Trump Personal Assistant Fired, Escorted Out Of White House, Under Investigation For "Serious Financial Crimes"

Update: CNN is reporting that McEntee was fired because he's under investigation for alleged "serious financial crimes."



Meanwhile, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee expects to begin confirmation proceedings for Mike Pompeo in April, according to a statement from committee chairman Bob Corker.

McEntee was fired and escorted from the White House on Monday. McEntee, the former starting quarterback for the University of Connecticut's football team, joined the Trump campaign in its first months, is the latest of the President's longest-serving aides to leave or announce plans to leave.

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The headlines from The White House continue their chaotic path as The Wall Street Journal reports that President Trump's personal assistant, John McEntee, was fired and escorted out of the White House on Monday.

The cause of the firing was an unspecified security issue, said a third White House official with knowledge of the situation.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders declined to comment saying, “We don’t comment on personnel issues.” Mr. McEntee didn’t return a call seeking comment.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Mr. McEntee was one of the longest-serving aides to Mr. Trump, dating back to the earliest days of the campaign.

Mr. McEntee wasn’t as well known as the others, but had been a constant presence at Mr. Trump’s side for the past three years. He made sure Mr. Trump had markers to sign autographs, delivered messages to him in the White House residence and, over the weekend, ensured that the clocks in the White House residence were adjusted for daylight-saving time.

“It’s not going to be great for morale,” one White House official said about Mr. McEntee’s departure.

Mr. McEntee was removed from the White House grounds on Monday afternoon without being allowed to collect his belongings, a White House official said. He left without his jacket, a second White House official said.

It wasn’t clear exactly why Mr. McEntee was fired Monday. He indicated to colleagues that it was an issue in his background.

The exits from The White House are mounting.