European Commissioner Tusk Double-Crossed Poland


The current President of the EU Council has a good reputation in the EU circles, but not in Poland: he had to flee from his home country to Brussels, completely compromised. After all, his government was a catastrophe: mass emigration of young Poles, tampering with the coffers of future pensioners, corruption and benefit scandals, the Amber Gold affair, the all-pervasive nepotism in his Civic Platform (PO) party, numerous sins of omission crowned by Nord Stream.

Young unemployed people can light the torch of a revolution. If you want to secure your position in politics, you leave salaries low and open the borders. The discontented young unemployed emigrate and only those who have less motivation to take to the streets remain. In 2005 Donald Tusk made this trick, this intervention on his nation. He threw Poland into the arms of the EU: since then the population has fallen significantly due to the emigration of many young Poles.

Nigel Farage aptly commented on this when he turned to Tusk in the European Parliament:

"Your debate is about emigration, and time and again you’ve promised the Polish voters that young poles would return to Poland, and at the same time Mr Cameron has promised the British people that fewer Poles would come to us. Well, it turns out that you’ve both been wrong and your country has been depopulated by 2 million people since you joined the European Union and the reason is obvious: it’s money, isn’t it? And you yourself prove the point. You are the newest Polish emigre and you’ve gone from a salary of 60 000 euros a year to a salary of 300 000 euros a year. So congratulations! You’ve hit the EU jackpot!”

What moved Tusk, besides money, to go to Brussels and interrupt his political career in Poland?

Creative accountant has sticky fingers

Donald Tusk was chairman of the Civic Platform, a quasi liberal party that is indeed as loyal to the leftist Brussels technocrats as the Polish Communist Party once was to the commissioners from Moscow. Poland’s debt under the government of the Civic Platform officially increased from 45% of 2008 GDP to 57% in 2013. If you take a close look at the creative accounting of the Polish Statistical Office, it turns out that hidden indebtedness, i. e. mainly obligations due to pensions, were not taken into account. If this were done, the indebtedness would amount to almost 200% of GDP.

If you take a closer look at the data, you will notice that national debt fell abruptly in 2014. A success for the Civic Platform government? Not in the least. It is more like a theft from the pockets of Polish citizens, which Tusk mercilessly carried out together with his ministers in order not to exceed the EU’s deficit limit.

In 1999 the Polish pension system was fundamentally reformed as it was largely a remnant of communism and demotivated people aged 55 and over from earning their living until 65 while it was more worthwhile for them to go into early retirement. In view of the declining birth and fertility rates as well as the deficit in the pension system, the government decided to switch from pay-as-you-go public old-age provision to partially private pensions.

Three “pillars” of the pension system were introduced. Since then, the compulsory contributions for the first pillar must be paid to the Central Insurance Institution (ZUS) by all employees; contributions to the second pillar now only had to be paid by those who are permanent employees, which should limit the shadow economy and increase the official number of employees. The second pillar consists of private pension funds that may invest in shares and government bonds. It ensures that future pensions will not be as low as if there were only paid out from the first state pillar. By 2013, Poland’s private pension funds had raised over 300 billion Zloty. With Poland threatening to exceed the 60% budget deficit limit set by the EU, Donald Tusk decided to take hold of his people’s pension savings and in 2014 nationalised the 51.5% of the deposits in the second pillar. The budget hole was thus plugged in the short term, while the Poles were deprived of 150 billion euros of their savings. However, demographic developments in Poland show that the manipulated pension system has no chance to survive. In future, there will be too few people who are able to work and who will be able to pay pension contributions:

Tusk isn’t so far-sighted, though. He has always been more interested in his career than in what will happen to his nation through his decision.

The Polish Capitano Schettino

While Tusk was prime minister, the scandals sprouted like mushrooms: the gambling law affair in which Tusk’s sports and interior minister was involved; the scandal about Polish shipyards in Szczecin and Gdynia and many large state-owned enterprises, which Tusk’s Minister of State Property, Aleksander Grad, sold to foreign investors for a few pennies; numerous corruption scandals in which members of the Civic Platform were involved not only in Warsaw, but also in many regions of Poland. How about the young people? Did they not take to the streets to protest against the corrupt government? Not this time. When Tusk reached the height of impertinence and wanted to join the controversial ACTA agreement, in which many young people saw restrictions on their freedom on the Internet, a wave of protests swept across the country: a total of some ten thousand people took part, many of whom were injured. Captain Tusk, however, remained steadfast and had the treaty signed. He held the course along the dangerous cliff towards the next affair. This one, however, proved too hard even for him and his ship crew i.e. his faithful Civic Platform staff: Amber Gold, a shadow bank in which Poles lost PLN 140 million złotys. Amber Gold, a financial services company founded in Gdansk, Tusk’s hometown, in 2009, allegedly invested in gold and the OLT airline. In fact, it was a pyramid scheme that quickly became insolvent. Tusk did not want to save the millions of his fellow countrymen, even though he was told by the competent authorities that the company was extremely suspicious. Why? The answer is clear: at OLT was employing Tusk’s son Michał, as a consultant.

