Why Canada Defends Ukrainian Fascism

Authored by Michael Jabara Carley via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Canada has a reputation for being a relatively progressive state with universal, single-payer health care, various other social benefits, and strict gun laws, similar to many European countries but quite unlike the United States. It has managed to stay out of some American wars, for example, Vietnam and Iraq, portrayed itself as a neutral “peace keeper”, pursuing a so-called policy of “multilateralism” and attempting from time to time to keep a little independent distance from the United States.

Behind this veneer of respectability lies a not so attractive reality of elite inattention to the defence of Canadian independence from the United States and intolerance toward the political and syndicalist left. Police repression against communist and left-wing unionists and other dissidents after World War I was widespread. Strong support for appeasement of Nazi Germany, overt or covert sympathy for fascism, especially in Québec, and hatred of the Soviet Union were widespread in Canada during the 1930s. The Liberal prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, hobnobbed with Nazi notables including Adolf Hitler, and thought that his British counterpart Neville Chamberlain had not gone far enough in appeasing Hitlerite Germany. Mackenzie King and many others of the Canadian elite saw communism as a greater threat to Canada than fascism. As in Europe, the Canadian elite—Liberal or Conservative did not matter—was worried by the Spanish civil war (1936-1939). In Québec French public opinion under the influence of the Catholic Church hoped for fascist victory and the eradication of communism. In 1937 a Papal encyclical whipped up the Red Scare amongst French Canadian Catholics. Rejection of Soviet offers of collective security against Hitler was the obverse side of appeasement. The fear of victory over Nazi Germany in alliance with the USSR was greater than the fear of defeat against fascism. Such thoughts were either openly expressed over dinner at the local gentleman’s club or kept more discrete by people who did not want to reveal the extent of their sympathy for fascism.

The Liberal prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, hobnobbed with Nazi notables including Adolf Hitler, and thought that his British counterpart Neville Chamberlain had not gone far enough in appeasing Hitlerite Germany

Even after the Nazi invasion of the USSR in June 1941, and the formation of the Grand Alliance against the Axis, there was strong reticence amongst the governing elite in Canada toward the Soviet Union. It was a shotgun marriage, a momentary arrangement with an undesirable partner, necessitated by the over-riding threat of the Nazi Wehrmacht.

“If Hitler invaded Hell,” Winston Churchill famously remarked, “I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.” Once Hitler was beaten, however, it would be back to business as usual. The Grand Alliance was a “truce”, as some of my students have proposed to me, in a longer cold war between the west and the USSR. This struggle began in November 1917 when the Bolsheviks seized power in Petrograd; it resumed after 1945 when the “truce”, or if you like, the Grand Alliance, came to a sudden end.

This was no more evident than in Canada where elite hatred of communism was a homegrown commodity and not simply an American imitation. So it should hardly be a surprise that after 1945 the Canadian government - Mackenzie King was still prime minister - should open its doors to the immigration of approximately 34,000 “displaced persons”, including thousands of Ukrainian fascists and Nazi collaborators, responsible for heinous war crimes in the Ukraine and Poland. These were veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the Waffen SS Galicia and the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), all collaborators of Nazi Germany during World War II.

Chrystia Freeland, the current Canadian minister for external affairs

The most notorious of the Nazi collaborators who immigrated to Canada was Mykhailo Chomiak, a mid-level Nazi operative in Poland, who came under US protection at the end of the war and eventually made his way to Canada where he settled in Alberta. Had he been captured by the Red Army, he would quite likely have been hanged for collaboration with the enemy. In Canada however he prospered as a farmer. His grand-daughter is the “Ukrainian-Canadian” Chrystia Freeland, the present minister for external affairs. She is a well-known Russophobe, persona non grata in the Russian Federation, who long claimed her grandfather was a “victim” of World War II. Her claims to this effect have been demonstrated to be untrue by the Australian born journalist John Helmer, amongst many others.

