Visualizing America's Gold-Plated Cabinet

When President Trump was elected to the Oval Office with a net worth in the billions, it was clear that this presidency would be unique.

Not only did he himself come a successful business background, but, as Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, he wanted the people surrounding him to have similar backgrounds as well.

In 2016, the newly elected Trump was quoted as saying he wanted to have people in his cabinet that “made a fortune”, also stating that he was putting together “one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of our nation.”


Today’s chart, which also appears on the back cover of Politico Magazine (web version found here), shows the wealth of initial cabinets put together by the last three presidents: Trump, Obama, and Bush.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Here’s how they stack up, in terms of aggregate wealth:

Trump’s cabinet is worth a cool $2.33 billion – about 35x the size of Barack Obama’s initial cabinet, and 7x the size of George W. Bush’s first.

Interestingly, the top four people (in terms of wealth) are all in Trump’s:

Betsy DeVos ($1.1 billion) sits atop as the wealthiest person in all three initial cabinets – and Wilbur Ross ($506.5 million), Rex Tillerson ($294.5 million), and Steve Mnuchin ($252.0 million) round out the other top spots.

Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld ($151.9 million) was the richest person outside of Trump’s cabinet.


While the comparisons in the chart are all for initial cabinets, it is worth noting that Obama’s second cabinet was not so modest.

He elected to bring in Penny Pritzker as the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, who was worth $2.2 billion – almost the combined net worth of Trump’s cabinet today!


Buckaroo Banzai Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:09 Permalink

Who gives a fuck how much Trump's cabinet makes. I'm supposed to be impressed that Obama's cabinet was full of communist idealogues and EOE hires who couldn't make an honest buck if they tried?

ACP Juggernaut x2 Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:28 Permalink

You mean the society that has turned the educational system into an indoctrination center that churns out ignorant morons who don't even know how to change a light bulb?…

Very interesting report by WTSP 10 news:

60% of millenials don't know how to change a light bulb.

20% of millenials still need their parents to do basic household tasks.

And yes, BILLIONAIRE Betsy Devos is trying to change that.


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HenryKissinger… vato poco Tue, 03/13/2018 - 05:08 Permalink

Obama is a community organizer, a successful one, he should not and does not sit with the Bush and the Trump.

Hillary is a gangster, a successful one, she does not sit with the Bush and the Trump, either.

The Bush and the Trump may invite them to parties, but they will sit at the same table with Beyonce and the Kardashians, not at the poker table upstairs.

And no, drinking baby blood does not suddenly make them high society.

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techpriest Bes Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:52 Permalink

As I watch this back-and-forth, I see one of the differences between right and left thinking, and it is instructive.

Some, not all but some on the right (more specifically, the pro-liberty-types), look at the actual policies, and do not care who the person is so much as what direction the policy goes. Even a leftist that is going to implement a good policy would be tolerated.

On the left, however, almost universally the *person* is under attack, and the actual policy gets no discussion whatsoever.

IMO, the only problem with Devos is that she doesn't go far enough - we need a total abolition of Washington-centric control over education, and a restoration of local control and an actual free market where parents are free to choose any education they are willing to send their child to.

Of course, this causes some to cower in fear that one day, there will be people who will think differently than themselves.

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techpriest Juggernaut x2 Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:22 Permalink

I took it more as, every President hires either his or the Party's best friends (think Bush and the Cheney/Rumsfeld Praetorian Guard) to run things. So a billionaire hiring his billionaire buddies is not so far off from an SJW hiring his SJW buddies.

Maybe just maybe the next president is going to do the same thing as the last three, so its worth looking at the company he keeps.

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techpriest sparksmass Tue, 03/13/2018 - 02:17 Permalink

Look at the Antifa flag avatar. Anyone who earns more than 50% over the average must have stolen it. REminds me of my Chinese grandmoter-in-law talking about the commies using the same rhetoric when they took over. In reality, the landowners worked way harder than their employees, but the employees were also happy with their way of life (Chinese saying: A wife, a house, kids, and some pigs is a good life).

The ones who signed up were the gangsters and intellectually lazy who did not want to do the necessary work to become wealthy legitimately. So when they took over, they predictably blew the national wealth and famine followed.

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gregga777 Buckaroo Banzai Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:21 Permalink

PLOTUS (Pathological Liar Of The United States) Barack Hussein "Obunghole" Obama's cabinet was stuffed with Bolshevik Revolutionary disciples of their Lord and Savior Saul "Rules For Radicals" Alinsky. Fuck him, his tranny husband and his entire worthless POS cabinet. 

By the way, Obunghole and his entire cabinet are still on the payroll of Hitlery's KKK (Klinton Krime Klan) Greed Incorporated. The KKK (Klinton Krime Klan) Greed Incorporated is the biggest criminal operation and criminally political operation in all of American history. 


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putaipan Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:35 Permalink

but yeah.... it's easier to say the oligarchs of crony capitalism than it is to say the fascist idealogues with pseudo-communist plans for us. hmm, now that ive said it that way i really really understand why i hate the way you guys yell trumptard/llibtard at each other.

Goodsport 1945 Tue, 03/13/2018 - 06:20 Permalink

In an election, you pick between the candidates that remain.  So it was either crooked Hillary or the Donald who wiped out about 16 party-affiliated wannabes.

We just went through 8 years of Commie Socialist rule and a cabinet that had no clue hoe to run a free market economy.  Those assholes deliberately bankrupted us, doubled the national debt and brought the end of reserve currency status that much closer.  The presidential portrait that remains will serve as a lasting testimony to the time when insanity ruled.

The two major parties don't give a damn about the people and that will not change until we limit campaign contributions to very small amounts and also demand that only citizens be allowed to contribute. 

We need a new third political party and two congressional elections to regain control of both houses of Congress.  Until we DEMAND these changes, we will deserve what we get.  Time is running out.

Singelguy Goodsport 1945 Tue, 03/13/2018 - 08:30 Permalink

Time has already run out. Trump is heading in the right direction but all he can do at best, is soften the hard landing. The debt is $20+ Trillion (and growing) and can never be paid off. The whole system has to collapse, debt restructured, and then a new party to reform the Constitution so it can never happen again. The US dollar will lose it’s world reserve currency status and then it will be a whole new ball game. I give it about 10-15 years before it all goes to hell. 

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