Why a “Media Blockade” Could be Right for You

Via The Daily Bell

There are things that matter, and there are things that you can control. There are few things that matter and that you can control. Focus on these.

For instance, preventing global nuclear war matters. But you cannot control it.

You can control what color car you drive. But this doesn’t really matter.

But eating healthy matters, and you can control it.

The New York Times ran a piece called The Man Who Knew Too Little. He decided to create a news blockade in his life after Trump got elected last year.

He doesn’t engage at all with news anymore. And it has been pretty effective. The only things he has heard about in the last year are the Equifax data breach, something to do with North Korea, and Obamacare back in the news. Otherwise, he has successfully blocked the media from his life.

Democrats, liberals and leftists have coped with this first year of the Trump presidency in lots of ways. Some subsist on the thin gruel of political cartoon shows and online impeachment petitions. Others dwell online in the thrilling place where conspiracy is indistinguishable from truth. Others have been inspired to action, making their first run for public office, taking local action or marching in their first protest rally.

Mr. Hagerman has done the opposite of all of them.

The fact that it’s working for him — “I’m emotionally healthier than I’ve ever felt,” he said — has made him question the very value of being fed each day by the media. Why do we bother tracking faraway political developments and distant campaign speeches? What good comes of it? Why do we read all these tweets anyway?

“I had been paying attention to the news for decades,” Mr. Hagerman said. “And I never did anything with it.”

It doesn’t have to be about Trump. The media was just as aggravating during the Obama years. But Trump is built for the 24-hour news cycleHe thrives on it and pours gasoline on the fire. He knows how to control the conversation, and revels in the attention, good or bad. As a showman, he knows there is no such thing as bad publicity.

But the topics on national news are mostly out of our control. Even the federal elections are really out of our control. I know someone from my old hometown that lost a selectman race by one vote. So maybe small town elections are within your control.

But isn’t this how the government convinces us they are relevant? They just inject themselves into our lives by sheer force. They force their programs on us and force us to pay for them. But that’s not enough. They force “the issues” into our lives through the media, then “force” us to engage in debate, or screaming matches, with everyone who disagrees.

But who cares? Yes, these things matter. It matters that we are forced to spend half our productive time working for the government. But we can’t control the tax rates. We can control where we live, and thus which rates affect us. We can control the structure of our finances and cut the theft down a little more.

I can use cryptocurrencies as much as possible, and encourage individuals to set up their lives for maximum freedom. I can pay enough attention to try to fly above the storm. But I can’t stop the storm.

Of course, we don’t have to go to the same extreme that this man has. But it is a good idea to pay attention to things which make us happy instead of frustrated. What is all the frustration for anyway?

I understand this might come off as a bit contradictory from a news site which regularly shares the terrible things the government is doing. I hope you can take that and understand all the more why to stay out of the swamp. I feel like I can generally be informed about what propaganda is hot this week, without letting it drag me in. Sometimes I am sure I am wrong about that, and my focus is diverted to unimportant things.

Everyone has their different motivations. For me, all the bad news of government shenanigans is all the more reason to disengage and do the individualist thing.

The subject of the Times article found another passion behind his news blockade. He found an abandoned lake in the real estate listings which used to be a strip coal mine. He decided to turn the property into a park that will eventually be donated to the public.

And that is going to be a better gift to society than arguing about politics and voting for one faction over the other.

Because keep in mind that however passionate a person is about politics, they might be wrong! And maybe there is no right when it comes to elections and “civic duties.”

This guy could have tried to petition his town, state, or the federal government to buy that piece of land and fix it up. He could have tried to force other people to pay for what he thinks is a good idea and beneficial contribution to society.

But he didn’t. He just went ahead and decided to take the project on himself.

We could all do that. Instead of wasting time, money, and energy engaging in the political mess, we can go do our thing and make a bigger impact. Feed the hungry, develop technology, farm your land, buy good products–whatever it is that you are passionate about.

