Assange Lashes Out: "Hypocritical Motherf*ckers... Remember How I Exposed Your Secret Deal With The Saudis"

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange lashed out at the UK government over Twitter on Friday after Britain's official UN account (UK Mission to the United Nations) tweeted "A free and independent media fulfils a vital role in holding the powerful to account and giving a voice to the powerless," with a link to a puff piece waxing eloquent over the UK's commitment to free speech.

Assange - apparently not included in the UK's definition of "free and independent media" (facing arrest and detention should he leave the Embassy), fired off a stunning reply - claiming that the UK's has spent roughly twice as much spying on him as it has on their entire international human rights program. 

"And that is exactly why you have detained me without charge for eight years in violation of two UN rulings and spent over 20 million pounds spying on me you hypocritical mother fuckers. Your entire international human rights programme is £10.6m you pathetic frauds."

Assange then followed up with "Remember how I exposed your secret deal to put Saudi Arabia on the Human Rights Council?" referring to a 2015 vote-trading deal in which the UK approached Saudi Arabia in secret, promising it a seat on the UN Human Rights Council in exchange for council support.

Assange, 46, remains confined in the Ecuadorian embassy in London following a failed appeal of his arrest warrant for skipping bail to enter the embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over allegations of sexual assault (which Sweden has dropped). 

The UN, meanwhile, has twice ruled that Assange's detention is unlawful. Despite this, the judge in his most recent appeal - Emma Arbuthnot, who said “I find arrest is a proportionate response even though Mr Assange has restricted his own freedom for a number of years." Judge Arbuthnot's impartiality in the Assange matter has been called into question, while her husband and ex-Conservative MP, Baron James Arbuthnot, is listed as the director of a security company along with the former head of MI6. Not exactly friends of WikiLeaks. 

Moreover, a February report from the Guardian reveals that Sweden wanted to drop their case against Assange as early as 2013, but was pressured by the UK to maintain it

The newly-released emails show that the Swedish authorities were eager to give up the case four years before they formally abandoned proceedings in 2017 and that the CPS dissuaded them from doing so.

The CPS lawyer handling the case, who has since retired, commented on an article which suggested that Sweden could drop the case in August 2012. He wrote: “Don’t you dare get cold feet!!!”. -The Guardian

Assange Drops Bombs

In yet another angry tweet by the WikiLeaks founder, Assange replied to a two-week old comment by former Eric Holder - blaming the former Attorney General for putting him in the position to release emails from the DNC, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta during the 2016 US election. 

Ostensibly getting ahead of the upcoming midterm elections in November, Holder tweeted "Russian threat to our upcoming elections: do something!" Holder then called for sanctions, ending the tweet with "We were attacked!

Assange replied: "Attacked? By what? The truth? It's entirely your own fault, Eric. Thanks to your unconstitutional grand jury against @WikiLeaks you left me with nothing to do but work 24/7, in harsh  conditions, for years--and I'm good, very good, at my job."

Holder, who was President Obama's Attorney General, attempted to prosecute WikiLeaks and Assange personally over the publication of military documents and US diplomatic cables regarding Iraq and Afghanistan. 

"Russia-theorists" - particularly neoconservatives and hawkish Democrats, have maintained that WikiLeaks is a "cutout" for Russian to engage in information warfare, and blame Moscow for the theft and publication of the leaked emails. 

Assange added to his response to Holder, tweeting "Next time, not that there will be one, try following the constitution you swore to uphold," with a link to a 2014 article calling for Holder to drop the investigation against WikiLeaks or resign. 



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More than any other human being (and most combined), Julian has been the greatest champion of truth the world has produced in the modern age.

Love the mother fucker line - he rocks.


And a big go fuck yourself with a tree stump from myself, Mrs former Home Secretary Chamberlain May.




Few have sacrificed more.

Only the likes of Michael Hastings and Seth Rich.

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a Smudge by an… CuttingEdge Sat, 03/10/2018 - 13:57 Permalink

The last few years have been instructive. I was discussing this with an old activist comrade of yore and we realized that in the space of a decade we went from nobody knowing about (take your pick: fiat currency, deep state, the Fed, the MIC, etc) and almost nobody caring...into an informed populace.

I don't know if we're sufficient to the challenges ahead but there's a chance.

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Ex-Oligarch a Smudge by an… Sat, 03/10/2018 - 14:28 Permalink

I think it's fair to say that we went from

"nobody knowing ... and almost nobody caring" to

some people knowing and caring,

but we are still a long way from

most people knowing and caring,

let alone "an informed populace."

There is a LOT of work left to be done, and that work goes well beyond making facts available, but entails weakening  conditioned irrational psychological reflexes that government and its propagandists have spent billions of dollars and decades of effort to create, and debunking audacious fictions that have long been presented as comforting consensus truths. 


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A few (hopefully not too many) words in Assange's defence?


I would have thought the $20k reward Wikileaks offered re: the Seth Rich murder was a bit of a clue as to his source - an 800lb gorilla sitting next to you on the sofa kind of clue - given by the man himself. Maybe when someone can give me any other rational reason, given no connection between the two of them that could explain this offer, I would love to hear it.

Coupled with the fact that he (Seth) was in Position A to access the information, read it through the eyes of an ardent Bernie supporter (OK - a misguided patriot), get angry, get angrier, get seriously pissed, and be motivated (and fully justified) in doing the dirty on team HRC?

