Trumpism Sparks A Dangerous Explosion Of Socialist Movements Across America

Last month, the National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre issued a critical warning to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC): socialists are on the verge of taking over this country.

LaPierre’s comment was in response to the recent surge in membership of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the largest socialist organization in the United States, with some 32,000 members as of 2017.

“The joins today were 3x that of an average day,” Lawrence Dreyfuss, DSA program associate told The Daily Beast.

The oddity behind LaPierre drawing attention to DSA demonstrates how conservative pro-gun groups are possibly fueling a new trend in socialist movements across the United States.

LaPierre’s organization is more than 156 times larger than the DSA, but his concerns today signal that socialist movements in the United States could be entering the boom phase.

“On college campuses, The Communist Manifesto is one of the most frequently assigned texts. Karl Marx is the most assigned economist,” LaPierre said.

“And there are now over 100 chapters of Young Democratic Socialists of America at many universities, and students are even earning academic credit for promoting socialist causes,” he added.

One-third of millennials view socialism favorably:

Michelle Fisher, National Co-Chair, of YDSA said in a statement, “the blood on their hands from the Parkland massacre isn’t even dry, and the NRA is already focused on creating a new ‘red scare’ to incite a public frenzy and sell more guns.”

“The real red scare is the tide of blood the NRA and their lapdogs in Congress have brought to our schools,” she continued.

“DSA is growing because people across the country have had enough of corrupt politicians sacrificing the lives of children for the NRA’s freedom to profit. They buy their power, we build ours.”

The socialist group, founded in 1982, has transformed into America’s most significant socialist organization, due in particular to an era of Trumpism and recently published a “Resistance Rising” strategy to combat the Trump administration.

In particular, the Greater Baltimore chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (Baltimore DSA) is fueling similar concerns of what LaPierre was warning about — the risk of socialism flourishing across America’s inner cities is becoming a reality.

On March 17, Baltimore DSA’s is hosting the “Free Brake Light Clinic” enabling residents of Baltimore’s war-torn streets to have a free inspection of their automobiles’ brake lights, citing: “Cops often use broken taillights as a pretext for racial profiling of drivers. Help us defend our communities, spread the word far and wide of this event,” said the Greater Baltimore chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

“Our brake light clinic will take place 11 AM to 4 PM, next Saturday, Mar 17 at the Waverly YMCA. We still need volunteers and material: * Greeters/sign-in people * Folding chairs * Flyering to advertise the event ahead of time Please email to get involved!,” said Greater Baltimore chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

While it seems strange for LaPierre to comment on the DSA, considering their small size; we think the NRA has taken notice because the organization is one of the fastest growing groups on the American left. The rapid growth has been linked to an era of Trumpism and with a few more years left in his first term, it is likely the socialist group will continue to expand. As for Baltimore, we show how the socialist group is using the bottoms up approach on the war-torn streets to attract new members. If for whatever reason President Trump is not reelected in the next presidential election — there could be a chance that an extreme socialist candidate could be in the running..


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Tonight's House race results in PA will be an interesting indicator of the fall's coming elections...

If the R-Team loses again, that could be trouble.

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learn accounting.

hard science always trumps social science

in ''art of the deal'', Trump rejoiced how drunk all the country club bankers were, cause as a non drinker, it meant they would be easy pickings as he competed with them for the good things in life.

socialism is like that. SJWs will bitch loudly, but not in front of their manager while they pour you your coffee. 

if you can fortify your kids minds against socialism (Henry Hazlitt, Von Mises) then they will be like Pharaoh to their egyptian slave peers (Joesph in Genesis was a great example speculating, planning and of not trusting gov) 

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Liberalism, socialism, communism.  It's all the same thing in different degrees.  An inverse form of theocracy.  The socialist says "believe in government, and the government will make all your dreams come true and look after you."  This worked out just as well for theocracies.

Some things should remain a matter of government, and some things should remain a matter of religion, and the two should never overstep.

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So is freemarket fundamentalism.  It's also an ideology based upon faith and fairy tales as much as Bolshevism.

With regards to the OP, Trump and the rise of socialism are both reactions to what has been going on.  Each side steadfastly believes that their side is the bearer or ultimate truth and everyone who does is a heretic that must be burned.

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The title should more accurately be "Trump Derangement Syndrome Sparks A Dangerous....". But it really doesn't matter, because this die has been cast. The headcount of people who have lost the plot on America continues to go up, through progressive education indoctrination, Leftist media and internet narrative management, and illegal immigration.