A better society will be built by individuals engaging in what they can control, and letting go of what they cannot.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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ThePhantom Mon, 03/12/2018 - 18:05 Permalink

the "news" on TV is absolute worthless drivel non stop, except fox, which is new for me....  our family is absolutely torn appart by the shit... is full on psywar around here... two of us think the russians are in the bed.... one of us point out things like the 3rd tower that fell on 9[[ and the Machine Guns , Shape Charges and Delta team at WACO... most people don't know. its massively disturbing to watch family watch TV ...everynight to passout and its Maddow and O'donnel.. psywar. they even had me arrested for nothing...then testified i was nuts to have me held in psych.. took my firearms and shipped them 3 states over.. for real. still trying to recover.. for Democrats ... they remind me of Nazi's if i were a jew.. scary how true it is

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Mon, 03/12/2018 - 18:53 Permalink

I had to ask one of the neighbor's to sign off on the HOA form so I can install new exterior lights. Went over and the kitchen counter (I could see through a window) was cluttered with crap. Woman was watching TV with two kids in diapers. Scary that you could be so mesmerized by a box that you would not clean your house.

Oh and she said the rental company told her she couldn't sign off on the HOA form. Why? No idea but they told her so she didn't question that information. At all. I then mentioned that the HOA president and myself saw her Christmas tree propped against the wall so we broke it down and put it in my yard waste bin. He was over to cut down a junk tree for me and I had room in the bin. At least she said "thank you."

One more thing that has kicked me into gear with regard to getting rid of stuff, downsizing, so I can live in an RV or Skoolie. Depends on what is out there when I go to buy.

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Lost in translation Mon, 03/12/2018 - 20:22 Permalink

It is a little scary. I like some of my stuff, especially my books. But when I look closer I think to myself? Why? How happy is this making me? When I look at the things I use, every day, there are not that many things I use, every single day. Tea kettle for instant coffee. Coffee cup. Spoon. Toothbrush. Mostly I wear the same clothes, casual, comfortable.

The thing for me, is I am dying of boredom. I can't stand waking up and having it feel like the movie, Groundhog Day.

I think I will keep some of my nicest books, at least for a year. Same for much of my art. Other stuff? The stuff I can buy anywhere? I am looking forward to the day when I put my entire bedroom on Craigslist / EBay for sale, pick up only. That will be the last thing I sell once I have an RV I can sleep in. I plan on parking the RV down the street or at Lowe's, nearby. Can't park it my neighborhood other than to load or unload due to HOA rules. I know, why do you think I am turning my place into a rental?

I was looking on Search Tempest (aggregate search engine) for Class C RVs and skoolies. There is some good stuff out there!

I am thinking a shotgun, pistol, and a bolt action are enough. I have to ask myself, do I want stuff or do I want the cash so I can buy back my freedom? The answer turns to cash-for-freedom vs. stuff.

I like telling people about my project. Interesting to observe the various reactions. Some people get it and are like, go for it! Others are horrified and I can see in their face that they think I am stark raving mad. Funny to watch.

In reply to by Lost in translation

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Lost in translation Mon, 03/12/2018 - 21:46 Permalink

Really? Well, that search aggregator is awesome! Search Tempest.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I will be 55 this summer. I live a middle-class lifestyle and after being very ill 18 months ago it shocked me into evaluating what makes me happy and what do I want to do with my time and what matters and what is the whole point?

The thing about traveling in an RV, with a gun, is you have to be aware of the regulations for multiple areas. I plan on staying on the west coast. I would like to go back to Maine and possibly to Florida. Certainly I will avoid states like Illinois, NJ, and NY. Too risky.

Thank you for the compliment. As a writer, and a practical philosopher, my goal is to make people think. To do some self examination, to think critically about their life, and to make changes, if they can. You just gave the biggest compliment a writer / philosopher can get! WOO HOO! I am so grateful for the honest feedback.

Great Utube channels out there are Nomadic Fanatic, CheapRVLiving, RVPrepperWayne, Hill Auto Body & Towing (for the wreck and towing videos). Key West Kayak Fishing, Craigslist Hunter, Enigmatic Nomadics (Skoolie in Mexico), and Taylor Dzaman (young guy, sold his house, lives in a truck camper and filmed going on a date last week!)

Lots of inspiration out there, I didn't figure this out on my own! There are lots of videos on how to downsize there is a Japanese book on the method and a book from Scandinavia I heard about his week about getting ready for death and sorting through your stuff. It's a process. I am blessed, I am not under any type of stress and this is a lifestyle I am choosing.

