Britain's Massive Charity Scam

Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute,

In a secularized West, charitable organizations are the modern-day saints granting us our expiatory rites. Many humanitarian NGOs even seem to cater to Western consciences filled with guilt.

Since these NGOs say they work on behalf of "humanity" and for a "better world", while possibly assuming that states and governments act only for the sake of social efficiency or their own self-preserving interests. Yet, often these NGOs risk becoming bureaucracies as much as states do, sometimes even with similar sexual and financial scandals. At times these NGOs also can look like just a "mammoth machinery" with more employees than services; a steep, often unaccountable budget, and an ideology promoting the worst "Western stereotyping". The weekly magazine The Spectator called them "the bad charity".

Lately, not a single week has passed without a negative story in the press about British NGOs. Now Oxfam, one of the wealthiest and most important of them, is sinking from a series of scandals in Africa and Haiti. It used, it seems, taxpayers' money, intended for the earthquake victims, to pay for "Caligula-style orgies". It also fired the actresses Kristin Davis and Scarlett Johansson, who volunteered as Oxfam "ambassadors," after they appeared in advertisements for Israeli companies. Oxfam accused the women of rhetorically "oppressing" the Palestinians; meanwhile Oxfam's staff was physically oppressing the Haitians.

Every year, not only at Oxfam, more than 1,000 acts of sexual abuse are committed by people who are supposed to be protecting children and vulnerable people, according to the British charities' regulator. Even the NGO of David Miliband, the former Labour party frontrunner, was hit by a scandal of sexual abuse, fraud and corruption.

According to a report by the BBC, women in Syria have been sexually exploited by men delivering aid on behalf of the United Nations and other Western charities. "The exploitation is so widespread that some Syrian women are refusing to go to distribution centres because people would assume they had offered their bodies for the aid they brought home", the BBC explains, quoting a new UN report on the humanitarian abuses.

According to Aidan Hartley in The Spectator, trouble for these NGOs began when they stopped helping people and started becoming politically correct by "blaming the West, stoking guilt and making Africa into a utopian playground for socialists from Sussex University".

Israel recently banned representatives of 20 non-governmental groups from entering the country, including the British organization War on Want, which according to NGO Monitor fabricates accusations of "genocide" and "crimes against humanity" against Israel.

The historic Halo Trust was an organization beloved by Britain's late Lady Diana. The actress Angelina Jolie in 2014 accused its executives of paying themselves handsomely with "consultancy fees." The Kids Company was also exposed for evidently squandering money on the "lavish" lifestyle of its founder, Camila Batmanghelidjh.

It seems that £35 million of public money have also disappeared down the black hole of the Libor fund, established by then-Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to support war veterans. The Sunday Times disclosed that in fact, it "wasted" vast amounts of money.

In England, philanthropic organizations have become a bureaucracy. There are evidently more than 195,289 registered charities in the United Kingdom that collect and spend almost £80 billion a year. Altogether, the NGOs employ one million employees, more than the automobile, aerospace and chemical sectors in the UK. Most of the large NGOs in the UK, however, spend less half of their income each year on charitable works, according to the True and Fair Foundation. The Daily Telegraph found that the executives of many NGOs saw their salaries increase, despite efforts to curb pay levels.

In Haiti, after a devastating earthquake in 2010, humanitarian efforts, it seems, did more harm than good. First, UN peacekeepers brought cholera to the island, killing almost 10,000 people. Then, the UN troops sexually abused Haitian children in a child sex ring. Third came the scandal of Oxfam. It seems like a colonialism of the do-gooders.

Another British NGO, Amnesty International, we are told, excuses Islamic extremism. Its secretary general, Claudio Cordone, said that "defensive jihad" is not "antithetical" to the struggle for human rights after Amnesty came under scrutiny for the relationship with CAGE, another NGO founded by an extremist Muslim, Moazzam Begg, which campaigns for the release of imprisoned jihadists. When one of Amnesty's senior officers, Gita Sahgal, expressed concerns, she was suspended. "To be appearing on platforms with Britain's most famous supporter of the Taliban, whom we treat as a human rights defender is a gross error of judgment," she wrote.