In 1940 the Liberal government facilitated the creation of the Canadian Ukrainian Congress (UCC), one of many organisations used to fight or marginalise the left in Canada, in this case amongst Canadian Ukrainians. The UCC is still around and appears to dominate the Ukrainian-Canadian community. Approximately 1.4 million people living in Canada claim full or partial Ukrainian descent though generally the latter. Most “Ukrainian-Canadians” were born in Canada; well more than half live in the western provinces. The vast majority has certainly never set foot in the Ukraine. It is this constituency on which the UCC depends to pursue its political agenda in Ottawa.

The Canadian Ukrainian Congress (UCC) president Paul Grod

After the coup d’état in Kiev in February 2014 the UCC lobbied the then Conservative government under Stephen Harper to support the Ukrainian “regime change” operation which had been conducted by the United States and European Union. The UCC president, Paul Grod, took the lead in obtaining various advantages from the Harper government, including arms for the putschist regime in Kiev. It survives only through massive EU and US direct or indirect financial/political support and through armed backing from fascist militias who repress dissent by force and intimidation. Mr. Grod claims that Russia is pursuing a policy of “aggression” against the Ukraine. If that were true, the putschists in Kiev would have long ago disappeared. The Harper government allowed fund raising for Pravyi Sektor, a Ukrainian fascist paramilitary group, through two organisations in Canada including the UCC, and even accorded “charitable status” to one of them to facilitate their fund raising and arms buying. Harper also sent military “advisors” to train Ukrainian forces, the backbone of which are fascist militias. The Trudeau government has continued that policy. “Canada should prepare for Russian attempts to destabilize its democracy,” according to Minister Freeland: “Ukraine is a very important partner to Canada and we will continue to support its efforts for democracy and economic growth.” For a regime that celebrates violence and anti-Russian racism, represses political opposition, burns books, and outlaws the Russian language, “democracy” is an Orwellian portrayal of actual realities in the Ukraine. Nevertheless, late last year the Canadian government approved the sale of arms to Kiev and a so-called Magnitsky law imposing sanctions on Russian nationals.

The Harper government allowed fund raising for Pravyi Sektor, a Ukrainian fascist paramilitary group

There is no political opposition in the House of Commons to these policies. Even the New Democratic Party (NDP), that burnt out shell of Canadian social democracy, supported the Harper government, at the behest of Mr. Grod, a Ukrainian lobbyist who knows his way around Ottawa. In 2015 the UCC put a list of questions to party leaders, one of which was the following: “Does your party support listing the Luhansk People's Republic and the Donetsk People's Republic as terrorist organizations?” The Lugansk and Donetsk republics are of course anti-fascist resistance movements that emerged in reaction to the violent coup d’état in Kiev. They are most certainly not “terrorist” organisations, although they are subjected to daily bombardments against civilian areas by Kiev putschist forces. Nevertheless, the then NDP leader, Thomas Mulcair, who would have agreed to almost anything to win power, answered in the affirmative. This must have been a moment of dismay for Canadians who still harboured illusions about the NDP as a progressive alternative to the Liberal and Conservative parties. How could it support a US/EU installed putschist regime which governs by intimidation and violence? In fact, it was a Conservative electoral strategy to obtain the votes of people of Ukrainian and East European descent by backing putschist Kiev and denouncing Russia. Mulcair was trying to outflank Harper on his right, but that did not work for he himself was outflanked on his left.

Some Canadians harboured illusions about the NDP as a progressive alternative to the Liberal and Conservative parties

In the 2015 federal elections the Liberals under Justin Trudeau, outwitted poor Mr. Mulcair and won the elections. The NDP suffered heavy electoral losses. Mulcair looked like someone who had made a Faustian bargain for nothing in return, and he lost a bid to remain as party leader. The Liberals campaigned on re-establishing better relations with the Russian Federation, but that promise did not hold up. The minister for external affairs, Stéphane Dion, tried to move forward on that line, but appears to have been stabbed in the back by Mr. Trudeau, with Ms. Freeland guiding his hand in the fatal blow. In early 2017 Dion was sacked and Freeland replaced him. That was the end of the Liberal promise to improve relations with the Russian government. Since then, under Freeland, Russian-Canadian relations have worsened.

