New Zealand Businessman Is Frontrunner To Replace Gary Cohn

A New Zealand businessman is said to be the frontrunner to replace Gary Cohn as Donald Trump's top economic adviser. According to the New York Times, the President is "strongly considering" Christopher P. Liddell, who works as an assistant to Trump and director of strategic initiatives, for Gary Cohn's now vacant job.

According to the NYT's two sources, while Trump has not yet made a firm decision, Liddell was the "front-runner" to become the White House's top economist.

Chris Liddell

Some background: Liddell rose up the ranks to become chief executive of New Zealand company Carter Holt Harvey in the 1990s, before he relocated to the United States. In 2005 he was appointed chief financial officer of Microsoft, then shifted to General Motors where he helped the company recover after the global financial crisis.

At the start of this year he was named Trump's White House director of strategic initiatives - a job placing the New Zealander at the head of a group dubbed "the White House think tank".

Liddell had joined Trump's administration in early 2017 and had worked closely with Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior advisor, since his appointment. His role included assessing the way the Government bought technology, and the services it offered people online. With a lineup of high-powered jobs within big global corporates, Liddell had the sort of experience that would fulfil Trump's hopes for someone to fill the role, insiders have said.

In a television interview late last year, Liddell said he expected people would see a more moderate Donald Trump presidency "than the one seen on the campaign trail."

"People focus on the President, as they should, because the President's the single most important person," he had told TVNZ.

"But the President works through these huge numbers of other people running various departments and so forth, so who he starts to surround himself, how he manages those people, will define his success."

The NYT's report suggests that Gary Cohn's own wishes may be ignored: as noted yesterday, the former Goldman COO's had picked Shahira Knight — a former Hill staffer, ex-lobbyist and the NEC’s resident tax expert  — as his replacement as National Economic Council director. However, as the NYT adds, Knight, who prefers a lower profile, was uninterested in the opportunity.


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He's an offshoring expert who was brought in to offshore US manufacturing for US companies. GM was a good example. Why would someone choose someone who worked to offshore US firms?

He works on Kushners team. There is an AIPAC board member on Kushners team.

Considering how many times Jews have been indicted for espionage, it was good the AIPAC board member had his top secret clearance revoked. Now Trump is removing the people who wanted better security.

Cordish is his name, AIPAC board member. Would you want a Eastern Europeans and Russian Khazar gypsies who is an extreme Zionist with a top secret security clearance feeding the Mossad?

It's sure interesting the NYC Orange Nigger put the two TARP bank robbers in our face. Cohen Goldman CEO was the one who caused the financial meltdown to start it all, when he crashed the stock market. Then we have the thief Munchin is in charge of our treasury after Munchin made his money off the TARP robbery, Can't make this up.

We wanted Glass Steagal reinstated, what do we get, more power given to the too big to fail banks. A roll back of all regulations. Is this anyway to run an airline? because we will be screwed into another Jew roiling of the economy. Don't work too hard because it will all be stolen again by these Eastern Europeans and Russian Khazar gypsies.

Ask the preacher, how is it, 2% of the population controls every aspect of the US, and how is it, they're all from Eastern Europe and Russia?

He'll say God scattered them and it's God's will they control us. It's because the preacher is pro-Zionist and represents a racial caste system of Jews on top, then whites and people of color are on the bottom.

The preacher will lie and cheat and ONLY wants that money you give him and he will say anything for his meal ticket. It's his congregation who are programmed brainwashed in the racial caste system.

I remember when the Eastern Europeans and Russians flowed into this nation in the 60's. The dumb Christians would say, look over there, it's a Jew, it's all true.

Go read the old books, these people called themselves the Khazars, now they're the Jews of Israel.

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MK ULTRA Alpha MK ULTRA Alpha Sat, 03/10/2018 - 19:39 Permalink

You don't like "NYC Orange nigger", we have troops in Israel right now. Who authorized that shit?

There are Eastern Europeans and Russians who call themselves jews crawling all over the Trump government.


Tell us, who authorized it? We will NEVER FIND OUT.

Does US troop in Israel have ANYTHING to do with the national security of the USA? NO, who authorized when WE CAN'T EVEN PAY OUR DEFENSE BILL.

