Ramaphosa's Racist-Marxist Distraction In South Africa

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

The controversial initiative to seize white-owned farms without compensation was proposed by the Marxist “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF) and quickly picked up by the ruling African National Congress (ANC), which argues that it needs to act in order to resolve the massive racial disparity in property ownership.

Neighboring Zimbabwe attempted almost the exact same thing around the turn of the century but it failed for many reasons, though its new government is now reversing this policy and is instead seeking to court white farmers back to the country.

The new South African government, meanwhile, is doing the opposite in what can only be regarded as an attempt to rejuvenate interest in the party by returning it to its Marxist roots, something that its strategists might believe can help it electorally in next year’s elections.

Moreover, it should be said that President Cyril Ramaphosa might have more ulterior intentions in mind as well, since he himself came to power on the back of a so-called “deep state” coup in first becoming the party’s leader under contentious circumstances late last year and then soon thereafter replacing former President Zuma under a similarly controversial context.

He might want to distract the masses from this “politically inconvenient” fact in order to build up greater “legitimacy” for himself. In addition, this new measure might take the population’s attention away from intertribal and xenophobic violence by temporarily uniting the country around a common cause that can easily mobilize the racial majority on economic pretexts, even if most of them never see any tangible benefit from these forthcoming land seizures.

One of the unintended after-effects of the “successful” execution of this policy is that it might scare away international investors who could fear that Ramaphosa might expand what they view to be his extreme “economic nationalism” to the point of potentially nationalizing foreign companies in the future, possibly due to “bottom-up” pressure from the EFF and their “street supporters”.

Once certain socio-economic policies such as racially targeted land seizure without compensation are unleashed, it could be very difficult to control them because they naturally inspire the disadvantaged majority of the country to dream big with unrealistically high hopes, sometimes causing a chain reaction that leads to the most unpredictable of consequences for the initiators of the said policy.



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I just saw the movie black panther. About a secret african country that is filled with brilliant wealthy ethical africans whose technology is the most advanced on earth. I do not think that the black ruller of South Africa came from there. Spoiler alert. The part that i liked the most about the black panther was the scene with giant friendly trained war rhinos covered in vibranium metal armor charging the black female warriors with force shields sometimes made out of cloth and leather. It reminded me of Thor with no hammer and more political correctness.

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Most people outgrow their Marxist ideals by the age of 19: about the age where they get their first real job and take on full self-reliance.


The dearth of real jobs explains the rise in Marxist ideals in Western culture, but it's being compounded by twinkles who've never been shouldered with responsibility.


Moar real jobs. Jettison the H1Bs.

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Nah, send her to Wakanda. Since she refuses to interact with, or even acknowledge the existence of, intelligent, accomplished American blacks like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, let her go there to meet some. She's so far removed from reality she'll never notice it's not a real place.

Alternative: send her to Guam and hope it tilts over.

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These racist ANC fuckers know they still have a lot of former White Apartheid infastructure and economic fat to chew on.

They will keep chewing until the whole thing looks exactly like everywhere else in Africa.

If you want a taste of how racist and violent these mother fuckers are, look no further than the not so long ago genocide in Rwanda.  Same Same, but maybe not so different. 

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I am looking forward to these bastards in South Africa starving when they figure out that farming is a lot more difficult than just putting seeds in the ground and watering them. That has been the experience in neighboring Zimbabwe, the nation is starving so now they are inviting White farmers to come back to the land that was confiscated from them. 

South Africa is home of amazingly stupid people. The majority of the Black population is or is descended from Blacks from other countries in sub-Saharan Africa who migrated to South Africa when their own countries could not provide basic sustenance for them. The White South African governments through the 20th century permitted basically unrestricted immigration into their country for humanitarian reasons. Those Black people who came to the country for food and safety eventually became the majority population in the country and demanded that they be given the opportunity to vote so as to take over the government of the country. After suffering for two decades under the strangling noose of international sanctions, the White South African government gave in and the Black majorities won political power. 

Imagine that. You take in a starving stranger into your house, give him food and shelter and protection, and in short order he decides he wants to take your home away from you. That has been the situation in South Africa. And this transformation has been anything but peaceful. Once the starving poor person is brought to health and strength, the next step he will take is to cure his impoverished condition via the path of least resistance, which for many Black South Africans meant crime. The situation became and remains so dangerous for people of all races in South Africa that they need to build walls around their property and even install what they call "Rape Gates" that close off the bedroom areas from the rest of the house. When the homeowners go to sleep at night, they close and lock these substantial metal gates so as to establish a barrier of last resort against intruders. 

It has been common in South Africa since the Black majority took over control of the country to see gangs of young Blacks roaming the streets of the cities, and using D size batteries to attack cars waiting at intersections for the light to become green. The batteries are heavy enough to break the side windows of cars, so as to allow the savages to gain entry to the vehicles. They then carjack the vehicle, sometimes accompanied by various acts of physical and sexual attack against the person or persons in the car. The cars are then brought to chop shops in Black areas, where the parts are harvested and sold to auto repair and part supply businesses. 

