Ron Paul Fears "Huge" Correction In Stocks, Warns "It's Going To Be A Calamity"

"I think we have a greater distortion and a financial danger sitting out there bigger than ever before," warned former presidential candidate Ron Paul in an ominous interview with CNBC this week.

While markets briefly got nervous over Trump's tariffs last week, Paul warns Wall Street is missing the bigger picture and that the real trouble stems from Fed policy and easy money...

"If the Fed continues on the things that they are sort of planning on doing, it's going to be a calamity."

The former Texas congressman explained that The Fed has made critical policy errors that have helped caused a "rigged economy."

It's the debt, stupid, is Paul's clear message...

"Everything is just very burdened with debt, and there's no stopping it."

According to Paul's latest prediction, the February pullback may be just a blip compared to what's ahead.

"The correction is going to be huge, and I don't think anybody can predict. But I think this correction we had in '08 and '09 wasn't allowed to really go its course and restore some sensibility to the market. I think that'll be a mild correction compared to what could happen."

Paul warns investors should not be shocked by a stock market plunge as deep as 50 percent.


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"Paul warns investors should not be shocked by a stock market plunge as deep as 50 percent."


Stocks are already hyped above multiple hundreds of percent due to decade long reckless CB printing. I'd say 50 percent would be slight correction. It needs to go more than 90 percent down to become attractive for "retail buyers" whom the game riggers have been ass fucking.

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They never ask the right questions. Ask the man how much he is short. Is your belief strong enough to put money down? What percent of your wealth is short? Talk is cheap. Thats the right question. If the answer is zero why should anyone care if you dont believe enough what youre claiming to put capital at risk. Im telling you right now I strongly fear the moon is going to explode. I wouldnt wager on it, but I fear it will happen. 

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overbet nidaar Tue, 03/06/2018 - 19:03 Permalink

decade long reckless CB printing


That many more dollars out there, a lot of them going into stocks and you think 50% lower? Theyre creating dollars not burning them. You cant have it both ways. Either there is more dollars out there and prices should be up similarly or there is not and they shouldnt.  

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That is why (they) are rushing to confiscate the guns,are gutting the internet . Last vestiges of freedom.

40 Mil $ injected into the TROLL FARM at the STATE DEPARTMENT .

We are 30 sec to Midnight .

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Mr Dent on the same bent. I'm thinking of buying some SH/TZA (lol) soon. Told the wife to get ready to move stuff into "watching grass grow" bonds.


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I would jump in front of a bullet for Ron Paul, maybe for his son, too. It would depend on how I'm feeling that day. Any other politician, I would just stand there, pointing and laughing.


Of course the crash is coming. Who do you think they will blame it on? Spoiler alert: Donald Trump. Everything according to the plan. They have their scapegoat. It will happen before he leaves office.


Right now I'm predicting I will be getting very angry in the future, imagining myself arguing with some libtard in the near future, trying to convince them that the economic collapse isn't just Trump's fault. I can see it now.

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I don't trust the stability of our banks in the USA.  Today I listened to some 20 something white collar cocksucker on the phone try an explain why the phone deposit app failed to deposit a foreign check (winnings from the Eagles Superbowl) into an account, and then failing there.. we MAILED the fucking check and the cocksuckers said they used the same shitty software at their processing facility, so now sending it a 3rd fucking time and the check states clearly:


It was a reminder to buy some more fucking metal and teach these assholes what a large withdrawal feels like.. But the same cocksuckers again, and again, and again.. same excuses same fucking bankster cocksuckers.  If you hear a globalist cocksucker complaining about a tariff or closing an open border remember the cocksucker excuses these people make daily.

Be worried about the stability of the banks, Sheila Bair isn't in fucking DC anymore people.. she got a real job running a college

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that is actually funny.. I catch articles occasionally of Patriots mourning and trying to make sense of the loss, and as an eagles fan I find that pathetic...  I understand mind you, but with as many SB wins as they have that makes them cocksuckers

Kraft and Putin.. strange shit cannot make it up..…

But a butthurt Patriot fan is like a crying NY Yankee fan.. music to me ears

They fuck up the deposit a third time as a matter of "principle" I make a withdrawal.. 

I had a go-round with a mortgage company.. I don't negotiate with Banksters and finance assholes

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Its not close enough to the mid-term elections. Maybe August or September I'm thinking. If they can take control of the house the investigations disappear.

The Dems that is.

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Ok, everything's going into the shitter, and we're all gonna die! Hey, guess what? Been there. It was called the sixties. So let's do what we-about-to-get-drafted did then. Just fucking DANCE!!!