What low life betrayed his nation to authorized sending US KIDS to Israel? Who authorized the US Army base in Israel?



If anyone votes again after seeing this, then you're a fool.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Gaius Frakkin'… Sat, 03/10/2018 - 21:31 Permalink

It's too late, the bullets are flying. The next bullets will be ICBM bullets.

The Jews are plotting to kill Putin.

I wound make preparations to leave. It's going to be real bad, and the world is not going into nuclear winter as coined by Jew Carl Sagan.

That's a theory, at least it will cool the planet, and it might be a colder winters for a while.

Something is said by the Jews and it is repeated a billions times by media until it becomes the law of the land.

Believe me, one's life would be better if they didn't have their brains wired to Jew controlled television.

Look what they have done to the American people, 17% of the population(over 50 million) has been convinced they're crazy and need Jew mind dope which lowers the IQ. That's how many are on Jew mind dope now, not counting all the damage brains over the years.

Over a million children under six years old are forced to take Jew mind dope. Brains are being burned out by the Jews.

Poison poured from Jew controlled media into the minds of young kids.

How did we get here? How does a nation function when all these people are on mind dope?

Are any Jewish children on mind dope? Are 17% of the Jewish population of 2% Eastern Europeans and Russians on mind dope?

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MK ULTRA Alpha Hotapplebottoms Sun, 03/11/2018 - 12:04 Permalink

I never said the New Zealander was a Jew.

If you didn't know about the 17% on mind dope, it's been on ZH many times.

And xanax? is that what you use, and beer, I don't drink.

You're an example of the hard core doper on the board, xanax and beer. And you're incapable of even reading articles on ZH never mind comprehend a comment. It's because you have a television mind.

We have Americans brainwashed on here, some of them drunks and dopers, and I don't include cannabis in that description. We have Russian Jews posting division and hate for this country all the way from Israel.

We have crazy foreigners on here with their hate rant not knowing anything about the Americans. They get their news from Jew controlled media like you too.

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Betrayed Gaius Frakkin'… Sat, 03/10/2018 - 21:43 Permalink

I used to hold the same belief that Voting is the only way to implement change and I almost always agree with your posts. 

Unfortunately I've come to the conclusion that NO real change will be allowed thru the vote.

(((They))) and their sycophants have rigged the system to such an extent that any real challenger to Zog will not be allowed.

This is accomplished thru manipulating and controlling the voting machines, controlled opposition websites like WND and InfoWars along with MSM,  and most  importantly, only allowing the sanctioned to run.

Trump said all the right things, but the people were set up as anyone who's observant could see. Three months in his Administration and it was more Bankster and MIC scum running the show.

At this point I would have preferred Hellary on the point the American people who still believe in the rule of law, the base that got Trump elected would not be split and weakened. This is the group the Zionist's fear the most and I'm not talking those who support RINO's but true Constitutional conservatives. In my opinion Trump was the perfect vehicle to neutralize (((Their ))) enemy. Divide and Conquer. Keep Americans at each other's throats so eye's don't see who's running the Shit Show.


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Endgame Napoleon PunchyBinThinkn Sun, 03/11/2018 - 08:45 Permalink

Buy them online, not giving a thought to whether or not the shirts were made by American citizens. Because, even though 50 million working-aged US citizens are out of the workforce, and even though half of all employed American citizens hold only a part-time job with an average yearly earned-income of $13k, we are at FULL (of BS) employment. Even though, at 43 million, we have double the number of so-called employed people on EBT food assistance, the jobs scene in America is great — GREAT.

This has nothing to do with the fact that rich Americans shipped over 2 million breadwinner-quality manufacturing jobs—and potential Social Security contributions, right before the massive Baby Boom retirement—to Asia, where they could employ a non-racially-diverse workforce of low-wage workers.

It has nothing to do with wave after wave of illegal immigrants, and with over 1 million new legal immigrants each year, a high percentage of whom are glad to work part time, staying below the earned-income limits for a variety of pay-per-birth monthly welfare programs that cover their major household bills, like rent and groceries, in addition to recently doubled, refundable (EITC) child-tax-credit welfare of up to $6,444.