Somebody please show me where socialism was the founding political structure for an economy that subsequently grew and thrived. You can't do it, without rewriting history. In fact, two of the first groups of European settlers to America tried a version of it in setting up their camps (Jamestown and New Plymouth). In the former, the badly flawed incentives provoked unrest and left the settlers dangerously unprovisioned for a hard winter, which cost half the lives in the camp and ended the experiment. In the latter, the camp's leader, Captain John Smith, had to revert to private property rules to prevent the camp's failure. The subsequent bounteous harvest is why we celebrate Thanksgiving, we've just forgotten why.

We use the word Capitalism, without really thinking about what it means, and its historical significance. A better label is free enterprise, because that was essentially what the design of the Constitution was aimed at. By allowing all citizens the right to private property, and by making liberty a core principle, the founders ensured that people would be free to do what they could to improve their situations. It sounds trite today, but it was profoundly novel at the time, and these simple ideas built the greatest economy in the history of humanity in an astonishingly small period of time. 

We entertain notions of other political structures because we have forgotten, or never learned, the lessons of history. Socialism. We all know better, or we should. Fix the system we have. Take control of the currency back from the bankers. Learn to trust your neighbors with the same freedoms you have. Stop asking the government to intervene on your behalf in every part of your lives. Take your responsibilities back, and put government out of the business of domestic welfare.

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AMEN! I am sick to death of all these fake fucking charities, fake fucking charities and NGOs that are nothing but scams. End them all. The end, for me, was when I realized the NFL was tax exempt and considered a non-profit. Enough. Tax everything: tax the property of churches, tax the property of these big universities, tax their huge fucking endowments. If they want to educate people, fine, use that endowment money. Stop it with the go-to-university and become one of the enlightened and special people that can earn a living (after going into debt so severe you may never make your way out).

I am sick and tired of the do-gooders, NGOs, churches, and universities that act like they are above the law and beyond taxation. No. You are not.

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Fuck off commie bitch. The only reason that type of socialism worked was due to a homogenous, hard-working, cohesive society that shared the same values. Thanks to idiots like you Scandinavia is now a fucking globalist trainwreck on the highway to hell. Take you commie shit and shove it. I am glad I was able to visit Europe prior to the globalist scum invasion from the ME and Nafrica.

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Thank you for the genteel reminder about Jamestown. I love that story.

Having been to Poland, Berlin, Belarus, Romania, and Bulgaria in the 1990s, I can testify to the abject failure of communism. I was on the train from Berlin to Warsaw (after the border people in Berlin had rudely dug through my luggage, in public) and was able to find a seat, with the help of fellow train riders. They saw my embarrassment, after having my stuff rifled through, and were gracious enough to help get my bags onto the train. Looking back, I had some people leave a Berlin gasthaus because they viewed me as an Auslander due to my broken Deutsche. (I doubt anyone would notice me in Berlin, these days and it has only been 21 years).

I asked a young man who spoke English, a polish man with an engineering degree, why was everything grey? Why no flowers? Why were none of the houses painted? He told me why. He patiently explained that since the state owned everything, there were no property laws, and people did not want to spend money on paint or flowers. You can see this principle, in action, at every public housing project in the US.

For all those fucking commies out there, go ahead and open up your home to random strangers. Give them the deed to your house. I dare you.

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America became great while the authoritarians used the semi-free market freedoms to generate huge amounts of wealth that they could then tax. And thus, they could grow stronger and stronger on through the years as long as they stole small amounts and left most freedoms in place. But thieves always want more and more.

So that now we have the strongest, most dangerous organized crime syndicate in the world! Most Americans think it is OK to steal from others if the government does it. Art 1. Sec. 8 US Constitution: "...Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes". Perhaps when they see the entire world go up in flames they may have a brief moment of insight? You cannot base a civilization on theft and force, it will ultimately fail.

If we had kept true to our principles of the revolution that "All Men are created equal..." (equal with regard to natural rights and natural law), then we would not have based our civilization on theft by the few who claim authority- (taxation). And those who practiced slavery would have been quickly out-competed by the far superior voluntary exchange.

America would have become the city on the hill whose truths would have eventually subverted all the authoritarian crime syndicates then in existence, no mater their form. Nothing can compete with freedom. And our Liberty bell would not have cracked shortly after we made it.

Maybe if there is a next time we will get it right, but this time I hope some will remember how and why we destroyed ourselves when the absurdity of seeking freedom through organized theft, (taxation) finally reaches its climax. An evil seed always bears and evil fruit. It is a law of nature.



