"The Bottles Kept Flowing" - Inside The Dinner That Led To Trump-Kim Meeting

For at least two decades, leaders in North Korea have been seeking a personal meeting with an American president... and after a hotpot, cold noodles, and several bottles of wine, it appears that meeting is about to happen.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un joked about his image in international media while serving South Korean officials local spirits and cold noodles during their unprecedented visit to Pyongyang this week, two South Korean government sources told Reuters.

Kim made light-hearted remarks about how he is viewed outside North Korea in international media and elsewhere, one Blue House official said. The officials who spoke asked to remain unnamed due to the sensitivity of the issue.

The North Korean leader was “very aware” of his image, the official said, and reacted to comments made about him in a “relaxed” manner by joking about himself from time to time.

Reuters added that Kim told the visiting delegation Moon could rest easy at night now that Pyongyang had decided not to carry out nuclear or missile tests while talks were ongoing, a Blue House official said.

“President Moon has had a rough time chairing national security meetings at the break of dawn whenever we fired missiles,” Kim was cited as saying during a dinner meeting with the visiting South Koreans.

“If working-level talks ever cease and hostility appears, (President Moon) and I can easily resolve it with a phone call,” Kim referring to the hotline the two Koreas are planning to install to connect Kim and Moon. It will be the first such hotline to be set up between the heads of the two Koreas.

When the South Korean officials visited, Reuters notes that no hard feelings were displayed and Kim Jong Un was the first to tackle sensitive topics, including the resumption of a military exercise between South Korea and the United States that was postponed for a peaceful Winter Olympics, the Blue House official said.

The delegation was served North Korean hotpot the first day and cold noodles - another regional specialty - the next, the Blue House official said.

Kim and the officials shared several bottles of wine, liquor made of ginseng and Pyongyang soju, the official said.

“The bottles kept coming,” said another administrative source who had official knowledge of the meeting.

And at the end of all that, South Korean officials say Trump and Kim now plan to meet by the end of May, in what would be the first ever meeting between a sitting U.S. President and a North Korean leader.

However, as a summit unexpectedly appears possible, and a diplomatic victory looms for President Trump ahead of the midterms, 'some' are raising doubts.

Reuters reports that analysts fear U.S. President Donald Trump’s understaffed administration may lack the expertise to successfully turn a political spectacle long sought by Pyongyang into a meaningful opportunity to convince North Korea to abandon its nuclear program.

“A Trump meeting with Kim presents both risks and opportunities,” said Bonnie Glaser, an Asia expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank.

“The U.S. side needs to be very, very well prepared and know exactly what it wants to achieve, as well as what the U.S. is willing to provide in return.”

Several experienced career diplomats occupy key positions in the Trump administration’s Korea and East Asia offices, but, as Reuters points out, many of them are in an acting capacity while other positions are entirely empty.

Suzanne DiMaggio, a senior fellow at the New America think tank, who has engaged North Korean officials at unofficial discussions, said on Twitter:

"It will have to be managed carefully with a great deal of prep work."

"Otherwise, it runs the risk of being more spectacle than substance.

Right now, Kim Jong Un is setting the agenda and the pace, and the Trump administration is reacting. The administration needs to move quickly to change this dynamic."

“A summit is a reward to North Korea,” said Robert Kelly, a professor at South Korea’s Pusan National University.

“It extends the prestige of meeting the head of state of the world’s strongest power and leading democracy. That is why we should not do it unless we get a meaningful concession from North Korea. That is why other presidents have not done it.

Finally, Reuters points out the inevitable truth that if the summit fails, the cost could be higher than in the past, as observers have noted, with North Korea firmly in possession of a nuclear arsenal and Trump having said military strikes may be needed to remove those weapons; a diplomatic failure would leave few (and uglier) options on the table.




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Its great watching the Libtards go through the mental gymnastics of spinning this into a negative while there is so much footage of them criticizing Trump's method that brought us here.  The trolls on in full force today, it really just makes them seem retarded at this point.  The right strategy would be to keep silent and hit Trump on a different topic but nope they are retarded and can't help themselves.

For evidence look at Best President Ever's post today.

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JimmyJones HowdyDoody Fri, 03/09/2018 - 13:38 Permalink

@panhead20 aka Poop Head, LOL, so by that logic, because as we all know, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama and almost Identical Foreign policy.  Our living standards decreased, our hours worked increased, Male sperm count decreased by 30%, Depression and Suicide is at its highest, Drug addiction at its highest, Job off shoring under all of them increased and continued up till Trump.  Yet you honestly believe that since what he is doing is different, its going to lead us to further decline?  Haha you are either retarded or bought opposition, astro turf.

