Baltimore Mayor Pledges 60 Taxpayer-Funded Buses To Drive Students To D.C. Gun Protest

Kevin Rector, a crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun Newspaper, recorded Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh on Tuesday outside City Hall, shouting through a bullhorn to several hundred zombified students, of how she wants to provide 60 taxpayer-funded buses - to send more than 3,000 students to the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., scheduled for March 24.

“We are providing at least 60 buses so that our students from our city can take their voices to Washington D.C. so that they can hear what we have to say,” Pugh said while standing next to the new Baltimore City Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa. “We believe as you believe, that there should be no guns…”

Earlier in the day, hundreds of Baltimore school students walked out of their classrooms onto the most dangerous streets in America, where the per capita homicide rate is on par with Venezuela, a country that is currently experiencing economic collapse.

We ask the question: Why haven’t city students protested Baltimore’s out of control murders?

The students wanted their voices heard and politicians to act regarding gun violence in schools, said WBAL Radio. The walkout is in response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left seventeen people killed and seventeen more wounded, making it one of the world’s deadliest school massacres.

“We’re trying to stop gun violence trickling down to the youth. We see gun violence not just in schools, but all over Baltimore City, and we think it really needs to stop because it’s affecting the youth a lot. So we’re here to say something because we’re not going to be silenced,” said Amee Rothman, a student organizer.

“We all need to come together and protest, so that something can change,” said Talia Jackson, a student. “I’m marching today because I think what is happening is unacceptable and it’s very disturbing.”

City students had no issue leaving their classrooms and walking over to City Hall. Along the way, students passed strip clubs, homeless encampments, and methadone clinics. Nevertheless, since those things are typical in Baltimore, the students blindly passed some of the real issues that are leading Maryland’s largest city towards a collapse.

Students came well prepared. Rector, who was videotaping the underage group, said the students were chanting “This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

Where have we heard that before?

Well, that phrase is part of a pool of chants that are generally shouted at Soros-funded rallies. It is still unclear who funded the student walkout, but for one thing, the school system and Mayor’s office were well informed that these students were going to walk out. Marches like these take a great deal of city planning through various government entities — regarding permits and coordination with law enforcement. To sum up, this was not a spontaneous walkout by students, it was well planned and organized through community groups working with city officials. That is undeniable…

It is rumored that protesting will be added to Baltimore City Schools’ curriculum next semester.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasts Baltimore Mayor for her decision to send 60 buses of 3,000 students to an anti-gun protest in DC on the taxpayer’s money. Throughout the interview, Ingraham confirms our thoughts of how Baltimore is on the verge of imploding, but it is evident, the mayor has other priorities...



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A Broward County sheriff’s deputy who remained outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while a shooting took place told other deputies to stay away from the building during the incident, according to radio dispatches released Thursday. 

“Do not approach the 12 or 1300 building, stay at least 500 feet away,” Scot Peterson radioed other officers as Nikolas Cruz, the alleged gunman, left the school.

The sheriff's office released a timeline of its response to the shooting, which showed Peterson also relayed to officers that gunfire was happening inside the school despite publicly claiming that he believed the shots came from outside the building

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Baltimore Mayor Pledges 60 Taxpayer-Funded Buses To Drive Students To D.C. Gun Protest


By the way, there is no such thing as GUN CONTROL because under the MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL POLICE STATE gun ownership laws, only the CRIMINALS will have the GUNS and innocent, law abiding citizens will be defenseless!!!

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SO glad I don't pay taxes!

Don't you mean you're glad that you don't get extorted by government agents? NOBODY consciously and willingly pays taxes, that would imply that its a voluntary transaction. Taxes are extracted under threats of violence and incarceration. The difference might be purely semantic to some but the distinction is important to make, even within ones own mind. In polite conversation use the phrase "extorted" instead of "paying" when on the subject of taxes, and watch the facial expressions. 

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WATCH them slowly boil the frog.  They are good with the age going to 21.  They are good with bump stock bans.  They are good with mag restrictions.  They are good with bullet buttons.  They are supporting " supressors" with less energy than Jeff Sessions.  We will have a few more black rifle shootings this year and them and the orange squirrel will continue to chip away.  WATCH

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She's a Black Lives Matter mayor. She supported the Antifa confederate statue removal by removing statues with no debate.

Now she marches to disarm white America because in her city the blacks are killing each other.

