The Democrats' Russian Hysteria Summarized In 2 Pelosi Press Statements

Having been thoroughly embarrassed by their brazen flip-floppery over former FBI Director James Comey:

Democrats were enamored with Comey over the summer of 2016 when when he famously recommended against pressing charges in the Clinton email investigation.

Then, they soured on Comey after he reopened the investigation a little over a week before the election, demanding he resign.

And then they vehemently defended the honorable FBI Director, shocked and horrified when Trump fired him.

The Democratic leadership then shortened their flip-flopping time horizon to a few short hours around the time Rod Rosenstein was confirmed as deputy attorney general:

0944ET: Schumer "What should happen now, what must happen now, is that Mr. Rosenstein appoints a special prosecutor to oversee this investigation."

1500ETSchumer "I have serious doubts over Rosenstein's impartiality...  he shouldn't appoint the special prosecutor."

And now none other than Nancy Pelosi has exposed the utter lack of any morals as she hypocritically attacks Rex Tillerson, when it suits her and her party's agenda; and then defends him a year later...

On December 13th 2016, Nancy Pelosi issued a statement on the Nomination of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State...

"Our nation has always needed a wise and experienced Secretary of State who has the judgement and the skill to protect our national security, strengthen our alliances, and advocate for human rights.

"Choosing an oil executive friendly with Vladimir Putin as Secretary of State sends a disturbing signal about President-elect Trump's priorities.

Rex Tillerson's cozy relationship with the Kremlin is especially alarming in light of his attitude toward sanctions over Russia's aggressive behavior in Europe, while at the same time the President-elect continues to side with Russia over the judgment of the U.S. intelligence community. President-elect Trump's priorities.

"The Secretary of State should champion American values, American security and American interests. Fawning over Putin is poor preparation for being the top diplomat of the United States of America."

And now, fast forward to today and Nancy Pelosi's reaction to President Trump firing his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson:

"Secretary Tillerson's firing sets a profoundly disturbing precedent in which standing up for our allies against Russian aggression is grounds for a humiliating dismissal.

President Trump's actions show that every official in his Administration is at the mercy of his personal whims and his worship of Putin."

Simply put:

Pelosi (2017): Rex Tillerson is "too cozy" with Putin, he's a Russian puppet.

Pelosi (2018): Rex Tillerson was fired because he stood up to Russia.

Which is it Nancy? Or is everything you say just utter bullshit?

h/t @JohnLeFevre

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As CNS News reports, today’s narrative that Trump fired Tillerson over differences on Russia seems at odds with the view held by some Russia experts that the man Trump has named to lead the State Department, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, has historically been firmer on Russia than has Tillerson.

“Pompeo’s views on Russia are actually tougher than Tillerson’s, and he is more aware of the intelligence/covert action threats coming from Russia,” said Ariel Cohen, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center and Eurasia Center.

“While Tillerson paid lip service to criticism of Russia, I expect Pompeo to be much tougher on the Kremlin than his predecessor,” he said.

“Pompeo has a sober view of Russia and has consistently spoken out against Russian aggression,” said Brookings Institution fellow Alina Polyakova.

“He also seems to have the president’s ear and trust in a way that Tillerson did not,” she said. “It’s likely that he will advocate for a strong policy to deter Russia.”

But we are sure that unless he demands a nuke is dropped on Moscow, he will remain puppet of Putin in the paranoid narrative of the Democrats.



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Excerpt From:

"Every few weeks or so, for the past five years and counting, a reader will ask for comment on the persistent false allegation of Adolf Hitler having been a secret agent of the Rothschild bankers.

Dismissing the claims as retarded rubbish with a few sentences of clarification is generally all it takes to reassure Hitler fans that there is no cause for alarm. 

All one has to do is look at the level of never-ending red-hot hatred that is still being leveled at Hitler. Seventy years after Germany's defeat in World War II, he continues to be vilified by the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) for one simple reason -- to scare people into a "never do that again" frame of mind. The Great One was true blue -- the real deal -- the genuine article.

