"The LIberal World Order Is In Jeopardy": Global Populism Rises To Highest Level Since World War II

Earlier this week, one of the Obama administration's top diplomats, Samantha Power, claimed that Russia was responsible for the stunning Italian election outcome,  hinting that anyone who dares to point out or discuss the social and economic woes of Europe's grand experiment - and certainly Europe's "refugee problem"-  is a Russian operative. In that case, Deutsche Bank must be the Frankfurt office of the KGB, because in an overnight note, the German lender reported something especially troubling for Europe's future and viability: populism has risen to the highest level since World War II.

Commenting on the recent Italian election, Deutsche Bank's Jim Reed writes that relative to other political events in recent years, Italy's general election over the weekend was a relatively calm affair for markets, despite the uncertain outcome. Which was to be expected: in previous political events, the ECB forcefully stepped in and vowed to intervene if turbulence emerged.

However, as Reid adds, "it's hard to get away from the fact that the overall result was another resounding vote for populism. Indeed over 50% of votes submitted was for a populist party, including of course the party with the largest percentage - the Five Star Movement - and a possible kingmaker in subsequent coalition talks - the Northern League."

Making matters worse for the "globalist" establishment, arithmetically the anti-establishment alliance between Five Star and the Northern League has an outright majority, and While it's difficult to see such an alliance forming, this shows the power of populism in recent years which has followed a vote for Brexit, President Trump and strong performances for the likes of the National Front party in France and the Alternative for Germany party in Germany.

The chart below shows Deutsche Bank's populism index updated for the Italian election result. The chart shows that the percentage of votes for populist parties on a population weighted basis is around 32% - a level its largely held since the Trump inspired surge in 2016. In fact, you have to go all the way back to the WWII period to find the last time that populism had such support.

A focus just on Europe shows that the continent with the high double-digit youth unemployment has become a hotbed for anti-establishment sentiment, which has everything to do with the economy, and lack of opportunities, and nothing to do with Russian operatives, much to Samantha Power's chagrin.

Reid's troubling conclusion is that "it's hard to get away from the fact that populism is currently going through an explosion in support at present." Reid also notes that while the above index excludes a vote for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party but "one could certainly argue that some of his more radical views and policies are populist in nature." And if DB were to include Corbyn's support in the 2017 UK General Election "then our index edges above 35%, eclipsing the 1940s highs, and to the highest since the turn of the 20th century."

What are the implications:

As of now the rise in populism hasn't yet destabilised markets however we find it difficult to get away from the fact that uncertainty levels are bound to remain high while such power brokers remain in major elections. Indeed the unpredictability of  Trump's policies is such an example, with the recent tariff threats which have subsequently escalated market concerns about a trade war being one. At a time when global central banks are moving towards an unprecedented era of tightening and dealing with years of massive asset purchases, risks from rising populist support has the ability to seriously disturb the prevailing equilibrium of the last few years and subsequently markets.

While Reid notes that this is more of a slow burning issue over the next few years, he concedes that populism remains the biggest threat "to the post-1980 globalisation/liberalism world order."

The biggest risk, of course, is that the last time populism and populist anger was this high, the world was wrapped in a war that killed tens of millions of people. One wonders what happens this time when the biggest distraction ever created for mass consumption: the idea of paper wealth and unbooked profits - evaporates following the next market crash, and how many millions will die as a result. One thing is certain: the global drums of war have not beaten louder in almost a century.


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It's funny how they rate "populism" only for white countries.  (((They))) have to constantly monitor the mental status of their brainwashed herd to make sure they're all still lowing and grazing toward the multicultural cliff's edge.  I wonder how that "populism" rates in China, Japan, or even Zimbabwe?  Who cares.  Those countries aren't slated for extinction... yet.

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liberalism has nothing to do with religious identity or political affiliation.

a liberal is someone who believes in liberty, in personal responsibility, in minimal government - what most people today would call libertarian. Thomas Jefferson was considered a classical liberal.

A liberal can be Jewish, Christian, or atheist. Democrat or Republican.

the "progressive" left has co-opted the word liberal from its original and true meaning, unfortunately.

when you hear a "liberal" promoting government based "solutions", like socialized medicine, or more funding for schools, you know you’re dealing with a #FakeLiberal

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What is the definition of a libtard?

This word has been thrown around alot on these boards, so I figured I'd post the (un)official definition:

Libtard - n. As repetitive as it sounds, it stands for "liberal retard." A libtard wants to live in a fantasy world (in which life is the way that they WISH IT WAS) as opposed to dealing with life the way it actually is. (This explains the religious fervor that many of them demonstrate when it comes to smoking pot). 