Konmari Method (sorry if I spelled it wrong) is the Japanese method for downsizing. I forgot the name for the Scandinavian method, I just learned / heard about it this week. It's on my radar so I noticed when it was in the news.

In reply to by Lost in translation

Lost in translation HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Mon, 03/12/2018 - 22:04 Permalink

I’d like to know more about what you mean when you say, “cash for freedom.”

I used to collect old milsurp rifles/pistols and am finding it hard to “let go.”  I’m hoping that learning more might help me sell with no regrets.

Simply telling myself, “you can’t take them all if you need to relocate in a hurry,” isn’t making me more disciplined, I’m embarrassed to admit ...

In reply to by HRH of Aquitaine 2.0

HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Lost in translation Mon, 03/12/2018 - 22:15 Permalink

Sure, very simple. I am looking at some old stereo equipment. Do I want to keep it? Or do I want to sell it, for cash, so that I can be free and have less stuff in my life? I want to pay cash for the RV, I am not going into debt to do this project! I have a mortgage and a car payment and I am planning on selling my SUV, too. All so I can be free in that little RV! The only debt I want to maintain is for my house (it isn't old, it is in a decent area, and my interest rate after my most recent refi is 2.875%, fixed, 30-year). I don't expect to ever see that kind of interest rate, for a house, in my lifetime! The SUV is less than three-years old with like 3100 miles on it so I should be able to sell it for a decent price. All that cash will go into my RV-buying project. Get it?

I don't want to sell my silver (I could do that, easily) to buy an RV. I would rather sell my stuff and use that money to buy an RV. I view everything I sell as one more step towards freedom and my goal of waking up in a new place every few days. Does that make sense? (I may sell some of my silver bars. My goal is to stay out of debt. I could easily get a home equity loan and get the latest greatest RV, brand new but that is not my goal).

I am not a pure minimalist, I am going to have a storage space for a year and try this RV thing for 12 months (basic lease when I rent out my house is 12 months).

Hey, no need to be embarrassed. I have been a prepper and the whole idea was to accumulate stuff! I have reevaluated that and think that being light on my feet and mobile is a better option.

Part of my goal, in going mobile, was to find a better place to live. What do I mean? I want a small town where I think I could fit that isn't super expensive, where people are down to earth. I want to visit Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Maine to search for possible places to buy some land and have a little house outside of town where I can grow old, gracefully, I hope. Will it work out the way I am planning? No idea. I don't fit in here on the left coast anymore. I have been angry and depressed about it but I am not going to change these people. I am a realist and tilting at windmills isn't my style.

I like the idea of boondocking, too. I don't plan on staying in RV parks. Those Utube channels I listed have tons of information. I had to figure out what kind of RV I wanted, where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do in it. It isn't hard to get Internet and cell access with wifi hotspots, now. With an HDTV antenna you can get free local TV. Cell booster / range extender for remote areas isn't hard to add / install. I am fairly techie for a woman so installing tech stuff and making it work isn't a big deal for me.

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gallistic HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Sat, 03/17/2018 - 00:42 Permalink

You know, Dmitry Orlov has had similar ideas since at least 2015 and has been steadily working at it since. He is serious and is currently executing it. Instead of an RV, he is using a houseboat he designed. He calls it Quidnon, and he regularly posts updates, shares insights, and discusses lessons he has learned. He really gets down into the nuts and bolts of his mobile floating home and and his vision for life on it. Although perhaps a little different than your conception, you might find it interesting.

You can find them here: Quidnon

Good luck to you in your endeavor.

In reply to by HRH of Aquitaine 2.0

Nobody For President Mon, 03/12/2018 - 19:06 Permalink

Sounds like the AA and NA Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the Serenity
To accept the things I cannot change...
Courage to change the things I can,
And Wisdom to know the difference.

Not a bad idea, actually; whether you are praying to God, Buddha, Allah, the Cosmic Forces, or your own inner wisdom. Just save me from a government that's here to help me.

NuYawkFrankie Mon, 03/12/2018 - 23:05 Permalink

Take a tip from Elvis: Shoot your tv

It'll definitely help to push you "over the edge" if Hillary happens to be on at the time ... or even Joe Scatterbrain, Rachel MadCow or Megyn Moron.

fedupwhiteguy Tue, 03/13/2018 - 11:51 Permalink


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