Russia Blamed For Italian Election Outcome

If there is a European election, and the anti-establishment parties score a stunning victory (as just happened in Italy, and a few months prior, in Austria), who're you gonna blame? Vladimir Putin (of course)!

That's what Samantha Power, one of the top diplomats in the Obama administration, did when she shared an article by Spain's El Pais newspaper about how Russia predetermined the outcome of Sunday's election by spinning an immigration discourse in Italy: "Italy’s joins long list of elections influenced by Russia. Sputnik will do what Sputnik does. The question is: what are our democracies going to do about it? Will voters repudiate candidates who seek to benefit from Russian interference?"

You see, it had nothing to do with the 38% youth unemployment, the stagnant economy, the record debt load, the record number of young people living with their parents, the meager opportunities for career advancement and the sense that everything is rigged. It was... Russia!

In fact, it is safe to assume that without Russia, and its subversive trolls, operatives - and of course RT and Sputnik - western democracies would all be one endless utopia, with no economic, social or political disagreements, and without such central-bank created artifacts as record wealth and income divisions resulting in unprecedented ideological and political polarization.

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The Spanish article promoted by Power was a hit piece based on social media analysis done by a private firm, claiming the Russian news outlet Sputnik and the almighty Russian bots made the discourse in Italy radicalized on the issue of immigrants. Because Italians, obviously, cannot be genuinely unhappy to be living in a country that also happens to be a primary destination for refugees departing across the Mediterranean Sea from Libya and have no right to feel betrayed by Brussels’ immigration policies, which last summer threatened Italy with the "Nuclear Option", equating it with a B-status European nation.

But wait, the irony is just starting: recall that Samantha Power has been a fervent supporter of US “humanitarian interventions” by the military since Yugoslavia and onwards. During her tenure as member of the National Security Council and later ambassador to the UN in the Obama administration, this pretext of sovereign intervention was used to destroy Libya, which had served as a buffer for irregular immigration to Europe under Muammar Gaddafi, and which has now turned into a hotbed for people smugglers. It was also used to justify the arming of militants in Syria, perpetrating the war that displaced millions of people and sent several millions Syrians fleeing to Europe. Power advocated a direct military intervention, Iraq-style.

Power's post has gained plenty of angry responses, with people eager to remind Power of numerous interventions Washington had its fingerprints on, calling her position ‘ludicrous’. Although you can just ignore them: surely they are all surely just Russian bots doing the Kremlin’s bidding.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s election - just like the recent elections in Germany and Austria - has shaken the political scene in Italy, seeing voters ditch the ruling center-left parties and switch to anti-establishment forces. The Euroskeptic Five-Star Movement came out as the top individual party, winning over 32% of the vote, while anti-immigrant Lega Nord party outperformed expectations, garnering over 17%. The center-left bloc led by ex-Prime Minister Matteo Renzi from Italy's Democratic Party, gained some 23 percent, admitting “a very clear defeat” in the election.

Political analyst Daniele De Bernardin believes that people voted for change on Sunday, not for a particular party.

“In the last five years we had a lot of party switching in the country. Five Star Movement is a movement that puts together very different people with different views,” he said, adding that the party can be viewed as a “post-ideological movement.” What’s putting people together is in fact “a sentiment of changing the country,” he concluded.

A few hours after his humiliating defeat, Matteo Renzi resigned. That, of course, was Russia's fault too.



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Are you kidding me, wow Russia is amazing they truly have a top notch Intel group. In reality people are sick of the BS, no longer trust their so called leaders and decided they wanted new ones. How do you continue to tell people an invasion isn't a invasion while they watch their daughters raped at the hands of the invaders. Russia didn't do poop, the lies are just no longer working.

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fleur de lis Troy Ounce Tue, 03/06/2018 - 12:05 Permalink

Samantha Powers is another shallow thinking, poorly educated, ill read, overly self impressed socialist snowflake from the Havad Yad.

So stupid is she that she once advocated using the US military to put down the pandemic of world wide genocides and genuinely thought it would work.

Proof positive that she has absolutely no grasp of history and the weight of culture.

She thinks that diversity as it exists in academia and .gov settings can be replicated in distant and non-western places by force of US servicemen.