All of this viscously undercuts underemployed American citizens in jobs, whether we are naturalized or native-born citizens, and it is exactly what most of us stood in line to vote against.

Is this guy a citizen of this country? If not, are we supposed to believe that he will put American citizens first.

Interestingly, New Zealand does not have a plentitude of jobs. I know from discussions with a legal immigrant who followed the rules and went back to her country when her visa expired, even though she did not want to because of the dearth of jobs in New Zealand, unlike the illegal aliens pouring over the US border and getting paid by Uncle Sam for having sex and reproducing here, with their maximum child tax credit alone equaling more than this college-educated girl was paid for 3 months of work.

Why, when New Zealand does not have enough jobs or its citizens, will he be able (and motivated) to increase access to quality jobs for the citizens of this country, the USA? 

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(This was meant for your post below, I am not going to move it for someone like you, but you need to realize what you write is from a television mind.)

Give me a break, another one under Jew media mind control not strong enough to question his reality.

When one watched TV all of their lives, it grows neural pathways in the brain which become like bars to a prison cell, a mind prison. One will never be able to break out of the mind prison, because that person believes this is all perfect and normal.

This mind will resist with extreme violence to wake up from Jew mind control. Those who question have their brains burned out by Jew controlled mental heath. Why? because one questions the reality they live.

Millions of Americans are questioning, so Jew is censoring, more will be locked up, more and more destabalization to keep the Yoke of Zionism on the neck of America.

It sure seems strange, that less than 2% of the population, over 99% are from Eastern Europe and Russia, are in complete control not just of America, but your fucking mind.

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Baron von Bud MK ULTRA Alpha Sat, 03/10/2018 - 20:56 Permalink

Normally, I blast Jew baiters but you present a precise series of points and express your opinion well. I haven't verified anything you said. That said, if only the other guys gave as good a presentation as you. Yes, the Zionist agenda is not good for America. But we have a large percent of extreme Christians who want WW3 as only Armageddon will bring the return of Jesus to earth. Thus the Jews are saved and the Christians ascend into heaven. This thinking is pervasive in the upper ranks of the military.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Baron von Bud Sat, 03/10/2018 - 21:29 Permalink

I know, and it's totally insane to make your own people suffer with the most insane concepts. They must justify all the killing for Israel with a new deranged religious belief system. During the Iraq war, US soldiers wore the star of David symbol which is a Khazar symbol into battle. They were selling the symbol like hot cakes. 

The Jews were even sending West Point cadets to Israel for indoctrination. This was JINSA. This may still be going on.

During Bush II martial law electronic control grid, police chiefs from all over the US secretly went to Israel for indoctrination. The police chief of Austin went and we weren't allowed to know, only KLBJ radio told and we never were able to find out who paid for it. This was during Chertoff (the devil in Russian) when Chertoff was putting censors in every police station, when the fusion centers were set up. The police chief of Austin was saying he was going after people for critical comments on the web about his police forces. He is a Cuban born naturalized citizen.

We were able to finally get rid of him when he started the pro-BLM rant. He's in Houston now.

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Too late, there are dual citizen Jews/Khazars all over the government. They're crawling all over the Trump administration, even Trump's family is married to Jews. No one knew, did the media tell us? Just like Clinton's daughter is really Hubble's daughter, from Hillary's law firm. Did the media explain that?

The Jew media works to protect criminals and then ordains the criminal over us. Was Bush II normal? he was a criminal. How about the Clintons, murder incorporated, not one word about all the people killed around the Clintons. If it wasn't for the internet we would have never known.

It was the Jews who started the dual citizenship, because Jews in NYC would fly to Israel to fight and this wasn't allowed. So the Jews had the law changed.

These aren't Jews from the Bible which has been rewritten so many times, it's not the same book.

They're all from Eastern Europe and Russia. Has 60 Minutes explained about the Khazars?

How about all the secret control groups?


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MK ULTRA Alpha DC Exile Sat, 03/10/2018 - 21:18 Permalink

That's a fact. Jews were in the Israeli military, they would fly to Israel to fight from NYC.

I'm old, and remember when the law was changed.