Amnesty International has come under scrutiny for its relationship with CAGE, an NGO founded by an extremist Muslim, Moazzam Begg, which campaigns for the release of imprisoned jihadists. When one of Amnesty's senior officers, Gita Sahgal (pictured), expressed concerns, she was suspended. (Image source: Nano GoleSorkh/Wikimedia Commons)


Some NGOs have been financing Islamic terrorism, especially in Syria, with taxpayers' money. William Shawcross, president of the Charity Commission, called it a "deadly" problem for the charities. More than half the humanitarian donations from the United Kingdom to Syria through small NGOs have ended up in the hands of ISIS and other jihadist groups, according to the think-tank Quilliam Foundation. In this way, millions of pounds, thanks to the generosity of British taxpayers, have fallen in the hands of terror groups,

Fatiha-Global, which should have brought help to Syrian refugees fleeing the war, instead diverted the funds to the Islamic State, the very terror group which had caused the refugee crisis to begin with. To top it off, the head of Fatiha-Global, Adeel Ali, was photographed with the jihadists of the Caliphate -- the same Jihadist group that beheaded British volunteer Alan Henning, who had come to Syria on behalf of the subsidiaries of Fatiha.



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When a charity asks you for a direct debit instead of some spare changes donations, you know it's a fucking con. All these young kids think they are making the world better by working for them is an illusion at best. 

My advice is to get your arse off to do something constructive, from teaching to manual labours. 

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Every other religion besides being a jew has seen how the heebs bitch slap christians with NGO's like ADF and SPLC and get away with it.  They have learned how to play the game and now want part of the action.  They run into problems as soon as they assume that the same rules apply to heebs that the heebs apply to goyim.  Fools.  Don't they know about the holocausting of Dresden, Hamburg, Pforzheim, Frankfurt, Berlin, Kassel, etc?

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yes, looser human PARASITES that DO NOT produce anything of value, cannot appreciate the value of money and try to waste it on themselves to try to feel like those productive succesfull people they so much HATE and ADMIRE.

so yes, parasites ALWAYS burn other peoples/stolen/easy/fool money in SUV's, Rolex and hookers

luckily Ayn Rand can explain this much better in books like atlas shrugged

you can drive the same car as Tony Stark,
dress the same suits and watches as Tony Stark,
and fuck russian hookers that look like the cultivated hotties around Tony Stark,
but every morning you see in the mirror you are just a rapper/politician/SJW/gangster/drug dealer/looser/etc

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"Israel recently banned representatives of 20 non-governmental groups from entering the country, including the British organization War on Want, which according to NGO Monitor fabricates accusations of "genocide" and "crimes against humanity" against Israel. "

Oh, yeah, gatestone, again. Citing a pro-Israel propaganda outfit, aka "NGO Monitor"

"NGO Monitor (Non-governmental Organization Monitor) is a non-governmental organization based in Jerusalem, which analyzes and reports on the output of the international NGO community from a pro-Israel perspective.[1] It has been characterized as being pro-Israel[4][5] and as right-wing.[6] NGO Monitor says in its mission statement that it was founded "to promote accountability, and advance a vigorous discussion on the reports and activities of humanitarian NGOs in the framework of the Arab–Israeli conflict."