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A brief recent historical review of the human species attempt to become a stable galactic species:

Ancient Jericho-

City-Wall technology used by free people to fend off the takers, thieves, and parasites. As evidenced by the total lack of governmental buildings of any kind in the ruins, these people enjoyed stateless freedom for maybe a thousand years until the authoritarians devised means of breaching their defenses. The people of Jericho could not spread their discovery effectively enough and widely enough to spark revolutions because humans lacked cheap mass-communication on a large scale, innovations and discoveries were often controlled and hoarded by religious-political authoritarians who could prevent the diffusion of this knowledge, and so the Jericho people's example of truth could not spread enough to unseat authoritarianism. Their example was too small, and could not spread.

Pre-Catholic Ireland-

Stateless free people succeed in growing a culture that encompassed a greater area - an entire large island. This system endures for hundreds of years, until finally succumbing first to an ideological invasion by Catholicism that  undermined the resilience of a pure stateless ideology with the false concepts of "godly" authoritarianism. This particular false "godly" authoritarianism had  been developed by mass murderer emperor Constantine in the 4th century after the Nicene creed and Council of Nicaea. This council outlawed the stateless philosophy as explained by Yeshua (Jesus), which was practiced by his followers, the Ebionites and  Gnostic. 

The authority of ruler-ship resides in each person equally. Luke 17:21: " Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." In the 4th century Constantine, murdered or exiled those who practiced this way of life, tried to corrupt all writings that supported this system, and invented a counterfeit system that today is called "Christianity". Transforming the example of the prophet/Messiah Yeshua into the idolatry of worshiping a man-god called "Jesus Christ" and thus surrendering individual sovereignty up to the the earthly successor to this man-god authoritarian.

So the early Irish, being thus ideologically weakened, eventually were conquered by the stronger English tyranny: The English ships technology and their English "godly" king were able to culturally then physically enslaved the Irish. But it took the English hundreds of years and great cost to do this!

The pre-Catholic Irish had no written language. If they had, they might have recorded and articulated their stateless system experience so that it could have had a chance to spread elsewhere. Some of it was recorded after the Catholics introduced a primitive written language for the Irish. But this written system evolved in such a way that the original per-authoritarian truths became mostly hidden from history until modern day scholarship and archeology are beginning to reveal it.

And thus when the age of the printing press arrived there was no articulated example of how a stateless society could be devised.


And this brings us to recent history and the attempt for freedom by the people of the American Revolution:

Those who had rediscovered the wisdom of Individual self-rule, as Yeshua had earlier showed, used the idea of "natural law" and "natural rights". "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all Men (people) are created equal". They were known as Deists. They correctly rejected the authoritarianism of "Christianity". Those laws that control nature  also apply to Humans who are a part of nature. For humans to survive as a civilized species they must overcome the tendency towards predation and tribalism, or they will continue to destroy each other until they succeed in destroying themselves. Unfortunately there were not enough Deists and too many who believed in the fraud of "godly" man-god authority (the idea of authoritarian rulership).

And with no understanding of formulating a viable stateless society from history the American's freedom was quickly subverted by the authoritarians in the US Constitution article 1, Section8: "Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes".  Thus the seeds of destruction of the truth of self-rule and natural law/rights by yet again empowering criminals. 

This brings us to the present time. The lie of "godly" man-god authority, has been subverted by the lie of "most fit", Darwinist  man-"god" authority. Natural law being as it is, this still results in predation and tribal wars leading to ultimate destruction for Humanity.

Those today who understand the truth of natural law/rights have had the benefit of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery, the Nag Hammadi library, ancient Irish Scholarship, ancient Jericho archaeology, as well as other precious pieces of information here or there. On a species level the "most fit" are those who on a species level practice Voluntary Exchange.

Because of the present state of technological discovery we stand at a great opportunity as well as a great peril for our species. The survival of Humanity now depends on the rejection of the predation and tribalism that comes from all forms of authoritarianism. 

For the first time in know human history it is possible for a great idea to diffuse and quickly spread to all mankind, immune from total suppression by authoritarians. If Humanity will now reject authoritarianism and choose to live by Voluntary Exchange we may be able to survive and enter the Galactic Community. But I am very pessimistic that this will happen. Even now those who are deceived by "godly" man-god "authority" are about to enter a grave struggle with those who are deceived by the lie of "most fit" "superman" (god) "authority". 