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BidnessMan JimmyJones Fri, 03/09/2018 - 15:27 Permalink

Hand-wringing Deep State BS.  “Not enough time to prepare” actually means the results won’t be decided weeks in advance by State Dept PhD weenies, where the meeting is just a photo-op.

Deep staters are concerned the Rocket Man and Trump will actually have a discussion, and might agree on things not blessed in advance by the Deep State weenies. 

God forbid the State Dept version of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are the deciders.  State is infested with thousands of pompous snakes who will torpedo Trump any way they can. 


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BurningFuld lloll Fri, 03/09/2018 - 18:27 Permalink

If Trump gets Kim Jong Un to get rid of his Nukes you will have to go all the way back to ending the Vietnam War to find a bigger accomplishment from a US President. It will get him re-elected.

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sarz BurningFuld Sat, 03/10/2018 - 01:48 Permalink

Looks like a deal with the Taliban is also  around the corner. It looks like negotiations are going on behind the backs of the state department regulars. The recent drone strike against the so-called Pakistani Taliban, the TTP, suggests that. TTP is secretly backed by the CIA, Mossad and India's RAW. They are the enemy of the Afghan Taliban and of Pakistan. The Afghan Taliban had wanted direct talks with Trump's people. Silence.

When Trump spoke a few kind words about Kim some weeks back and then took it back the next day, saying he had said, “I'd probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un of North Korea,”  not "I probably have," I suggested talks were going on and Kim needed direct assurance that Trump was in the loop. (The usual crowd said it was proof Trump was crazy.) I think bombing some of the CIA's creatures is also a message.

If this goes through he's really on a roll. 

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Hand-wringing Deep State BS.  “Not enough time to prepare” actually means the results won’t be decided weeks in advance by State Dept PhD weenies, where the meeting is just a photo-op.

Deep staters are concerned the Rocket Man and Trump will actually have a discussion, and might agree on things not blessed in advance by the Deep State weenies. 

God forbid the State Dept version of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are the deciders.  State is infested with thousands of pompous snakes who will torpedo Trump any way they can. 


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Speaking from bitter personal (kind of almost through the haze) recollection after many nights out on the town in Seoul, I can attest to the fact that Koreans do enjoy a bottle of Soju or two!! Including one night when, and this is the only time I have ever seen this happen, our Asia-Pacific Regional Medical Director, a man of substantial proportions, literally fell flat on his face when he hit the cold Korean winter air going outside. And the cold winter air in Seoul is REALLY cold.

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if you are blaming all of these on the president then I really feel sorry for you. Another looking to the president to save all of the problems. 


Trump is nothing but a marketer. Thats all he is. He doesn't have two thoughts in his head except how he looks.  It so sad how bad this board has gotten. It's not even a good place for bots anymore. 

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JimmyJones GoingBig Fri, 03/09/2018 - 19:16 Permalink

Not at all but all of them could of vetoed or not of introduced/supported legislation that got us here.

Up until now I have thought that the last real president that actually called some of the shots was Bush Sr (piece of poop). Clinton was a compromised sex fiend, Bath House Barry, enough said, Bush Jr. Useful idiot that Daddy's buddy controlled. Trump actually looks like he is leading and wants to lead, hence all the "resistance" and trolling.

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He was pretty clear about his intentions to normalize relations with Russia. It's a bit difficult to imagine how he could bungle NK any worse than every president before him, who each hemmed and hawed until they could pass that hot potato along to the next guy.

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Whatever Kim Jun say's it's a lie,unless he's come to the realization it's OVER,his country is broke and his people are starving,and he doesn't have the money to continue testing anything. what he doesn't understand if he tries to NEGOTIATE anything except ALL NUKES gone with Trump, we are having a war.Trump doesn't suffer fools lightly, Kim will find out he's more than met his match.

If memory serves I do not recall any US POTUS doing a FTF with the Un family since I can't remember, I DO remember them breaking every treaty they ever made.This times different, Trump will offer NO Concessions,cash,food. it's HIS way or else IMO.(Homey don't play)

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I agree completely. The purpose of communication is to present your ideas to an audience. If you're (not the word "your"). . .if you're too ignorant or too bone lazy to use good grammar, good punctuation and good spelling (Hint: ZH comments have a spell-checker.), if you're to ignorant to do those things, why should anyone care what you've said? Why should anyone care what a bone-lazy, ignorant hillbilly says?

Therefore, if you use poor grammar, poor punctuation and poor spelling, your comment is nothing more than a half-wit's masturbation.



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