The organization was founded in 2001 by Gerald M. Steinberg under the auspices of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.[7] NGO Monitor became a legally and financially independent organization in 2007.[8]

The organization has been criticized by academic figures, diplomats, and journalists who have said that NGO Monitor's research is not objective,[9] that it does not examine right-wing NGOs,[10] and that it puts out information that it knows is wrong"


The Wechsler Family Foundation is one of the founding donors of NGO Monitor. Other acknowledged supporters are Nina Rosenwald (New York) and Newt Becker (Los Angeles).[23] Since its separation from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) and its formation as an independent organization in 2007, NGO Monitor has drawn on a wider range of funding sources. NGO Monitor has said it receives no governmental support and is currently funded by private donors and foundations, although it did receive some funds, in 2010 and 2011, via The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), a quasi-governmental agency.[24]


In short a bunch of zionist scumbags fund a propaganda outfit that claims to "monitor NGOs" but actrually just tries to discredit anybody who points out zionist war crimes.

Of course, the well documented attrocities of Israelian settlers, soldiers and policemen against palestinain children, women and men are all just "fabricated propaganda".

memo to the gatestone zionist cocksuckers:

Nobody needs to fabricate israelian crimes against humanity and war crimes because they get committed in reality by the hundreds.

end of memo.

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Teaching of Contempt Primary Source Sampler…


The Christian Teaching of Contempt for Jews and Judaism: A Primary Source Sampler. Introduction. The debate over the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of the Christ, has made it clear that most Christians simply are not aware of the history of Christian anti-Jewish teachings. These teachings were conveyed in several ways ...

Jules Isaac - Wikipedia


Jules Isaac was “a well known and highly respected Jewish historian in France with an impressive career in the world of education” by the time World War II began. Internationally, Isaac was most well known for his tireless work after the War in the field of Jewish-Christian relations, culminating in his decisive key role in the ...

Life · ‎Career · ‎Judaeo-Christian relations · ‎Death and legacy

The teaching of contempt returns | David Brog | The Blogs | The Times ...


Mar 27, 2014 - They recognized that centuries of negative Christian teachings about Jews and Judaism likely helped predispose Europe towards Hitler's racial anti-Semitism. ... It is agonizing to discover that the church's teaching of contempt [for the Jews] was a major ingredient that made possible the monstrous policy of ...

The Passion of the Christ -The Teaching of Contempt | Cosmic Navigator…..



This monumental and historical document provided certain guidelines one must follow when telling the story of the Passion of the Christ in order to prevent what is called "The Teaching of Contempttowards the Jews. Before 1965 the Jews were regarded as Diecides, meaning the slayer of God. From 1965 the church ...

Combatting Our Teachings of Contempt - Jewish-Christian Relations


Jules Isaac coined the phrase “the teaching of contempt” (l'enseignement du mépris) with reference to the Christian roots of anti-Semitism, which had been perpetuated by the Church for over 1800 years. It was Isaac's meeting with Pope John XXIII about this “teaching of contempt” towards Jews and Judaism, which was to ...

The teaching of contempt: Christian roots of anti-Semitism (McGraw ...…


In the work itself Isaac considers three teachings which have been particularly damaging. The first is the teaching that the dispersion of the Jews is 'providential punishment' for the Crucifixion. The second is the teaching that Judaism was in a 'degenerate' state at the time of Jesus. The third is the alleged crime of the deicide ...

Teaching Contempt: the Jew through Christian eyes - Taylor & Francis ...

by GL Jones - ‎1999 - ‎Cited by 5 - ‎Related articles

to demonstrate how Christian teaching, based on a fanciful and erroneous interpretation of. Scripture, has been reflected in modem anti-Jewish attitudes. The evidence corroborates the view that much of Hitler's antisemitic propaganda was rooted in Christian thought. Introduction. Hostility towards Jewspermeates classical ...

The Teaching of Contempt: The Christian Roots of Anti-Semitism. By


by R Summers - ‎1964

382. CHURCH AND STATE. The Teaching of Contempt: The Christian Roots of Anti-Semitism. By. Jules Isaac. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., 1964. 154 pp. $4.00. The sub-title of this book is both definitive and alarming, The Christian. Roots of Anti-Semitism. The author is a French-Jewishhistorian known.


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Charities are a concept of community, church, family and friends, for a time in need. 

This concept preceded massive welfare of every description, endless grants, programs and general socialism.  