Added to which the FBI field office stated his recovered laptop had communications with Assange on it?

And forensics on the transferred RAR file prove it someone (with IT server access) on-site doing the dirty on the DNC server?

And the Kim Dotcom angle?


Dan Bongino did a great piece yesterday (Chup picked up on it in another thread) in which he touched on circumstantial evidence and how it is collated to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, relating the the bigger scandal machine (of which this is a small, but extremely important cog).


The odds that Seth Rich was the leaker via USB stick, rather than some bollocks Russian hacker, given all the above circumstantial? You'd be hard-pressed finding a bookie able to cover the "Guccifer 2" side of the ledger.

Way beyond any reasonable doubt, purely on evidence in the public domain?  Seth Rich was the leaker.


But Julian Assange cannot tell you that.

He's an ethical as well as moral bloke. A bit batshit crazy sometimes with his lateral thinking out loud in interviews (being cooped up in that embassy for so long?), but he proclaimed way back Wiki would never reveal a source. And he knows the minute he does, the halo of trust and credibility surrounding an organization which has released +20 million 100% factually accurate documents gets assaulted by the MSM. They've been salivating over that prospect since Wikileaks inception. Because the MSM are the guardians of the matrix. And using that analogy Julian is Neo. Long may he remain so - for all our benefit.


Not that he didn't, with his reward offer, throw a fucking snack trail to the witch's house so wide the FBI in its entirety could have fed on on it for weeks. But, like with Weiner's laptop, everything magically disappears into the ether with corrupt cunts like Comey and McCabe around in La La Land.


The important question I would ask is:

Knowing what he knows, and bound by his morals and ethics as he is, how much psychological torture is Julian Assange undergoing? Knowing he can bring down the Witch-Finder General's investigation with one email release at Wikileaks, and watching on the sidelines as people's lives (Flynn, Page etc) are being shattered - by a collusional MSM equally as much as the bad actors like Mueller at the seriously stinking end of the swamp?


It has to be hurting.


A solution Mr Assange?


Rumour has it you made a bit on the Bitcoin explosion?

With, I would guestimate, the wholehearted support of most at ZH, (and millions of truth-seekers the world over), about adding a couple of noughts to the reward offer? Might bring a bit of recollection to a few vague memories in the DC area, if you know what I mean?

And blow this thing the fuck out of orbit.

It would be money well spent.

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 I agree with many things you said.

Mr. Assange has conscience and integrity. Other way ,he would not be  in a foreign embassy ,for 8 years now ,with absolutely no freedom of movement. He has courage too , he showed this by talking truth to the powers that be.And payed for that with his livelihood .

You armchairs generals ,try this and after you do it ,dare criticize him . Or ,alternatively ,you can STFU.

He has a weakness in a way ,by showing conscience and integrity (and protecting his sources this way). He is not on equal footing in fighting the gang of psychopaths ,who not only have the power,but lack any remnant of moral ,spiritual values ,any decency and conscience. It is not a fair fight. But if he acted like those psychopaths he exposed ,showing no integrity,he would not be Julian Assange,would he?

What he has is the truth (the one that was revealed to him) and the conviction of his moral fight. And courage. And an increasing number of people ,who are not afraid to open their eyes and see.

I do not know how we can help him . Only by speaking /spreading the truth ourselves.


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The British, are not really British, they are fucking Germans, and the worst kind, an alliance of Western Russ (Goeth's), and the droppings from the fallen millennia of  peaceful rule by the Wittlebach's (Saxons and the money grubbing Coburgundians - i.e. Rothschilds). Victoria spoke fluent German. Albert was pure German. Phillip is German. They are all fucking inbred crazy fucking Germans.

England has not been ruled by real Briton's (Celts) since before the invasion of the Roman Legions.

So, America, if you want to understand your captivity and enslavement, look no further than the hysterical 'super race', a.k.a. Arians; diseased and deluded psychopaths.

And I have a 'special message' for Lillybeth: If Charles assumes the throne, he will be overthrown in a month, and your precious House of Saxe-Coburg-Goethe will fall, never to rise again.


Challenge: Research the Brits that are in power now. Every single one of the House of Lords, and more than that, every member of the current cabinet. I can guarantee you, that your investigation will lead, inexorably, back to Germany.

Signed: twenty-eighth grandson of the Vetters, the ones that kept the Romans from slaughtering you.

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Hmm.  So German is Bad. English is Good.

I seem to recall a couple of world wars fought along those lines.  World wars organized and funded by a (((certain ethnic group))) who had a marked interest in seeing Germany destroyed, and were quite successful.  As a fringe benefit, they also managed to turn Britain into a socialist cesspool, and organize their EEU, another socialist cesspool.  Not to mention overthrow Russia.  Now, 70 years later, we see white civilization on the verge of destruction.

And you, Eden, are prattling on about the nasty Huns and the upright Britons.  Wake up to yourself, dickbrain.  Whites are about 7% of the world's population, and are headed for violent extermination.  THAT is what fucking matters here, not your "the queen is a Hun" garbage.  In case I'm not making myself clear, GERMANS ARE WHITE!  Get it?

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even after all these years, somebody still knows something and WANTS to get it out...we can only hope they have already or will reveal enough to get the ball rolling and julian is the perfect vehicle for transmitting the bombshell, especially in the state of mind he's currently in.  the danger is of course, if it were to happen...similar to the 9/10 announcement of $Trillions missing from the def dept the next day might bring a very unpleasant distraction...

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