The governance of the country has been horrible, which is not surprising when you consider that the people in charge of the country have a lineage that dates back to people who were too stupid to even be able to feed themselves. Millions of these low and no information voters are allowed to vote, and promote a government selected only by voter racism. In the US, something like 80-90% of Black voters vote for democrat candidates. In South Africa, something close to 100% of Black voters vote solely for Black candidates. This institutional racist mentality implemented by people of very low intellectual ability then carries over to how the nation is governed. One manifestation of this process is that punishment against Black criminals is lenient, with the government often not choosing to prosecute Black criminals who have performed egregious crimes against White victims. The elected officials do everything possible not to alienate themselves from the Black voters who elect them into comfortable government positions, and in so doing extend the political racism that elects them into the Judiciary they appoint. The corruption in the South African government is rampant, and the extortion of White business owners has risen to the point where these businesses fold, terminating the provision of most essential services. 

There is far more to expose about the terrible state of affairs in South Africa, but it would take hours if not days to write about the subject. Suffice it to say that anyone who knows what has been going on in that country for the last twenty years will not be surprised by the present land grab initiative that the present Baboon In Chief is trying to implement across the nation's farms. These are a very stupid people, they cannot associate the failure of a similar policy as conducted by their northern neighbor with the policy they now seek to try. Stupidity in sub-Saharan Africa knows few bounds, and is a more rampant killer than the HIV and Ebola viruses that rip communities to shreds there. 

What is amazing is the ignorance of Western media outlets, insofar as their silence about what has transpired in South Africa since the days of Western media calling for the overthrow of White governance in South Africa. The Western media should be reporting on the terror that they helped create in their foolish support of the Black nationalist movement in the country, but they refuse to do so for fear of the certain backlash against them that would follow. People have long memories when you have lied to them, and clearly the Western media fears telling the truth of how life is today in South Africa as it was their advocacy of this outcome that gave rise to its presence and accompanying failures.

Americans would be wise to see what has happened to South Africa as it may serve as a warning regarding immigration policy. If the US does not take control of its border in the south of the country, eventually regions of the US closest to the border will suffer the same fate as is now endured in South Africa. And if the immigration policies of the US are not implemented as they were designed and the flow of illegal immigrants continues as it has during the last twenty years, the entire US may be at risk of a political overthrow that elects only Hispanic politicians to implement policies beneficial to those immigrants at the expense of the people who are responsible for the continuation of economic activity in the country. Then the US will be South Africa on a grand scale, the inmates will be running the prison, and the world will be thrown into an economic depression the likes of which never have been seen. Eventually there will be massive wars throughout the country, and millions will die. 

South Africa is the quintessential example of what happens to wealthy countries who fail to control their borders. Ignore the evidence at your own peril.

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Fine write up.

In fewer words :

worthless, impoverished nigger states will continue to be royally funded-to-failure by international joo-banksters.

any /all collateral not already in the hands of self-proclaimed royal joo-bait zio-kike banksters will be.

such has worked for hundreds of years and several billion Whites have afforded, and allowed, the commie joos to continue having their way with every passing moment of Time.

until the joos' plan is stopped DEAD in its tracks, numbers will add up to nothing for most Whites.

we're at the stage where unrestrained fiat creation has enriched so many joo families that Death alone of the elderly kikes does nothing more than pass the torch to a greater inbred son / daughter who is more liberal, more left wing, & more prejudiced to their own insipid ways than the parent now relegated to DJS&S ( Dead Jew Sortage & Storage )



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"The Western media should be reporting on the terror that they helped create in their foolish support of the Black nationalist movement in the country, but they refuse to do so for fear of the certain backlash against them that would follow."

Breitbart had a deliberately misleading article on South Africa last week. I would say that the Media is complicit with TPTB who have thrown the South African White minority under the bus.

South Africa has many problems. Crime must stop. Infrastructure must be built. But first and foremost, torture must stop! 

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Any farmer in the region should have known that this was a very distinct possibility as this is a regional practice..  Divestiture should have been in theie business practices and a quick way out.    Nice place for a tank war.  What we are going to see is a natural way of population control.  The more the outside nations stay out the faster the cycle will be.

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If you want racism against the white color if your skin, go and visit black ruled South Africa where they select by race never by merit. Brilliant academic white students are rejected in favour of failing black students for bursaries because of black economic empowerment. The white brain drain leaves South Africa and South Africa becomes a wasteland. All because of black racism to whites. Sad but true.

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"black economic empowerment"

It is an affirmative action program. Yes, the policies are racist. Recently, the Chinese requested an exemption. White is the only race South African affirmative action programs discriminate against. Ironic since whites are a minority. These policies (job hiring in addition to academics) are said to correct past Apartheid injustice. Actually, it reveals the incredible amount of hatred for the White minority

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