The influential Mr. Grod appears to keep the Canadian government in his hip pocket. There are photographs of him side by side with Mr. Harper and then with Mr. Trudeau, with Ms. Freeland on his left. Mr. Grod has been a great success in backing putschist Kiev. Last summer Mr. Trudeau even issued a traditional Ukrainian fascist salute, “SlavaUkraini!”, to celebrate the anniversary of Ukrainian independence. The prime minister is a great believer in identity politics.

The influential Mr. Grod appears to keep the Canadian government in his hip pocket

The latest gesture of the Canadian government is to approve $1.4 million as a three year grant to promote a “Holodomor National Awareness Tour”. Ukrainian “nationalists” summon up the memory of the “Holodomor”, a famine in the Ukraine in 1932-1933, deliberately launched by Stalin, they say, in order to emphasise their victimisation by Russia. According to the latest Stalin biographer, Steven Kotkin, there was indeed a famine in the USSR that affected various parts of the country, the Ukraine amongst other regions. Kazakhstan, not the Ukraine suffered most. Between five and seven million people died. Ten millions starved. “Nonetheless, the famine was not intentional. It resulted from Stalin’s policies of forced collectivization…,” Kotkin writes, himself no advocate of the Soviet Union. Compulsion, peasant rebellion, bungling, mismanagement, drought, locust infestations, not targeting ethnicities, led to the catastrophe. “Similarly, there was no ‘Ukrainian’ famine,” according to Kotkin, “the famine was [a] Soviet[-wide disaster]” (Stalin, 2017, vol. 2, pp. 127-29). So the Liberal government is spending public funds to perpetuate a politically motivated myth to drum up hatred of Russia and to support putschist Kiev.

Identity politics and Canadian multiculturalism are now invoked to defend Ukrainian fascism celebrated in the streets of Kiev with torchlight parades and fascist symbols, remembering and celebrating Nazi collaborators and collaboration during World War II

The Canadian government also recently renewed funding for a detachment of 200 “advisors” to train Ukrainian militias, along with twenty-three million dollars—it is true a pittance by American standards—for “non-lethal” military aid, justified by Ms. Freeland to defend Ukrainian “democracy”. Truly, we live in a dystopian world where reality is turned on its head. Fascism is democracy; resistance to fascism is terrorism. Identity politics and Canadian multiculturalism are now invoked to defend Ukrainian fascism celebrated in the streets of Kiev with torchlight parades and fascist symbols, remembering and celebrating Nazi collaborators and collaboration during World War II.Any country sending representatives to Russia’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of their victory against Adolf Hitler,” warned putschist Kiev in April 2015, “will be blacklisted by Ukraine.”

*  *  *

“The further a society drifts from the truth,” George Orwell once said, “the more it will hate those that speak it.”

Well, here is one truth that Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Freeland will not want to hear, hate it or not: 42,000 Canadian soldiers, not to mention 27 million Soviet citizens, died during the war against the Axis. Memories must be fading, for now we have come to this pass, where our government is supporting a violent, racist regime in Kiev directly descended from that very enemy against which Canada and its allies fought during World War II.


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[Canada's] Strong support for appeasement of Nazi Germany,...

Maybe Canadians were smarter back then,.....

I have cut and pasted a section of the article Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent. for your perusal:

Hitler was the same. Hitler was actually a Jew.

1) Hitler ordered the tanks to stop for 3 days near Dunkirk when only a short distance away. This allowed the entire British army and part of the French army to escape to Britain.

2) Hitler refused to take Gibraltar and turn the Mediterranean into a "German lake". There was nothing to stop the Germans from driving through Spain (their ally) and doing the job.

3) Hitler declared war on the United States.

