Pennsylvania Special Election: With 99% Of Precincts Reporting, Lamb And Saccone Are Tied

Update: Like they say, every vote counts...

With 99.4% of precincts reporting, Tuesday night's special election looks like it will come down to a few hundred votes or less. Democrat Conor Lamb has maintained a steady lead all night, though it has narrowed as totals from some of the more rural districts have trickled in.

According to the New York Times, Lamb has a 0.1% lead:


As one twitter pundit pointed out, such a close race is bad news for Republicans - especially considering President Trump carried the 18th district by 20 percentage points.



Meanwhile, RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany defended Saccone by claiming Lamb managed to perform so well by "essentially running as a Republican" in the deep-red district.

"He’s pro-gun. He says he’s personally pro-life. He says he’s pro-coal, he’s tariff. He says he's anti-Nancy Pelosi," McEnany said on ABC News ahead of the election results Tuesday.

As one reporter reminds us, there's no automatic recount provision for non-statewide Pennsylvania elections - candidates must request a recount, an outcome that is looking increasingly likely.



A New York Times chart shows how voting patterns in Washington, Green and Allegheny counties have "evolved" since election night 2016.


Some pundits pushed back against the notion that Tuesday's race is a harbinger of doom for Republicans.



And another reporter points out that there are about 1,200 absentee ballots that won't be counted until whatever the final outcome is, it won't be available tonight...



* * *

The polls have officially closed in Tuesday's special election in Pennsylvania's 18th district - a patch of coal and steel country in southwestern Pennsylvania that includes swaths of suburban Pittsburgh surrounded by many far more rural areas.

Once a reliably Democratic district, President Trump carried the 18th by 20 percentage points - blowing out Hillary Clinton and even far surpassing the 12-point lead captured by Mitt Romney back in 2012.


But most polls of likely voters show 33-year-old Democrat Conor Lamb, a Marine veteran who has pledged not to support Nancy Pelosi, and also to oppose gun control, against Republican state House member Rick Saccone, a staunch Christian conservative.

Trump has twice visited the district - most recently on Saturday night, when he unveiled his 2020 campaign slogan "Keep America Great" to uproarious cheers. And senior Trump surrogates, including Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump Jr. have also made appearances.


The race the race was triggered when former GOP Congressman Tim Murphy resigned after reportedly urging his mistress to have an abortion.

Saccone, widely considered a weak candidate with a lackluster local fundraising operation, has benefited from a flood of outside money. Lamb, who is running in a district where Democrats didn't even field a candidate to oppose Murphy, has been successful raising money locally, and hasn't received as much help from the Democratic establishment. Indeed, Lamb comes from a prominent local political family: His grandfather was a prominent Democratic politician in the Pennsylvania, and his uncle holds a senior city job in Pittsburgh.

Regardless of who wins tonight, their tenure in Congress may be short-lived. The 18th district is set to disappear thanks to a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision forcing the state to redraw its districts. Whoever wins will need to make a difficult choice about which district they will run in.

So far, with 21% of precincts reporting, Lamb leads with a 15 percentage-point lead over Saccone. In terms of votes, Lamb is up 23,558 to 17,437.



* * *

Even if the Democrats triumph tonight, for some, it will feel like a Pyrrhic victory.

The Bernie Sanders-loving progressive wing of the Democratic Party will be horrified to learn that, if Lamb wins, more Democrats in Trump-positive districts will seek to mimic Lamb's approach - i.e. run as conservative Democrats who oppose the party leadership, gun control and abortion.

With that in mind, we're certain the good people over at Emily's List will be thrilled to welcome Lamb into the House.

And to be sure - if Lamb does win - we imagine President Trump will be ready with a tweet disavowing Saccone and deflecting the blame for his defeat.


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The FBI needs to examine the voter rolls to check for non citizens who have been voting. You have states where illegals and non citizens are given drivers licenses and are automatically registered to vote. PA is one of them.

Democrats will continue to win elections until non citizens are purged from the voter rolls and are arrested. It's a massive scandal waiting to be exposed!

Do your job FBI !!!

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Jayda1850 lester1 Tue, 03/13/2018 - 21:24 Permalink

Hahahaha!!! Yeah Trump's hand selected AG Sessions will get right on top of that. God you people are gullible.

Almost everyone of Trump's original cabinet have been fired, yet Sessions is still their and you MAGA mouthbreathers keep holding out hope that the swamp is about to be drained. How fucking stupid can you be?

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I wish the FBI would subpoena the voter rolls and cross check with Homeland security to see who's a citizen and who's not. It's NEVER even been investigated!!!

Non citizens voting is massive scandal that's been going on for decades, in favor of Democrats who offer free shit and block the voter rolls from being investigated. If Republicans don't act soon, more illegals and non citizens will feel embolden to vote for Democrats, and they will win indefinitely!!

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GUS100CORRINA VWAndy Tue, 03/13/2018 - 21:37 Permalink

So PA is voting for a socialist DEMOCRATIC candidate. Something is really rotten in DENMARK!!

Isn't interesting that PITTSBURG originally was a steel town, but now with the universities in the area, SATANIC SOCIALISM is rearing its UGLY HEAD.

Remember, SATAN is a SOCIALIST using the DEMOCRATIC party as one of his many tools to corrupt humanity and destroy the Constitutional Republic.

Be interesting to see results once all the precincts have reported results. This MURPHY corruption and abortion business is the reason for this election. MURPHY gave conservatives a BLACK EYE which probably explains why LAMB is doing so well. People in the affected PA precincts probably really disgusted with politics.


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As with the Moore defeat, cross-over voters did not turn out due to a rollback on actually doing something about the core economic issues that created so much turnout for Trump in the first place: 

  1. an end to the mass-scale, welfare-buttressed, illegal immigration that drives down wages for massively underemployed US citizens in a country where half of citizens defined as employed are working part time at an average yearly income of $13k;…
  2. an end to the mass offshoring (and outsourcing) of jobs to Asia and Mexico, etc.

There were more cross-over voters to lose in that district than in the South, but in the current economic climate—as with the Trump victory—underemployed voters can no longer afford to prioritize issues like abortion.

And, anyway, it is not like Uniparty support for monthly welfare programs and child-tax-credit welfare that has destroyed traditional marriage, setting up single moms in independent households funded by goverment, while the underemployed men live with their parents, is a socially conservative set up.............

It does not sound like the vote count is totally in, though, so maybe, it will shift.

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It's not a football game.  Just wait until the votes are all counted and quit wasting your time pontificating over early returns.




Now that it is over and appears to be a virtual tie, we can pontificate.


With voters only willing to support two parties, we should expect more races like this going forward.

Only when enough voters support the Libertarian Party, will either of the two parties change to try and appeal to those voters by taking the best issues from the third party and making them their own.


And that is why Freedom, Liberty, the Constitution and self control are not elements or principles that embraced and defended by either of the two parties today.  


One of them will still win even though both of them have abandoned principle.


Peak Finance Tue, 03/13/2018 - 21:17 Permalink

PA is a shithole, has been a blue shithole for a while. 

I nearly had a heart attack when Trump won there. Could not believe it.

Thought there was hope there, Clearly now it's back to being a blue shithole.