Theresa May To Blame Russia For Nerve Gas Attack; "Full Spectrum" Of Sanctions To Follow

Barely a week after UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd warned the country not to "jump to conclusions" about who was behind a nerve gas attack on a former Russian double-agent, it appears Prime Minister Theresa May is about to do just that...

In a late-breaking report, the Sun confirmed that May is preparing to name Russia as the perpetrator of the attack on Sergei Skripal, a spy who was turned over to the UK in 2010 as part of a swap with Russia, after receiving confirmation from her intelligence chiefs.

An intelligence assessment explaining the findings is reportedly being delivered overnight, and will be on May's desk in the morning. The attack, which occurred at a shopping center in a quiet suburban area, led to the hospitalization of 21 people, and left Skripal, his daughter Yulia and a local officer who responded to the scene in critical - but stable - condition. 

The "tell" - as it were - was the presence of certain chemicals which are believed to have been developed in a Russian laboratory. The announcement is expected to take place at 11 am during a meeting of May's National Security Council. A formal charge against Moscow could be unveiled before the House of Commons could as early as this afternoon. May might even go as far as blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin personally for ordering the hit.

In their report to Mrs May, The Sun has learned that MI5 and MI6 chiefs will cite the very rare substance used on ex-spy Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia as key evidence of the Kremlin’s involvement.

It is believed to have been developed in the SVR Russian foreign spy service’s notorious Yasenevo laboratory.

Mrs May will then summon an emergency meeting of her National Security Council at 11 am to decide on the scale of Britain’s retaliation.

The result of the finding could be more economic sanctions against Russia (which is still facing sanctions tied to the annexation of Crimea).


However, UK ministers are still undecided on exactly how and when to retaliate.

A "full spectrum" package of expulsions and economic sanctions has been drawn up, along with a plea for international support for them.

Of course, by blaming Russia for the attack, May be inadvertently doing Putin a favor. With Russian elections set for next weekend, blaming Russia after such a short investigation could bolster Putin's claims that Western powers are actively conspiring against him. Some have speculated that Russia could've planned the attack for exactly this purpose, while others have pointed out that it bears some hallmarks of a false flag attack intended to frame Russia.

Given the recent criticism that May is being "soft" on Russia, the timing of the announcement also bears some hallmarks of a purely political decision meant to strengthen May's hand.

But it is feared that a strong reaction ahead of Russia’s presidential elections next Sunday may play into Putin’s hands.

It is suspected that the Russian ruler sanctioned the brazen nerve agent attack simply to goad Britain into a reaction that he can strike back against and look like a strongman standing up to the West to voters.

Former British Ambassador to Russia Sir Tony Brenton said yesterday: “The more Putin can point to Western hostility and aggression, the more he rallies the Russian people around him”.

Sir Tony added: “Russia is number one on a list of suspects that doesn’t include a number two”.

In a hint of action to come, the Chancellor said: “If there were to be an involvement of a foreign state, then obviously that would be very serious indeed and the government would respond appropriately.

Philip Hammond also told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show that Britain will not be humiliated by the attack, that breaks every rule in the international book.

He added: “The vast resources that have been deployed and the high level assets that we have been able to use show that nobody is laughing at us.

“This is a very serious investigation. Let’s see where it leads us.”

Mrs May came under mounting pressure last night from campaigners and her own MPs to hit back at Russia.

So, once again, a Western power is blaming Russia for an attack, citing an obscure piece of Russian law which declares that foreign assassinations must be approved by the Russian president. That, and some chemical markers that purport to trace back to a Russian lab. Whether or not May decides to pursue sanctions, one thing is clear: Putin's words from an address he made to Parliament earlier this month - where he unveiled a new nuclear weapon capable of bypassing NATO missile defenses - are resonating more and more.


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Theresa May is a frozen cunt, but Boris Johnson is, well…  Before running his mouth and threatening to boycott the World Cup 2018 in Russia, he should’ve checked the FIFA’s rules.

According to the Telegraph, A boycott would risk breaching FIFA’s tournament regulations, which dictate that “all participating member associations undertake to play all of their matches until eliminated from the FIFA World Cup”.

Article 6 of those regulations states that any association that withdraws could face sanctions, “including the expulsion of the association concerned from subsequent FIFA competitions” [that would be the World Cup 2022 in Qatar].

The Brits don’t seem to mind being spied on by the GCHQ, they don’t care about the CCTV cameras everywhere, but if you take away their soccer/football, they WILL pick up pitchforks and torches and they WILL fuck you up.

That’s why Boris is backpedaling, “We will not send the UK government’s representatives”.

Hey, Boris, I have a deal for you – let Julian Assange go and you can keep your BritBob!   ;-)


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In their report to Mrs May, The Sun has learned that MI5 and MI6 chiefs will cite the very rare substance used on ex-spy Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia as key evidence of the Kremlin’s involvement.