4) Hitler refused to allow the tens of thousands of tons of weaponized nerve gas that the Germans had produced (at Dyhernfurth an der Oder) to be used. Over 500,000 artillery shells and about 100,000 bombs filled with nerve gas were found in their storage areas (mainly at Krappitz = Krapowice) at the end of the war.

5) Hitler refused to conquer Britain. After Dunkirk, Britain was totally defenseless.

6) Hitler refused to authorise the production of jet fighters. The Heinkel He 178 had its first successful flight in 1939, but the Jews Milch/Goering/Hitler showed no interest in it. The fighter version, the Heinkel He 280, was successfully demonstrated on April 5, 1941, but the Jews Milch/Goering/Hitler refused to put it into production. Hitler wasn't interested in a plane that could travel a couple of hundred miles per hour faster than the others. Same story with the Messerschmidt jets.

7) Jewish financiers gave billions to finance Hitler's rise to power.

8) Only the Nazi's attempted to kill Hitler. The Americans, British and Soviets made no attempt to kill Hitler. It is known that the British refused to allow a number of feasible assassination plans to proceed.

9) An article from "The Jewish World" tells us that Hitler, Goering and Himmler, all have close relatives living as religious Jews in Israel today. Namely,

Hitler's nephew's grandson,
Matthias Goering, the great-nephew of Hermann Goering, and
Katrin Himmler, the great-niece of Heinreich Himmler.


10) In 1932 the Jewish genealogist Karl Friedrich von Frank published Hitler's family tree. It was pointed out (June 16, 1932, in the newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung) that the name Salomon, which came up repeatedly in Hitler's maternal line, was unlikely to be Aryan. On July 14, 1933, the newspaper Osterreichisches Abendblatt published photographs of graves of various Hitlers from Jewish cemeteries and mentioned a cookbook written in Hebrew by Rosalie Hitler. Also, a number of Jewish families, surnamed Hitler, officially applied to have their names changed due to Hitler's (supposed) antisemitism. [Hitler's Vienna by Brigitte Hamann]

Learn from the past to prevent war in the future.


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You are such a jew supremacist piece of pig dung. Your sqaulid deceit is beneath the least of all single cell amoebas.

You distort and make up your own false reasoning taking out of context thereby twisting the truth into a convoluted mishmash of jew supremacist mumbo-jumbo- which is your lot in life.

You have never read David Irvings books your just a jewtube historian.

We try to be very civil, but you are the very "reason" why Hitler had to compose the Brownshirts and Mosely had to compose the Blackshirts- there is no reasoning with a rabid goyim hating jew supremacist-Period 

Although having said the above, go ahead speak your diarrhea, it's your 1st amendment right.

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In 1983 the historian David Irving said that "probably the biggest friend the Jews had in the Third Reich, certainly when the war broke out, was Adolf Hitler. He was the one who was doing everything he could to prevent nasty things happening to them."

And remember that this is a quote from the historian David Irving, a (hereditary) Jew, whose job is to hide the secrets of WW2 while pretending to expose them.

And NumbersUsa,....

Please, point out any errors in the comment.

In fact, point out any errors in the complete article, i.e., the article at:


I have seen a couple, but I think it is mostly correct.

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 "Truly, we live in a dystopian world where reality is turned on its head. Fascism is democracy; resistance to fascism is terrorism."

The "war on terror" is the gift that keeps on giving for the empire.

All the empire has to do is label one side "terrorists", and then they can be on the side of whatever "ism" is going to be supported in any corner of the globe.

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I was about to say the same thing.... 'Our gun laws are strict? o.0'

They're not loose like the US but if US is on one end of the spectrum and Asia/Euro are on the other, we're kinda in the middle.

It's pretty easy to get a gun. All you gotta do is pass a test to own it to show you know how to use it, and pass an easy basic criminal background check. And that's for ownership. Even easier if you just wanna use your dad's gun to shoot a moose.

