Tillerson: Moscow "Clearly" Behind Skripal Poisoning, "Will Trigger A Response"

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters Monday evening poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal "clearly came from Russia" and "certainly will trigger a response." 

Tillerson noted that he didn't know whether the Kremlin knew about the "really egregious" March 4 attack on Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia,33, but that the poison - which is "only in the hands of a very, very limited number of parties," could not have come from anywhere else. 

"There is never a justification for this type of attack – the attempted murder of a private citizen on the soil of a sovereign nation – and we are outraged that Russia appears to have again engaged in such behavior," Tillerson said in a statement. "From Ukraine to Syria – and now the U.K. – Russia continues to be an irresponsible force of instability in the world, acting with open disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens."

Lashing out at Russia for what the US and its allies are now framing as Moscow's "destabilizing role" in world affairs, Tillerson said "and now in the UK," Moscow "continues to be an irresponsible force of instability in the world, acting with open disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens.

The White House took a softer tone, declining to name Russia as the likely culprit. 

"The use of a highly lethal nerve agent against UK citizens on UK soil is an outrage," said Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. "Right now, we are standing with our UK ally," Sanders said, adding "I think they're still working through even some of the details of that, and we're going to continue to work with the UK.”

Tillerson's comments came hours after British Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons that the Kremlin was "highly likely" to be responsible for the attack in the southwestern city of Salisbury, and the UK government would consider it an "unlawful use of force." 

May fleshed out the evidence that the UK has gathered to make its determination, while insisting that actions would be taken to hold the regime accountable - raising the possibility of more sanctions against Russia.

Hedging her bets

Instead of outright declaring that Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized the attack, May said UK intelligence have come up with two possibilities of the origin of nerve agent: The attack was either ordered by Putin, or Russia lost control of the nerve agent used against Skripal.

"Russia has previously produced this agent, and the government has concluded that it is highly likely that Russia was responsible," May said.

May said that the attack happened "against a backdrop of Russian state agression," citing the annexation of Crimea four years ago and unrest in the Donbas region. She also brought up election meddling. 

May has given Russia 36 hours to explain how the exotic nerve agent wound up poisoning Skripal, or face "extensive measures." 

“I share the impatience of this house and the country at large to bring those responsible to justice and take a full range of appropriate responses….but as a nation that believes in justice and the rule of law it’s right we proceed in the right way,” said May, adding "There can be no question of business as usual with Russia."



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the guy is alive

i.e. if Russia wanted to murder him, he would be dead, thence it was not russia.

or are they going to make the neurotoxic drop a Russian passport and a cellphone with Russian hacks in it?

EuroPox HowdyDoody Tue, 03/13/2018 - 06:23 Permalink

and Russia has destroyed it chemical weapons... unlike the US

"only in the hands of a very, very limited number of parties" - this toxin was made in Uzbekistan, which became independent in 1991.  Since then, the US has been helping clean up the old chemical weapons facilities ... now that would be quite a handy way for 'someone' to get hold of some of this material... hmmm...

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07564111 EuroPox Tue, 03/13/2018 - 06:33 Permalink

Here is the responce from the Russian Federation...in advance

In case lives of Russian military personnel are put in danger, the Russian Armed Forces will respond with certain measure to both “missiles” and “launchers” which are delivering these projectiles.


NATO should step back from the edge.

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fx ???ö? Tue, 03/13/2018 - 08:36 Permalink

""From Ukraine to Syria  Russia continues to be an irresponsible force of instability in the world, acting with open disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens.""


replace "Russia" with "USA" and it perfectly fits with the past 6 decades of international warfare, terror and suppression.


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crazzziecanuck fx Tue, 03/13/2018 - 10:21 Permalink

This hypocrisy isn't new.   Just to make it harder for partisans hacks, I made the following years ago:






Tillerson is just doing what the Deep State tells him to because he's part of it.  He profits from it.  He was indoctrinated in it.  Tillerson's adult life was *defined* by it.  Not surprising that he's out to defend it and perform his duties to keep the Deep State intact and in control.

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crazzziecanuck greven40 Tue, 03/13/2018 - 10:23 Permalink

The house wins no matter what.  Even if Trump was genuine, which I don't believe he was, the odds were still stacked against him.

