrs. McCabe;

• FBI (Feral Bureau of Weasels) Deputy Dog for Counterintelligence Bill Priestap;

• US DoJ (US Department of Corruption, Injustice & Persecution) legal beagle Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr;

• former US Attorney Gerbil Lorent Loretta Lynch;

• former British spook and Trump dossier author Christopher Steele;


If these people are allowed to talk they'll implicate Obunghole the Magic Halfrican and his Arkanciding moll Hitlery. 


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It's been awhile since I've seen anything about this lack of investigation. Are they hoping it will just go away? 

And Sessions caught lunching with ZIONIST Israeli firster Rosenstein? 

Wtf, Sessions? 

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You add it all up and this is why Mueller has steered away from Russia collusion...This Inspector General report is going to discredit these punks at the top of FBI for what we knew they were..Hoover would be proud of Comey and his circle jerk

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I have little doubt this news will not make it to mainstream media, maybe to fox or Rush Limbaugh, but the general public will continue to think Hillary skirted the law but never broke it. Just like Obama, who perhaps has a longer list of crimes.

We stand at the edge of the end of the empire era, starring right at the beginning of the end of life as we have known. We know not of the coming torment civilization will be forced to embrace. We watch ignorance, Prejudice , and fear walking hand in hand. We watch but can do little to educate those who are too distracted and brainwashed.  We watch as it all crumbles down before our eyes, and before it was our time to leave this ruined planet. We watch loved ones suffering painfully, then we get to experience that for ourselves. Afterwards, we do not have to watch this drama/horror/documentary anymore, or see how it all ends. God speed to us all, hopefully its pharmaceuticals speed for our sakes...


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Come on, everyone, we have ALL sat by and allowed Wall Street to strip-mine all of the rest of whatever was left and they STILL got their bonuses.  All of this shit is just a side-shit-show.   The Main Tent is STILL the money grubbing and all of this is meant to distract us from the wholesale theft.  IT IS THE MONEY.

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I have been following all of this and the part I'm still not comfortable with is this: "for sending anti-Trump text messages" to a person who he wasn't communicating officially as a person of the FBI, now I get the HR issue of inappropriate relationship at that cleared level, get that the communication was sent to another member of a team tasked with investigating candidates, but we are indeed at a sad fucking day in America where someone cannot have an opinion.  

I really don't like any political party saying people get demoted for not liking a candidate, the emphasis should be on if they performed their jobs!!!

It is an American birthright to call a candidate whatever scurrilous or defaming name we damn well please, the cocksuckers!  Next thing you know the cocksuckers want to be called king and shit...   this mindless deference to title is ridiculous, the real question is simply this: did that person perform their job according to clear expectations?  I don't think so... the relationship/affair with a co-worker is a security issue due to being coerced due to disclosure, runs red flags for sexual harassment in the workplace, and finally was the factual basis for the charges of collusion in a cooked investigation, but the opinion alone and of itself.. that I have no problem with if it is existential political belief.  Somebody calls Trump a cocksucker that is their right as an American, call Hillary a ridiculous crime family cunt.. and that is done politically existential.. I have no problem with.. but if it gets in the way of them putting their job first.. that is a fucking problem.

Imagine doctors not treating people or treating them differently due to voter registration, or a dentist.. the patient gets up and out of the office, it's a free country.. call em as you see em.. cocksuckers