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I own two hand guns. Took a two day course for a restricted acquisition license and a background check. I have a permit to transport anywhere in BC, Yukon, and Alberta. Once owned a semi automatic rifle, but didn't like having it around so traded it in for a glock at the local gun shop in town. If one is not a mental case anyone can own hand guns in Canada after passing a firearms safety course.

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Actually Mein Kampf was dictated to Hitler when he was in the Landsburg Prison by an operative for, who else, the Zionists.  The Bankster Zionists who funded both sides in WWII refused to allow the money of numerous wealthy honest Jews to evacuate these chosen victims.  They needed blood sacrifice, so to say, to create the conditions for the Holohoax .  Hitler was more than willing to have the Jews transferred out of Germany.  In fact, there were many more Jews in the German Army including some Generals than is ALLOWED to be printed. The massive deaths in concentration Camps was ALL DISSENTERS who died from disease and hard labor.  If there were actual ovens, they were used to burn bodies which were infected with contagious diseases due to appalling living conditions PRE ANTIBIOTICS.  Hitler was evil; Mengele did do horrific experiments.  The US DID import these Nazi scientists to the US (read Operation Paperclip) and so did Canada and Argentina, etc., because the people who wanted WWI and WWII are the same people who are still controlling the world today:  Rothschilds, Zionist, Vatican, elements of USMIC. 

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You are such a lying jew supremacist duplicitous whore.

The first part of your statement (quote) of David Irving is true, but you are using it completely out of context making it to mean something opposite of the writers intent.

Your added comment regarding David is a complete fabrication and a jew supremacist lie.

If you folks listen to Snake jack then you will continue to be deceived by the tribe.

Read David Irving's books for yourselves, and many many others and don't go by this things squealing jew supremacist deceit. 

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Grab a copy of David Irving's "Hitler's war."


Irving presents the view that Hitler would only attack Gibraltar if Franco gave the little boy permission.

Franco never gave the little boy Hitler permission, so Hitler couldn't attack.

On page 460 Irving says "Hitler sadly reflected that if he could capture Gibraltar it would solve the whole problem with one blow, but without Spain's consent this was impossible."

What a joke.

It couldn't be more obvious that Hitler was false opposition.

It couldn't be more obvious that David Irving is false opposition.

Irving presents the view that Hitler insisted on abiding by the Geneva Convention even if it meant losing the war.

On page 11 Irving says "He (Hitler) had opposed every suggestion for the use of poison gases (i.e., nerve gas), as that would violate the Geneva Protocol; at that time Germany alone had manufactured the potentially war-winning lethal nerve gases Sarin and Tabun."

Really, could it be more obvious that David Irving is false opposition.

After Dunkirk, Britain was totally defenseless. Irving presents the view that Hitler didn't invade Britain because he liked the English. [Even though he "accidently" killed hundreds of thousands of them. I guess he didn't like the French, so he invaded them.]

Really, could it be more obvious that David Irving is false opposition.

So much for David Irving.

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Snake you got your jew head so far up a pigs behind your reasoning has been thoroughly gassed out of existence. No, your a jew supremacist suckup and know exactly what you are doing-spreading deceit & lies just like your father, and you can't help yourself. 

So because David Irving is persecuted by you jews, thrown in jail by you jews, beat up by you jews, lost his family over you jews, had his material works confiscated by you jews- that somehow makes him one of you.

You are like the so-called Christian preachers, that come and go that come up with a new interpretation of the Bible and create strange new religions such as jehovah wittness, mormonism, Jesus only's, Scofieldism/dispensationalism, always distorting the truth of God.

You are just like them, you take Davids words and put your own interpretation and jew supremacists lies to them to come up with something that's not there, and that the author had not intended in his wildest dreams. But that is what you edward bernaysian jew worshippers do. 

You are the controlled opposition, you have plainly ratted your own self out.

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It’s funny you mention Gleiwitz.

Because real facts about it are here:


It was organized and conducted by German SS officer, Alfred Naujocks.