There do not appear to be enough of us who understand natural law, natural rights, and the lessons of history to win the day and emancipate Humanity! It looks like we will blow ourselves up (again?) Please help spread this message of sanity in an insane world while we still can!

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Regarding what is going on:

- Rhetoric, Fake News, Propaganda, Counter Intelligence Operations... Persuasion by Medium of the Media, Funding of the Media, Defense of Corporations and all they do... Ideology divides people, but who is the leader of Ideology?  Probably we are lead by Lobbyists and Leaders of Foundations... Guys like Soros or owners of Big Media or the Elites of the World

- You don't know what you don't know sometimes... on Zerohedge most have some kind of grip on this

- Deep State control of the population... has little ideology when you discount the people and their motivations... but seems more like the moves of a Monarchy or Fascism... Joseph Schumpeter predicted this... after a life tracking historical trends in Economics... he said Socialism was inevitable, but that Fascism would over take it (1942)

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Only one side is the truth. Like Newton's laws of motion, one side pushes and the otherside opposes with and equal or greater force. Eventually one side breaks through and millions die. It's nature. The bar graph shows that younger whites are breeding and their kids are opposing the social construct bullshit, because Pepe and 4chan weaponised autism is cool. 

The youth movement. History rhymes 

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Looking at Census data today, then a BEA Powerpoint show on PDF...

- Seems that Ministry of Commerce or whatever proceeded BEA/BLS counted Welfare/Govt Transfers as income... and this is a kind of issue when Joseph Stieglitz talks about Income Distribution... I'g guess this comes up in GINI Index/Inequality studies

- Upshot is seems that half of the bottom Quintile of US Households Income is Govt Transfers/Welfare (or something like that looking at a Bar Chart)

- IRS, Census, BLS, BEA, OECD, WB, IMF, BIS... They don't count Debt Levels while measuring Income changes and Income & Wealth Declines ... or so it seems to me

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Founding fathers were liberals... they broke from traditionalist of Monarchy... Age of Enlightenment, English Constitution.

Fascists & Communist are Leftists or led by leftists and the Labor & Wealth of the people is Extracted in steroidal form compared to true capitalism.

- USA has Leftist leading and condoning/supporting the Usury/Taxing of the Rentiers & FIREs & Lawyers, Bankers, Lobbyist, ... probably charities too

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Socialism is fundamentally ... human. At least, it is when food is abundant, danger is non-existent and everyone becomes r-selected as a result.


Life is hard if you do it right. Taking ownership and responsibility over your entire existence is difficult and scary.


A majority of people use to turn to gods as guiding forces, but gods don't make a lot of sense to people who were raised exclusively by strangers in daycares and flatscreen TVs. Gods are replaceable: if governments use media efficiently, so that they seem more/less benevolent, then people who would traditionally have given themselves over to gods will give themselves over to governments. All to avoid the scary hard work that is freedom.


I see only two ways to change this: A) create a lot of decent-pay jobs so youths have something to lose when governments come sniffing around, or B) purge the communist scum via assault shovels, assault knives, bludgeons, flammable substances, assault suffocation, assault drowning, assault starvings, assault dogs, or Fergie's National Anthem recordings.

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Trumpism Sparks A Dangerous Explosion Of Socialist Movements Across America

My response: Does this surprise anyone?? I am NOT surprised and here is why.

For the last 50 years, every single public school has been staffed with teachers and administrators who are socialists. Just look at the NEA!!! In addition, GOD has been thrown out of the PUBLIC SQUARE. We have subversive groups like ACLU (COMMUNIST ORG.), SPLC, Americans for Freedom from Religion and other communist organizations everywhere one looks whose sole purpose is to destroy the Constitutional Republic and turn America into a socialist society.

Why HELL, even the CHURCHES are preaching "SOCIAL JUSTICE" in their sermons and community activities.

The cause isn't "TRUMPISM", but rather an American electorate who have been amusing themselves to death while the wicked one has planted seeds of Marxist ideology everywhere in the American society. 

WAKE-UP AMERICA!!! The NRA appears to be the only organization that truly understands what the HELL is happening. Education of America's youth is the key. I could write a BOOK on this subject, but I think everyone gets the point. Let me end with a couple of quotes that really need to be read and meditated upon for they represent the TRUTH.

== QUOTES ==

The philosophy of our school room today will be the philosophy of our government tomorrow. 

--- Abraham Lincoln

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. \

---John Adams

Remember, SATAN is a SOCIALIST and he wants your souls!!!