Family in high demand

During the reign of Tusk and his Civic Platform, unemployment among young people rose dramatically to reach a record 28.2% in the first quarter of 2013. At that time it was difficult for a young person to find a permanent job unless you belonged to the family or was a good friend of someone from the Civic Platform. Nepotism affected all levels beginning with Tusks ministers, to the board of directors, to companies with government shares, to local offices and authorities managed by members of the Civic Platform. A well-known Polish magazine published “The List of Shame” which comprised 428 Civic Platform activists whose family members and acquaintances held important positions in public institutions and state agencies. In the years 2007-2012, those people earned more than 200 million złotys in total, which, according to Polish conditions, is 100,000 złotys per person per year. Of course, wages were usually not paid for real work: most of these people were too incompetent to work effectively in such high positions.

Nord Stream – High Treason

Tusk himself was unreliable and lazy, especially in the foreign policy matters that are of importance to Poland. What can be considered a high treason was his compliance with Germany in the Nord Stream project. The construction of the pipeline on the bottom of the Baltic Sea to supply Germany, France and Holland directly with Russian natural gas cost 7.4 billion euros and was managed by the former Stasi officer Matthias Warnig. No wonder: an attack on Poland has to be prepared by intelligence agencies. In keeping with the tradition of the Locarno and Ribbentrop-Molotov agreements, an agreement was reached between Europe’s powers to the detriment of Poland, without anyone ever asking Warsaw about its opinion.

Until Nord Stream was built, Western Europe was often subject to breaks in natural gas supplies from Russia because, for example, Belarus did not pay for its supplies and Gazprom turned off the tap. Since the end of 2011, since the opening of Nord Streams, Eastern Europe is no longer of great political and economic importance for Western Europe: even if Russia wanted to occupy Belarus and Ukraine or punish Poland and stopped supplying gas, still supplies for Western Europe would continue via Nord Stream.

The construction of the pipeline has also marginalised the Polish major ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście because the pipe is located at a depth of 17.5 metres, which means that only vessels with a maximum draught of 13.5 metres may call at the above-mentioned ports. Rostock has been saved, and Germany, France and other countries have since been able to negotiate better gas prices than Poland. Tusk didn’t do anything about it. Not only he: Nord Stream is an example of something close to corruption among Western European politicians as well: Schröder, who signed the contract to build the pipeline, did so shortly before the elections, knowing that he and his SPD would be the losers. He then became Chairman of the Gazprom Executive Board. Paavo Lipponen, the former Prime Minister of Finland, who supported Nord Stream in his country to the fullest extent possible, was also hired by the company. And Tusk was congratulated by the grateful chancellor on the office of EU Council President.

He was more than willing to accept it; after all, he had to abandon the sinking small ship (Poland) and board a bigger one, the EU Titanic.


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The Poles will get crushed this century like they were last century and the century before that. 

The reason is simple: they habitually develop foreign policy based on security guarantees from nations that primarily seek to restrict German and Russian power and use Poland as a tool to accomplish this goal. 

When push comes to shove, these powers (normally Anglo Saxons) stab the Poles in the backs and sell them off into subjugation (to the Austrians and Germans in the 18th and 19th centuries (twice)) or into abject slavery (like in the 20th century). 

Unfortunately for the Poles they refuse to see or acknowledge this pattern and every century make the same mistake. 


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Haus-Targaryen wildbad Mon, 03/12/2018 - 04:30 Permalink

Against and with whom? 

I was there last year for almost two weeks. Everyone I encountered had the following mentality:

>Fuck the Germans 

>Fuck the Russians

>The US and UK are our friends. 

Sure they might throw the EU out, which is a good start but I guarantee you it won't be to establish a better relationship with Moscow. 

If they were half smart all of Eastern Europe would leave the eu and do their own thing together, but still they'd be DC and London's bitch and they really haven't accomplished anything. 

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Let's not forget they are busting the holohoax wide open. They already reduced the number of people dead at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1.5 million, and will probably reduce that number further. Well before that they admitted the gas chambers that millions of people visit were built after the war by the Soviets. And very recently they are taking steps to correct inaccuracies and making it illegal to call them Polish death camps, or similar, which has put the Polish government at odds with zionists around the world. The reason these zionazis don't like Poland now is because Poland does not accept millions on undocumented immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Poland is not with the "Soros program" to destroy their own culture and people.

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Have a listen to the exchange between Dominik Tarczynski from PiS & Jewish director of World Jewish congress where he admits @ 15:00 mns that the assault on Poles & Poland is not about Polish death camps, but it's political and regarding the refusal of ME & African economic migrants. Poles took in over 1 million Ukrainian refugees but they don't satisfy the EU migrant quotas because they are "white".

