Mapping The Death Of Diesel Across Europe

Diesel-powered cars in Europe are losing their momentum.

Statista's Raynor de Best notes that, according to the latest numbers from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), diesel's market share decreased to 45.7 percent of total car registrations in the EU-15. Diesel sales traditionally were higher than in the U.S., due to a 30 percent tax advantage. Consumer confidence, however, is decreasing following the Volkwagen Group's emission-cheating scandal, tightening European emission standards and a potential ban from city centers.

Infographic: The Shape Of Diesel | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

According to the ACEA, diesel's penetration decreased in all countries, particularly in Austria, Greece, Luxembourg and Spain.

The market share in Germany, traditionally regarded as a country fond of diesel technology, reached 40.4 percent between January and September 2017, a decrease of 6.1 percent. France's market share fell below 50 percent (47.8 percent, a decrease of 4.7 percent) for the first time in years. Ireland remains the country with the highest diesel market share (65.4 percent), followed by Portugal (61.4 percent) and Italy (56.5 percent).


DownWithYogaPants Déjà view Thu, 03/08/2018 - 07:23 Permalink

God damned non-engineers yapping again.

Please refer to Carnot cycle and how engines with higher compression ratios are inherently more efficient.  That's because more of the heat is sucked out of them.  This has nothing to do with the fuel.

Fucking hate non engineers.  You should all be rounded up and rocketed off to that planet where only hairdressers and telephone sanitisers. ( Golgafrincham )

I suspect the real reason diesel is on the shit list is they want more petroleum consumed to keep the price up. Same reason global warming is a thing. Artificial scarcity.  It's fucking retarded.  VW did not fuck this up. Governments and their puppetmasters did.

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swmnguy DownWithYogaPants Thu, 03/08/2018 - 07:35 Permalink

I'm not an engineer so fuck me, I guess.

However, I've spent my whole career working on the "actually getting things done" side of media, marketing, communication and advertising.  For decades now I've used that same Douglas Adams construct to describe many of the people in "Creative" industries.  I've usually called them "First Spaceship" people.

Kudos and a greenie for the reference.

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Bwana 1 Alabama Thu, 03/08/2018 - 13:35 Permalink

Well Bucko I own a diesel I bought in 2001. It is a 2002 Dodge with the high output Cummins and a 6 speed manual with 3.54 differential gearing. It weighs 8,000 pounds and I get an average of 19 mpg and 22 mpg on the highway. When towing my 5th wheel trailer that weighs 14,400 pounds I still get 16 mpg. I only have 260,000 miles on my PU but I have friends with a lot more. One of my friends carries cars all over the country for a living. His P/U diesel has 1,100,000 miles on it.

As far as compression ratio mine has a 19.5 to 1 mechanical compression and at idle it is about 24 to 1 due to the turbocharger. At above 2,400 rpm I am well over 36 to 1. Diesels use a different specialized crankcase oil which is a high sheer oil for high compression engines and the bearings are proportionally larger and harder. If you do any towing you can put an exhaust brake on a diesel which cannot be done on a gasoline engine.

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malek DownWithYogaPants Thu, 03/08/2018 - 10:14 Permalink

Unfortunately in practice the higher compression is meaningless.
Only two reasons diesel engines get higher mpg are
a) the slightly higher energy content of diesel fuel compared to gasoline, but even more important
b) as diesel ignites and burns even in excess air mixes, you don't need a throttle on the intake, which massively improves efficiency in partial load engine utilization. (But at the same time exactly that excess air mix leads to higher NOx emissions.)

Taken from a professor of mechanical engineering, specialty combustion engines.

Fucking hate theoretician "engineers".

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NAVIGATOR0832 DownWithYogaPants Thu, 03/08/2018 - 11:39 Permalink

Same can be said for engineers vs physicists or physical chemists.  Carnot cycle refers to heat pumps and the like and are reversible cycles, where as gasoline and diesel engines are based upon the Otto cycle.  There is significantly more energy density contained in diesel vs gasoline as the molecules are larger and there are more chemical bonds.  There are many reasons why diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines, high compression is one of them.  Wikipedia as a simple summation.  

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VWAndy DownWithYogaPants Thu, 03/08/2018 - 17:31 Permalink

 I cant even count how many times engineers lied right to my face knowing fully that it was Bullshit. Used to think it was just intellectual sloth. But no. They will say whatever pays best.

 Nice try with the appealing to authority thing.

  Oh and one more thing for all u fucking engineers out there. Cheaper is not fucking better! Yall get paid to turn all the good inventions into shit products. Smaller bolts, thinner here, plastic there, extra stupid electronics anything to save a penny. Like 1% of you are working on inventing cool stuff. The rest are trying your best to fuck it all up.

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You spelled it wrong.  It's  Mess ( as what everywhere in Mexico looks like and places they move to look like) I ( for a single one of them) Can ( yes it can make a f-load of a mess)   Mess-I-Can!   Alt Spelling:  Mess-I-sure-Can  Used in a sentence;  Mess-I-sure-Can give you more spray paint "art."  I am however saddened they aren't getting their maximum amount of Monsanto GMO corn in their diets, which they relabel and sell back into USA as  "Organic"… 

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Food Loaf Junkie Thoresen Thu, 03/08/2018 - 08:30 Permalink

If you are in the U.S. the problem is the fuel.  Before purchasing my diesel jeep I conversed with Jeep owners in Europe.  They informed me I must add cetane booster to compensate for the lower quality fuel over here.  I have used Power Service cetane booster since new and no problems.  A friend purchased an identical diesel Jeep and had no end of problems, EGR valves and no power, hard starting.  I told him what to do but he wouldn't bother, sold the Jeep at about 50,000

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philipat VWAndy Thu, 03/08/2018 - 02:52 Permalink

You don't think other car manufacturers were doing the same (including US manufacturers)? It;s a little like the only Banks that are are ever penalised for offenses in the US are European, especially Deutsche Bank. We know that ALL the Banks are part of a criminal cartel but the US Banks, especially JPM, are just doing God's work and would never even dream about doing anything dishonest.

The VW thing was all about warning Germany over Ukraine and Russian sanctions.

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thisandthat VWAndy Thu, 03/08/2018 - 09:53 Permalink

VW were actually the ones who cheated the least, with every other manufacturer (european, asian and american) cheating even more than them, reaching all the way up to almost ten times VW's values.

The numbers are out there, and the fact that the one's being talked about are VW, and no one else, says everything about the seriousness of this whole thing (and of the people talking about it).


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