The most idealistic libtard envisions a time when science/technology and Socialism will eliminate all poverty, hunger, war, disease, injustice, unemployment and prejudice. (It is a nice pipe dream but human nature will forever stand in the way of that goal). 

Most libtards subscribe to the notion that "people are basically good", and build their foundation for activism and "improving the human condition" on that faulty premise. Because they deny the facts about human nature, their "reasoning" is diametrically opposite to common sense (blue states vs. red states). 

The reality that people have different initiative levels, are basically selfish, and often work for their own interests before helping others, puts a libtard's panties in a wad. So, when citizens will not voluntarily comply with various libtard prescriptions for "the common good", then laws must be passed, or force used, to MAKE them comply. (It is the gradual path to totalitarianism). Likewise, his/her naïve cries of: "can't we all just get along...

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At some point in time, long ago, liberalism stopped being about liberty and limited government, and turned into a horror story whose chapters could come straight out of the protocols of the learned elders of zion.

Liberalism was the shiny lure used to attract vain and selfish teenage girls and teenage boys who are busy chasing them.  Like all those hundreds who lost their virginity on Weinstein's and Spacey's casting couches.  Sure, he and his tribal cohorts love to talk liberalism and liberal causes to any "liberal" stupid enough to listen, in other words any naive goyim unaware of what jews enjoy doing to goyim.

And there are always young people, especially young girls, stupid enough to listen to those who despise their race, religion, blood and soil.

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+1, but using "Fascism" implies a correlation with the European fascism of the 20th century.  Perhaps a better description would be "Global Society of Control".  European fascists made some horrible mistakes, but they at least attempted to improve the life of their nations.  The Globalist Oligarchy has no allegiance to any people, culture, or nation, and seeks to exploit people around the globe - perhaps having much in common with sociopaths.

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Don't think so. I know very well what an euphemism is and also what rhetoric is, I know to distinguish between face and core, true value - I call the neo liberalism as left fascism aka communism as per it's true acting and effect for many, many years. Having been raised in the Soviet bloc I developed skill, sense and habit to observe social engineering applied trough populist rhetoric targeted at low intelligent, lacking skill of creativity, independence and entrepreneurship serfs.

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Would you rather be ruled by 100 billionaires...or 1,000,000 people with $100,000 in wealth?

Maybe the globe would be better off limiting a persons wealth...oh, fuck...let the down votes begin.

Yes, I see...you don't want limits on wealth, but you're angry when Soros uses his BILLIONS to force his "utopia" upon the world..killing millions; maybe more in the process...

The government has no right forcing you to buy health insurance..but it should force YouTube to buy server space and bandwidth to air your political views...oh, fuck...will I hit 200 down-votes?

Take your meds folks...

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Exactly FireBrander. If you cruise through history and understand the socital manipulations, (rise of populism, 60's counter culture, 80's greed culture etc.) it is looking like populations are being set up for nationalism. Throw a bunch of raping moozlims into Europe and the people become nationalist. Squeeze nearly every penny out of the west, Amerika specifically and watch the people clamour for nationalism.

How else are you going to get them to send their babies off to war once you foment the right circumstances? They will fight for their (imaginary lines drawn on a map) Nation and their (imaginary rules and laws made up by the owners) National identity.                                     Isn't anyone down here paying attention?

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@ Richard,


Novel Idea.  


Psychopaths never give up Power & Control.  Nor will they, Ever.


Simple Solution minus the Global Hangings & Bloodshed in the streets is.


 Immediately, Globally outlaw usery.  Hit the Reset button, Globally Liquidate & Restructure.


Again, Psychopaths will never relent.  So, without massive Global Arrests of the Highly Compartmentalized Levels of Criminal Banking Institutions, Political Class & “Intelligence” Agencies who are all funded one way or another by the those exact Criminal Banksters.  


The Global, absolute, complete, open in our Faces Tyrannical Lawlessness will continue.  

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Those dead bankers are much much lower down the scale - not Insiders yet know tooo much.

The Bankers at the top of the pyramid that intend their One World Domination are the psycho Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc. so intermarried/bred with royalty/aristocrats that if one group is affected so is the other. So they work together for our enslavement or demise.

Already they have secretly Overlayed our original western governments with a 'government' Corporation registered in D.C. which overides the Constitution etc

An alert citizen posted this:

"I sure wish that people would stop referring to that foreign held and controlled CORPORATION, as our nation! THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. Title 28 Section 3002 15a, b, and c, under U.S. Code was unlawfully established, on February 21st, 1871. That was the very day that our old capital city, Washington city, became WASHINGTON, D.C. INC. And that is why you will never see our true flags flying in those buildings! You will only see THE QUEEN's gold tasseled and trimmed ADMIRALTY MARITIME flags, flying in her majesty's facilities, there! Here in DAYTONA BEACH, INC. (unlawfully INCORPORATED in 1876, only five years after the coupe of our capital city) the only place that our true flag flies, at their COURTHOUSES and facilities is OUTSIDE OF THEIR DOORS!
Gosh, how I wish our military and our People would get a clue about this stuff!