Let the unveiling of the Holocaust begin.

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>US & UK are our friends...
Cyai did supply Solidarity movement with Mil. burst radios so striking miners could coordinate with striking dockers...which probably helped in bringing down the (then) Soviet backed govt. But once the free elections started it was all IMF loans tied-in to sale of State assets. If they still believe that hands across the ocean friendship crud they're really screwed. 
The problem with Poland is it's good tank country.

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"Fuck the Germans"

"Fuck the Russians"

"The US and UK are our friends"

Considering the three (3) partitions of Poland for 123 years by Russia,Prussia & Austria and the 4th during WWII between Germany & USSR followed by decades of communism, challenges remain. 

Add to that the plane crash in Smolensk where the whole Polish government went down on their way to commemorate Katyn and that the aircraft and black boxes have not been returned to date for Polish analyses, makes rapproachement much more difficult.

Also the 90% German control of Polish anti-Polish media, Merkel's unilateral invite of illegal ME & African economic migrants without consulting a single European nation remains a bitter pill to swallow for other sovereign nations as well.

Compliment the above with economic migrant quotas imposed on V4 sovereign countries with penalties of 250,000 euros per head and that won't endear anyone to Germany without whose financing the Dictatorial EU would immediately collapse. When surrounded on both sides with unfriendly parties it's understandable why Poles may be looking for other options.

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It's quite obvious that you have no clue WHAT "cancer" is in the midst of Poland. That element is also present in the enlightened Germanic and Anglo countries. So lay off of this country because the shit is everywhere.

But hey, beating on the weak is so much fun, right ? Go look at Sweden for a start and then move on to fuc*ed-up Germany with its minarets and singing mullahs.

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Haus-Targaryen LA_Goldbug Mon, 03/12/2018 - 09:42 Permalink

So tell me where I am wrong, as opposed to simply insulting me. 

Poland will get its shit pushed in this century for the same reason it did every century going back for the past few hundred years. 

I like you Poles, but you guys need to either choose a side, or or develop foreign policy that doesn't involve telling your much larger neighbours to go sodomise themselves on a daily basis. 

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I have a minor in history so I have no stake in Poland.

"Unfortunately for the Poles they refuse to see or acknowledge this pattern and every century make the same mistake. "

You're right in a way here. These "patterns" that you talk about are best seen in the Russian Revolution. The revolution was anything BUT "Russian". The revolution was designed by "external" powers led by the Jews and executed by the Jews. Putin told it to them right to their faces. The video is on YT.

If you scratch deeper you will see the same crap in Hungary, Rumania, Germany AND Poland. Well lets throw in here US. They are there at the top of the power structure. In Poland's case they came as Polish "comrades" trained and indoctrinated in the Soviet Union. Read "200 years together" by Solzhenitsyn (there is an English translation in the net) to see this explained very clearly. This Jewish cadre never disappeared from any of these countries. One method they use to blend in is by changing their last names and making it as close as possible to the country's norm where they happen to live.

As for Poland, YES they screwed up but they did it way way back in time. WHEN they let in these people after they were run out of Spain, Portugal, England, France, .... and entered the Kingdom of Poland. HUGE mistake.

But lets look closer,…

You think he is the only one ??????? Proper answer is NO !!!!

They are easier to spot in the US though,

They are getting spanked today AGAIN !!! "The Phony War" should be mandatory lesson in High School so as to not get trapped again. But there is not hope in Heaven for this to happen. The same goes for US and Europe.



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I noticed an interesting patter with regard to (((their))) migration into a country.

It take approximately 200 after it happens that the country goes to shit.

For Poland it was about 200 years until it was partitioned.  In that partition Russia got a whole lot of them and 200 years later they also ceased to exist for all intents and purposes as the revolution morphed it into the Soviet Union.


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Poland's problem is the non-Polish elites that are sabotaging the country. Tusk is just one of the many re-incarnations " born in Gdańsk in northern Poland of German and Kashubian ancestry whose mother's maiden name was - Ewa (DAWID owska)   -

Those self professed (((Poles))) changed their names and have been running the Polish governments for decades. They are identified by their Polish/Jewish names in the link below but their positions & historical references are unfortunately in Polish where most will not recognize them, with the exception of Duda, Kaczynski,Macierewicz and Balcerowicz .....

This video is not accessible in Poland.






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That's not their biggest problem. They biggest problem is that they aren't sneaky cunts like many others and so they do not play the game of alliances very well.

Long before Britain and then the US had any influence in the region they fought endless wars on multiple fronts. 

Being rabid Catholics has hurt them enormously in the past as well. It was one of the reasons why Ukrainians eventually revolted and wars with Sweden.