Everyone knows that MI5/MI6 were responsible for this, which is why they have no choice other than blaming the Russians.

Theresa May knows who did it. She also knows what will happen to her if she deviates from the official script given to her by MI5/MI6.

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This makes absolutely no sense and has all the hallmarks of a CIA/MI6 false flag to keep the pressure on Russia in a Europe (particularly Germany) leaning back towards opening trade with Russia.

It is also interesting that NONE of the UK media have disclosed the fact that Christopher Steele was a close associate. Might it be assumed that much of Steele's "information" came from here? If so, and if disclosed, it might be "inconvenient" for this person to be questioned? But inconvenient for whom? Therein lies the answer.

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In 1995, Sergey Skripal was recruited by an MI6 undercover agent, Pablo Miller, who at the time was posing as Antonio Alvarez de Hidalgo and working at the British embassy in Tallinn, Estonia.

Pablo Miller was exposed in the early 2000s, after multiple Russians were arrested for spying and fingered Miller as their recruiter.  One of his recruits was Alexander Litvinenko.

Miller and Skripal met frequently: Skripal (whose codename was “Forthwith”) passed the entire Russian military intelligence telephone handbook to Miller, containing details of more than 300 of his colleagues in Russian intelligence.  In 2006 Skripal was jailed.

After the spy swap in 2010, Skripal decided to resettle in Salisbury, where Pablo Miller also lived.  In 2015 Miller retired and received an OBE for services to Her Majesty’s Government.  No doubt Miller was Skripal’s minder and was probably the reason Skripal had gone to Salisbury.

According to his LinkedIn entry (deleted a few days ago), Miller worked as a consultant for Christopher Steele – Miller is the consultant whose name was withheld by the Telegraph.  Steele's Orbis Business Intelligence was hired by Fusion GPS in 2016 to research Trump.

In testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee (on 3 November, 2017), it was stated that Daniel Jones (a member of Fusion GPS), had described Fusion as a “shadow media organization helping the government,” and was funded by a “group of Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros.”

Between 26 November, 2017 and 10 January, 2018 George Soros (who is a prolific tweeter) was silent.  Not a single tweet.  Why, where was he?

Steele has refused to comment about which projects involved Miller but given Miller’s Russian contacts, it is not credible that the Trump dossier was not one of them – in which case it is also not credible that Skripal was also not involved.

Join the dots....  nothing to do with Putin.

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Has anyone entertained the notion that this was all an ACT ie the spy and his daughter with the MI6 orchestrated the whole park incident. The ambulance that picked them up may have been a bunch of MI6 dudes and the hospital doc too.  This whole thing is a sham perfectly designed to vilify the Russians.

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When is it that you have ever did some personal independent investigating? If you'd even attempted a cursory trial you'd quickly learn that the official story put out is full of lies, misdirections, sprinkled with bits of truth and selective pieces of "evidence" to portray a narrative espoused at the time more readily: "facts" as they appear to you....,but not to rest of us who are able to decipher meaning from such "facts"...

You have ZERO critical-thinking skills and as such your perception of facts is just that: an absolute failure of curiosity combined with a mental dexterity of a comatosed ill-illusioned mass of cellulose whose hereditary attributes comprise of, at their apex, flatulence and excrement clean-up.

Now back to what you do best: blowing hot gas; with any luck you'll implode some day soon saving some us valuable time better spent on endeavors advancing humanity and life in general whilst our time has not yet passed in the interim...

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NiggaPleeze IH8OBAMA Mon, 03/12/2018 - 00:02 Permalink

Instead of everything being a conspiracy, go were the facts lead, for a change.

By "facts", you mean the unsubstantiated allegations of the primary suspect in the crime?  And where have I heard about this "special Russian signature" before, LMFAO.  I think Putin takes his KGB THUG PEN and signs the computer code bits. Polonium atoms and gas molecules, prior to releasing them.  (As an aside, apart from Alexander Litvinienko, who else was killed by Polonium 210 - Yssar Arafat).

Former British Ambassador to Russia Sir Tony Brenton said yesterday: “The more Putin can point to Western hostility and aggression, the more he rallies the Russian people around him”.

They can't come up with better garbage than this?  Putin's got 80+% popular support.  But more appropriately:  "The more the British MIC can point to foreign hostility and aggression, the more it rallies the British people around them."  Ahh, that actually makes sense.

Sir Tony added: “Russia is number one on a list of suspects that doesn’t include a number two”.

I'll give you a number one suspect, not a number two, you bloody cunt Tony:  MI6.  Here's a number two suspect:  Mossad.  Here's a number three suspect:  CIA.  Somewhere way down the line is GRU, which had been working with the victim (who, apparently, had flipped on MI6 - who do so very much love to "kill two birds with one stone").