To make the attack seem more convincing, the Germans murdered Franciszek Honiok, a 43-year-old unmarried German Catholic farmer known for sympathizing with the Poles. He had been arrested the previous day by the Gestapo. He was dressed to look like a saboteur, then killed by lethal injection, given gunshot wounds, and left dead at the scene so that he appeared to have been killed while attacking the station.

And so a series of special operations undertaken by the Schutzstaffel (SS) to serve Nazi German propaganda at the outbreak of war.

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Your right we stepped right into a pile of snake jacks jew supremacist lying pig dung. Sometimes to fight off these jew supremacist swine you have to get dirty.  

We are not wasting time on you jew supremacist hopeless slime. If you can not educate yourselves regarding TRUE history, then continue to be slaves to the jew supremacist lying swine, and see where it continues to get you.

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It's total jew supremacist false news. The pic is of a non German. The entire story is a red herring meant to deflect and pivot just as you jew spremacists always do. You couldn't tell the truth with Jesus standing right in front of you.

Spreading these false so-called history stories is your fate in life- what a waste.

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Well in order to make a fair judgement of past world events one must look at real history, yes while Hitler declared war on the US in 1941, US Zionists opened hostilities with boycotts and a declaration of war in the mid 1930s, directly after Hitler made it to power.


The MSM version of history only shows the Nazi boycott, which Germans ignored largely. The 1933 boycott was a response from the then flat broke Germany to the potential loss of 10% of its economy. The declaration of war and Zionist boycott gave Hitler the political capital to turn a marginal hatred of Jews in Germany into a outright oppression, Zionists in effect were the catalyst for what turned into concentration camps for Jews including Germans Jews.

As far as Trudeau goes, he's a Marxist lover as well, you could categorize his regime as collectivist, and anything that fits the globalist agenda is just peachy. Fascism, Marxism it's all good, everyone should hold hands and jump into the bonfire together.


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Exactly. All this bunk about "I'm a fascist", "Well I'm a Marxist" blah, blah, blah. ....What a bunch of bullshit.

Like the sheeple of today know the difference. Most would say fascist are Germans and Marxist are Russians.....complete dumbasses. When the only thing that matters is that both are COLLECTIVIST systems that call for the destruction of the rights of the individual and the formation of the Almighty State. After that, the differences are like the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats....nothing meaningful. The real reason fascist and Marxist hate each other is because they are competing systems that are after the same prize. The argument between the two is a damn joke.

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They are really two side of the same of the same coin devised to divide human beings into futile battles which keeps the Bloodlines in total control.  The Institutions set up for Hologram 3d life keep the Bloodline Families in control.  That is what has to be defeated so Human Beings can use their own Free Will and inherent goodness to move the Human Race forward instead of living miserable lives for most as the Usual Suspects control everything through finances and now advanced Tech.

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The Turd O government won on only 38% of the popular vote, that`s because Canada has 3 main political parties that split the votes, The douchebag Turd O campaigned on a promise to make changes to the electoral system to allow for better vote representation, but soon after being elected dropped it, probably because they knew they would have no chance of being re-elected if they implemented the new changes.

Canadians are not Liberals, they are politically agnostic, but if you get to know a few Canadians you would find they are mostly conservative minded, the problem is they are not politically astute enough to know the difference between the policies of the liberals and conservatives, they vote on emotion, voting to throw out the bastards that have been screwing them, only to elect another group of bastards who they know will screw them too, but at least they kicked the other bastards to the curb

The 3rd party is the New Democratic Party, a party so far to the left, they make Hillary Clinton look like Kim Jong Un, they have won provincial elections, often on protest votes (Alberta) where voters are so pissed off with the other parties they waste their votes on them, only to get screwed by their welfare nanny state mentality, but the NDP never does well in Federal elections, because Canadians know if those bastards ever get in power we are really screwed, but....... if they ever do, can I come and live with you? 


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