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Being Catholic would have been fine if the Commonwealth was made up of Catholics. 

The eastern parts were not. These were Ukrainians and some Russians and they were Eastern Orthodox. 

At one point Poland and Sweden were under one king. However, Sweden was already Lutheran at this point, so the king trying to force Catholicism onto them did not go over very well.

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Yes, the article seems like total bullshit at least from that point on.

I wouldn't know what role the Poles play(ed) in the construction of Nord Stream I - but the author doesn't even hint at anything specific either.
From a German perspective, I admit I also in 2005 had a bad taste in my mouth about Schroeder's involvement, especially the combination while and after he was German chancellor. But over the years I had to reconsider my viewpoint mainly due to the ridiculous over-vilification of Putin, and now I see Schroeder as having astoundingly clear foresight.

However anyone not able to take off their anything-russian-is-the-worst-evil blinders, will probably never get to that insight...

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Tusk's Civic Platform now stands at 14% in the polls whilst the ruling PiS party is at 44% - Tusk and his cronies have been given the good kicking they so deserve; at least in Poland if not yet in Brussels!

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Go after his Polish citizenship.  He can't stay in Brussels forever. Let his buy a St. Kitts and Nevis passport and citizenship while young Poles hunt his ass down.  They make good sniper rifles in Poland and there are a lot of sharp WOT soldiers who could hunt him down.  The pendulum of banning immigrant is swinging in the opposite direction and gaining momentum.

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Read "Democracy, The God that Failed" by Hoppe. The fundamental flaw in democracy is that self-interested leaders may only exploit the public by increasing current income, which usually comes at the national capital expense. Further, there is an assumption that voting means "we are doing this to ourselves," which is an erosion of class consciousness and awareness of what leaders are doing. This illusion of the public mandate allows a relatively small minority to drag the majority into all kinds of ridiculous evil, from total war to forced schooling to declaring war on manliness.

Under a monarchy, there is no illusion as to what the king is about, which keeps him, surprisingly, on a much shorter leash. Further, since his sustainable income can be increased only through the national wealth increasing, it is in his best interest to not exploit so heavily, lest he bankrupt himself by bankrupting the country. Of course, he won't get there because oppressive taxes = the king is to blame = time to chop off his head and get a new leader. Further, war is not the public's interest, and therefore there is no reason to involve civilians in war.

Every so often we get that wonderful system called "the rule of law," where there is no king and no democracy, and where everyone must adhere to a set of very simple laws of property rights and contract. Unfortunately, the self-serving push as hard as possible to become lawmakers, and without eternal vigilance, we fall back into monarchy or democracy.

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Gee that's too bad Poland and the EU are having problems, but sadly the truth is that problems only get ultimately solved by bombing the fck out of another country. That's just the sad reality of a world with finite resources.

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Well, if the Poles are so unconfortable in the EU then they can leave as the Brits are doing. Better if with they close friends Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks. Maybe they can build their own Visengrad Union. Not a lot in the EU will cry too much for this loss. And please, don't forget to take with you all the young poles that you are missing so much. I'm not so sure they want to come home, but maybe I'm wrong.

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What business is it of the Poles where a pipeline is built?

Why aren't the swedes crying, or the Baltics?

Poland has a pipe running through, another one is or was planned (pic in the article) - wtf do they want?

Poles thought they can control Western Europe with the gas valve, did they?

LA_Goldbug Grumbleduke Mon, 03/12/2018 - 10:28 Permalink

the description of who is making the decisions ,"Poles", is as useless as saying that "Americans" are responsible for what is going on in the Middle East. In the case of "Americans" I would suggest "Anglo-Zionists". In the case of Poland I would use "Zionist-Slavs" because the undercover Jewish element is there. I doubt that this clique in Poland is doing ANYTHING that is for the benefit of the people of Poland. Belarus has manged to isolate itself from this scourge where as Ukraine is completely taken over.

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Did you read the article or just skim it?

The pipeline is in shallow water that restricts access to 2 of their ports.


Now, with regard to Nordstream 2, if it is in much deeper water and has no negative impact on Poland than they have nothing to bitch about.

I am sure they are secretly freaking out about the possibility of Russia cutting off natural gas but they sure as hell have no problems with calling on sanction against Russia.

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in other wor(l)ds: Would the pipe be much deeper, the Polacks wouldn't have a problem?

Give me a break!

These assholes have a superiority complex, always had. It is the job of the polish government to make a deal with suitable energy providers! And they did. Yet they are not satisfied or happy, having Russia to deliver the polish gas. They are right of course, the russians are sitting on polish gas and oil fields!

They wanted control, and got apples, pie and nuclear bombs. Live with it - no mercy for such assholery.

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You should also look at how he escaped the downing of the Tu-154 at Smolensk by the Russians on April 10 , 2010 .
He has always been very close friends with Mister Putrid .