Come on, take that 9 milli away from yer temple. Get away from that screen. Stand up, loosen up, and get to it! And if you don't fall in love with that brunette, your sperm is deader than your brain.

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We live in an area with many retired UK nationals. A reasonable correction will will devastate  pension schemes.

This will be life changing for them.

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... a quoted excerpt from 1866, [and] pondering its timeline in America today:

"An Aristocracy will always betray its country, to preserve its privileges! And, then, America!--- What will be our fate?--- Despotism will not stop short in the career of victory. It will make no compromise with Liberty. It has learned that the world is not wide enough for Absolutism and Freedom, both. In our age, Absolutism and Liberal governments cannot coexist. The irreconcilable enmity between them can only terminate in the destruction of one or the other. Unfettered Freedom is continually widening its sway, and sapping the foundations of despotic government. If Absolutism is to live, Freedom must be destroyed: if Freedom lives, Absolutism must parish.

In the present state of the world, despotism can only exist by attaining universal dominion. Ambition is the only safety. The dominating nation may be warmly attached to the throne by the pride of conquest, and the spoils of the earth; and converted into a nation of soldiers, it might rule a disarmed world for ages.

We may scoff the idea of universal dominion, but it is by no means an impracticability. Rome swayed the Mediterranean nations for a thousand years, and during that entire period, no nation ever revolted that had once been subdued. It were far easier, now, to sway the world. Then, the means of communicating intelligence and moving troops, were equally slow. A year was spent in receiving intelligence of a war or a revolt, and dispatching an army to the frontier. Now, the telegraph flashes tidings around the earth faster than the sun can move; and steamers and railroads can, in a month, transport an army to the antipodes. With proper means of transportation, telegraphic orders might concentrate, in a week, an overwhelming force upon any revolting nation. A revolting nation? How can a disarmed nation revolt?A Roman province might revolt; for when the weapons were swords and spears, they might be secretly made by any country smith. But can muskets and cannon be secretly manufactured? Can powder manufactories be secretly established? or magazines of the thousand articles of supply indispensable to equipt a modern army? In the present state of military advancement, the world, once disarmed, could never revolt. An overwhelming force might be sent from the Imperial country to the antipodes, long before an insurrectionary nation could equip an army. Let us attempt to drive away apprehensions with a sneer, until despotism is prepared to fix the yoke upon our necks,---a yoke which, once imposed, never can be shaken off."

End Quote 1866 

to be cont.,   

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cont: Excerpts from '1866' *{(note the date?!?) (juxtapose this period with Russia and Europe regarding America today)}*

"Ambition and prudence will alike incite Russia and Germany to enter upon a career of universal conquest. No power in Europe can withstand them. We shall be compelled to engage in a death struggle with Despotism at the head of the marshaled forces of Europe. When that struggle comes, God grant that half our country may not be driven by oppression to welcome the invader, whose feet, once firmly planted on our soil, might never be dislodged! Upon us the destinies of the earth will depend, and I trust we shall not fail! It will be, a desperate conflict. But I believe in the destiny of Republicanism! I believe in the mission of America! I believe in the God of Providence!

In giving to England the colossal power she weilds, and which will be thrown at the critical moment into the wrong side of the scale, we have brought the world to the verge of political shipwreck. Ah! when the crisis comes to Europe, were America but in a condition to turn the wavering balance in favor of the cause of Progress! We might have been, had we been true to our Constitution, and trodden the path of greatness Nature marked out for us. We may be, still, if we in this crisis of our destiny return to a constitutional administration of the government. If, at a future day, the cause of Liberty and Religion is exposed to deadliest peril, the historian who chronicles that dreadful conflict, will attribute it all to our violations of the constitution of our country."


this from 1866?   

'That's a 152 years ago folks!'


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Hey asshole, you obviously know nothing about Ron Paul. Over decades, he made several astute predictions of how things would go wrong, and years later, those things came to pass, spot on.

Here is just one instance of such predictions:


People hated Ron Paul because he was one of the most competent men in Washington, D.C. , someone who actually had a brain, and wasn't afraid to use it.

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Sorry, but we protected our manufacturing base because of tariffs. When those 'free trade' and alleged "fair trade" agreements were created, that's when we lost our mfg base. 

Now we don't produce a fucking thing. 

Tariffs are good to protect a nation from being exploited. 

I don't agree with Trump on much, but I do agree with him on certain tariffs being necessary to make sure we stop getting crappy products from countries that treat their people like shit and pay them next-to-nothing.