Senate Document # 43; SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 62 (Pg 9, Para 2) April 17, 1933.  "The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called "ownership"is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State." (Emphasis added)  

The final move is taking place right now and the ultimate crash of the dollar (within weeks or months) with be consider  the conquest as complete re the capture of America by the global banking elite and then America goes up for sale to the highest bidder, or simply turned over to those holding U.S. Treasury Bonds. (end quote)

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They can censor it now ... what we now know will not become unknown through censorship.

If anything they are driving the populist movement underground through censorship and when the government finally attacks the activists then the terror of the populists can be unleashed. The same MO every time ... and first in line this time will be the far left liberals.

The cycle cannot be broken or stopped neith,only the velocity/speed to the revolution can be slowed or speeded up. Never reversed because government would have to start reversing all entitlements.

So speed it up or slow it down, we get there in the end.

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March 8 2018

Defunding of alt media: A long frustrated talk with a good friend
Last night I made a call to a good friend to discuss how financing for the web site had been interfered with badly this month, and he had some very bad news on this topic. This particular friend does not do an alt media site, but he is connected very well with prominent alt media sites including this one, and was the guy who was titled "Russ Clarke" in the report "Tainted Nightmare". He has a very broad view of the real situation alt media is up against now.
To put it in few words, in short, we are toast.

He gave me a full explanation of what is going on. There are several very bad things going on, some I knew about, and others I had not figured out yet.

First of all, the left is scared to death because they are losing the war to alt media. However, alt media needs to be very scared right now, because the left has all the power via platforms such as adsense, all the search engines, complete ownership of all finiancial institutions, you name it, if you need it to survive they own it.

They have cut off financing to ALL the little guys. They hit Infowars hard by cutting off adsense, but that's not the same thing as making the bank "malfunction" across the board. My site, as much as I have noticed the interference and complained, is doing better than most, they are afraid of this one because it is potent and have not actually hammered an absolute shut down (though they tried a year and a half ago and failed because the direct IP saved it) at any rate, this is not about my site, I need to talk about what is going on elsewhere . . . . . .

What is happening to people en masse (for the smaller bloggers) is if they depended on Wordpress, or Blogger, or Youtube, or any other second party server to work from, and also people who were on their own servers but did not actually have the traffic this site has (4.5 million uniques a year plus re-posts everywhere) for anyone who was sub 1 million they simply cut them off completely. They are cutting them off completely. They are gone. Most people don't notice it, because the names that got cut off are too small, but they represented an enormous grass roots backbone for the truth movement, and that backbone is now gone.

As a second level in their war against alt media, (for the larger harder targets they could not take offline outright) they are attacking the financing. Many many alt media people who endured the adsense bans, and endured having Chrome be programmed to block all ads that were not adsense, and were able to keep things going with donations and sales, these people are now facing direct financial interference with the actual financial institutions that make things go. It is not only this web site, many other web sites are seeing product sales fall off, and interference with donations. You can't donate to this site at all anymore, if it is a donation that is not tracked by a sale, it simply won't work. Maybe it will briefly after I just said this, (to prove it does) but the reality is that it just does not work. People are fed bullshit errors and "try again laters" or silence, with the transaction terminated without them knowing, and (probably) outright theft. I was alarmed, because this good friend who is well connected said that this month, it started happening everywhere, to "everyone".

VERY IMPORTANT: what they are doing against alt media is flatly illegal, it is prosecutable, they know it, and they don't care because they expect to steal the 2018 elections, impeach Trump, and then send the law straight into the sewer. This is the scary part folks:
What they are doing at this point is the final softening of alt media, their final drive to weaken it so much via the cutting of finances and pre- elimination of as many voices as possible, so after they steal the election alt media will be too weak to speak out against it. They will then impeach Trump, and with him gone, they will simply shut alt media down completely. Have you noticed lately that many news outlets like the Washington Times have occasionally published stuff good enough to be on this web site? They are doing this to make people value alt media less, and make people believe they actually might tell the truth, before they commit the final kill.
After the final kill of alt media, according to this friend, all hell breaks loose.
Once they accomplish an effective squelching of alt media, we are going to see terror like we have never seen it before, and the only narrative will be the MSM narrative. We are going to have the guns get grabbed, and people will be carted off. They are going to launch a major war also, every last thing alt media fought against will become our every day reality, and the only ones around to comment on it will be filth, like CNN.

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