Bob Woodward Says Reporters Becoming "Emotionally Unhinged" Over Trump

Journalism icon Bob Woodward says reporters on the left and right are becoming too emotionally invested in Donald Trump, telling Newsweek that "a number of reporters have at times become emotionally unhinged about it all, one way or the other." 

In answer to a question about whether Woodward thinks the news media is "failing" the test when it comes to the Trump presidency, the former Washington Post investigative reporter said

First of all, journalists can always do better. Myself at the top of the list. I don't think journalism is failing at all in the Trump era. But we have a lot of work to do. A number of reporters have at times become emotionally unhinged about it all, one way or the other.

Look at MSNBC or Fox News, and you will see those continually either denigrating Trump or praising him. I think the answer is in the middle, and in this class I talk about how it’s important to get your personal politics out.

It's destructive to become too politicized. The emotion should be directed at doing more work, not some feeling or personal conclusion.

Case in point:

Last but not least - who could forget CNN's Brooke Baldwin's full stop when Trump advisor Boris Epshteyn told her on air that Hillary Clinton's aides destroyed her BlackBerries with hammers. Maybe not "unhinged" per se, but a good reminder that Hillary Clinton's BlackBerries were literally destroyed with hammers while she was under active investigation by the FBI.


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Bob Woodward is a CIA funcionary, a mouthpiece for the NWO.  On the subject of non-reporting (fake news), how do you explain Nancy Pelosi’s inability to successfully complete a 15 minute speech yesterday with her ability to give a marathon 8 hour speech a month ago?

The answer has to be in the medication she is receiving, the same sort of classified drugs Hillary Clinton has been receiving to arrest the course of the vascular dementia she has.  Remember 9/11/2016, when Clinton did a face plant entering her limousine? Vincent Fleck, who is linked to the release of Hillary’s health records, died in a swimming accident.  Just as with Jeffrey Picower of Madoff Ponzi scheme fame, who drowned in his Palm Beach swimming pool in 2009. 

I think Pelosi’s brain freezes now were an act, a cover-up to prevent people wondering, how could she suddenly make that 8 hour plus speech last month.  Or maybe someone temporarily cut off her supply of the secret drug she was receiving, to keep her in line.

(Bambi and Thumper trying to drown James Bond in a pool)

(8March2018) Mental Meltdown: Pelosi Suffers 16 Brain Freezes in 15 Minute Presser

(7February2018) The 77-year-old Pelosi stood for more than eight hours, reading multiple personal stories from “dreamers” and citing Bible passages. Her speech ranked as the longest given by a member of the House of Representatives in at least a century, possibly ever, focusing on an issue that has vexed Democrats for months.



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Woodward's arguments simply confirm that there is no longer any such thing as "journalism". It would make a good start if "journalists" on both "sides" didn't take sides and started to report the facts so that their readership could make up its own mind. That is what used to be known as journalism. What we have at present is a dystopian Stalinist approach to "information" shoved down the throats of readership with a heavy dose of biased opinion and a side of propaganda.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that Woodward, as a CIA associate and New World Order lackey would not present these facts as the true reason for what is wrong with the US media.

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The thing I find most disturbing and, frankly, INTELLECTUALLY LAZY of Woodward is that he doesn't really apply much reason to his argument.  He just says "let's just split it down the middle and call it good."

That's still a leftist argument when you can't win based on the facts and reason.  It's leftism by inches.  Slow the process down but don't stop it.  Assuming a defensive posture doesn't mean that the attack has to stop.

The Progressive/PC/Liberals are slowly finding that they're being called into arguments where they have to win, since the old tried-and-true of screaming of "racist" when losing isn't working as well as it used to. 

No, Bob, I'm fine with how this tide is running right now, thank you.  You might want to halt the argument by pleading to "split the difference and stop fighting" but I'd rather keep fighting.  