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"In addition, GOD has been thrown out of the PUBLIC SQUARE."

Yes, this is by design.  Because in an inverse form of theocracy, the government decides what religion will be and how it will be administered, and so any existing religion would be viewed as a competitor. At best, the church would be allowed to exist in weakened state, so as not to take away power from the government.


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Learn to hide it like I do in the UK.

This day has been coming for a long time.

In the beginning you were taught truth and honesty while the system did not observe those rules.

So you paid in as they demanded and you find yourself penniless in a NIRP system.

Make them work all legit and deny them the taxation to feed themselves.

I do not need fucking heathcare if fit and I do not pay for my enemies to get a better healthcare than me.


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“DSA is growing because people across the country have had enough of corrupt politicians sacrificing the lives of children for the NRA’s freedom to profit. They buy their power, we build ours.”


Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake.

They're making a mistake.  That's not how the NRA gains influence.  But keep quiet about it.  We want them to think they're winning.  We want them to think that we're weak.  


FYI, they'll cause a lot of damage if we let them, but in a straight up war, they'll be slaughtered.  I know what kinds of fuckers hate their guts.  They do not.

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If DSA became a threat, those with the resources (aka "the rich") will just use those resources to either co-opt them or subvert them.

Just as they did with the Tea Party.  The question is whether or not people in the DSA could see that.  My guess is no because humans have a predilection in often thinking that "it's different this time" when it's usually not.  The creation of community is truly the only foil against the elite, but nothing in our culture makes people believe that anymore; it could be in the DSA, but as it gains popularity and power, clever psychopaths will get the whiff of growing power and figure out which buttons to push so that the herd can be directed in a direction they want.  Everything in the media and TV is cultivated to destroy that idea by promoting "individualism" with religious zeal in spheres of human activity where it doesn't matter while promoting conformity in those that do.  This isn't something that can be used to label "alt-right" or SJWs, either.  

We live in the most propagandized population in human history.

Both are looking to the past to push their utopian ideals which really can't be said to apply in the twenty-first century world.  People joke that conservatives want to send us back to 1750.  But the left wants to take us back to 1960.  Personally, I'm not interested in recreating some past ideal.

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That sentence about the strategic promotion of a trivial (and fake) individualism, like the one promoted by our increasingly ridiculous popular culture, and a deadly-to-widespread-prosperity conformity on economic issues is so true, assuming that is what you meant. One place elites do not want individualism is in business, regardless of the myth of the maverick. Another place is in goverment, and the two are very intertwined today.

The nail that protrudes must be hammered down.

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Please, if you cared anything about preventing another mass school shooting, you would support this practical, NRA-approved bill that would actually do something logical about the problem, funding metal detectors at the entrances to schools and bullet-proof windows. In addition to stationing military personnel at school entrances—currently employed military guys who would not add additional cost to the budget—the school-entrance fortification would solve the problem.…

To finance this ramped-up school security, fiscally responsible parents should surrender their recently doubled non-refundable and refundable child tax credits up to $6,444 that many of them spend on the following mom-pampering items, ensuring that school security does not break the national budget, which would endanger their children’s economic future.

Ask not what you can do for your country......Ask what your country can do for the womb-productive.....…

  • $900 tattoos for moms (refundable child tax credit);
  • Beach trips so that part-time working moms can copulate with their latest boyfriend in Marco Rubio’s state (refundable child tax credit);
  • Master bedroom suites at Ashley Furniture (refundable child tax credit);
  • The 8th excused babyvacation of the year for busy-working married parents to a bed & breakfast resort (non-refundable child tax credit);
  • Kitchen renovation (non-refundable child tax credit);
  • Spa-retreat getaway for busy-working moms (non-refundable child tax credit).



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"if the parents prioritized their kids, they would surrender their recently doubled non-refundable and refundable child tax credits up to $6,444 "

Never happen,,, this same bunch of freeloaders are pissed Grandma gets her $800 per month SS. 

Then when you add in the taxes repaid, child care services reimbursed, Free housing, Food stamps, Free medical,,, they are raking it in. 

Have you seen whats in the military these days,,, I'm not sure they could be trusted around children. 

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Like both parties, these days?  Both of them are out to use other people's money.

Did you forget the cowardly officers that hung behind the school in fear to go in to protect the youth of this country, yet call themselves people who serve and protect?

I think I'd rather have a soul-less gangbanger as a protection detail than a gutless wonder like Broward county proved itself to be populated with.

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