Now the charities have become a perpetual business of welfare receipts. 

You’ve heard “I paid at the office.” Well, I paid at the IRS. 

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Good point. It seems charities first rush to DOCUMENT everyone.

Today's local Council taxes/Rates/charges came from early Church settlement certificates (which also morphed into birth certificates, Passports and NI No.'s).   

Immigrants/all people need to be BIRTHED (processed) into their system before they can pay to play for anything. 

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Tithing, that 10% "gift" to the church that was made by every serf and lord, was just a tax. If you didn't pay, you would be excommunicated, which doesn't sound scary these days, but it meant you would be outcast from your community, and your soul would be in eternal jeopardy. All because you didn't render unto Caesar. It was just a tax. Then the local lord would call for a tax to ransom the king, or build a castle or some such, and your entire wealth could vanish at the drop of a hat.

In my view, any "charity" that spends more than 20% of its gross take on administration isn't a charity, it's a business, and should be taxed accordingly. Even 20% is a bit too indulgant: charitable work should be done by charitable people out of the kindness of their hearts, not because it's their job. Logistics costs are different - paying to get donated clothes from here to Africa, so they can destroy the local textile industry, is reasonable. Actually sending them at all is questionable.

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And that brings up a valid question for Christians to ask in regard to Tithing:

"Is tithing based upon the gross or on the net?"

We are guilted into paying 10% of our earnings to the church.

But that 10% tithing rule was a Biblical mandate when 3% taxation was considered excessive.

And the tithing was to pay to keep the church operating and then to provide to the needy.

Since the State takes far more than 10% and supposed to fund the welfare state, aren't we all already paying far more than a tithing?

We 'offer' what we can after we've paid taxes and paid off all our inflated-cost necessities (thanks to central banking).


It is almost as though the State is competing with the religion to monopolize the taking of income for charity, which would eventually: 1. make it appear that the State is a holy provider of charity, and 2. bankrupt the churches.

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I look at most government work as replacement for charity. Education, health, social services particularly, rent assistance, unemployment benefits, income support - it is all the work of charity, except that the government decided that you are too stupid to know how much to give, and too stupid to give to the right charity, so they have taken over the mandate themselves. You are now required to donate, and the funds are applied as per government decision. If you want to give even more, then why not, but as mentioned above, you paid at the office already.

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Pretty much EVERYTHING  is a SCAM.

Go back and ACTUALLY  LOOK. At Flat  EARTH , real as fuck. NASA lies  100% , the tesla in space lol, that shift should have melted  but not in this bizzaro  world where up is down, good is bad and yes means no. 


People under some sort of mind contr9l, watch "What the Health" on Netfl8x, it shows how charities for diabetes, cancer, and heart association  are ALL  bought and paid for by the Meat, Dairy, Egg, Cheese associations and Huge multinationals.   Fascism  is alive and well SLAVES!

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I eat lots of Meat, Dairy, Egg, Cheese, Bacon and healthy oils and am very healthy. Lipid ratios excellent.

Its sugars in various forms that is the biggest killer by far with diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, strokes and maybe alzheimers.

None of those idiot diabetes, cancer, and heart associations want you to reduce sugar bigly because it would put them out of business. American Heart Association President John Warner had a heart attack last year. I bet that dumfuk was following the AHA diet.

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Excessive sugar is bad. But just to note, consuming sugar in-and-by-itself does not cause diabetes.

Sugar consumption is a corollary of diabetes only with people who are morbidly obese or heavily use alcohol or drugs. In short, the abuse to the body due to obesity and substance abuse cripples the body and the sugar then puts it over the edge.

This "Pre-diabetes" condition is a pure bullshit categorization cooked up by the government and insurance companies.

You either have diabetes or you do not. Just like you either have cancer or you do not.

Yes, some have a greater risk, but the number one risk of diabetes is heredity.