And yet with her painfully obvious dearth of knowledge the Swamp saw fit to appoint her the UN representative of America and its interests.

What a vapid moron and she still does not notice how stupid she is.

It is a testament to the level of .gov idiocy that she got as far as she did.

She should never have been promoted past the secretarial typing pool.




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Creative_Destruct DownWithYogaPants Tue, 03/06/2018 - 14:24 Permalink

"Russia predetermined the outcome of Sunday's election by spinning an immigration discourse in Italy"

So, until Vlad the Puppet-master Putin informed them that mass quantities of immigrants were flooding their shores the poor stupid Italians had no clue they were there.. along with no clue about how the establishment parties have fucked up the Italian economy for the past 5-6 decades.

Well, I had no clue it was SO EASY to control the world... just get a few guys with a poor command of English/Italian (choose language) together in a room with a bunch of laptops and a 5- 10 K budget for adds on F-Book or Twitter and PRESTO! You're the ruler of the f'n planet!

Guess we ALL should be doin' this... Everyone in the US is qualified: it's even within the budget of many US debt slaves; and most have a POOR command of English or any other language.

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EuroPox toady Tue, 03/06/2018 - 08:51 Permalink

A couple of weeks ago, I was with some folks and some of them did believe it - but none of them could explain to me how the Russians were so smart, they knew which states Trump had to win better than the DNC did... and how the Russians could have been so careless as to allow HRC to get more votes overall (which of course she didn't!).  By the end of the evening, none of them believed it anymore.

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toady EuroPox Tue, 03/06/2018 - 10:19 Permalink

Yeah, Power is just a tool... TPTB always have a underlying, or hidden, agenda.

Stick with me here, I'm grasping at straws, trying to piece together a couple thoughts....

As you say, upfront, the Russian hacker meme is mere deflection, "we lost, and we're not gonna 'fess up to our real issues, we're just gonna blame a strawman", but, behind this bullshit, they're demonizing "hackers", and "trolls", and any other internet meme that conflicts with their "official" story.

The end game is a "sanitized, official " internet?

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NumbersUsa toady Tue, 03/06/2018 - 12:59 Permalink

Sarz says:

"Americans need to face up to the fact that the rules governing the media have allowed the mass media to be hijacked by the Jews. The brains of common Americans have been turned to oatmeal. The spiritual foundation of the west has been completely subverted, and democracy has become a joke."

We believe what Sarz says !

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East Indian EuroPox Tue, 03/06/2018 - 12:02 Permalink

Here is how RT covers this story. Sounds fair enough to me:


Absolutely. Here is how the article begins:

"One of the key people behind the policies that destabilized Libya and Syria, causing a flood of refugees to Europe, accused Russia of influencing the Italian elections after voters gave the cold shoulder to establishment parties."

Well and truly said. 

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gregga777 This is it Tue, 03/06/2018 - 08:19 Permalink

Wolf! Wolf! Never mind, just kidding.

Wolf! Wolf! Never mind, just kidding. 

Wolf! Wolf! Chomp, crunch, gulp, buuurrrppp!


Who still believes any of the lies spewed by the Anglo-Zionist FAKE NEWS Media presstitute talking heads? Someday they'll actually report about something that is true and no one will believe them. 


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GreatUncle Tue, 03/06/2018 - 07:37 Permalink

Another fucking joke :-) I love it one it makes the establishment look stupid but worse it makes it even harder for them to justify any future nartrative.

It is reverse gaslighting if you start trying to create fake news.

Dapper Dan _ConanTheLiber… Tue, 03/06/2018 - 08:05 Permalink

If it happened and it’s bad it’s Russia.

The long game is even more alarming: Russia currently has millions more women than men which leading experts believe may be a genetically-engineered mating apocalypse master plan. Moscow aims to flood strategic areas of the world with mail-order brides to stealthily inculcate pro-Russian attitudes in hapless male victims. Instead of being “cucked” as the alt-right would have it, lonely men will instead be “Russ-ucked” by Olgas and Svetlanas cooing in their ear.

In Russia, Locals 'Exhausted' From Being Blamed For Everything…

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