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Political parasites and cultural marxist media do not speak for the people. There was recently a patriotic march through London of 'football lads', tens of thousands attended the march from all over the country to demonstrate support for English identity, and English culture, and oppose Islam in Britain.

It was NOT reported by the British Brainwashing Corporation, a non-event.

The England football team is a joke, but it matters to patriotic English people, not the traitors in Parliament and media.

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Right on Philipat, absolutely no mention at all of his MI6 ex-handler living just down the road let alone any connection with Steele. No objective journalism in evidence at all.

As far as the sheeple are concerned this is an open and shut case, no-one else involved. Attempted Arkanside, what's that?

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So ,Theresa May ,speaking with  her snotty British accent ,is going to accuse PUEEH_TIN !

Theresa baby ,Pueeh-tin's new toys ,only 1/2 of a toy , can sink for good that desolate rock you call home ,rich only in third world immigrants and a pedophile ruling class.

Theresa has bend to give a great welcoming to the Saudi Barbaria's future king ,even if there were huge protests from the population.

Theresa has an approval rating lower than that of Larry the Cat ,the first mouser at Downing Street ( or is it Drowning Street) ?

Theresa baby ,Pueeh-tin outflanked you !

Stop chewing the English language and pretend you are superior ,cause we see you have no clothes and this image is not pretty .

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You already know who it would be inconvenient for, the Clintons, and it would also expose the FBI investigation into Russian hacking for what it is, lies and deceit, a complete and utter whitewash on behalf of the Clintons.

But, there`s other facets involved as well apart from Christopher Steele passing on misinformation supplied by this quadruple spy to the Clintons, interestingly Steele has disappeared from the face of the Earth, this man was obviously meant to do the same.

Another facet, probably the main facet is that Britain and America (in order to prop up the "world order" which is under ever increasing threat from Russia`s and China`s growing economical and military power) need excuses to ramp up the pressure on Russia and indirectly China via sanctions, this farce is meant to give those excuses. It was only a few weeks ago that we got a clue of an impending false flag from PM May herself when she made a speech denouncing Russia and accusing Putin of trying to overthrow the "established world order"; overthrowing the established world order can be truthfully translated as meaning that Russia and China are no longer prepared to make do with the crumbs that the West allows them, they want a fair slice of the pie, and it also means that Russia and China are no longer prepared to bend over and allow America to threaten them with nuclear annihilation, they have nuclear weaponry as well, and as Putin has warned, they will use their weapons if attacked.

That`s what PM May meant, and she`s now acting under orders from the Piggery Masters.

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Of course it makes no sense at this time. Russians would have probably been more surgical and could have easily waited until after the Cup e.g. 4 months? I'd been wondering what would emerge to throw shadows on the Cup. 

My list of suspects would include Ukrainians who will do anything to damage Russia, Chechnyans, lone wolves from ISIS, even Victoria Nuland's buddies who hate Russia.  

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EddieLomax Slippery Slope Mon, 03/12/2018 - 05:49 Permalink

Totally agree.  Even the press coverage is tepid here, its as if no one actually believes this crap anymore.

If Russia wanted to assassinate an ex-agent would they want it done with an obvious link to them?  Especially before a major sporting event?  Neither makes sense.  Why the 5 year wait?

Therefore if the guy had to be assassinated they could have done it in hundreds of different ways that could have left the verdict open, but no, some rare nerve agent only advanced countries like UK, US and Russia would possess is used.

This whole setup is an phony as a £9 note.

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Are they still in a ‘critical’ condition OR have they already died ?? 

Either way - they are probably living the high life under an’assumed’ name !! 

We ( the public ) have NO evidence that the incident even FUCKING occurred !!! 

The daughter was working at ‘Pepsi Co’ in Russia - she has likely never seen the amount of money that is now in her bank account !!

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They sure do have a Russia bug up their butts. What's the real story? We'll never know. But this sounds like the bogus Syrian gas attacks. Oh, well. Russia will be incentivized to build up it's own industries and not be reliant in any way on the West. Probably best for everybody in the long run.

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That Russophobia is as old as Methusalem. British financiers did not get enough of a look in under the Tsars (all land belonged to the Tsar, was only leased out). After the Revolution and the Civil War private ownership of resources was not allowed. Then came WWII, not much left to take over in Russia. Then came the horrible Yeltsin years where the oligarchs were born and foreign financiers were taking advantage of the population.

When it was bad enough, on the 31st December 1999, Yeltsin said to Putin "you can have it all, I keep drinking". And Putin said: Our house!!! 

Britain is probably tolerating all these Russians in London because the British financial class thinks that will help them take over in Russia at some point. 

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