Also, there was a former US Army colonel, he went back to one of the Baltic countries to organize their army. He was nailed with a law preventing former military from serving in another country's military. He had his pension taken away. This was during the Clinton era.

I read all the time, I remember both issues.

The Jews are planning to killing Putin to blame it on the CIA to make the US and Russia fight in Syria.

There are many factions in Russia who want to remove Putin. I detected it around a day or so ago. It's interesting, I wrote a state actor was planning to assassinate Putin. Today we hear Putin used the dreaded Jew word.

Putin told the liar, thief and murderer Netanyahu to cease the air war on Syria in a telephone call. Netanyahu has met Putin twice recently over Syria.

Israelis believe Putin is their enemy and is an existential threat to Israel. A threat to the survival of Israel. They believe if he can be killed, the blame would come to the USA. There would be no US Russia reset. And the US and Russia would fight in Syria.

They expect the US to push Russia out of Syria. Then Israel's air war against Iran in Syria could continue.

I detected the plan around two days ago. I believe it could have been Netanyahu's visit to NYC. It was strong on me. And I didn't know Netanyahu was in the US until later.

Putin must launch now. A preemptive thermonuclear first strike would destroy enough of the US counter strike, not that many Russians would be killed. Possibly 50 million out of 150 million.

If he waits, then it will be much worse.

The US nuclear fire plan would automatically launch at China. US launchers for nuclear weapons aren't all preprogramed for Russia.

It's the only way to remove the yoke of Zionism from the neck America.

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I do not agree with the obsession with Jews and Jew-bashing, and it often appears trollish as well, as if the comments were posted — junior-high-style — just to get a rise out of people. Politically, Jews are all over the map. IF there is a disproportionate number of globalists, in their case, it might be due to the historical memory of 6 million murdered in the Holocaust. They were a tiny group to begin with, probably the world’s tiniest, permanent minority group. Those who are worried about whites being a small, global minority might want to take that into consideration when assessing the concerns of Jews about maintaining one pea-sized country where they are the majority.

That said, Deplorables did not stand in long lines to vote for more globalist policies. I.E., we did not stand in line to vote for more cynical, opportunistic, anti-American-worker policies that aid the yearly, mass-scale infusion of illegal aliens / legal immigrants, working part time for low wages, having sex, reproducing in the USA and, thereby, qualifying for layer after layer of monthly welfare and now-doubled child-tax-credit welfare up to $6,444, which enables them to work cheaply, undercutting massively underemployed US citizens and the historically high numbers out-of-workforce / working-aged US citizens in jobs, nor did we vote for more policies that facilitate shipping breadwinner-quality jobs (and potential Social Security contributions) overseas to non-racially-diverse Asian countries that are full of cheap-labor opportunities for elites to exploit. 

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Yog Soggoth Sat, 03/10/2018 - 16:59 Permalink

This is who he worked for. Greame Hart; In 1987, Hart completed an MBA from the University of Otago. His research thesis outlines the strategy for Rank, then a small hire company, to grow.[5] This strategy relies on using the cash flow of well-performing companies to fund debt, which as it gets paid off, increases the equity value of the initial investors. He is a vulture capitalist just like Mitt Romney. 

ThrowAwayYourTV Sat, 03/10/2018 - 17:40 Permalink

If you ask me I dont have much faith in these so called economic advisers. We're talking about people who advise the President to send all of our jobs and money to China and all will be great here in the U.S. WTF?

Yeah, so. The best thing to do for America mr president is get all of our stuff imported. We'll lose a shitload of income taxes but we can make it up in sales tax by raising prices therefore raising taxes. Now if we can just get everyone to pay $150 a week in sales tax. Only problem is, Amuricans wont actually be able to pay cash for anything and have to do everything on credit because they wont be working but hey, we'll worry about that when the time comes.

Right now mr president whats more important is that you and the whole of the Senate and Congress invest heavily on shipping our jobs and money over to China and china sending back cheap shit and you will all be rich before everything totally caves.

highwaytoserfdom Sat, 03/10/2018 - 21:24 Permalink


Microsoft  then



Wow that's a scary thought.    Guess  Sheep Kiwi  likes the   sheep to people in this county.

Exactly the wrong type of background needed.