Record 1 Million Full And Part Time Jobs Added

While the headline payroll print of 313K was impressive, a look under the cover reveals even stronger data: first, the Household Survey showed that a whopping 785K jobs were added in February, while the number of unemployed Americans rose by only 22K, and with the labor force rising by 806K, this explains why the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.1%.

But what is even more notable is that when looking at the breakdown of job additions, one finds that in February, a near record 729K full-time jobs were added, the biggest monthly increase since last September's 794K...

... while at the same time, an additional 277K part-time jobs were added to the economy.

What is curious is that while historically strong full-time months had been offset by weak part-time, and vice versa, February was an outlier, with both categories showing major gains. In fact, the combined gain of 1,006,000 full and part time jobs, was the biggest monthly gain this century.

As a result of this blockbuster monthly jobs number, expect a tweetstorm from Donald Trump any moment now.

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That's pretty good news.

Until you dig deeper.

More slaves working for less pay.

Do you think your job/life sucks?

Guess what? You live like a King/Queen compared to a China-man working the coal mine or in the steel industry.

When you have some time, watch "Behemoth".

It relates directly to the steel tariffs targeting China.


Two-thirds in is mesmerizing.


instructions for the uninspired: click the arrow to get the movie started.  Make sure it's running.  Pause.  Wait 5-10 minutes based on your internet speed.  Play. 

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As Denninger points out: How is it possible to add 3.6 million new jobs at an annualized rate, while the labor force grows at a 2.5 million annualized rate, yet the unemployment rate stays the same?


These numbers are just as fake as ever...

[Also, remember that someone is counted as “Employed” by BLS even if they only work 1 hour a week...]

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There are about 95 million people sidelined and out of the labor force who are not counted.  It's the lowest labor participation rate since the late 1960's early 1970's.  10 million new jobs could be created this year and still won't solve the problem for these generational American citizens who want to work that have been pushed out of the work force and good jobs. 

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You live like a King/Queen compared to a China-man

It's always easy to find someone worse off to compare yoarself to. One must look where they came from and why are you headed down, not up. Is there a reason you should continue to expect less? The last decade has created moar millionaires in murica than any other time in murica's history. Think about where you are and why those others are millionaires and yoar standards went in the opposite direction.

What a coincidence. This pops up on ZH. Tyler is reading the comments?


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"You live like a King/Queen compared to a China-man working the coal mine or in the steel industry."

I toured China shipyards with plans for an expedition-style yacht that I designed to get bids. Unless you have actually been to China, seen how HUGELY ABUNDANT and cheap their labor is, so much so that they routinely use manual tools instead of power tools because the power tools cost a lot more than the labor, then you are only just scratching the surface of understanding how much their abundant + cheap labor depresses wages worldwide.

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Said that many times, The only thing that China thinks is exceptional about murica is their diminutive population.

They have a well educated population, large pools of engineers and 4 times the labour pool of murica. They are spending money on infrastructure, rather than woars and killing machines. There are millions of people moving up to middle class. China also has OBOR which will create a lot of jobs across Asia. Internally China has the fastest and affordable commuter trains. When they visit the USA, it's like going back in time for them. Seeing the dilapidated infrastructure and ancient transit systems.

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More slaves working for less pay.

Corporatocracy rules! Our work is not finished yet. There are still unions out there protecting some slaves. Get rid of the steel workers union and hire them for fast food rates and then they will be able to compete on world markets. People are over paid in murica and need to stop asking for too much.

There are still some unions that need to brought down to join the rest of us in the basement. Can't have someone making moar than me. That will MAGA!!

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