Interesting how the left will use state resources for a political agenda, but if the right does it, it's the end of the world.

Essential she's a victim of white oppression who believes black people's problems are caused by whites, when she's the mayor and runs the show.

Militant black women on a mission to destroy white America just like Obama. Is this apart of the Resistance Movement, because it will do nothing to take the guns out of black criminals in her city.

She needs a political scapegoat and whitey is it.

Clean up your own city before whining to the nation about your city's problems.


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I'd laugh if, once they get to DC, they all just run off in every direction and do their own thing.

Children aren't allowed to make the laws.  Adults are supposed to thrash it out.  Now there are deliberate efforts to bypass all that and use mis-directed, traumatised children to hijack the law-making process.

Cue that lady from "The Simpsons" :  "Won't somebody please think of the children!"

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Funny that.  When I was a kid, if someone had have shot up the school then I would have wanted a gun.  Better yet, I'd want the biggest, toughest sumabitch I knew (i.e. my dad, at that age it is always "my dad") at school, guarding me WITH HIS GUN.  And give the headmaster a gun.  And give the teachers guns.  And bring the police and the army.  WITH GUNS.

Regardless of the law, what kind of brainwashed kid believes the criminals will not have guns??????  While they might be dumb and naive enough to believe that "my dad and his gun" can beat the crap out of anyone, they're not dumb enough to believe the criminals will all magically lose their guns... or is it just because I grew up in a country where guns are already tightly controlled?

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It appears every city on that murder list is Democrat ran..... what maybe 2 may not be?  Dallas and Denver?  I think both have Dems running the show.

Either way, the pattern is clear!  Democrats banning firearms from law abiding citizens, and criminals running rampant killing all of the unarmed innocence.

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Isn't using government money to promote a political party's objectives, illegal?   There's the Hatch Act for federal employees, but aren't there laws against state and local governments doing this?  Perhaps a lawyer will file a class action lawsuit against the mayor, and make the mayor pay for this out of his own pocket.  

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I'd like to go back and count the number of times the mayor said "we want".  We want no guns, we want this, we want that, and when called upon for accountability for results of those wants, she starts the process of "we want" again.  

The we want shit ran out in Venezuela.

This is the shit I watch pumped out of Baltimore in the Gettysburg television market.  Any federal tax dollars spent in Baltimore support this fraud of a city government.  The democrats simply do nothing but say: "we want" and had that stupid look on their faces when a candidate stood up instead and said: Here is what we are going to do

The funniest thing, actually it is funny is watching the failed children and people coming out of Baltimore (uneducated, stupid, opinionated, irresponsible, incapable of a civil discussion) emotionally and in an (infantile manner nearing belligerence) virtue signaling what "we want."  They deserve the sweet tasted of the shit they are delivered, the broken systems, the failing schools, the crime ridden streets, the exodus of capable and productive workers.

When I try and communicate the level and the degree of stupid, simple irrational stupid I see daily out of Baltimore, when I say that these people are brainwashed and frankly incapable of participating in a global economy or competing in the private sector, you need to go back and count the number of times these people said: we want.

No usage of the word "results"

No usage of the word "earned"

No usage of the word "accountability"

The largest industry in Baltimore is failed government, and here is most laughable part of all, they want more of other peoples money to increase job training, increase drug treatment, increase any and all other programs of the "we want" agenda.

One of the reasons why I'm a gun owner is to protect against tyrannical governance, and that would include a government that wants to take away rights that were declared under Heller to be legal and individual rights.

There is a reckoning coming and the moment the people in Baltimore realize that they can wish in one hand and shit in the other and then find not a gun among them to deal with the results of these failed decisions.

I'd have been more impressed if she had wanted a pony, a chicken in every pot, a children's crusade to the holy land, when you see politicians doing what you see this woman doing.. you need to prep for what is coming... it is not going to end well as it did in Venezuela.…

White South Africans face genocide, ‘We are cutting the throat of whiteness’

This is what happens when uneducated people run out of "we want"…

Mad Max violence stalks Venezuela's lawless roads

Again this is the results of unaccountable governance running out of "we want"

The left is the seed of Hitler (a socialist), Pol Pott, Stalin, Lenin.. and they all follow the same game book.

queue up the death, starvation, and human misery along with death and destruction because

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

They instead deserve the sweet taste of shit.

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