Goldilocks Dies: Dow Dumps Jobs Gains, Yield Curve Collapses

Remember Friday's 'goldilocks'-payrolls data?

Well The Dow has given it all up...


Bond yields and Breakevens are also tumbling...erasing the spike from January's CPI...


And the yield curve is collapsing...


Yen Cross Wed, 03/14/2018 - 11:57 Permalink

  Mr. Market doesn't like inflation. [stagflation]

 Rates still have to go up next week.


Meeting Time: Mar 21, 2018 11:00AM

Future Price: 98.505

1.25 - 1.50 12.6%

1.50 - 1.75 87.4%

Trump and Mnuchin also need to quit fucking with the $. The weak $ is causing a lot of the problems.

lester1 Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:01 Permalink

We export to China food and energy..


Can some expert at Credit Suisse explain to me how they retaliate against us ?? Wouldn't their people starve?.. 🤔

mailll Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:06 Permalink

Some day, the Fed will say "Pull it" and everything will collapse in a controlled demolition in order to further their agenda, whatever it may be.

IDESofMARCH Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:19 Permalink

Bubbles bubbles everywhere Trump is having fun pricking them as they float in the air.     I'm 45% out and selling and wont get back in till I see the retest. 

Yen Cross Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:19 Permalink

  The euro area macro is starting to roll over.

  02:00       EUR         Italian Retail Sales (MoM) (Jan)     -0.5%     -0.1%     -0.9%     
02:00       EUR         Italian Retail Sales (YoY) (Jan)     -0.8%           -0.2%     
03:00       EUR         Employment Change (YoY) (Q4)     1.6%           1.7%     
03:00       EUR         Employment Change (QoQ) (Q4)     0.3%     0.3%     0.4%     
Tentative       EUR         Eurogroup Meetings                       
03:00       EUR         Industrial Production (YoY) (Jan)     2.7%     4.7%     5.3%     
03:00       EUR         Industrial Production (MoM) (Jan)     -1.0%     -0.4%     0.4%

  The euro shouldn't be trading anywhere near the levels it is.

Consuelo Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:34 Permalink

So before you relegate me to the looney bin...


Clif High mentioned in one of his recent episodes the other day, that within a month the shit would get rolling.   Now I know all about his 'stuff', so spare me please.   However, he did nail (quite early) the Bitcoin at $13k by Feb. 2018, if not the price, certainly the trend.   I'll just consider it 'interesting' and leave at that.

I Write Code Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:34 Permalink

Why don't you show a yield curve chart when you talk about yield curve?  It's not "collapsing" at least not today, it's a little flatter than it could be but what else is new.

MrSteve Wed, 03/14/2018 - 19:06 Permalink

Goldilocks is like a phoenix, resuscitated by serial central bank intervention all along the global trading day, EU, FED, BOJ, Yuanny Danger.. the whole cast of characters. When you add a clown like Kudlow to the show, you know it is time to leave before the tent catches on fire.