Silvio Berlusconi Backs Leader Of Euroskeptic Party To Form Italy's Next Government

In what's probably a nightmare scenario for the millions of Italians who supported left or center-left candidates, Forza Italia leader and former four-time prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has decided to support Matteo Salvini, the candidate of the euroskeptic Northern League, in his attempt to form a government after Euroskeptic and anti-establishment parties performed (once again) far better than expected. 

Italy's March 4 election was widely viewed as a victory for Berlusconi and the other members of his "center-right" coalition with two far-right parties. And now Berlusconi has confirmed that the coalition will unify behind the candidate of the anti-immigrant Norther League.


Berlusconi's Forza Italia garnered just 14% of the vote compared with 17% for the North Northern League, and the members of the coalition had agreed before the vote to support whoever received the largest share. Before the vote, polls expected Forza Italia to win the largest share of the vote. Still, with a combined 37% of the vote total, the coalition still fell short of the 40% threshold needed to form a government, setting Italy up for a leadership showdown that could last for months.

"I am happy for Matteo Salvini and the League," the 81 year-old said. Berlusconi didn't run for office because of a law banning him because of his criminal convictions.

Still, Berlusconi emphasized that he's still the center-right coalition's indispensable power broker in what ended up being his first public statement since the vote, according to EuroNews.

"I confirm that...I remain Forza Italia’s leader, I will be the coordinator of the centre-right, I will be the guarantor for the unity of the coalition."

Both the League an the 5-Star Movement say Italy's president should name the leader of their own parties as prime minister.



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Berlusconi swearing allegiance to the League is the only thing he can do now. Well, they were allies in the election and in former governments.

But look at the electoral map. South - Movimento 5 Stelle. North - League. Whoever gets to rule by buying enough support from the center will have the other half of the country against them.

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Fireman machiavellian-trader Thu, 03/08/2018 - 04:23 Permalink

The collapse of the EUSSR and its unelected half-wit Pedophile Politburo in Natostan sewer BrUSsel$ is fast approaching. Now as the €urodollah clogs the globalist Ponzi shitter how long before the entire Potemkin Village (idiot) "economy" of war and casino rigged markets erupts in a giant tsunami of all that toxic derivative filth holding the bankster delusion together.

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Unfortunately the head of state is pushing for a 5star + PD. The 5star are going to accept it because they are a fake anti established, they got money from Soros, recently they totally flip on immigration and euro scepticism. Also all the vote came from the south, the heaven of organised crime and welfare parasites. It will be the end. 

GreatUncle Thu, 03/08/2018 - 04:38 Permalink

The right turning having a better vote than expected?

Nope ... you mean the MSM / left leaning political establishment are suppressing the truth on the level of support the right has because of the current politicial ideology.

Ideologies ...

1.) Displace the idigenous population from their countries.

2.) Destroy the idigenous population economically.

Overall to suppress any and all objections to the current globalst ideology.

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Even the people of Gibraltar have had enough of the EU -

Sir Joe Bossano, former Chief Minister of Gibraltar , says the European Union’s negotiating guidelines for Brexit are enough to convert him, from a supporter of the EU, into a Brexiteer.
Speaking to GBC, Sir Joe said it was disgraceful that the EU has effectively given Spain a veto over the application to Gibraltar of any Brexit deals made with the UK. He said it was a complete betrayal of the trust that the people of Gibraltar had in the EU. (Gib Chronicle 31st Jan 18).
Even after effectively giving the territory away on 3 separate occasions Spain persists!

Gibraltar – Spanish Myths and Agreements (single page):

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Hold on am I missing something.

Berlusconi was in favour of dumping the Euro and then I believe he was maneuvered out by Brussels for his view and Renzi was parachuted in as their stooge without election. Is this right?

If so, Berlusconi will be looking for pay back to the EU for their interference and I am sure he could offer Matteo Salvini some big carrots.

As Gerald Celente says; paybacks a bitch.

flapdoodle JohnGaltUk Thu, 03/08/2018 - 08:05 Permalink

Spot on JohnGaltUk.

I was amazed how meekly BungaBunga allowed Brussels to force him out of office without even a reach around to the illusion of any democratic process. Meealsothinks Silvio is going to engage in a little payback and at the same time may actually try to make Italy a better place and start to undo the huge immigrant plague. Being 81 no doubt concentrates the mind and makes one think of grander things (when not thinking of shagging 14 year old escorts).

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Well we all know what happened to Strauss Kahn, my understanding is it was the same crooks. I think he had designs for running for president of France and he was a shoe in because he was very popular in France but then he had to go and mess it up by attempting to rape the ugliest chamber maid one has ever seen. Although he is worth millions and could have easily afforded the kinkiest girls in town that would would have been happy to role play rape games, no he had to try and rape the ugliest  heifer in NYC. Yea right!!!!!

I drove right through Italy back in 2013 and it was looking very depressed then, you could see it on their faces. I am surprised there has not been revolt already.

You can't blame him for jumping the bones of that escort she was hot:-)…


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MAMA MIA ! GREAT NEWS ! Finally something that can maybe help the old country save itself from total destruction ! I am a bit skeptical, however you need to be optimistic... If Italy doesn't change it's course, it will be no more... 

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This vote is going to have big implications for EU-Russian relations. Berlusconi and Putin are tight, and have been for many years. Italy will vote against extending sanctions on Russia and the sanctions regime will be wound down. Once they start to come off, it will be a mad rush from EU states to get reestablished in the Russian market. All of which is going to drive our Neocon/war party activists nuts. 

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Italy (and others) is fighting against the Coudenhove - Kalergi, Soros and other cultural marxism fanboys, who are trying to break the EU nation's national sentiment, and the EU cultural pillars with immigration, divorce, abortion, gender, atheism, anti-Russian and anti British sentiment ...

To have someone quoting that mentally disturbed guy called Kalergi in Brussels in 2017 is just scary !…



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Oh the vapors, Italy with uncertainty, high unemployment and economic stagnation, a banking industry mired in worthless paper that stifles economic development, along with Eu budget rules that have mired economic growth and recovery, and above all massive influx of the third world migrants that is well over 600,000 in under four years, threatens the stability, safety and has produced violence against Italian citizens in the name of the much vaulted cultural diversity of EU members all gift-wrapped to produce a feeling of political abandonment by the EU in general. If anything the EU continues to control the perception of their reality rather than offer solutions, all of which makes distrust and suspicion and challenge European progressivism. Nobody enjoys dining on self-immolation no matter how much sugar coating is applied. Italians were naive but are not stupid.