Contrary to the idiotic claims of patriotards and assorted trolls who are known to pose as “anti-Globalists,” Hitler shut down the German, French and Austrian branches of the House of Rothschild -- a very peculiar action for a “Rothschild agent”, eh?  

1 - The Daily News, Perth, Friday, 8 April, 1938, page-2

VIENNA, -- Whether ex-King Ed ward of England, the Duke of Windsor, had anything to do with it is not announced, but his Jewish friend, Austrian banker, Baron Louis Rothschild, was released today by the Nazis. But the Rothschild Bank is confiscated. The Duke made a personal plea to Hitler for the release of Rothschild and others three weeks ago. But he was given a rebuff. Hitler replied, ‘regretting his inability to comply with the request.’ 2- The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 23 September 1939

LONDON, Sept. 22. (A.A.P.)

The fortune of Mr. Julius Rothschild, a member of the well-known ‘ Jewish banking house, has been confiscated by the German Government, states a message from Berlin.

This un-sourced nonsense about Hitler the British-Rothschild agent doesn't even merit the time that it takes to rebut it. But because more than a few truthers have bought into this lunacy and continue to repeat this lie (promoted by advertising salesmen such as Alex Jones of DisInfo Wars, among others) -- what follows is a "put-up-or-shut-up"refutation of the major points of the "Hitler-worked-for-the-Rothschilds" fairy tale and its lesser variant: "The-Rothschilds-funded-and-manipulated-Hitler."

Some of these crackpots even go as far as to say that Hitler was not just a Rothschild puppet, but an actual family member!

Claim: Hitler tried to make deals with the British. He should have known that England would ally itself with Russia rather than against it. This proves that Hitler was a Rothschild agent and false opposition.

Rebuttal: The English ruling class was NOT monolithic. Hitler's outreach was to the reasonable elements -- not to scum such as Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden. 

There were powerful men in Britain that were resisting the drive to World War II with Germany. Men such as former Prime Minister David Lloyd GeorgeKing Edward VIII (later demoted to Duke because he was an open admirer of Hitler)the 5th Duke of WellingtonLord Halifax, and even Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain -- the "appeaser" who was maneuvered into war by the traitors in his own Party.

It was those type of Englishmen that Hitler was trying to forge an alliance with -- not the Rothschild Jews and their Freemason stooges!" Continued......

The full article here:

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Nancy Pelosi must be suffering from some form of dementia. She is unhinged at times and would qualify for admittance into an insane asylum.

As a side note, HRC looks like she is on her death bed ready for departure from humanity.  

Going forward, if WE THE PEOPLE want to keep what is left of the REPUBLIC, WE THE PEOPLE need to remove every single DEMOCRAT from office in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. As of right now, the MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL POLICE STATE is pulling out all the stops to destroy the REPUBLIC.

Choose wisely America for the days are EVIL.

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Great Photo of Peloski to show your kids when you don't want them to go into Government.

Like showing them a bunch of Crack addicts on Skid row when you catch them  using Drugs.

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...Great Photo of Peloski...

Years ago I remember my dad telling the story he read of someone walking into the home of a less than fortunate person who seeing a picture of Eleanore Roosevelt on the wall in the main room of the home remarked how wonderful it was that the parents thought to present such a goal to aspire to for their offspring, when the child responded, "Oh no, that's what will come of us if we don't eat our vegetables".

Political stances will be nothing if not entertaining.


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It is really fun watching Nana, Chuckie, DiFi and Maxine display their ADD every day but just damn...does anyone really think they should be that close to the levers of power or is it just me? ;-)

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"I'll take Utter Bullshit for a thousand Alex" "The answer is Nancy Pelosi's canned response to everything" "What is typical Democrat liberal irrational policy?". YOU WIN THE DAILY DOUBLE!!!!

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 This is part of why the left has been turned into a cult. With cults there is very little higher level thinking going on. No need to remember anything either. They are in a kind of stupor imo. That glassy eyed thing was my first clue.

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Every picture of her seems to be as caricature. This one displaying the crone's claw would frighten children. No caption needed.