The problem is that people have been conditioned to believe in the romantic notion that one individual can save us.  Hollywood banks on this idea of the hero.  Trump supporters believe this.  People who voted for Obama believed this too.  They put their hopes into something bound to fail because that's what the system has been engineered to do.  Generate apathy so the ownership class can rule without worry or having to use brute force.

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rwe2late HowdyDoody Tue, 03/13/2018 - 09:02 Permalink

"There is never a justification for this type of attack – the attempted murder of a private citizen on the soil of a sovereign nation"



(this type of attack is just not acceptable.  Drones, bombs, bullets, renditions & torture, sanctioned starvation, ... all are OK with US ...with certain exceptions.

Oh well, no matter how exemplary one tries to be, others never seem to learn.)


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Mpizzie HenryKissinger… Tue, 03/13/2018 - 16:14 Permalink

Not if you wanna send a message of turning someone into a vegetable.  And doing his daughter in st the same time...

I would think Russia is more concerned with people turning on them and talking to the West and causing more problems.  And apparently, based on this ‘dossier’ which caused them a lot of problems and keeps them in a negative light...they have an interest in letting their expat community know that if they are talking, they are a target.


Whats worse than death?  Drinking out of a tube and being brain damaged and a daughter who can’t talk.  


That’s a message to expats and their families.  It’s also a message that U.K. can’t protect you.

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Davidduke2000 Tue, 03/13/2018 - 06:07 Permalink

this idiot really believe he can blame the most trusted leader in the world Vladimir Putin with his childish accusations? 

you are itching to get nuked buddy, get a fucking life and leave Syria and Iraq where you were not invited. 

holgerdanske Tue, 03/13/2018 - 06:07 Permalink

Tillerson, there is an inconvenient little detail I am missing, and that is proof!

Do you know what that is? That is the thing that links a person or entity to a crime with no doubt. A logical set of data, that cannot be questioned.

As far as I am concerned, it could be one of your agent that did this.

The person has been in the custody of the Russians for a number of years before being exchanged. Had they wished to kill him, they would have had years to do it.

So before making a fool of yourself, go and get some proof. If you have none, shut up.

ThirdWorldDude Billy the Poet Tue, 03/13/2018 - 07:15 Permalink

Billy, that's already a standard procedure of recruiting new Monarch conscripts.


Regarding the latest "just 45 minutes from attack" nonsense reiterated by Rex, it should be clear to everyone with 2 or more functioning brain cells that the poisoning of Skripal serves a double purpose for the Anglo-Zio Empire:

 - neutralizing a potentially dangerous witness in the "Muh Russian Collusion" investigation (it is known that Skripal took some part in the fabrication of Steele's "dossier"),

 - blaming Russia to refuel the (somewhat crippled) anti-Russian propaganda.


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Davidduke2000 holgerdanske Tue, 03/13/2018 - 06:13 Permalink

an old spy of the soviet era has nothing new to offer, so the british cut their expenses in hard times and chose to be childish about it , quite pathetic .

then comes T-rex expecting to sink Putin in an election that we all know he is winning big time.

it's time for this old geezer to retire to a nursing home before embarrassing himself in front of the world like colin powell did to himself.

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The Ram holgerdanske Tue, 03/13/2018 - 06:15 Permalink

Looks like Tillerson and Co. do not want proof.  I think the narrative is starting to shift here.  The neocons have somehow convinced the administration to ramp up the tensions.  It is hard to say what the ultimate agenda is, perhaps they know the western financial system is on its last legs and war now becomes the choice.  Of course, we cannot rule-out just plain stupidity and incompetence.  Ocam's razor tells us that sometimes its really just a simple reality.

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Grimaldus The Ram Tue, 03/13/2018 - 07:59 Permalink

Progressives are in control dude. Since about 1900. A neocon is really a progressive (read tyrant), no founding father type constitutional bones in their bodies.


"Jefferson summed up the noninterventionist foreign policy position perfectly in his 1801 inaugural address: "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none." 





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H-O-W holgerdanske Tue, 03/13/2018 - 06:35 Permalink

The UK is in the midst of a Brexit comedy show from the government side and yet ANOTHER child sex grooming scandal.

May stands and proclaims and postulates and offers NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE, motive or means.  Nothing.  Just hyperbole.

This is not about harming Putin in the election, he's going to get 70+% of the vote, it's about distracting the British public from incompetence in THEIR OWN government.

The Brits also seem hell bent on fucking up the World Cup for Russia the same way Obama Incorporated did with the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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