Russia "Successfully" Test-Fires Hypersonic Missile

Just a few short days after Russian President Vladimir Putin used his state-of-the-nation speech to deliver a stern warning to the United States that Russia possesses hypersonic weapons that can render NATO’s U.S.-led missile defense system completely "useless," AFP reports that Russia has confirmed it successfully test-fired "the ideal weapon."

The high-precision Kinzhal (Dagger) missile was launched from a MiG-31 supersonic interceptor jet that took off from an airfield in the South Military District in Russia's southwest, the defense ministry said.

"The launch went according to plan, the hypersonic missile hit its target," the ministry added.

The ministry released video footage showing two pilots gearing up for a flight and then running towards a jet with a large missile slung beneath its underbelly.

Set to rousing, patriotic music, the video then shows a missile detaching from the airborne plane and gliding across the dark sky, leaving a fiery trail behind.

Finally, as a reminder, last week, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the hypersonic missile “can rip [US] air defenses apart,” adding that “at the moment [the US defense shield] poses no serious military threat to us, except for provocations.”

Time for some more sanctions on Russia?


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We still have the ultimate doomsday weapon, something Dr. Strangelove would have been proud to have in the arsenal. This weapon is called the Supersonic Low-Altitude Missile (SLAM), and it is powered by an unshielded nuclear reactor. As it flies through the air, it deposits radioactive fallout on the earth below. It can carry multiple nuclear warheads to be dropped on pre-designated targets, and once depleted of warheads, it can be crashed into any desired location whereupon it will act as a dirty bomb, dispersing radioactive material over a wide radius.

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All these cute new weapons don;t change the fact that Russia is a declining has-been state. The only thing it's economically competitive at is oil and gas production, and that industry will be totally irrelevant within the next 30 years or so.


IN fact Russia's current military binge reminds me a lot of the Soviet Union, which also collapsed due to allocating way too much of its limited resources to the military.


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He must watch MSM.  They fail to tell you that Russia exported more oil and natural gas than the Saudis last year.

They seem to have perfected the initiation of a Ramjet engine.  Notice the large circular object separated from the exhaust of their missile a couple of seconds after separation.  After being involved in a failed US attempt to develop a hypersonic ramjet missile, I believe they could have solved the ramjet initiation problem.  A ramjet needs intake velocities greater than mach 1 to get started.  I speculate they used a vortex fan to spin up and increase intake velocity to reach ramjet initiation speeds.  Then the fan was jettisoned with pyrotechnics to clear the exhaust.  There is no reason to fake something like that.

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Declining has-been-state? Wanna compare their stock of gold to ours,,, oh, that's right, the land of the fee won't allow an audit! Wonder why?  Because the banksters you love stole it.

Next they have almost no debt and what debt they do have, including consumer debt can be paid off with what they have in the bank.

Who has to hitch a ride with who to get to the ISS space station.  USA

Who has to use Russian rocket engines to get their heavies off the pad, including Space-X?  USA

Who has exported the most in Wheat and other grains?  Russia

Where does the USA get their Titanium from? 80% from Russia

And look who is allocating over half of its budget to MIIC. USA.

You might try a little research before opening mouth.

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The US produces titanium. There are deposits in Australia, New Zealand, it requires investment.

Down in Florida was a titanium leaching mine, leaching it from sand.

Oregon has the most unique geological formations in the US. There are many different geological formations pushed to the surface because of the ocean plate pushing against the land plate.

But we can't do anything in Oregon because it's gone full blown communist.

I went there to live during the financial meltdown of 2008-2009. I learned to run a sluice box for placer gold.

It was for survival training, I didn't know how far Mr. and Mrs Jew would roil the economy to rob us again.

There are tremendous deposits of minerals in the Pacific Northwest over to Montana.

Oregon had an old platinum mine, but you can pick it up in the streams and just about everywhere.

See, you have to be aware of the different rocks. I studied geology at UT Austin when I was in the Petroleum Engineering department(I have the academic requirement for the PE license.)

So you want to make money with rocks, study geology and the age of the different geological formations.

Platinum is a black rock,  with some a little green black. Collect all the black rocks, then do the acid test.…

I've picked up platinum black rocks, I figure around a couple of hundred thousand I've picked up and thrown away, because who am I going to sell them too. No one knows what it is, but the gold, they know what that is. See, the government takes more than their fair share of gold through normal trading systems, so most people use the unofficial gold marketing system, there is no unofficial system for platinum. That's why I throw the platinum away, it will only get me in trouble with IRS, See, I must get down to bedrock for the gold, so I move all kinds of minerals out of the way.(I've got tricks they taught me out there.)

And Jade, I've found real good, high quality Jade, the Chinese would really like that kind, but how can I ship it, too much trouble. And Oregon is a communist control freaks paradise. All the communist from California came to Oregon and have really destroyed commerce.