The real culprit regarding heart disease is inflammation of the circulatory system caused by micro-processed grains and sugars. That essentially because like grit in the bloodstream that scratches the inside of the circulatory system causing it to inflame. When that happens, the inflammation traps the cholesterol and leads to build-up and hardening. There are many people with very high cholesterol levels that never get heart disease (because they don't consume processed sugars and grains) and those with very low cholesterol levels that do get heart disease (because they do consume processed sugars and grains).


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Go back and ACTUALLY  LOOK. At Flat  EARTH , real as fuck. NASA lies  100% , the tesla in space lol, that shift should have melted  but not in this bizzaro  world where up is down, good is bad and yes means no


You're either A) a moron, B) an NSA plant employing the Haversack Ruse of disinformation, or C) both.

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Rest assured that, in the best tradition of British Bullsh!t, Foreign Secretary 'Bumbling Buffoon' Boris Johnson....

will leave no idiotic excuse unconsidered and no mock outrage unrehearsed to obfuscate this tawdry affair... and then, in a trademark display of embarrassing schoolboy theatrics and logic-defying "It wuzzn't me Miss.. it wuzzz him!" finger-pointing, somehow put the blame on Assad and implicate Putin in the process.... leaving Britain & Bloviating Boris, once more smug & secure, as Benefactors and Moral Beacons to The World.

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Thank you NuYawkFrankie, your words are spot-on.

It snowed heavily in the UK last week (and yes, I accept we are not geared-up to cope with much of anything in the UK) but hospitals and other local organisations all rallied around with communities/individuals helping and supporting each other i.e owners of 4x4's and tractors ferried urgent workers, e.g doctors into work, cleared roads, looked after their neighbours, etc... without any government control, support and/or assistance. 

My point is, why do we need local Councils & governments (&Boris)?

What do Governments (& Boris) actually do?

Why do Government employees constantly tell me that I have NO choice. I LEGALLY have to REGISTER my NAME on THEIR Roll of ELECTORS? I have NO choice in the matter. 



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Charitable organisations and big Foundations suck (Clinton & Soros come to mind). Most are just an accounting excuse to deduct tax and control the narrative of the world. The carousel of NAMES never change. 

The world is sick.

Why on earth can we not rid the world of these monsters? Oh... I forgot they are TBTF.


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The extortion for food is part of a state sponsored campaign of demoralization

The aftermath is cratered birthrate, sterile women, STDs, mental illness and increased sales of drugs of all kinds, that's how evil the world's drug companies are, I think it's time to unload drug stocks, they're gonna lose their western drug monopolies and franchises, fuck 'em. Shakreli is the poster child for the drug industry.

Every western monopoly is going to get shitcanned out of fiscal necessity.

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Trumps landmark property Trump Tower is full of "charity bureaucrats", they're on his list, Josh Koshkinen will be fired soon along with most of the upper staff, big changes are coming down the pike.

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Fuck Gatestone. They only had a real issue with Oxfam, when they got rid of Jewish actress Scarlett Johansson, when she overtly supported Israel and advertised for a Jewish company, who has building subsidiaries  at the forefront of west bank annexation. As for NGO monitor?

Fuck that entity. It is a Jewish run and Jewish funded organisation that primarily exists to denigrate and slander any NGO that dears question Jewish, or Israeli goals. And as per fucking normal, this group never touches Jewish/Israeli NGO’s, internally, or externally.

This organisation is run by Jews, out of Israel for fucks sake. Really balanced and independent journalism. Tyler, you might as well publish something official from Hamas, supporting Muslim causes in Europe, as it will be just as balanced as this filth you post. Fuck you Tyler. Only a fool would fall for this article. Fortunately for you Tyler, many fools reside on ZH, you you have a captive audience of Trumptards ready to soak this shit up.

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" It also fired the actresses Kristin Davis and Scarlett Johansson, who volunteered as Oxfam "ambassadors," after they appeared in advertisements for Israeli companies."

So Oxfam wasn't all bad then.