21 People Were Hospitalized After Nerve Gas Attack On Ex-Russian Spy

Acting chief constable of the Wiltshire Police Kier Pritchard shared more details about the nerve gas attack on Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia Skripal. While initial reports said only the Skripals and a police officer who responded to the scene had been hospitalized, Pritchard said that a total of 21 people received treatment following the nerve gas attack, including the original three, per Sky News.

"Multiple people have been treated, around 21 people, including the man and the woman found on the bench. A number of those have been through the hospital treatment process, they are having blood-tests, support and advice," Pritchard said.

The only people still in the hospital are Skripal, Yulia and police sergeant Nick Bailey, who was named for the first time on Thursday. Though his condition remains serious, he is finally "talking and engaging with people."


Nick Bailey

Pritchard said he visited Bailey in intensive care, and that he's steadily recovering. The Skripals are both in critical but stable condition.

"I’ve known Nick for many years, he’s a great character. He’s a huge presence in Wiltshire Police – well-liked, well-loved, a massively dedicated officer," Pritchard said. "He’s clearly receiving high specialist treatment. He’s well, he’s sat up. He’s clearly not the Nick that I know, but he’s in the safe hands of the medical professionals working in Salisbury District Hospital."

Russia has denied having a role in what police are calling an attempted assassination, and today Home Secretary Amber Rudd cautioned Britons not to "jump to conclusions" about who might've organized the attack. Those comments came after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson threatened to boycott the World Cup over Russia's "malign influence" in the UK.