Gold? it has a heavy mass, it drops to bed rock, so you have to get down to bed rock.

Another method is dry banking, it's the most productive method. See, when you study geology, you will learn about meandering rivers and streams, real important in PE, one has to look at hundreds of millions years ago, rivers, oceans, and lakes. See, and it's all been mapped out, but in the old days, we would bring up a bore hole section to look at it. Then in the mud I must feel it and look at it under a microscope.

Uranium, in old America one could get a claim, not under the US federal communist government of agency control. (the agencies break federal law for their communist agenda) Uranium can be found easy, see there is an expensive detector, very sensitive. On the back of a four wheel drive, you drive through a region. The data is being recorded, when reviewed, you go back and do a detailed search. In the old days, a man by himself would load a pick up truck with Uranium rocks.

See, by congressional federal law, one is permitted to have a claim, but not under today's agencies, they will beat you to death for being out in the woods, they break their own laws everyday.

Oh yeah, today, there are specific metal detectors for minerals. All this is from experience. The Government land like BLM, they believe it belongs to them and not the American people, so I don't know SEAL Interior Department new director, Zinke believes we must not sell government lands because they belong to all Americans. Where has he been, not in the forest like me.

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I must use all of my military training, stealth, escape and evasion because the government is fining you for any reason, they lie on you.

So now do you understand, a real woods me like me, wants every man, woman, and child of the agency form of governing put to death, they're breaking the law. They have taken my American freedom and as you can see, we have no freedom. Purge the government now, and they can't even charge the Clintons with the crimes they've committed, but they will beat people up for being on government owned land.

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They use the excuse of cannabis growers to do this, so innocent miners are included. It's sick, but now, cannabis is legal, so they have no excuse to do it, but they continue.

We could be producing every mineral on the list. Please review the ancient geological formations and age of Oregon, you will be surprised.

And then study about Montana, there are different ancient formations. There are precious gems in Montana

Also old volcanoes along the west coast, that's real important, Also, and I shouldn't tell because it's my discovery, but I let you have it. Along the coast, rivers that flow from volcanic regions, and I know once I tell it, they'll do it until the government shuts it down with fines. Listen carefully, the mother load is in the rivers that flow to the sea, it flowed down stream for millions of years, but massive ancient tsunamis with the low pressure shallow then the high pressure run into shore, well those tsunamis pushed gold inland.

There are bands of gold in the dirt. Once an old miner, placer operator, walked back to town with two bags of gold, where did he find it? It was around a hundred pounds of gold, it only took him around a month, it was one of the bands which was being pushed back into the river from small streams cutting into the band of gold.

And I went there to test my hypothesis.

Every mineral on the list can be produced in the US. PERIOD. even rare Earth minerals. And you've worn me out, but I could show you so much more.



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It is still a missile.

The only thing you got correct.

All missiles flying in Space are moving at hypersonic speed.

Non-sequitur. Where does the article mention flying in space?

Any Earth satellite fries at ~19,000 miles/sec.

No satellite or spacecraft made on earth has ever attained a speed anything near 19,000 miles/sec.  That's slightly higher than 0.1c, which is ridiculous.

Russians did not do anything new or remarkable. They still are using 70-years old technology.

Taking solace in fantasy and lies. How US citizenish...

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"it will act as a dirty bomb".

If used. Depends on whether one of those numerous psychopathic McCainites gains access to the keys and starts the fireworks. But before we all start crying because of the evil Russians let's not forget that the only country to use nuclear weapons so far has been the insanely fantastic United States of of A. In Hiroshima and Nagasaki some hundred thousand civilians were atomized just to send a signal of strength to the Sovjets. And not to  forget the usage of depleted uranium ammunition in Iraq and Syria.

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I've seen the photos of the project Pluto missile,its slightly smaller than a Minuteman.Easy pickings for

AA missiles.

You missed the point.The Russians have miniturized a reactor to fit on existing cruise missiles with a diameter

of 20", and at the same time increased the power to weight ratio one hundredfold compared to current plants.

That my friend is revolutionary.Think about the muscle cars you could build,or spaceships,tanks etc.

Let alone for powering satelite weapons.

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Offthebeach Winston Churchill Sun, 03/11/2018 - 21:00 Permalink

Twenty inches.  Snort.

Russians got squat.  Nada.  Nothing. Zero.

An open to air reactor, light weight, yet immense reactor temp enough to create combustion, controlled,  contained .  Not to mention craft surfaces existing in and of themselves for more than a few, if, minutes.  Oh, and WiFi/Bluetooth capable .

Right up there with their squadrons of 5th Gen fighters, you know like US Allies are taking delivery.  Oh, and like Stealth bombers?  You know, like the third generation the US is funding.

Russian vaporware weapons.

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