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I'm sure it is much worse that Bob would ever admit in public or in writing.
"Bob Woodward Says Reporters Becoming "Emotionally Unhinged" Over Trump"
- Left & Right are full of Shit
- Education is a Racket, RICO, a Con, a Harvesting of Wealth... K-12 or College/Tech Schools/Universities
- MSM is a Racket, RICO, a Con, a Harvesting of Wealth... like Advertisements... like selling our country/nation for George Sotos or whatever Foreign Agent or whatever Domestic Scheme
- Ideology Kills, Globalism Kills

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Hey Bob...

Why didn't you go after Nixon for bombing the fuck out of Laos Cambodia and "NOT" getting completely out of Vietnam as his campaign pledge in Term #1 instead of a fucking college prank like a political break in of your opponent 7 years later?...

FUCK YOU!...  YOU sagging "liver spotted" gray nut sack of a "prune juice" drinkin .gov "BALL GARGLING" sellout whore of a motherfucker taking up precious "AIR" for $$$ for the past 45 years that you are!

And that goes for the rest of the "ESTABLISHMENT" in D.C.  that KNOWINGLY sold this country out for a paycheck since 1973!!!

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If this is true, the avg IQ of the public is less than 20. Yours is naybe 10.

He is a disruptor. Yes, a bull in a china shop. But he has a plan and he is actually executing his plan. And with no help from the traitors who are everywhere. Crawl back to Huffpo.  Ad hominem attacks with no reasoning behind them the mark of a SIMPLETON.

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A critical mass of Stupid-and-Entitled -- of course(!) it finally infests the media.

Big-time input into that end o' empire thing.

ps. Speaking of end-of-empire, anyone notice that the institution of Congress is in fact Defunct?

And has anyone noticed that no one, anywhere, gives a damn?

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Almost all of the age 30+ reporters you see on MSM today got their security clearances on 911. Alternatively, there were a bunch of established, professional, journalists that you never heard/saw ever again. Shortly after that day.

And no, they did not get shot down by OBL using a sniper rifle at a helicopter with brian williams and billary on board. They simply answered the "can jet fuel melt steel beams?" question wrong.

Expect Robert Mueller to fix this. Or, that is what the MSM keeps telling us. He was the director of the FBI when it all went down.


... next time on rocky and bullwinkle

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With the complete and utter sham that the press has become, without exception, this is all he has to say?

He is obviously a willing party to the whole fiasco.

We need someone to blow this whole government - orchestrated lie called the media up for all to see. 

There is an agenda and the agenda means nothing good for us. Our very survival does not seem to be a priority.

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Humans are stupid. They buy by emotion, they eat by emotion, they vote by emotion, they line up at a movie theater by emotion, they cheer at grown men playing with a ball by emotion, they, well. Do everything by emotion and practically nothing by personal thinking.

Humans are defective at birth. Everything has to be exciting and entertaining. And over the past few years, everyone has to be told or shown how to do the simplest thing or how to pay someone else to do it for them.

Humans, while thinking they have become the best thing since sliced bread have become nothing but a bowl of jello.

Boubou ThrowAwayYourTV Sat, 03/10/2018 - 08:17 Permalink

Yes, all true. That's one of the reasons " democracy " can't work.

1) People vote with their monkey minds

2) There is no real choice. Both parties have the same agenda on all existential matters.

3) Propaganda and brainwashing in the digital age is total

4) There is zero independent media to uncover government deception. ( Certainly not Bob )

5) Gentlemen, we are fucked.

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Becoming?  Are you serious?  I guess you have to get up pretty early in the morning to slip one past old Bob Woodward.  Becoming......  Where you been the last 12 months toasterhead?

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My Jouranlism 101 Prof gave me an A+ because I was the only student reading current events and even after I ripped him apart on every liberal agenda piece of garbage he spoke about he was rightous to the core. I guess I don't hate all liberals? Nah, line them all against a wall, Conservative Authoritarians included.