Putin Says "US Political System Eating Itself Up", Explains Preparation For Nuclear War

In a move that will likely prompt more calls for collusion, Russia's President Vladimir Putin offered more words of praise for President Trump on Wednesday, but added that he was sorely disappointed with the U.S. political system, saying that it has been "eating itself up."

Speaking in an interview with Russian state television, Putin lavished Trump with praise, describing him as a great communicator: "I have no disappointment at all," Putin said according to AP, when asked about the U.S. president. "Moreover, on a personal level he made a very good impression on me." 

Putin also praised Trump as a "balanced" man, who easily gets into the gist of various issues and listens to his interlocutor. "It's possible to negotiate with him, to search for compromises," Putin added.

The two leaders met on the sidelines of international summits last year.

The Russian president also noted that he spent some time talking to Melania Trump when he sat next to her during an official dinner at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany in July. The Russian leader said he told her and the wife of the Italian premier "about Siberia and Kamchatka, about fishing ... about bears on Kamchatka and tigers in the Far East."

"I made some exaggerations," the action-loving Russian leader said with a grin. "When you talk about fishing, you can't help exaggerating."

Asked jokingly by the interviewer if he was trying to recruit the women, the KGB veteran responded by saying: "No, I stopped dealing with that a long time ago." He added with a smile: "But I liked doing that, it was my job for many years."

* * *

Putin then changed the topic, and vented his frustration with the U.S. political system saying "it has demonstrated its inefficiency and has been eating itself up."

"It's quite difficult to interact with such a system, because it's unpredictable," Putin said.

Russian hopes for a detente and better ties with Washington have been dashed by the ongoing congressional and FBI investigations into allegations of collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia. Speaking about the bitter tensions in Russia-West relations, Putin said they have been rooted in Western efforts to contain and weaken Russia.

"We are a great power, and no one likes competition," he said.

Turning his attention to a particularly sensitive topic, Putin said he was dismayed by what he described as the U.S. role in the ouster of Ukraine's Russia-friendly president in February 2014 amid massive protests.

Putin charged that the U.S. had asked Russia to help persuade then-President Viktor Yanukovych not to use force against protesters and then "rudely and blatantly" cheated Russia, sponsoring what he called a "coup." Russia responded by rushing through a referendum in Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula, whose result was an overwhelming majority voting to join Russia.

"Few expected us to act so quickly and so resolutely, not to say daringly," Putin said.

He described the Western sanctions over Crimea and the insurgency in eastern Ukraine as part of "illegitimate and unfair" efforts to contain Russia, adding that "we will win in the long run." He added that "those who serve us with poison will eventually swallow it and poison themselves."

Responding to a question about Russia's growing global leverage, Putin responded: "If we play strongly with weak cards, it means the others are just poor players, they aren't as strong as it seemed, they must be lacking something."

* * *

Finally, Putin, who presented a sweeping array of new Russian nuclear weapons last week, voiced hope that nuclear weapons will never be used — but warned that Russia will retaliate in kind if it comes under a nuclear attack.

"The decision to use nuclear weapons can only be made if our early warning system not only detects a missile launch but clearly forecasts its flight path and the time when warheads reach the Russian territory," he said. "If someone makes a decision to destroy Russia, then we have a legitimate right to respond."

He concluded ominously: "Yes, it will mean a global catastrophe for mankind, for the entire world. But as a citizen of Russia and the head of Russian state I would ask: What is such a world for, if there were no Russia?"


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Well. It was obvious for some time that a corrupt gov will lead unfortunately to capitalism going rogue and eating itself up. Don't get me wrong, is not the capitalism failure is the failure of the ones who supposedly had to ensure the existence of a true free but balanced market, and that's the gov, so as in the former Soviet bloc this proves again that too big and powerful gov naturally evolves into an oligarchy which drives the system to self cannibalize.

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At this stage of the game the US deep state (the oligarchs, MIC, and intelligence community, which control the media and most politicians) can no longer blame with any credibility Russian hacking as the source of the alleged leaks which offset Hillary’s election campaign. We know it came directly from the DNC. However, the deep state has a priority (very strong interests) to keep the heat on Russia, and that is the reason for the continuing fake news of Russian agents working in the DNC and leaking the information and not Seth Rich.

Just as we see grandiose deep-state theatrics for the US to obtain access to strategic rare-earth resources in North Korea, we see the similar deep-state-orchestrated theatrics falsely alleging that Russians rigged or interfered in the US Presidential election. The controversy between Trump and Hillary is mainly a prop in order to keep the finger of blame pointed at the vilified Russia.

Russia's Putin is the main obstacle to the Western bankster-corporate cabal obtaining resource and geopolitical hegemony over the entire planet.   That is the underlying rational in subjecting that nation to constant vilification, sanctions, threats, and military provocation. 

However, at this stage of the game and after 14 months of carrying the Russian election-meddling fake-out so far down the football field, the only sane rationale is that the deep-state has been systematically creating a justification for its own, very real and serious interference in the Russian presidential election taking place this month.  

Any doubts? Just remember that to the Western US-led, deep-state cabal, Putin and his government are:

 “those wicked oil and gas nationalizers”;

 “those heinous enemies of the nice Rothschild banksters and oligarchs that  Putin has outlawed from Russia”;

“those renegade BRICSters competing against the US Fed, the World Bank, the IMF and opposing the proposed One World Bank and to be backed by a One World Government and Western military might”;  

“those rogues who support nations which choose to trade oil without US petrodollars”;

“those evil monsters who oppose globalism and defend their own nation’s sovereignty as well as other nations like Syria fighting for their sovereignty and presently being destroyed by the same cabal”.

The Western cabal will likely have spent tens, if not hundreds, of billions of US dollars interfering in the Russian election by the time it is over. Presently they are most likely bribing, blackmailing, and intimidating thousands of people to swing and rig the election to ensure Putin does not win. “You did it to us.” Will be their mantra if Putin complains.

Good luck Vlad and we hope that what your foes are doing against you can be turned against them and in favor of your nation.   


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The Truth NEVER Taught About World War 2, The Truth the jew supremacists don't want you to know !!

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Agree Baggins! I have lived in the erstwhile S.Union for nearly 3 years. From what i saw they are a simple hardworking lot. No religion (or barely any), no black/white, no left/right. Just hard work. The best man for the best job. Never had any doubt they would rise high in the eyes of the world someday.

 And last but not the least, humanity above profit!

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Well said.  Viva Vladimir Vladimirovich and his highly competent team members, such as Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu, both of whom sharply contrast with clowns in the West, whilst I aver that VVP is the greatest statesman ever ... never was and never will be a mere politician.  (I am not easily impressed, but after about ten years of paying attention to this man, I am deeply impressed.)

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i agree with everything but the Trump-Hillary false feud... i think it's real. no show. imo, Trump wants to take 'em all down but doesn't want to look like he's driving force behind prosecution. Sessions needs to step up if he hasn't already. it's his job. he wants to be Little Big Man. go for it, dude... but either step up or step down.

anyway... looking for something big from Inspector General... if he fails to indict and more excuses, then you're right. all hat. no horse. and we're going to have to find a replacement for the Don. but at this point, Trump's my man.

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It bears mention that the second most popular candidate after bad Vlad is a rabid nationalist representing the portion of Russia's citizenry who would love to see America punished. Then there are the communists. After that come Atlanticist candidates a little more to America's liking. If one of them won, he'd be laughed to the nearest railway station out of the country. 

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You nailed it !!

It's the jew supremacists running their warmongering propaganda machine 24/7 throughout the world.





The Truth NEVER Taught About World War 2, The Truth the jew supremacists don't want you to know !!

2nd Edition (expanded post-ban)


For Anyone & Everyone one interested in The Truth regarding jew war II, Packed full of Facts, 600 Illustrations, Maps, Documents, News Articles, Headlines, Back Door Agreements hid From the Public, The Propaganda exposed, the goods on Churchill & Roosevelt, & On & On....


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I have no more love for the Jews than I have for the Freemasons. But now I know that the Jews don't actually run shit! If they did, it simply would never be in-your-face so damn obvious.

The people who you may not criticize are not your rulers after all.



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Oh no. Here we go with the Annunaki again.

Re. Your attempted diversion from the Zionist Banksters to the CIA.

The Zionist Banksters created the CIA via the Tavistock Institute in the Zionist owned and run City of London, the square mile section of London that the Queen has to ask for permission before entering.


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the 3 stars represent






All 3 have Egyptian style obelisks. 'Cleopatra's Needle' in London was transported from Egypt (as was 'Caligula's obelisk in St. Peters square). The Washington Monument, upon completion, was the tallest structure in the world.


They all represent & pay tribute to the manhood of Osiris (so, in essence, they're basically just needle dicks)

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And who do you think controls the CIA?  I'll tell you.  Rothschild & Co, with not all the "Co" being Jews/Zionists, though the Rothschild Dynasty is, but rather the heads of about eight corporations which control over 50% of World trade and finances.  You'll hear far more about the CIA than you ever will about Rothschild & Co. that should tell you something.  "Follow the money."

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Well I could of course be wrong. But riddle me this: If the Jews really had control would they let us know about it?

I simply no longer believe that the real rulers would ever allow themselves to be known.

This is just my opinion, based on my own logic. If you disagree that's fine.

I'm after the real truth, not the old band wagon.

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Christians know to never trust the followers of the traditions of the Pharisees(judaism).  It's not that they haven't tried crushing their critics, but the truth has a way of persevering.  The ADL would still love to ban the New Testament, which they refer to as hate speech.  As long as that word is preserved, there will forever be a witness against the followers of Pharisaism(judaism).

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